Repairing The Breach





“23 days and 23 nights and counting”

Today is the 29th day of the 6th month on our Creator’s restored calendar.

It is September 3rd on satan’s calendar.

It is the 4th and last Sabbath of the 6th month.

Counting today there are just 23 days and 23 nights that remain in the Most High’s 42 month against the scattered descendants of Israel.

23 is the number that His word attributes to His servants the Levites.

And then the 7 days of the great and the fearful day of His wrath will begin.

They will begin on the 8th day Sabbath that follows His 42 month witness against you.

The 1,260 days of these 42 months contain His restored Sabbaths and the rest of His restored appointed times in them.

The two days that follow today are the head of the month days that end this month and begin the 7th month.

The 1st day of the 7th month is the Most High’s Memorial of Acclamations.

It was on this day 2,015 years ago that YEHWEH Elohiym’s only begotten Son was born.

And it is a very significant day in His end time timeline.

Concerning this day His word tells us;

Leviticus 23

24 Speak to the children of Israel, saying, ON THE 1st DAY OF THE 7th MONTH SHALL BE A SABBATHROWN (A DAY OF REST) TO YOU, A MEMORIAL or A MEMENTO OF SHOUTINGS or of ACCLAMATIONS”, a set apart assembly.

25 You shall do no work of any kind AND YOU SHALL OFFER AN OFFERING MADE BY FIRE to YEHWEH.

Most people erroneously call this Sabbathrown the feast of trumpets.

If you look up the Hebrew words that are used to describe this appointed time it is not called the feast of trumpets anywhere in the testimony of YEHWEH Elohiym’s word.

There are 21 days that encompass this very important appointed time and the last day of His 7 day Feast of Huts that precedes the 8th day Sabbath and the great and the fearful day of His wrath.

The offering of fire that the Most High has bid for those of you who will turn back to Him to offer up to Him at this time is an offering in righteousness.

He has bid for those of you who will turn back to Him at this time to flee from touching the dead or even going into their houses and to offer yourselves up to His refiner’s fire so that you can be tried and refined in order to be made pure before His eyes.

His refiner’s fire is what is recorded in His scriptures of truth.

He has bid for you to leave your lives for His Kingdom’s sake and to let that which He has restored shape and mold you in His image, in His righteousness.

He has bid for you to cross over the Kidron Brook and stand with His anointed that He has sent to you at this time with this refiner’s fire.

The Kidron Brook is where those who were right in the Most High’s eyes burnt that which is idolatrous in His eyes and stamped all of it into powder.

His word bids for all of us to become part of His kingdom of priests.

The testimony of His word greatly esteems a particular priest.

It is a priest named Zadok.

Zadok means to be made righteous or to be made clean.

YEHWEH’s word tells us that only the seed of Zadok will be able to come near to Him.

For this reason you should ask yourself why this is.

It is because the priest Zadok stood with YEHWEH’s anointed servant David.

He did so through thick and thin even when others went astray by betraying His servant David.

He carried the Ark of the Most High’s witness against the children of Israel across the Kidron Brook when His servant David fled from his son Absalom.

However at that time His servant David sent Zadok back to Jerusalem with the Ark.

YEHWEH led him to do so because it was not yet time for Him to let loose His time of correction.

But now it is the time of His visitation.

And His witness against you has already crossed over the Kidron Brook.

And all that is idolatrous in His eyes is going to be burnt up and stamped into powder.

All of that which is idolatrous in His eyes, along with all of you who give your praise and worship to idolatrous images of who He is, are going to become ashes under the feet of those who will turn back to Him at this time.

Here is what YEHWEH’s scriptures of truth tell us regarding the seed of Zadok;

Ezekiel 43

18 And he said to me, SON OF MAN (referring to His end time son of man), thus saith Adonai YEHWEH; these are the statutes of the altar to be done in the day that you lift up burnt offerings upon it and sprinkle blood upon it.

The lifting up burnt offering to the Most High in this day is symbolic of the cry that He has sent me with for you to offer up to Him an offering made by fire, an offering in righteousness and for you to flee from touching the dead.

This sprinkling of blood is symbolic of you being sprinkled with the water of separation on the 3rd day and 4 days later on the 7th day (after you have fled from touching the dead) so that this water of separation can be turned into His only begotten Son’s shed blood on your behalf.

19 Give a son of the herd (a son of a beef animal, symbolic of a son of the scattered, backslidden heifers of Israel, symbolic of the one that the Most High has plucked from your midst and given to be sent to you) to the priests, TO THE LEVITES THAT ARE OF THE SEED OF ZADOK THAT COME NEAR TO ME TO MINISTER TO ME, saith Adonai YEHWEH, for a sin offering.


I’ll expand on some of the significance of it being given upon the 4 horns and the 4 corners of the outer edge in a bit.

This outer edge is 14 cubits long and 14 cubits wide.

This is symbolic of the 14 days that precede this year’s Feast of Huts that begin with the Memorial of Acclamations and 14 days that include the 7 days this year’s Feast and the 7 days of His wrath.

The stairs to this alter face to the east.

What is told to us in these instructions is awesome.

If you want to approach near to the Most High, to His table, you must be like a priest unto Him and be as the seed of Zadok, therefore be as Zadok was.

He used the seed of Zadok in this prophecy for a reason.

Zadok did that which is right in His eyes when He stood with His servant David.

Therefore His linking standing with His servant to being right in His eyes links you standing with His anointed at this time as doing that which is right in His eyes.

Like I said, Zadok means to be made righteous or to be made clean.

Therefore the Most High is paralleling standing with His anointed at this time with being made righteous, or clean in His eyes.

If not, according to His word, He is not going to allow you to come near to Him.

You are not going to be planted in the millennium were you could to grow to become part of the latter harvest into His family.

Speaking of harvests, His word commands all males to appear before His face 3 times a year on His 3 harvest Feasts at the place that He has placed His name and to not do so empty handed.

This year’s Feast of Huts is the 11th and final harvest Feast that He has woven into His 1,260 day, 42 month witness against you.

I can assure you that there being 11 such feasts in His 3 ½ year witness against you is not a coincidence.

The significance that He has placed upon the number 11 and the signature ring that He has placed on my hand is awesome.

There have been 3 Feasts of Unleavened Bread during this time and there have been 4 Feasts of First Fruits and there have been 3 Feasts of Huts with one left to go.

Zadok was not the only priest that carried the Ark of His witness across the Kidron Brook.

There was also another priest whose name was Abiathar that went with His servant David that day across the Kidron Brook.

But Abiathar later betrayed His servant David.

And when David died, his son Solomon cut him off from being a priest to the Most High for his doing so.

In the next chapter of YEHWEH’s end time son of man prophecies His word tells us;

Ezekiel 44

15 But the priests of the Levites, THE SONS OF ZADOK THAT KEPT THE CHARGE OF MY SANCTUARY WHEN THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL WENT ASTRAY FROM ME, they will come near to Me to serve Me and they will stand before My face AND COME NEAR TO ME with the fat and the blood, saith Adonai YEHWEH:


17 And it will come to pass that when they enter in at the gates of the interior court, they shall be clothed with linen garments and no wool shall come upon them when they minister in the gates and the house of the interior court.

18 They shall HAVE LINEN HEAD COVERINGS UPON THEIR HEADS and they shall have linen breeches upon their loins and they shall not gird themselves with anything that causes sweat.

In lieu of the Most High’s servant telling you to turn back to being a priest unto Him in order to become part of His eternal kingdom of priests that we are all bid to become a part of…

…and in lieu of me telling you cover your heads with linen at this time as one of the 5 points of His Ezekiel chapter 24 son of man sign…

…do you think that is a coincidence that the children of those who will be allowed to come near to Him will have their heads covered with linen when they do?

In lieu of this prophecy, is it a coincidence that the Michael that the Most High’s word tells us that He is going to send to us from Greece at this time is clothed in linen?

He goes on in verse 25 to tell us that these separated children of Zadok are not to defile themselves by touching the dead.

How this ties in with His magnification of His touching the dead and His water of separation statute that He has magnified as part of His witness against you is awesome.

In verse 26 of this son of man prophecy He tells us that after the seed of Zadok are made pure (made clean), they are to mark 7 days.

These 7 days parallel the 7 days of YEHWEH’s wrath.

The testimony of the Most High’s word parallels the 21 days that encompass His Memorial of Acclamations and His Feast of Huts to the one that He was going to send to us from Greece at this time.

It does so in;

Daniel 10:2

In those days I, Daniel had been mourning THE DAYS OF 3 WEEKS.”

The number of days in 3 weeks is 21 days.

YEHWEH’s messenger came to His servant Daniel after these 21 days to tell him the meaning of the vision that he had been shown.

His word tells us that His messenger came to His servant Daniel on the 24th day of the 1st month.

His messenger told His servant Daniel that the vision that he had been shown was for a certain man that would be sent to us from Greece (at the end of this era of time when He comes to consume those who remain standing with the prince of Persia) to tell us what is recorded in the Most High’s scriptures of truth.

This interpretation even calls this one man by his name, Michael.

In this vision, Daniel was shown that this man would be clothed in linen and girded with a golden belt.

In lieu of Daniel’s 21 day petition and the interpretation of the vision that he was given and in lieu of there being 21 days that encompass these 2 particular appointed times, if you think that this 21 day parallel is coincidence, you are indeed willfully ignorant.

Daniel means Elohiym judges.

YEHWEH’s word tells us that all will be judged by His word at this time.

In coming to this year’s Memorial of Acclamations we will have indeed reached an incredible waypoint in the Most High’s end time timeline.

In doing so, we will have also reached the last 21 days or the last 1/4th of the 4th and last tier of the 84 day periods that He has woven into His 42 month witness against you.

These 84 day periods encompass His Feast of First Fruits and the last day of His 7 day Feast of Huts.

He wove these 4- 84 day periods of time into His timeline in order to reflect the substitution of His 2nd witness lying dead on the wide pathway of Sodom and Egypt.

Concerning a 4th part His word tells us;

Nehemiah 9

1 The 24th day of this month (the 7th month) THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL were assembled WITH FASTING AND WITH SACKCLOTH AND EARTH UPON THEM.

2 AND THE SEED OF ISRAEL (the seed of those who are ruled by Elohiym) SEPARATED THEMSELVES FROM ALL OF THE CHILDREN WHO ARE STRANGERS (TO THE MOST HIGH) and they stood and they confessed upon their sins and upon the iniquities of their fathers.

3 And they rose up upon their place and the book (the scroll) of YEHWEH Elohiym’s Torah was called out for 1/4th PART OF THE DAY and 1/4th PART they confessed and bowed down to YEHWEH Elohiym.

The 24th day of the 7th month is 3 days’ journey into the 7 days of the great and the fearful day of His wrath.

The 4th blood moon will usher in this day.

The question that remains to be answered is will you be of those who have separated themselves from those who are strangers to the Most High, those who are named by His word to be the dead?

Or will you be blaspheming Him for the time of correction that He is getting ready to let loose upon you?

One thing that is for certain; not believing that this time of the Most High’s visitation is upon you is not going to cause it to go away.

And another thing that is for certain, only the seed of Zadok will be able to come near to Him, therefore only those who cross over the Kidron Brook (referring to burning up that which is idolatrous in the Most High’s eyes) and are willing to stand with His anointed are going to be able to approach His table.

His word says so.

23 days & 23 nights and counting down.

Thus saith the testimony of YEHWEH Elohiym’s word.