Repairing The Breach



There is an event that is recorded in Matthew where the Pharisees are questioning Yehshua about His disciples picking some grain to eat on the Sabbath day.

He uses this event to expose their hypocrisy because they did not examine His father’s laws for the spiritual intent of them.

They accepted some of His Father’s laws on a physical plain but omitted the weightier matters of them, judgment, mercy and faith.

This is opposite of those in Christianity today who have tipped the scale and have omitted these weightier matters of the law while altogether rejecting His laws on a physical plain.

Yehshua used the example of David and those with him entering into His Father’s house of worship to eat the show bread when they hungered and the example of their priest’s performing their services on the Sabbath to expose their hypocrisy.

They were judging things on a physical plain and their religion was based on the physical appearance of things and not the spiritual intent of the law which is to mold our thoughts to be in agreement with Him and His Father.

He goes on to tell them;

Matt 12:6-8

6 But I say to you, greater than the temple is here.

7 BUT IF YOU HAD KNOWN WHAT THIS MEANS, desire mercy and not sacrifice, you would not have condemned the guiltless.

8 Because the Son of man is Lord even of the Sabbath day.

Yehshua had told them previously in Matthew 9;

Matt 9:12-13

12 But when Yehshua heard this, He said to them, they that are whole need not a physician, only those who are sick do.

13 BUT GO LEARN WHAT THAT MEANS, desire mercy and not sacrifice: because I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

In both of these instances they were questioning Yehshua’s righteousness.

Here in chapter 9 He had a group of tax collectors and sinners set down with Him to eat and in chapter 12 they were questioning Him for letting His disciples pick some grain to eat on the Sabbath day.

He is challenging them to search out what they need to understand in order to be in agreement with His Father.

It is a mind-set that He is looking for; it is not our sacrifices on a physical plain that pleases Him.

David understood this and he gives us the description of this mind-set in Psalms 51:

15 O Adonay, open wide my lips and my mouth shall show forth praise.

16 Because you do not desire sacrifice; else would I give it: you delight not in burnt offerings.

17 The sacrifices of a broken spirit to Elohiym, a broken and a contrite heart Elohiym will not despise.

The animal sacrifices were to point us to the exceeding wickedness of transgressing His perfect path so that we could understand the gravity of our transgressions.

The same should be the case in our hearts in regards to His Son choosing to suffer and die on our behalf because of our transgressions.

It should tear us up from the inside when we continue to trample His shed blood underfoot by rejecting the purpose that He suffered.

Instead most simply ignore the covenant that He suffered for.

Transgression of His path destroys relationships and causes so much hurt to one another.

It also hurts our Creator because He wants us to walk with Him and learn His character from Him.

Rejecting to walk with Him causes Him to grieve because He wants us to choose Him and choose to be made in His image so that we can become His children.

He wants us to share His feelings so that we can learn to desire to purge out that which causes hurt and to teach us to desire that which yields the same joy and delight that He desires.

It should grieve us that we have chosen to go our own way and we should desire with all of our being to return to Him.

And oh what a delight it is when we do indeed turn to Him and walk with Him and be fed by Him.

What a delight it is for us and for Him when we open our mouths wide and let Him feed us.

He delights in healing us when we turn to Him.

This is the mercy that Yehshua is telling us to go and learn.

But sadly most could care less about His feelings or what He desires.

The Greek word that is translated into the English word mercy in these two verses in Matthew is “eleos”

Spiros Zodhiates’s complete word study says that this word means a special and immediate regard to the misery which is the consequence of sin which is defined by the Apostle John as transgression of the law.

We must be broken over our transgressions of His torah if we are to have the heart and the desire to want to change from the inside to come in agreement with our Creator.

It is a mind-set that are lives are meaningless unless we are yielding to His design to be made in His image.

He is looking for those minds who are truly remorseful for going against His desire for us to be in His will.

This is why Yehshua said;

They that are whole need not a physician, only those who are sick do.

And this is why He said;

Because I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

Those who already think that they are righteous are not who my Father is looking for because He cannot work with this type of mind-set.

This is a stiff-necked mind-set.

Most in the religion of Christianity possess this mind-set.

They say, we are saved so we have no reason to keep the commandments, those statutes were for the Jews. Yehshua nailed them to the cross.

They say; we are saved by grace so all we need to do is try to be good people, after all, everyone sins.

They deny the reason that we were created.

They are hypocrites; we were created to be made Holy by being made in His image.

David was a man who was after His Creator’s heart. He was broken over his transgressions and he delighted in his Elohiym’s reproof and His instructions.

YEHWEH tells us through Isaiah;

Isa 66:2

2 Because all these things have my hand made, and these things have been, says YEHWEH: but to this man will I look, TO HIM THAT IS POOR AND OF A CONTRITE SPIRIT, AND TREMBLES AT MY WORD.

If we are broken and remorseful when we are not in agreement with Him, we become teachable.

We have a mind-set that wants to be changed, we want His ways to be our ways.

But, if we do not fear going against His will, it is impossible for us to be ashamed and broken when we do so there is no desire from within to be made in His image.

This is so sad because He has so much compassion on us when we turn to Him and open our mouths for Him to feed us and He desires to build His family with such a passion.

He has endured so much suffering from His creation’s rejection to Him just to build the first phase of His family.

The disciples were walking with Yehshua when they picked the grain that day, they were desiring Him and desiring His Father.

They left all to be with them and to learn from them.

The Pharisees were judging these men who were of a teachable spirit, while they considered themselves to not be sinners.

They were righteous in their own righteousness.

They did not leave all to be in agreement with Him and His Father, instead, they reasoned why they were in tight with their creator through their man-made traditions and such.

YEHWEH is not looking for such hearts as these who tell Him how they will come before Him and how they will have a relationship with Him.
He has to be the potter if we are to be made in His image.

Clay that is already set and hardened cannot be molded.

The self-righteous are set in their righteousness, they cannot see that they are sick.

Such hearts as these do not seek what would heal them because they think that they do not need healing.

They hide behind their religion and choose their righteousness and they do not fear not being in agreement with their maker.

Instead, they worship their idolatry of who they want Him to be, seeking to make Him in their image to fit their traditions.

There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth indeed when they get resurrected and they are able to see the shame of their nakedness.

But is does not have to be that way for you, He is offering you a chance to repent and turn to Him.

But in order for you to be able to see this, you must begin to fear going against His Instructions and fear losing out on being in His Kingdom.

This fear is one of His seven spirits that He wants to give you if you will cry out for it.

It is the eye salve that will anoint your eyes so that you can begin to see the shame of your nakedness so that you can choose to want Him and His ways.

If you want to continue to think you are good to go in your religious beliefs, believing the teachings of men while full well rejecting your Creator’s blueprint, that is your choice, you will die in your lawlessness and you will see the shame of your nakedness at a later time.

If you would rather continue to believe Saul of Tarsus instead of your Messiah, you will be purged out because He is not going to let such hearts as these to live into the new era of time so that you could continue to poison His creation.

Here is a quote from Yehshua that describes the passion of the mercy that He is talking about;

Matt 23:37

37 O Jerusalem , Jerusalem , you that kill the prophets, and stone them which are sent to you, HOW MANY TIMES WOULD YOUR CHILDREN HAVE BEEN GATHERED TOGETHER, EVEN AS A HEN GATHERS HER CHICKS UNDER HER WINGS, but you would not!

He is broken that the children of Israel would not hearken to the words of those whom His Father had sent to them, instead, they killed them, just as they killed Him.

This is so sad because YEHWEH would have gathered them under His wings of protection and nourished them as He shaped them and molded them in His image, but they would not.

It is so sad that man has rejected Him the way that they have but He had to allow for it because He had to give us free will to accomplish His purpose as He sought out those who would be broken because of their self-will.

He was searching out those who would come to His call and choose to long for and hunger for His will in their lives as well as longing for His will to be done on the whole earth as it is in heaven.

The cry is still being made for you to go learn what it means to desire mercy and not sacrifice.

If you think that He is saying that He wants us to simply be compassionate to one another and not worry about being in agreement with Him or being made in His image, you are far off the mark indeed.

Having compassion for others on a physical plain is a natural byproduct of being made in His image but true compassion for others creates a burning desire inside of us for all that causes the hurt and the suffering to be purged out so that evil will be purged out.

He desires for us to desire His will to be lived in our lives so that we can learn to desire His will to be lived out in everyone’s lives because if it is, evil will be purged out.

His will is perfect love and perfect harmony.

It is gut wrenching to see so many reject His will to perfect them, just as it should be gut wrenching in our own hearts when we make choices that are contrary to His will being lived out in our own lives.

If you are not broken over your choice to go your own way and you have no remorse for telling Him how it is and you refuse to turn to Him in truth, then there is no need for you to live.

You have simply chosen to choose your life here on earth over eternal life in His family, not a wise choice.