Repairing The Breach



In less than 417 days from today, May 28th, 2011, leading up to July 18th, 2012, the Yellowstone super volcano will begin to erupt but this is just one of the many calamities that will befall America and the rest of the world because my Father has said that He is going to send wave after wave of destruction upon the earth.

There have always been wars and man killing one another and our Creator has allowed for this to go on.

He has used man’s rebellion to Him to turn a people towards Him who would hearken to Him and seek His deliverance.

These people are made up of those who genuinely sought after what He had to offer.

For the same reason, He has brought forth other calamities in the form of natural disasters but most have turned to whom they want Him to be through these calamities instead of turning to Him in truth.

Yet, He has called forth a people and chosen them to be His through this period of time since He put man here.

Now we have entered into a transitional period of time and He is purposing to continue to build His family through a second phase.

Unfortunately, the witness against most of man is their hearts are too hardened to turn to Him in truth without the incentive of calamities.

They want to hold fast to their life and/or their perverted image of His character and worship that image.

For this reason, the scattered nations of Israel and the rest of the world are going to need to go through a humbling process to prick their ears so that they will listen.

Sadly, it will take much destruction just to even get a small portion of the world to turn to Him in truth.

It is even sadder that most will continue to reject His plan to build a family even after wave after wave of calamity just as they always have rejected Him.

But this time will be a time like the world has never seen or will ever see again and this time, at the end of it, all that continues to reject Him will be purged out.

The most stiff-necked of the world’s population is the scattered people that came from the tribes of Israel who continued to pervert Him in spite of His continued blessings being poured out upon them.

For this reason, the coming plagues and pestilences and natural disaster will be poured out double in portion for their indignation.

Also, He is rising up three nations of people against you and will empower them to bring your destruction, but at the end of it, He said that He is going to make it known that it was Him that ultimately destroyed you.

But there is still good news and He is getting ready to send this good news to the whole world.

He is still building His Kingdom and He will deliver you from the coming destruction if you will turn from your false gods and turn to the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the rest of the true forefathers of old.

You must flee from the make believe Jesus that you call the Christ that you have created in your hearts and turn to His true Son and let His shed blood cleanse you so that you can be forgiven.

You must turn from everything and anyone who takes you away from the path that He gave us to walk on in order to mold us in His image and let His seven spirits write His Torah in your hearts and in your minds.

He will send His chariots to deliver you if need be if you will turn from your ways and enter into a contact with Him through His Son’s blood.

You will need to flee from the false religion of Christianity that came out from the lies of Saul of tarsus and the mother whore of Babylon, the roman catholic church.

No different than all other false religions such as Islam or Judaism whom also claim that they follow the Elohiym of Abraham will need to flee from their blasphemous religions.

I realize that most of you will not hearken to YEHWEH Elohiym’s servant this day without seeing the proof of the coming destruction and this is sad.

Especially, when all I am telling you to do is the same thing that your Messiah told you when He came the first time, but you would not listen to Him either.

For this reason, the destruction is coming to you to humble you if you will be humbled.

Scoff as you will, but when the dust settles only one group of people will be left standing and that is those whom want to turn and walk in agreement with their Creator on His path and be molded in His image.

There are many scriptures prophesying the coming destruction but there is good news for those who will call on the name of YEHWEH Elohiym.

Calling on the name of your mockery of Him will only get you mocked.

He says if you mock me, I will mock you in the day of your calamity.

No, you will need to turn to Him in truth and turn to His Son in truth.

The book of Joel is a prophesy about the coming time of trouble. It does not sound good for many, they will not even be able to die for a period of time and this period of time is outlined in the book of Revelations as 150 days.

But there is good news for those who will call out to Him in truth. You can read this is Joel 2:32;

32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of YEHWEH shall be delivered: because in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as YEHWEH has said, those who remain shall YEHWEH call.

So you see, this is not about Yellowstone blowing or Islam being empowered to take you down, it is about why these things are being allowed to happen.

It is about your rebellion to your Creator and His call for to return to Him and your choice to turn to His path or be purged out.

There will be many volcanoes and earthquakes and there will be much destruction from fires and such.

The trees and the grasses will be burnt up and there will be much death because of the rebellious nature of your hearts.

But the Exodus is also in place if you will come to His petition for His deliverance.

Calling out His name must be calling out to Him in truth otherwise you will just be calling out to a make believe god of your imagination.

You must call out to who He is and embrace why He put you here which was so that you could be fashioned by Him in His image through His word and become His child.

He has set before you a choice of life or death, choose life this day and live so that He will deliver you.

Satan has been allowed to set up many false prophets as well.

Let your Creator’s word define who is false. He says that even if the sign or wonder comes to pass that a prophet has spoken, if they have taken you away from His path that He gave us to walk on, that prophet or dreamer of dreams must be put to death.

Not teaching you to live by every word is in fact indirectly taking you away from His path.

These false prophets have been allowed to be in order to test you and to prove you to see if you would love YEWHEH your Elohiym and His path or not.

So far the choice for most who have ever lived has been to choose to listen to these false men and women instead of my Father’s servants.

The stage is set and the fuse has been lit, what will you choose?

He is only looking to deliver a certain mindset and a certain resolve so what will your resolve be, to believe Him or will you continue to believe liars who contradict Him and His Son like Saul of Tarsus?