Our Creator has led me to continue to speak to you about how arrogant man is to acknowledge that they have a Creator yet not want to seek His instructions.

At least most acknowledge that there is a creator.

As for those who don’t, their arrogance is off the charts.

But for those of you who do, it really is arrogant of you to tell your almighty Creator who gave you life and sustains you how it is.

It is both arrogant and senseless.

It makes no sense whatsoever.

It really is senseless that so many have made their time here in the flesh about their personal fulfillment instead of seeking to learn why they were created.

I use the word senseless because it does not make any sense that man would not consider his or her latter end without fear of being wrong.

If you really step back and think about it, we should stand in awe of His all-powerful creation that we can see with our eyes and touch and smell and hear and perceive.

And this awe should cause all to fear not being found in such a Creator’s favor.

And with this fear, we would seek His righteousness so that we could be in agreement with Him.

But most have not had this fear.

Instead, many have stood in awe of His creation yet still have not sought Him on His terms because they had no fear of being wrong.

This is a marvel.

How could man be so self-righteous to tell such a being what we will believe and what we won’t believe?

How could man be so foolish to tell Him how they will come before Him and tell Him how and why He will give them eternal life?

How could man not care why He put them here, this is senseless.

Many have lived their time here in the flesh steeped in religious beliefs that came from the doctrines of men even though they had access to His word which is His instructions.

But they rejected His instructions by perverting His word into what they wanted to believe and made false religions out of it and followed these religions instead of obeying Him.

Man’s religions are a stench to our maker.

If any of you would really think about it, our time here in the flesh is not about religion; it is about becoming right minded.

Nothing else makes any sense.

And right-mindedness needs to come from the master potter who gave us life and put us here.

This is what makes sense.

In order to be taught by Him, we have to believe Him and seek to be found in His favor on His terms.

It is about wanting to be as He is.

Can you imagine being a teacher and having your students not believe you?

Can you imagine your students thinking that you do not know what you are talking about?

Can you imagine your students thinking that your ideas of right and wrong are wrong and them thinking and telling you that they know better than you do?

Can you imagine them telling you that they will come to class when they want to and then when they are there, they will tell you how it is and tell you that you are wrong about everything?

Especially when you invented the subject that you want to teach them about?

And can you imagine at the end of the year if they would then tell you that they have passed the class and graduated?

This is what most have done with their Creator.

They have not hearkened to His instructions and they could careless neither when His class is nor what His text book says.

Yet they claim that they have graduated from His class and earned eternal life apart from His measuring rod.

Most have rejected Him by making Him in the image that they wanted Him to be and then they have made up doctrines or chosen to believe in man-made doctrines that give themselves salvation apart from His instructions.

These really are senseless minds and fearless minds.

It makes no sense whatsoever that one can carry around His word in what they call the bible and say that they believe it, but then not do what it says to do.

It is insanity gone wild.

And now His wrath is at the door because this is what it will take to humble a people to return to Him.

Most will not listen to Him without the coming time of affliction to prick their ears and this is sad.

Speaking of the time that we live in, He says;

Jer 29:12-14

12 Call out to me and walk with me and pray and I will hear you.

13 Seek me and you will find me WHEN YOU SEARCH FOR ME WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART.

14 You will find me, saith YEHWEH and I will turn back your captivity and I WILL GATHER YOU FROM ALL THE NATIONS, and from all the places that I have driven you, saith YEHWEH; and I will bring you again into the place from where I caused you to be carried away captive.

What an awesome opportunity He is sending to the scattered nations of Israel and to the rest of the world at this time.

But so few are hearkening to Him and returning to Him to be delivered just as so few have sought Him since He put man here.

Why is this?

Where are people’s hearts at that keep them from seeking Him and focusing on Him and why He put us here?

What keeps them from desiring His thoughts to become theirs?

Common sense would say that if any half way sensible person wanted to have right thoughts, then they would seek to be in agreement with the one who gave them life.

Surely He would have to be the source of all right thinking.

But common sense is not that common and senselessness has run wild.

Most have not chosen to be programmed with right thinking from Him and they have sought their own programming and this really is senseless.

They have chosen to learn right from wrong for themselves instead of hearkening to their Creator’s instructions that would have taught them right from wrong.

This truly is astounding but it was the by-product of giving us free will and He had to give us free will in order to accomplish building His family.

Those who have overcame and have been sealed into His first fruits chose His instructions.

The rest have not.

144,000 in nearly 6,000 years is a very small number.

I look at the world and I see people going about their business looking for ways to stay entertained or make more money.

They are numbed to the reality that we are temporary and that we are here for a reason.

I see how so many seek to give themselves peace with their eternal existence by believing in lies so that they do not have to seek their Creator’s righteousness.

It is insanity that man has not stood in awe of their Creator enough to examine why He put us here.

It really is simple if one would just step aside from what they have chosen to believe to be true and consider that He gave us free will and created evil and He created satan and then put us here in the midst of it all for a reason.

An all-mighty Creator would have had to have a purpose for all of this.

How mindless would we have to be to ignore or reject this purpose or even to refuse to consider it?

But He did not create us mindless; He created us with the ability to decide to choose His instructions or not.

He gave us the ability to rebel against Him because we had to choose His righteousness in order to accomplish that which He was purposing in those who would become His first fruits.

But most have rebelled against Him and sought after their own righteousness instead.

I recently had someone ask me a question along the lines of; so if I don’t believe the way that He wants me to, then I will be purged out?

This person thinks that it is just not fair that He won’t let those who will not agree with Him to be in His eternal family.

It is sad that people will not look at things from His perspective and what He is building and why He gave us life and what we are here for.

I said that it is not about religion but rather about learning to think in a right way that is measured by our Creator’s righteousness.

His thoughts are what are true and right.

This is what He wants us in agreement with.

He wants us in harmony with His perfection because His perfection results in perfect love.

He wants us learning to love as He loves.

Is there a downside to learning to think as He thinks about right from wrong?

Is there a downside to be programmed by the master potter?

I gave this person the example of lying, would any of you want to live with another person for eternity that lies to you or to others?

Is lying love?

No, it ends up hurting others. It causes all sorts of problems.

Is it a delight to live with another that you cannot trust?

No, it is miserable.

You can go right down the line with what His instructions teach us to do and not to do.

They teach us what is right. They teach us right thinking.

They teach us to love good and to hate evil so that good becomes out thinking.

They teach us that transgressing against Him leads to death.

They teach us to turn to Him to be fed by Him and only by Him.

Even simple things like His commandment to wear blue fringes on our garments are beautiful because they keep us focused on becoming His righteousness.

His instructions about the clean and the unclean, even with the food that we are to eat, teach us to constantly be set apart to Him to be taught by Him.

We must fear not being found in His favor and losing out on eternal life.

And we should fear nothing else and as we grow in perfect love, eventually all fear is cast aside because perfect love casts out fear.

But the reality is there have been so few who have feared Him.

Instead, most found a way to give themselves eternal life so that they could live as they wanted to.

This really is senseless.

I mentioned that most are numbed to the reality that we are temporal.

Yes, they know that we die, but they are not focused on the reason why we are here.

They are not focused on becoming the end product of why He created us.

They have chosen to not lose their lives for His kingdom sake.

They hold onto their lives and live to be distracted from that which would teach them His righteousness.

Maybe they have sought after fame and fortune, or maybe they simply have chosen to find ways to numb their minds to ignore why we are here.

This is what things like video games or TV or even man’s music do.

These things make no sense in lieu of our purpose for being here.

It is outright senseless to admit that we have a Creator and then not choose to seek His instruction.

This makes no sense whatsoever.

A person might ask how a video game or a card game like solitaire or some other non-violent game is evil.

If it takes you away from and numbs your mind to why you were created, is it good?

All things are either good or evil, truth has no middle grounds.

If anything takes you away from desiring to become as He is, is this good?

He wants us to delight in becoming as He is 24/7.

His way is to be a way of life.

He wants us delighting in learning His thoughts.

How is a video game teaching His thoughts to you?

How is it teaching you to love as He loves?

He says;

Hos 4:6

6 The people will be destroyed because of a lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you and you will be no priest to me SEEING THAT YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN THE TORAH OF ELOHIYM, I will also forget the children.

Why don’t most of you believe these prophesies?

There are so many of them that explain why His wrath is being sent and this reason is because man has not hearkened to His instructions.

People claim that they have not rejected knowledge.

They say things like that they go to church and study their bibles, etc.

The problem for them is knowledge is tied in with obedience to the teacher.

How can you learn from the teacher if you won’t believe what He said and follow His instructions?

Job 36:12

12 But if they will not obey, then they will perish by the sword and THEY WILL DIE WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE.

His Torah is our Tudor and through Yehshua’s blood we can have His Father’s 7 spirits given to us to guide us into all truth through walking with Him in it.

But we cannot even receive His 7 spirits without turning to His path which is what His Torah is.

This is what repentance is.

It really is willful rebellion to His word to believe differently.

And the only reason that you do believe differently is because you do not believe your Creator and you do not want His righteousness.

You do not want to purge out evil as you were commanded to.

Most in Christianity have chosen to believe the lies of the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus instead of believing their Creator.

If you believed our Creator’s word, it testifies that Saul is false.

But you have chosen to be un-believing so that you could go your own way in your senseless life.

Whatever it is or whatever combination of things that it is that keeps you distracted from desiring to become as our Creator is, is just senseless.

Anything except for delighting in the classroom of life with Him being the teacher is denying why we are here and it makes no sense.

Yehshua said; what profit is that a man gains the whole world but loses his soul?

It does not matter if it is riches or a video game or any other distraction, it is senseless to pursue after anything or let anything distract you from living every breathe pursuing why we were created.

We were commanded to speak of His instructions from the time that we get up in the morning until we go to bed and as we walk in the way.

Even to meditate on them in the night watches.

They are to be a way of life because they teach us right thinking.

And His righteousness is to be our delight and our joy.

It does not make sense that nearly all have chosen to decide right from wrong for themselves but this started with Eve in the garden to do so.

Your fortunes will not do you any good in the tomb (lake of fire).

There will be no TV’s or man’s music or video games in the afterlife.

There will be no NBA or NFL or NCAA so why would you want these things in your life now?

The here and the now is the classroom for the future.

These things will not be after the final examine and the final examine is you will be measured against the word of Elohiym.

Yehshua said this, don’t you believe Him?

So instead of playing solitaire, maybe you should be teaching your children what they will be tested against and delighting with them in learning and living the instructions.

I said in one of these videos that even things like knitting can be evil because some knit to lose their minds from their senseless life just to occupy their minds.

There certainly is nothing wrong with knitting, clothes need to be made, etc.

And what an awesome time knitting can be to spend with our Creator being fed by Him if this is the focus behind it.

This should be the case with everything that we do.

If we are walking along the way with our family, speaking about and learning His righteousness is what our life here must be about.

Isn’t this what we are here for?

Is our life here really about getting lost in our jobs or even absorbed in our pets or a TV show or a hobby or any other distraction?

When you think about it, why does anyone need a hobby or any of these distractions?

Yes, we need a job, but certainly not every 7th year if we are obeying Him.

But our jobs are not to be our focus.

Our focus should be on Him even at our jobs.

Is your life so meaningless or does it lack purpose so much that you need to be distracted from it?

This should be an obvious warning flag if you need to distract your thoughts from becoming at one with His thoughts.

All of these things are senseless because they make no sense in lieu of why we were created.

All they are is distractions that take us off the mark, even our jobs if His way is not the focus while performing them.

And they create senseless minds in us instead of molding us to become minds of righteousness that will live forever.

Desiring to be as our Creator is and spending every waking and sleeping moment for this cause makes all the sense in the world.

Or better said, it makes all of the sense that there is in all of His entire creation.

This is what makes perfect sense.

All else is pretty senseless indeed.