Have you ever asked yourself if your life bears witness to the truth?

Have you ever asked yourself if your life bears witness to the character of our Creator?

If not, why not?

We were created to bear His name and bearing His name means that we bear witness to who He is.

But instead truth has been trampled underfoot by most.

Most have not wanted the truth because it infringes on how they want to live.

They want to choose their own life.

They do not want to live to become as He wants us to become.

They want to live for the here and the now instead of living to live forever.

Most ask what is truth?

Yehshua told us, He did not leave this to guess work. He said;

John 17:17

17 Sanctify or set them apart through your truth: YOUR WORD (logos) IS TRUTH.

Why not just believe Him?

It all boils down to believing Him and His Father.

Our Creator gave us His word to teach us His righteousness.

His righteousness is truth.

His word defines His righteousness and it is the truth that we must embrace and live by.

He gave us His word to set us apart to Him to be molded to be as He is.

His statutes, judgments, commandments and ordinances are perfect at converting our minds to become like His.

They are perfect at teaching us His thoughts so that His thoughts become our thoughts.

Yehshua told Pilate that He came into the world to bear witness to the truth.

John recorded Him saying this in;

John 18:37

You ask how I am a king. Into this cause I was born and into this cause I came into the world in order TO BE A WITNESS TO THE TRUTH. ALL WHO ARE OF THE TRUTH HEAR MY VOICE.

His life in the flesh was a witness to the truth and He told us to follow Him.

This means that those who are His will also bear witness to the truth with Him.

He was made to be His Father’s word or His logos in the flesh and we are to become the branches to this vine.

This means that we produce the same fruit and He did.

His fruit was not lawlessness.

He obeyed His Father and He delighted in His instructions.

Do you hear His voice?

Do you hear His voice when He said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from His Father’s law until heaven and earth pass away?

Or do you hear Saul of Tarsus’s voice instead when He said things like the ordinances are against us and Yehshua nailed them to the stake?

Yehshua said that His sheep not only hear His voice, but they also follow Him.

He lived by His Father’s every word and He told us to do the same.

He became His Father’s word just as we must become it.

Do you wear blue tassels on the boarders of your garments and obey the other ordinances like this?

If not, why not?

He did.

Are you bearing witness to the false religion of Christianity instead of bearing witness to our Creator’s word?

Every spirit that bears witness to a different word is against the spirit of truth.

It is the spirit of rebellion and this spirit bears witness to the mark of the beast.

And if this is the spirit that is living in you, then you are bearing the mark of the beast.

Our Creator’s word proves that Saul brought a different word.

YEHWEH’s Son came and bore witness to His word.

He actually magnified it like the prophet Isaiah recorded that He would.

Our Creator has sent me to bear witness to the same truth.

I have been sent to bear witness to His same word that is truth that Yehshua was sent to bear witness to.

Why is this so hard for people to believe?

It is because His word tells us how to live and they do not want to be told how to live, even by their Creator.

His word tells us what is right and what is wrong and people do not want their Creator’s righteousness.

They want their own righteousness instead.

He has allowed for this to go on while He built the first fruits that will become His temple when they are resurrected into his Family.

He allowed for people to rebel against Him before the flood, then He destroyed everything but one family to show the future generations that He would do so again if they would not hearken to Him.

And since the flood, He has still allowed for man to rebel against Him and decide right from wrong for themselves.

He allowed for this because He had to give us free will to accomplish building His family and having satan was necessary for this first phase to be molded.

It is amazing that it took nearly 6,000 years just to get 144,000 people to want to be as He is.

But oh how He has delighted in these who have chosen to become His.

And He will delight in them and them in Him for eternity.

Now this number is complete and He has sent me to cry out to a people to return to Him to become part of a latter harvest.

But so few are hearkening to His cry and His cry is not going out.

So He is about ready to send great calamity to the world in order to get people’s attention so that some will turn to Him and listen to Him.

Yehshua said;

Matt 10:38-39

38 And he that does not take his stake and follow after me IS NOT WORTHY (deserving) OF ME.

39 He that finds his life will lose (destroy) it: and he that loses (destroys) his life for my sake will find it (life).

The word for follow means to walk in the same way as He walked.

He used some pretty graphic words to illustrate His point in these verses.

He knew that He would later die on the stake so He used this terminology to make the point that we must likewise die to self.

We must set our entire life apart to become as His Father wants us to become.

He wants to perfect us.

Is being perfected by Him your life’s ambition?

If not, why not?

This is why we were created.

Most refuse to even set apart His weekly Sabbaths on their correct appointed time less more obey the rest of His instructions.

Is this destroying your life for His sake and His kingdom’s sake to not even show up for His appointed times when He says that they are?

Or are you giving Him lip service telling Him how you will worship Him and when?

Our lives of deciding right from wrong for ourselves must perish and we must walk with Him on His path.

His path is His word, it is His Torah.

This is what repentance is.

I am amazed at the willful rebellion that I have witnesses from those who say that they do obey His instructions.

Most won’t even do a simple thing like cover their heads as His word is commanding them to do at this time.

I have been sent to tell the scattered nations of Israel to either turn from your ways and start bearing witness to the truth, thus bearing your Creator’s righteousness or prepare to be purged out from the face of the earth.

There are others out there who claim that they have been sent by Him at this time as well.

I’ll give you a couple of examples that I have given before that will also be magnified in the public’s eyes when the time of affliction intensifies;

False prophet Ron Weinland is petitioning people to return to what he says is true.

He has his own custom made religion with watered down instructions that he says you must turn to in order to be delivered through the coming affliction.

There are other false prophets that are emerging on the scene as well.

Most of them are trying to point people to the blasphemous traditions of Judaism such as the Saturday Sabbath.

Weinland is one of these.

And there are false messiahs like a man named Raymond Elwood that is calling himself lord ra-el, that are also growing in popularity that will be magnified by the coming time of affliction.

His camp actually wrote me this morning to tell me to consider that I am the one leading others away from salvation.

Well Raymond, my Father’s word tells us what will save us or what will deliver us.

The real Messiah told us that His Father’s truth is what delivers us and He told us that His word is this truth.

So Raymond is just another blowhard that my Father’s word has no place in and so are the rest of the false messiahs and false prophets.

My Father’s word has no place in the liars like Raymond and Ron Weinland.

His word testifies against them and proves that they are liars.

Raymond says that you must come to what he says is true just like Ron and the others say that you must come to what they say is true in order to be saved.

Raymond’s truths include things like having homosexuals and other groups like this being able to lead his congregations.

How does this line up with the righteousness that Yehshua personified in the flesh?

His Father said for us to purge out such evil behavior from before our face and from before His face.

Measure these false ambassadors against our Creator’s truth that our Messiah bore witness to and see how they stack up.

They do not.

And measure what I have spoken with the same measuring rod.

What truth am I telling you that you must return to in order to be saved?

Do I have a different version of truth like these imposters do?

Or am I telling you to return to living by every word that Yehshua bore witness to?

Our Creator is setting before each of you life and death.

You can choose to die to self and live or you can choose to hold fast to the lies or repent to a different set of lies and die.

It is the truth that will set you free and nothing else.

The truth is neither Ron Weinland’s truth, nor Raymond’s and his knights Templar’s truth that will deliver you.

I have been sent to stand with the word of YEHWEH Elohiym.

His word is the truth that will set you free.

Will you stand with me and bear witness with me?

And will you stand with the other witness Yehshua and bear witness with Him?

And will you stand with your Creator and bear witness to His righteousness and bear His name as you are commanded to?

Or will you forbear and stand with your own truth or stand with the truth of one of these imposters and perish?

The choice is yours to make.