Repairing The Breach






“A wake up call to the Laodiceans”

Today is the 27th day of the 8th month on our Maker’s restored calendar.

It is october 31st on satan’s calendar.

We are now over half way through the 10 days that take us to the 40th day into the great & the fearful day of the Most High’s wrath.

And because He has held back letting loose this time of trouble upon you, you remain slumbering and sleeping without oil in your lamps.


His word testifies that obedience to His word and hungering and thirsting for His righteousness and for His Kingdom is the price tag of this oil.

The 8th month is the month that the Most High’s word attributes to the beginning of His Zechariah prophecies.

These prophecies are for the here and the now.

And there is much contained in them that is specifically referring to His two witnesses.

The 8th month also contains the timing of Jeroboam’s profaned Feast of Huts in it.

Jeroboam caused the 10 rods of Israel (that YEHWEH gave to be under his helm) to play the whore to the Most High by changing the timing of this appointed time.

The Most High wove the timing of the last day of this profaned feast into the beginning of His 42 month witness against the scattered descendants of Israel in a remarkable way.

He did so with it paralleling the 50th anniversary of His 2nd witness’s birth.

And He has woven the timing of the last day of this profaned feast into the end of these 1,260 days as well.

The last day of this perversion of His word landed on the 1,290th day of His servant Daniel’s prophecy.

How this perversion of His word parallels the abomination of desolation is spoken about in other recent videos.

The 40th day of the great and the fearful day of YEHWEH lands on the 1st day of the 9th month.

How the Most High has tied this waypoint into the 9 months that it takes for a woman to bring forth a child is discussed in a recent video that is called “1,290 + 10 = 40.”

The subtitle of today’s video is called “A wake up call to the Laodiceans.”

The revelations of the Most High’s only begotten Son condemns a group of people that He refers to as the Laodiceans.

Laodicea means the people of the judgment or the people of the wrath, referring to the people of YEHWEH’s wrath.

These revelations condemn this group for being neither hot nor cold unto the Most High.

Revelation 3

14 And to the angel of the called out ones in Laodicea (the people of the judgment or the people of the wrath) write; these things says the amen (the truly), THE FAITHFUL AND TRUE WITNESS, THE BEGINNING OF YEHWEH’S CREATION. (the first born from the dead of revelation chapter 1, verse 5);

This is one of the many places that identify Yehshua as the Most High’s 1st witness.

The testimony of His word contains many other proofs that testify to this as well.

The beginning of YEHWEH’s creation sure does NOT fit into what most of you believe.

Most of you believe that the Son is His Father.


Because of your works sure does NOT fit into your saved by grace apart from the works of the Torah doctrine that you got from your boy saul of tarsus, the abomination of desolation.

16 In that because you are lukewarm and you are neither cold nor hot, YOU ARE VOMITED OUT FROM MY MOUTH.

The blasphemous religion of christianity is this group of lukewarm people.

And you pervert even this.

You do not even understand what this lukewarm is referring to.

You think that it is referring to people who do not join with you in doing your whoredoms to the Most High.

You think that it is referring to people that do not attend services in your various whorehouses and things like this.

Being hot refers to being in hot pursuit of our Creator’s righteousness and His kingdom.

Being cold refers to rejecting Him and His kingdom altogether like an atheist does.

The reason why this prophecy says that Yehshua wishes that you were either hot or cold is because if you were hot for the Most High’s righteousness He would be happy that you are soon going to be in His Father’s Kingdom with Him.

And if you were cold, meaning that if you were rejecting His Father and His Kingdom altogether, He would not have to look upon you with the long suffering that He does wishing that you were hot instead of lukewarm.

His wishing that you were cold instead of lukewarm says that it would be better for you to be an atheist than to be a member of the group that says that they do believe the Most High’s word but then play the whore to Him instead of being His people.

There are only 3 groups of people in this prophecy.

And the lukewarm describes christianity to a t.

You claim that you love and worship the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel and you say that you are on your way into His Kingdom, but you love and worship idolatrous images of who He is and therefore you are not on your way into His Kingdom.

It is very important to understand that being lukewarm and being cold result in the same end, they both result in being cut off from the atoning substitution sacrifice of the Most High’s only begotten Son’s shed blood.

Therefore they both result in being cut off from the Most High and His Kingdom.

However His word testifies that this lukewarm group is going to receive a double portion of this time of trouble because of your whoredoms to Him.

Therefore it would be better for you to believe that He does not exist (to be an atheist).

This lukewarm prophecy parallels your whoredoms to the Most High to being lukewarm unto Him.

Lot and his family personified this condition very well.

I spoke in the last video how the Most High gave Lot and his family extra chances to come into His favor.

He did so because Lot stood with YEHWEH’s servant Abram; he did so by leaving the land of Haran (which was in Ur) with Abram.

And YEHWEH blessed him for standing with Abram.

He blessed him for coming to His call.

We are told in Genesis chapter 13, verse 6 that both of their flocks and their herds became multiplied.

It is very important to understand that they were both from the same linage.

Lot’s grandfather Terach was Abram’s father.

Therefore Lot was Abram’s nephew.

YEHWEH’s account of Lot and Abram testifies that being of the same linage does not cut it by itself, although He did build His First Fruits from this linage.

Neither does standing with the Most High’s chosen cut it by itself either, although He does require us to stand with His chosen.

It is just that when we do so, we must also seize His righteousness like those whom He has chosen have done.

It is a very important detail that YEHWEH appeared to Abram and not to Lot.

Therefore there was something different about Abram’s heart to begin with.

Abram truly desired YEHWEH’s righteousness.

And Lot just gave him lip service.

And He kept appearing to Abram and not to Lot.

There is a reason for this.

Yet He called them both out from Ur.

No one can come to YEHWEH unless He calls us to come to Him.

His calling both of them out from Ur parallels Yehshua telling us that there are many that are called but few are chosen.

I will go on to show you how this story testifies that if you want to be chosen by the Most High to be part of His eternal Kingdom, you need to have a heart like Abraham’s heart and not like Lot’s.

Understanding this begins with understanding why they separated from each other.

We are told that Lot’s herdsmen began to have a controversy with Abram’s herdsmen.

In lieu of the Most High appearing to Abram and not to Lot, how could this be?

You would think that Lot would have said, I am seizing with you Uncle Abram and I am NOT going to leave you as long as YEHWEH is with you.

And as a result of this there would not have been a controversy between their herdsmen, I will go on to explain why not.

But instead there was a controversy and Lot departed from Abram.

And Lot stayed Lot and Abram became Abraham.

This testifies that Lot did not desire a new name from the Most High in the same way that Abram did.

Instead, he desired that which is of the world and he even had greed for that which is of this world, this story goes on to testify to this.

Understanding the controversy that their herdsmen had is a matter of understanding why Abram and Lot each had their own flock and their own herd.

If his heart was fully standing with Abram, he would have said to his uncle Abram, I see that YEHWEH is with you; therefore I want to be with you too, therefore let us not divide our flocks and herds.

If his heart was fully standing with Abram, he would have said, let my flock and my herd and my herdsmen be as yours and yours be as mine and let us remain serving the Most High together and pursue His Kingdom together.

If his heart was so, there would have not been the controversy between their herdsmen; Abram would have no doubt been in charge of this endeavor.

This is because the Most High appointed him to be in charge by appearing to him; however they would have remained together as one.

Maybe they would have still needed to spread out into the land because the land was not able to sustain all of their increase at that time…

…however even if they did, they would have remained under the Most High’s umbrella that He had placed over His servant Abram.

And as Abram grew with YEHWEH appearing to him, he could have continued to have been an example to Lot in the manner that Noah was an example to Abram.

Noah died in the year 2006; this was 58 years after Abram was born.

Noah no doubt had a powerful impact upon his great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandson Abram.

And it could very well have been that the Most High would have rewarded Lots choice to fully stand with Abram by blessing the land (that they were in) to cause it to be able to sustain all of their increase so that they would not have had to spread out.

But instead, YEHWEH knew Lot’s heart and He separated him from Abram.

And He used him to be an illustration to us of a vessel to dishonor.

It is important to see that this illustration began with him leaving the one whom YEHWEH had chosen to speak with.

I mentioned the greed of Lot’s heart.

This was illustrated to us in his choice of the choice land.

Abram said to Lot, you choose which way you want to go and I will take my flock and herd and go the other way.

Here is what we are told;

Genesis 13

10 And Lot lifted up his eyes upon all of the plain (the loaf) of the Jordan AND HE SAW THAT IT WAS ALL WELL WATERED before YEHWEH destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, EVEN AS THE GARDEN OF YEHWEH AND LIKE THE LAND OF EGYPT AS YOU GO TO ZOAR.

Zoar is the small city that Lot chose to go into when he rebelled against YEHWEH’s instructions to flee into the mountains.

It comes from a word that means to be brought low.

I can assure you that there is a reason why this is recorded this way.

Why would the Most High compare the garden of life to the land between Egypt and a small, seemingly meaningless town of Zoar?

It is because He is paralleling Lot’s greed to Adam and Eve’s sin that caused them to be cast from the garden of life and to the captivity of Egypt as well and to not obeying the Most Highs’ messengers (which is what Lot did when he later chose to flee into Zoar instead of obeying the Most High and fleeing into His mountains).

11 Then LOT CHOSE TO HIMSELF all of the plain (the loaf) of the Jordan and Lot journeyed east AND THEY SEPARATED ONE MAN FROM HIS BROTHER.

This is huge in what is being said here.

Lot means a vail or a covering.

Lot chose to live up to his name.

He chose to have the vail that was on him before YEHWEH called him placed back upon his eyes.

He chose to go back to the bread of men instead of seizing the bread of life.

After Lot departed from Abram it was not long before he moved into Sodom.

Why is this?

What happened to his herd and to his flock when he did?

They are not mentioned when YEHWEH’s messengers brought him and his family out of Sodom.

They are not mentioned again.

Therefore, the Most High’s blessing obviously left him when he left Abram.

When he separated from Abram he originally pitched his tent near the wicked city of Sodom.

You would think if He was trying to please the Most High that he would have pitched his tent far away from wickedness.

Lot and his family were taken captive 14 years later.

And when Abram heard of it, he rose up and he went to rescue them (under YEHWEH’s banner, under His wings) and he and his 318 servants set them free.

Lot had already moved into Sodom by this time, chapter 14, verse 12 tells us so.

I’ll try to expand on how this parallels His servant dwelling in a tent at this time while the rest of you are still dwelling in houses in another video.

This shows that when the Most High puts a vail over our eyes that we continue to drift further and further from Him and His righteousness.

YEHWEH’s servant Abram gave Him 10% or a tithe of the spoil when he and his servants smote the kings that had taken Lot and his family captive.

This is the 1st time that tithing is mentioned in His scriptures of truth.

YEHWEH’s word testifies that bringing His servants a tenth or a tithe of our increase is righteousness to Him.

This is why He has bid for you to bring your tithes and your offerings to the place that He has placed His name at this time.

Doing so is part of His offering in righteousness that He has bid for you to offer up at this time.

He speaks of this offering in righteousness in;

Malachi (My Messenger) 3

1 Behold, I WILL SEND MY MESSENGER to prepare the way before My face and YEHWEH will seek you and I will suddenly come to My temple. THE MESSENGER OF THE COVENANT WHOM I DELIGHT IN WILL COME TO YOU says YEHWEH of hosts.


3 He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver and he will purify the sons of Levy and refine them like gold and silver SO THAT THEY WILL OFFER TO YEHWEH AN OFFERING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.


It is important to know that Abram gave the Most High a tithe BEFORE YEHWEH gave him the name Abraham.

Abram was 99 years old when YEHWEH changed his name to Abraham.

This was 24 years after he obeyed the Most High’s voice and left his kindred.

This was one year for each of the 24 elders.

He later became one of these 24 elders that sit at His throne.

The Most High resurrected him to become one of them at the time that He resurrected His only begotten Son.

This was over 1,700 years after he was given the name Abraham.

These 17 hundred plus years parallel the 17 years that followed Noah’s death before YEHWEH called Abram to leave his kindred.

The details like this that are recorded in the Most High word are incredible.

Sodom and Gomorrah and the rest of the cities of the loaves of the Jordan’s destruction came immediately after YEHWEH gave Abraham his new name.

In the last video I pointed out why YEHWEH spared Lot from this destruction.

He did so for His servant Abraham’s sake.

But I did not give you the verse that testifies to this so I will do so today.

Genesis 19:29

And it came to pass when Elohiym destroyed the cities of the loaves THAT ELOHIYM MARKED (HIS SERVANT) ABRAHAM AND HE SENT LOT OUT FROM THE MIDST OF THE OVERTHROW when He overthrew the cities that Lot dwelt in.

This verse plainly tells us that He did so for His servant Abraham’s sake and not for Lot’s sake.

I will try to expand on why the word for plains in these verses is the same word as for loaves in another video; this one is already getting pretty long.

It has to do with eating the bread of men.

The story of Lot and Abraham goes on to prove that Lot finished as an illustration of a vessel to dishonor.

And it ties in his seed after him as being vessels to dishonor as well.

Abraham means father of a multitude referring to the father of the multitude that would be awarded eternal life into YEHWEH’s Kingdom.

Is the vail your father or are you a child of YEHWEH’s heritage?

The answer to this question lies in the account of these two men.

I spoke in the last video and earlier in this one how Lot did not hearken to the Most High’s messengers (the two angels that YEHWEH sent to remove him and his family) when they told him to flee into the mountains.

They told him to not stand in ANY of the loaves of the Jordan.

This is recorded in Genesis, chapter 19, verse 17.

But instead he wanted something different; he wanted for them to give him a different place of safety, even a place that he was told not to go to.

He desired to turn back to a smaller city that was still in the loaves of the Jordan because he feared fleeing into the mountains.

This is recorded in chapter 19, verse 19.

YEHWEH’s messengers obliged him and in doing so they set up a parallel for the here and the now.

Even though you have not obeyed the Most High’s voice, He has not destroyed you yet.

This story goes on to testify that there is no other place of safety other than the one that the Most High has set up through His two messengers at this time.

As Lot and his family came to this smaller city, as the sun was rising, Lot’s wife rebelled against YEHWEH’s instructions that He gave to them through His two messengers.

His two messengers told them to not look back upon the destruction, however Lot’s wife did and she became a pillar of salt.

This pillar of salt parallels the salt that has emptied from the Most High’s table to kill what is called the Dead Sea.

How this ties in with the need to have our baptism waters turned into YEHWEH’s only begotten Son’s shed blood and how this parallels the Jordan River and such is spoken about in other videos.

In a similitude of this event YEHWEH’s two messengers at this time, His two witnesses, have told you to flee into the mountains and to not look back upon the destruction that is near at hand.

In the last video I used the example of not even reminiscing with photos of those who are going to be destroyed in the days that are ahead.

As part of Lot being manifested to us as a vessel to dishonor, after YEHWEH’s two messengers told him to leave Sodom, he delayed his departure.

He delayed his departure even though His two messengers told him to hurry up.

This is recorded in;

Genesis 19

15 And as the dawn was rising the angels pressed (hurried) Lot saying, rise up and take your wife and your two daughters that are here OR ELSE YOU WILL BE ADDED TO THE INIQUITY OF THE CITY.

16 AND HE DELAYED so the men (YEHWEH’s messengers) seized his hand and the hand of his wife and the hand of his two daughters UPON YEHWEH SPARING HIM and they went forth and put them outside of the city.

I just read to you why YEHWEH spared him; it was because He marked His servant Abraham.

I am sure that Abraham loved his nephew very much, therefore he no doubt petitioned YEHWEH on his behalf when YEHWEH told him that He was going to destroy Sodom.

And YEHWEH answered Abraham’s petition, yet He did so in order to teach Abraham (and us) something.

He used doing so to show him (and us) that Lot was not seeking Him like he was.

Abraham’s petition did not change Lot’s outcome in the long run.

This is because the wicked will die in his or her wickedness if they do not turn from it.

Can you not see how Lot delaying parallels your delaying your fleeing at this time even though YEHWEH’s two witnesses have told you to hasten your fleeing into His mountains?

Can you not see that your doing so testifies against you that you are on a pathway that is leading you to become a vessel to dishonor if you do not turn from it?

YEHWEH’s first witness told us to come down from our house tops and to not even go into our houses for that which is in them.

He told us to come out from our fields (or from our work places) and to not even go home for our clothes.

When Yehshua said these things, He was putting urgency upon the need to flee into the mountains quickly when the abomination of desolation was announced.

And the Most High has given you a 9 month plus a 1,290 day and plus now a 10 day opportunity for you to do so.

Will this opportunity be increased to include the 35 days that follow this 10 day period?

I do not know, but I do know that your failure to obey the Most High’s voice is part of His witness against you.

It proves that you are choosing to be of Lot’s seed and not of Abraham’s seed even though you are descendants of Abraham.

Yehshua’s reference to coming down from our house tops parallels your need to come down from your watch towers, it parallels your need to come down from observing the signs of the times and hearken to them.

It is time to stop watching the tidal wave that is heading your way and flee from it.

Not going back into our houses for that which is in them includes not going back into them for those that refuse to desire the Most High’s righteousness.

YEHWEH’s 2nd witness has put the same urgency upon your need to flee quickly.

I have done so by bringing forth the different waypoints that the Most High has woven into His end time timeline and warning you to flee before each of them.

So far they have all proven to be just warnings; this is because the Most High has stayed His wrath.

He has done so per the testimony of His word like His only begotten Son told us He was going to do for His chosen’s sake.

But there has to come a time when these warnings will cease.

And the time is at hand.



These 10 days that take us to the 40th day parallel a tithe of the 100 that separate these two waypoint indicators.

The Most High’s end time timeline has volumes of parallels to tithing contained in it.

You are soon not going to be able to tithe because your money is not going to be worth anything.

You are going to find out that money does not make for very good toilet paper.

How do you think that you are going to be able to flee once the Most High lets this time of trouble loose upon you?

You are going to find out that you still need to flee into His mountains.

Lot still had to flee from the small city (Zoar, the city of that which will still be brought low), the city that his unfaithful, rebellious heart desired to go into instead of obeying the Most High.

When he got there he found out that the Most High was not with him and he had to flee into the mountains with his two daughters anyway.

YEHWEH’s word tells us that he decided to flee into the mountains because he feared the men of this smaller city.

This is recorded in verse 30.

Why didn’t he fear the Most High to begin with?

Why didn’t he fear to not obey the Most High’s two messengers that told him to flee into His mountains in the first place?

I read to you a bit ago in My messenger chapter 3 that His word calls His 2nd witness His messenger as well, He calls me the messenger of His covenant.

Lot’s fear of fleeing into the mountains did not keep him from having to flee into them.

And when he got to the mountains he ended up dwelling in a cave.

Would this have been the case if he had fled into them when he was first told to do so?

This parallels the revelations of the Most High’s only begotten Son that tell us;

Revelation 6

13 And the stars of heaven fell into the earth in the manner THAT A FIG TREE CASTS OFF HER UN-RIPENED FIGS when she is shaken by a mighty wind.

His reference to the fig tree and the un-ripened figs being cast off is a reference to those of you who were not part of His First Fruit Harvest.

It is a reference to those of you who refuse to turn back to that which will circumcise your hearts like those who became His First Fruits did.

It parallels Yehshua cursing the fig tree for not bearing fruit.


This parallels your lack of faith that is spoken about in a recent video called “Say to this mountain, be ye removed.”

Yehshua cursing the fig tree ties in with this as well.

The separation of the heavens parallels your failure to be separated from the dead with the water of separation.

It also parallels Lot separating himself from YEHWEH’s servant Abram.

Like a scroll being rolled up parallels YEHWEH’s book of life being rolled up.

15 And the kings of the earth and the great men and the rich and the chief captains and the mighty and every bondman and free man (those of you who think that you are free) HID THEMSELVES IN THE CAVES AND IN THE ROCKS OF THE MOUNTAINS;

This parallels other prophecies as well such as Hosea chapter 10, verse 8.

And so does the next verse;



His word tells us who will be able to stand; it is those who will stand with His two anointed Sons and the testimony of His word that they have testified to.

The story with Lot goes on to tell us what happened in that cave.

His daughters got their father drunk and they conceived children with him.

Here is what YEHWEH’s word tells us about Lot’s descendants that came from the womb of his two daughters;

Genesis 19

36 Lot’s two daughter conceived by their father.

37 And the firstborn begat a son and called his name Moab (FROM HIS MOTHER’S FATHER) AND HE IS THE FATHER OF THE MOABITES UNTIL THIS DAY.

38 And the younger, she also begat a son and called his name Benammi (SON OF MY PEOPLE) AND HE IS THE FATHER OF THE CHILDREN OF AMMON (A PEOPLE OF BENAMMI) UNTIL THIS DAY.

Lot’s name is mentioned 33 times in the Most High’s scriptures of truth.

33 parallels the 1/3rd of you whose works testify that you are unto the descendants of Lot and not Abraham.

And it parallels other prophecies that are for 33 and that are for a third as well.

You are incestuous children that have come from your mother’s father, you play the whore to the Most High by loving and worshipping your father’s idolatrous images of who He is.

The 30th time Lot’s name is used right here in verse 36.

Today is day number 36 of the great and the fearful day of YEHWEH’s wrath and I can assure you that I did not plan it this way.

This 30th time parallels the Most High’ restored 30 day months.

These 30 times are all found here in the book of Genesis.

The 2 of the other 3 times that Lot’s name is mentioned are in Deuteronomy in regards to the possession of land that the Most High gave to his descendants.

And the other place is in Psalms chapter 83, verse 8 and in this verse his name is indeed associated with a vessel to dishonor as well.

Yet Abraham is spoken about throughout the Most High’s scriptures of truth.

And He was manifested to us as a vessel to honor.

There are many prophecies that are not good for the Moabites and the children of Ammon at this time.

Keep in mind that both Lot and Abraham came from the same genealogy.

If you are of the scattered descendants of Israel, you are descendants of Abraham; however you have chosen to have a different father.

In the same manner that Lot chose satan to be his father, you have done the same.

You are not physical descendants of Lot; instead you are children of incest on a spiritual plain.

Physically your mother is Israel, but spiritually your father is not.

Your father is your father satan, the father of lies.

Your whoredoms have caused you to be engrafted into the prophecies that pertain to Lot’s descendants instead of to Abraham’s descendants.

And your works testify to this.

Abraham’s grandson was given the name Israel.

Israel means those who Elohiym rules over.

If you are not under His rule, you are not part of His eternal heritage, period.

As for what will happen in 4 days on the 10th day or even at the end of this waypoint, I do not know.

There are lots of dynamics that are yet to unfold that are recorded in the testimony of YEHWEH’s word.

He has woven prophetic tiers of them into His timeline during these past 5 years.

And now, like He has done with the 1,290 days and the 1,335 days, it could very well be that He will continue to do so with other prophecies and events.

I will speak about some of these coming waypoints in coming videos if time allows for me to do so.

But this does not mean that the Most High is going to stay letting loose His wrath as we approach these coming waypoints.

It just means that the last terrible day of this period of time is yet to come on one of these fast approaching waypoints.

But there is still much calamity that will happen before this day comes.

And these things are at the door.

Not only is the 40th day at the door, so is the 1,335th day of His servant Daniel’s prophecy that is for YEHWEH’s servant Michael standing up for those who will be His people.

YEHWEH’s word testifies that this Michael would be given the name Zerubbabel, one who would flow out from mystery babylon at the end of this era of time.

Wake up you children of Laodicea!

Wake up you babblers that are ruled by satan!

Wake up and come out of your whoredoms and be my Father’s people.

Thus saith YEHWEH’s word that is upon His servant Zerubbabel!