Repairing The Breach





Today is the 15th day of the 8th month on the Most High’s restored calendar.

It is october 19th on satan’s calendar.

It is the 24th day into the count from the last day of the Most High’s Feast of Huts (on His restored calendar).

The last day of this Feast was the last day of the 1,260 days of His 42 month witness against the scattered descendants of Israel.

Today is the 1st day of the 7 days of Jeroboam’s profaned timing of this Feast.

It is the 4th Sabbath day of the great and the fearful day of YEHWEH’s wrath that follows the 1,260 days of His witness against you.

You should not marvel that He has held back letting loose this time of great time of affliction that will accompany this period of time.

He has held back sending what He has spoken will come to pass upon those who rebel against Him THROUGHOUT THE TESTIMONY OF HIS WORD.

Yet it has always come to pass in His perfect timing to send it and this time will be no different.

A tier of the 1,290th day of YEHWEH’s servant Daniel’s prophecy will land on the 7th and last day of this abominable profaned feast of the 8th month.

This prophecy tells us;

Daniel 12:11


In the time that the daily is turned aside is a prophetic reference to during the days that the abomination of desolation turns aside the atoning substitution sacrifice of YEHWEH Elohiym’s only begotten Son’s shed blood.

An earlier tier of the 1,290 days of this prophecy paralleled His announcement (to the scattered descendants of Israel) that saul of tarsus was and is the abomination of desolation.

Saul was and is the abomination that desolated the Most High’s set apart word that He gave to the descendants of Israel to set us apart to Him to become as He is.

Saul began to do so 2,000 years ago at the time that the 2nd temple was destroyed.

YEHWEH rose up the romans to destroy this temple 40 years after our ancestors persuaded them to kill His only begotten Son.

Saul desolated His word by bringing forth a different road map or a different set of directions into YEHWEH’s kingdom.

He brought forth a different road map that is not testified to by YEHWEH’s word (that He spoke to us through His servants the prophets, the same prophets that His only begotten Son bore witness to).

Concerning Saul’s doing so, YEHWEH’s word tells us;

Deuteronomy 13

1 Because if a prophet or a dreamer of dreams rises up among you and they give you a sign or a wonder…

2 …but they speak to you saying to you TO WALK FOLLOWING AFTER AND TO SERVE ANOTHER ELOHIYM WHICH YOU HAVE NOT KNOWN (In other words, to walk following after another image of the Most High that is not testified to by His word.) EVEN IF THAT SIGN OR WONDER COMES…

3 …YOU SHALL NOT HEARKEN TO THE WORDS OF THAT PROPHET OR THAT DREAMER OF DREAMS (Anyone who seeks to take us away from the Most High’s true character and from His pathway that is recorded in His word is a false shepherd, period, this includes saul of tarsus who accomplished this on a grand scale.) BECAUSE YEHWEH ELOHIYM “TESTS” YOU TO KNOW WHETHER OR NOT YOU WILL LOVE HIM (whether or not you will love Him for who He is, for His righteousness) WITH YOUR ENTIRE HEART AND WITH YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

The reason why the Most High put false shepherds and false prophets in our midst was to test us and to prove whether or not we would love Him for who He is or whether we would play the whore to Him by loving and worshipping another image of who He is.

This is the reason why saul of tarsus’s writings were allowed to stand in YEHWEH Elohiym’s set apart word that He gave to us to set us apart to Him.

4 You shall WALK FOLLOWING AFTER YEHWEH ELOHIYM and FEAR HIM (fear your latter end) and KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS (with His statutes and His judgments) and OBEY HIS VOICE (that He spoke to us through His servants the prophets) and YOU SHALL SERVE HIM and CLEAVE UNTO HIM.

5 PUT TO DEATH that prophet or that dreamer of dreams BECAUSE HE OR SHE SPOKETO CAUSE YOU TO REBEL AGAINST YEHWEH ELOHIYM who brought you out of the land of Egypt AND RELEASED YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE OF BONDAGE, because he or she has sought TO DRAW YOU OUT FROMTHE PATHWAY that YEHWEH Elohiym COMMANDED US TO WALK ON.


Therefore, according to YEHWEH Elohiym’s word, He commanded us to put saul of tarsus to death.

Instead of doing so, instead of fearing the Most High and obeying His voice, most of you have loved the voice of the wolf that came to you dressed in sheep’s clothing.

And his different pathway and his different image of who the Most High is have flourished amongst the descendants of Israel.

You have chosen to love and to worship the image of the Most High that saul gave to your rebellious, uncircumcised hearts, the image of Him that your rebellious, uncircumcised heart’s desired.

It was fascinating how the Most High wove the timing of Jeroboam’s profaned feast of the 8th month into His end time timeline towards the beginning of His 42 month witness against you the way that He did.

The 7th and last day of this feast (at that time) paralleled the 50th anniversary of His 2nd anointed Son’s birth.

And now the 7th and last day of the profaned timing of this feast that is during the great and the fearful day of His wrath will be on the 1,290th day from the beginning of these 1,260 days, 30 days after His witness against you ended.

In lieu of His servant Daniel’s 1,290 day prophecy, the significance of this is awesome.

The Most High’s restored timing of His Sabbaths and the rest of His restored appointed times are found in these 42 restored 30 day months.

Jeroboam’s sin in changing YEHWEH’s appointed time caused the 10 rods of Israel (that were given to be under his helm) to play the whore to the Most High.

In changing His appointed time, Jeroboam desolated His word, he made His word of none effect amongst these 10 rods of Israel.

This is exactly what saul of tarsus accomplished but saul did so in a much, much greater way.

He voided the testimony of YEHWEH’s word, he made His word of none effect in the rebellious, uncircumcised hearts and minds of the descendants of Israel.

Neither saul nor Jeroboam did so in an obvious way.

They did so by slightly deviating from His word.

They brought forth different directions.

Different directions lead to a different pathway and all other pathways other than the Most High’s pathway lead to death.

This is why the Most High’s word warns us to not turn to the left or to the right of the directions that He gave to us in His word to walk with Him on.

These directions keep us on His straight and narrow pathway; they keep us on the only pathway into His kingdom.


This is recorded in John 14:6.

Revelations 19:13 verifies this by telling us that His Father gave Him His word to be His name.

In changing the Most High’s appointed time, Jeroboam paved the way for rebellion to the Most High’s word to spiral out of control into what it has become.

And saul’s rebellious, uncircumcised heart has flourished and grown into a level of a complete desolation of the Most High’s straight and narrow pathway amongst the scattered descendants of Israel, a level of where His directions are of none-effect whatsoever.

Following His directions, walking with Him on His straight and narrow pathway, is no longer required of us in the rebellious, uncircumcised hearts that have followed saul of tarsus’s lies.

Unlike the days of jeroboam, the religion of christianity (that saul’s teachings created) don’t even keep a perverted form of YEHWEH’s Feasts, except for in relatively small sects here and there.

But these small sects live in rebellion to almost everything else that the Most High commanded us to do.

Rebellion to His word is a way of life amongst the scattered descendants of Israel as a result of saul’s blasphemous teachings.

Jeroboam’s sin was merely a foreshadow of showing us what rebellion to the Most High’s word leads to.

It leads to us being cut off from being His people.

After jeroboam’s profaned feast, the Most High gave these 10 rods of Israel over to live in the lies that they chose when they chose to follow jeroboam’s perversion of His word.

They were sent into the captivity of these lies because of their rebellion, just like Adam and Eve were cast out from the garden of life because of their rebellion to the Most High, just like satan and those who followed his rebellion were cast here to the earth because of their rebellion to the Most High.

The captivity is the bondage of sin; it is the bondage of being cast from being in His presence.

YEHWEH sent His only begotten Son to both these 10 rods of the Israel (that He had already begun to scatter at that time) AND to the rods of Benjamin and Judah that He had not yet scattered, although they were also already living in the bondage of sin and soon to be cast from the physical land of Israel as well.

Sin is transgression against His word, His word says so.

He tells us this in 1 John 3:4.

Concerning changing His appointed times, His word tells us;

Daniel 7

24 And the 10 horns out of this kingdom are 10 kings that will rise up AND ANOTHER WILL RISE UP AFTER THEM AND HE WILL CHANGE FROM THE FIRST (FROM WHAT WAS GIVEN IN THE BEGINNING, THE MOST HIGH’S SABBATHS) and will abase 3 kings.

25 He will speak matters against the Most High and will afflict the saints of the Most High AND THINK TO CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS and they (the Most High’s saints) will be given into his hand UNTIL A TIME AND TIMES AND HALF OF TIME (UNTIL A CERTAIN 1,260 DAYS).


This describes perfectly what saul’s teaching have resulted in.

Jeroboam and the 10 rods of Israel that were under jeroboam’s helm that changed YEHWEH’s appointed time of the 7th month by moving it to the 8th month parallel the 10 kings of this prophecy.

But this was nothing compared to what followed this example of changing the Most High’s appointed times.

The universal roman whore house, the mother whore of babylon, came out from the abomination of desolation saul’s teachings.

And she went on to complete the changing of the Most High’s appointed times and His Torah.

She replaced His appointed times with her blasphemous traditions like easter and the mass of her make believe messiah that is on december 25th on her perverted roman calendar.

She changed His Torah by doing away with it all together.

And she rode saul of tarsus’s teachings to do so.

And saul rode the spirit of jeroboam, the spirit of their father satan, the spirit of rebellion to the Most High.

Most of you want to get caught up in history with things like who these 10 kings are instead of what this prophecy is about.

It starts off in verse 2 with the Most High showing His servant Daniel a night vision of the 4 winds of heaven striving with greatness of the sea.

The 4 winds of heaven are YEHWEH’s spirits of wisdom, understanding, council and knowledge.

The sea then brought forth 4 beasts.

It was by YEHWEH’s 4 spirits of wisdom, understanding, council and knowledge that He brought forth these beasts.

He did so in order to finish building His temple of First Fruits.

This era of time has been about Him building His temple.

But now He has plucked me from your midst to finish His temple and now that it is finished, He has sent the youngest of His flock to tell you what is recorded in His scriptures of truth, His word says so.

Verse 24 of this prophecy speaks about ANOTHER THAT WILL RISE UP AFTER THESE 10 KINGS.

In a similitude of this, Saul rose up AFTER jeroboam led the 10 rods of Israel to play the whore to the Most High.

But as for him rising onto the stage AFTER all 10 of the physical kings of this prophecy (who are of the mother whore), this is not what this prophecy is telling us.

It is telling us that he rose up in a manner that their rebellious, uncircumcised hearts pursued AFTER, the spirit of rebellion to the Most High.

Daniel’s description of this vision in verses 9 and 10 speaks of the Messiah coming to open the books of life.

This shows that this prophecy and vision jumps around a bit as many prophecies do.

They are not meant to be understood until YEHWEH reveals the meaning of them.

These two verses are preceded by verse 8 that speaks about a little horn that was amongst the 10 coming up after the 3 horns were plucked up.

Therefore he does not rise up after all 10 of them.

I do not know the history of these 10 kings and neither do I care; it is not what is important.

Daniel chapter 8 speaks about another vision that was shown to His servant Daniel.

Daniel was also shown a little horn in this vision.

Chapter 7 was recorded in Aramaic and chapter 8 was recorded in Hebrew so the words are different, however both of them address the little horn.

And the chapter 8 vision links the little horn to taking away the daily sacrifice.

This ties this little horn into the 1,290 days therefore into the abomination of desolation of Daniel 12:11.

Therefore these are prophecies for the abomination of desolation.

Other dynamics of these visions are spoken about in other videos.

The point of this video is the Most High has linked the profaning of His appointed times to the same sin that the abomination accomplished by leading the children of Israel to play the whore to the Most High by leading them to rebel against His word.

Again sin is transgression against His word.

Four verses after His servant John told us this he said;

1 John 3

8 HE THAT DOES SIN (he that transgresses against the Most High) IS OF THE DEVIL because the devil sinned (transgressed against Him) from the beginning (of this era).  Into this purpose the Son of Elohiym was manifested IN ORDER TO LOOSEN THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL.

9 Whosoever is born of Elohiym DOES NOT “DO” SIN (does not transgress against the Most High) BECAUSE HIS SEED (His only begotten Son) ABIDES IN HIM AND HE IS NOT ABLE TO SIN (transgress against Elohiym) BECAUSE HE IS BORN OF ELOHIYM.

Once we are born of Elohiym and His only begotten Son dwells in us we are not able to transgress against the Most High without being immediately convicted by His spirit and we are broken apart from the inside.

This shows that those of you who transgress against His Torah with no conviction and no brokenness are not born of Him; therefore you are not born again, period.

Transgressing against His Torah includes transgressing against His appointed times that He has restored at this time.

You can say that you are born again all that you want to; the facts that are recorded in YEHWEH’s word tell us that you are not.

And you are soon going to be shown the shame of your nakedness!

Repent, His kingdom is at hand.