Repairing The Breach





“… because of Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest.”

The countdown to the great and the fearful day of our Maker’s wrath continues to tick away quickly.

Today is the 17th day of the 6th month on His restored calendar.

It is August 22nd on satan’s calendar.

30 days from today will be the 3rd day of the Most High’s restored Feast of Huts.

The 3rd day of this Feast is the day that His word tells us that He marked His servant Noah.

What the 3rd day and 3 days’ journey represents in the testimony of His word is incredible.

Counting today there are just 35 days and 35 nights left of the Almighty’s 42 month/ 1,260 day witness against the scattered descendants of Israel.

This means that just 36 days from today is the beginning of the great and the fearful day of His wrath.

And the scattered descendants of Israel along with the rest of the inhabitants of the world are going to meet your maker.

You are going to be shown that He is pure righteousness.

You are going to be shown that anything and everything that opposes that which is right in His eyes is evil in His eyes.

Numbers chapter 25 gives us a good description of His true character;

Numbers 25

5 And (His servant) Moses said; judge Israel AND SLAY EACH MAN THAT IS JOINED TO (THAT SERVES) BAAL-PEOR.

What caused this order to be brought forth was our ancestors had joined themselves together with the false elohiyms of the land that they were sojourning in at the time.

Prior to His servant Moses giving this charge, YEHWEH told his servant to take “all of the heads” of the people and hang them towards the sun or towards the east.

He told His servant to do so in order that His fierce anger for their whoredom would be turned back.

His giving this charge parallels His judgment that is upon all of you who worship on the day of the sun on satan’s calendar.

The Most High also sent a plague upon our ancestors at this time because they had joined themselves to serve and worship the false elohiym’s of the land.

Baal means husband or master.

Peor is a gap.

Therefore baal-peor means husband to or master to the gap or to the divide that is between man and our Elohiym when we join ourselves to a different husband or to a different, unrighteous image of who He is.

6 And behold, ONE OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL APPROACHED UNTO A MIDIANITISH WOMAN and a brother brought this into the sight of Moses and into the sight of all the assembly of the children of Israel who were weeping before the door of THE TENT OF THE APPOINTED TIMES.”

I can assure you that it is not a coincidence that the Most High’s word names the day of the 2nd exodus the day of His appointed time.

He did so because it is the day of His restored appointed times.

7 And when Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest saw it, he rose up from among the assembly and he took a javelin in his hand;

8 And he went after the man of Israel and went into his canopy AND HE THRUST THEM THROUGH THEIR BELLY, both the man of Israel and the woman AND THE PLAGUE WAS STAYED FROM THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL.

YEHWEH ceased the plague that He had sent upon them because of the righteous actions of one man.

The next verse tells us that this plague had already destroyed 24,000 of them before Phinehas did that which is right in the Most High’s eyes.

This is 1,000 for each of His 24 elders that sit with Him at His throne.

The Most High’s record of this event goes on to tell us;

Numbers 25

10 And YEHWEH spoke to (His servant) Moses, saying,


12 Therefore say, Behold, I GIVE TO HIM MY COVENANT OF PEACE:


YEHWEH’s word marks Phinehas’s actions as being righteousness in His eyes.

Most of you would call what His servant Phinehas did evil.

Therefore you call the Most High’s righteousness evil.

I’ll use a recent event that happened in the physical land of Israel to illustrate how far removed the world is from our Maker’s righteousness.

Just over three weeks ago there was a gay pride parade in Jerusalem.

A descendant of Dan (who is part of the ultra-orthodox Judaism religion) charged into this parade and he stabbed 6 of these abominable people before the authorities subdued him.

Homosexuality is pure evil in the Most High’s eyes.

This man (whose name is Yishai Schlissel) did that which is lawful and right in YEHWEH’s eyes.

I am not sure if this is how he pronounces his name?

The condemnation of this man that flowed out from his righteous action was across the board from “the heads of this world.”

According to the testimony of the Most High’s word, the heads of this world that condemned this man’s righteous actions need to be hung up towards the sun.

This condemnation came from both the leaders of the physical nation of Israel and from the leaders of the scattered descendants of Israel.

Defending that which is evil in our Creator’s eyes is the same thing as siding with it.

It is siding against His righteousness.

Therefore it is siding against Him.

This is not a smart thing to do.

And you are soon going to find this out!

The prime minister of the physical nation of Israel called this man a murderer for his righteous effort to put an end to this abomination in the land of Israel.

He said that they would deal with him to the fullest extent of the law.

Whose law is he talking about?

Obviously he is not talking about the Most High’s law.

The Most High’s Torah commands us to burn the evil of homosexuality, along with all other evils, from our midst.

The president of this unrighteous nation called Yishai’s righteous effort "a terrible hate crime."

He said;

"People celebrating their freedom and expressing their identity were viciously stabbed.”

What is the terrible hate crime is this man’s condemnation of a man that was seeking to be in agreement with our Maker’s righteousness in this matter.

His doing so was the terrible crime of hating our Maker’s righteous judgments.

And it is a horrific crime that these abominable people are allowed to celebrate their rebellion to the Most High openly in any street, how much more so is their crime of being allowed to dance and sing upon the streets of Jerusalem?

What is incredible about the condemnation of this man is that these condemnations even poured out from others who are part of ultra-orthodox Judaism.

This group acknowledges that homosexuality is an abomination to the Most High that He commands us to purge from our midst.

In lieu of this, you would think that those in this group would be lifting this man up as a hero.

But instead they are more worried about what the world thinks of them instead of being fearful of what the Most High thinks of them.

Before Yishai charged into this blasphemous parade, he went about challenging others to stand with him.

But none did.

This is why this abomination flourishes in our midst instead.

The so-called supreme court of the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel recently ruled that banning homosexual marriages is illegal.

The Most High’s word testifies that these “heads” that judge over Israel need to be hung in front of the sun for their siding with this whoredom to the Most High’s righteousness along with the rest of the heads of Israel that do the same.

It is amazing how far the descendants of Israel are removed from our Maker’s righteousness.

Israel means those who Elohiym rules over.

There is a gap between you and Him because you refuse to come under His rule.

If you were under His rule, you would obey His instructions to burn such evils from your midst.

But instead most of you condemn a man for seeking to do so.

I read some of the quotes that this man has spoken.

Prior to his exhibition of his righteous jealousy for the Most High in this matter he said;

"The struggle isn't over and the un-pure want to contaminate Jerusalem," he said.

"They want to contaminate the people of Israel."

He is 100% correct.

But the reality is Jerusalem is already contaminated.

Her streets are already polluted and defiled in the Most High’s eyes.

The muslim dome of the rock still stands where His temple is supposed to be.

This would not be if the Most High ruled over this city.

All sorts of other abominations to the Most High flourish in this city as well, along with them flourishing in the rest of the physical land of Israel that is supposed to be the place that He has placed His name.

Instead He has placed His name in a camp that is in the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel at this time, a camp that is in agreement with His righteousness and His righteous judgments.

The multitudes of abominations to the Most High are even more out of control in the lands where the scattered descendants of Israel dwell.

At least some of those who are in ultra-orthodox Judaism seek to attain to some degree of righteousness before the Most High’s face.

They are deceived, but at least they are jealous for what they believe and they are jealous for some of the Most High’s righteousness like this man represented.

The details in this event show that the Most High was with Yishai when he stood with His righteousness and charged into this crowd in the manner that Phinehas took the javelin into his hand and charged into the Israelite’s canopy in his effort please the Most High.

I’ll share some of these details with you.

Yishai also charged into another gay pride parade that was in Jerusalem 10 years ago.

10 represents the Most High’s 10 commandments that His figure wrote upon the two stone tablets, the same 10 commandments that nearly all of the scattered descendants of Israel continue to rebel against.

At that time he injured 3 of the abominable participants of this blasphemous, filthy parade.

One of the 6 people that were injured from Yishai’s righteous effort this year died 3 days later.

It is incredible how the Most High has funneled His prophecies for 3 days and 3 nights and 3 days’ journey into His end time timeline and into the end of this timeline and into His witness against you.

We have finished the first 3 years of YEHWEH’s 42 month, 3 ½ year witness against the scattered descendants of Israel.

And we are now fast approaching the end of the final “half a time” of this period of time.

This man was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but his punishment was later reduced by two years.

These 12 years are a parallel to the 12 rods of Israel that make up the Most High’s first fruits.

The tribe of Dan is omitted from His First Fruits because they embraced Judaism’s rejection of His only begotten Son.

The two year reduction of his sentence parallels YEHWEH’s two witnesses bringing forth His reduction of this 6,000 year era of time.

Yishai injured 6 of these abominable people in his 2nd righteous effort to show these people Elohiym’s righteous judgment that is upon them.

This is one person for each of these 6,000 years and it is also one for each of His 6 working days that precede His 7th day Sabbaths.

I believe that Yishai’s righteous actions will prove to have earned him a chance to be taught that YEHWEH’s 7th day Sabbaths are not on Saturday on satan’s calendar like he has been deceived into believing.

One thing is for sure, he is not going to have to serve whatever sentence man’s court places upon him.

I am quite confident that in lieu of his righteous actions against this abominable people, the Most High will give the opportunity to turn back to what He has restored so that he can be delivered into the millennium where he can grow to become part of the latter harvest into YEHWEH’s Kingdom.

I read where the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that the other day he told the court that seeks to condemn him;

“I do not accept this court's authority,”

“This court is part of the mechanism of evil. I have no interest in cooperating at all. I do not recognize any of the regime's institutions.”

Good for him, well spoken!

The Most High looks upon what he said as being righteous in His eyes.

Although he is deceived, he still recognizes that the Most High is his judge.

And it sounds like he longs to be found in his Maker’s favor.

I have said in other videos that there is a reason why the Most High brought the descendants of Dan back to the physical nation of Israel.

In doing so He brought back a people who are not His people, referring to a people that are not part of His First Fruits.

But in doing so, He also brought back a people who at least seek to obey some of what He spoke.

However they are deceived by the traditions and the teachings of their so-called rabbis.

In spite of their deception, as the event with Yishai’s jealousy for the Most High’s righteous judgment against the homosexual illustrates, there are some of them that hold fast to some of His righteousness.

And for this cause the Most High has returned them to the land that He promised to give to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

I read that the police had a massive presence at this year’s parade, yet YEHWEH made it possible for this man to get through their massive barrier of protection.

The inhabitants of the scattered descendants of Israel are soon going to find out that your massive armies and your police forces are not going to be able to protect you.

Yishai is 40 years old at this time.

This parallels all of the 40 day and 40 night and the 40 year periods that the Most High has recorded in His word that parallel His end time timeline and His witness against you.

He has 4 children, one for each of the 4 blood moons in the current tetrad…

…one for each of His 4 spirits of wisdom, counsel, knowledge and understanding that He will give to you if you will turn back to Him…

…one for each of the 4 horses of the revelations of Yehshua and one for all of the other parallels of 4 that He has woven into His witness against you.

Yishai is divorced.

This parallels the fact that the Most High has divorced the scattered descendants of Israel that live in rebellion to His righteousness.

He has done so because you have played the whore to Him by loving and worshipping make believe idolatrous images of who He is.

You love and worship images of Him that your rebellious, uncircumcised hearts desire.

Yishai was released from prison 3 weeks prior to his righteous action against this abomination.

This parallels the 3 weeks of YEHWEH’s servant Daniel’s petition and last 3 weeks of this era of time and that is spoken about in other videos.

I read where he recently wrote;

“It is incumbent upon every Jew to risk beatings or imprisonment and together to stop the desecration for the sanctity of His name. If we refrain from declaring war, they'll feel free to spread this shame all over the world.”

He is correct except for two things; one, it is incumbent upon every Israelite to do so.

And two, he is too late; the shame of this abomination has already spread all over the world.

The good news is the Most High is going to soon purge it along with all other abomination from being before His face.

He is going to do what He told us to do and He is going to burn them from our midst.

Yishai said that those who took part of this event were “sinners” who “want to have a parade of abomination specifically IN THE CITY OF THE KING in order to defile His temple and desecrate His holy name.”

He is correct in that they are sinners.

Sin is transgression of the Most High’s Torah, His word says so.

However Yishai and the rest of ultra- orthodox Judaism sinners as well because they transgress against His Torah.

For instance, they know that His Sabbaths used to be determined by the head of the months, yet, like I said earlier, at least some of them are willing to hold onto some of His righteousness and Yishai exhibited this.

Like I also said earlier, Jerusalem is already defiled.

It has been for many, many years.

But it will soon once again be the city of the King.

Even though this man grew up believing into the lies of Judaism, the King of Kings no doubt delights in this man’s jealousy for His righteousness in the matter of hungering to burn homosexuality from his midst.

YEHWEH does not delight in his rebellion to Him in other things, but in lieu of His staying His wrath because of Phinehas’s actions, He obviously delights in this man’s effort to stand with Him in this matter.

Before Yishai rose up against these abominable people in 2005, he said;

“I will not allow this abomination in Israel.”

Good for him!

In the coming days, I hope that he is one of those who are going to turn back to that which the Most High has restored.

His heart on this matter is certainly the type of heart that the Most High is looking for to bring into His Kingdom.

Yehshua said that some of the Most High’s saints would have to endure 10 days in prison.

Yishai’s 10 years parallel this prophecy.

Things have certainly changed in the 10 years that he was in prison.

The days are certainly much more evil than they were 10 years ago, even in Jerusalem.

A decade ago even the mayor of this city opposed this parade.

The days are indeed much more evil than even a year ago.

Each passing day they get worse.

How much longer can this go on?

The abominable filth of the world keeps spreading in our midst like a wildfire that is being doused daily with gasoline.

I read a headline yesterday that said that 1/3rd of the young people that are in the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel at this time are not 100% heterosexual.

It is indeed amazing how far this wicked and adulterous generation is removed from our Maker’s righteousness.

In a recent video I said;


The good news is He is about to derail this runaway train.

He is going to extinguish this wild fire with the breath of His mouth.

And its crash is going to be a great fall.

The names of the Israelite man and the Midianitish woman who Phinehas slew were Zimri and Cozbi.

Zimri means music and it comes from a word that means to sing praise to.

Cozbi means false and it comes from a word that means a lie.


How do you think the Most High looks upon you playing the whore to Him by praising your idolatrous images of who He is?

How do you think He looks upon you for being joined together with a husband that has placed a gap between you and Him?

You are soon going to find out.

When the Most High sent His servant Jonah to the city of Nineveh the leader of the city and the people that were in it repented of their evil.

And the Most High turned back from sending His wrath upon them 40 days later like His servant Jonah had told them that He was going to do.

But you have not repented at this time.

You have not hearkened to the warnings that He has sent me with.

Jonah 3

1 And YEHWEH’s word came to Jonah a 2nd time, saying,

I can assure you that it is not a coincidence that the Most High has sent me with two overlapping 1,260 day periods of time.

He has given you much more than 40 days warning.

It is not a coincidence that His servant Elijah had to flee twice.

It is not a coincidence that the revelations of His only begotten Son tell us that the one that would be given the book to eat that would be bitter to the belly but sweet as honey to the mouth would be sent to prophecy a 2nd time.

It is not a coincidence that the Most High used three tiers of the sign of Jonah to restore His 30 day months and His Sabbaths and the rest of His appointed times.

2 Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, AND CRY OUT TO IT THE PROCLAMATION THAT I HAVE DECLARED YOU.

The Most High has sent me to you this 2nd time to cry out to you the acceptable day and the year of His vengeance, the vengeance of His Temple.

Like I said, this day begins just 36 days from today.

YEHWEH told His servant Noah to remove the covering from the Ark 36 days after the 3rd dove did not return to the boat.

3 So Jonah arose and went to Nineveh according to the YEHWEH’s word. Nineveh was a great city BEFORE ELOHIYM OF 3 DAYS' JOURNEY.

I can assure you that it is not a coincidence that the Most High resurrected His only begotten Son 3 days’ journey into the time that He was in the tomb.

I can assure you that it is not a coincidence that He marked His servant Noah 3 days’ journey into the 7 day Feast of Huts.

And I can assure you that it is not a coincidence that the 4th blood moon is 3 days’ journey into the 7 days of the great and the fearful day of His wrath.

4 And Jonah began to go into the city one days’ journey and he cried out and said, THERE ARE ONLY 40 DAYS AND NINEVEH WILL BE OVERTURNED.

Is it a coincidence that Yishai is 40 years old at the time that he stabbed one woman that died 3 days’ journey later?

There sure have been an awful allot of coincidences like these in the details of the events that have been happening in the world during these past two overlapping 1,260 day periods of time.

YEHWEH’s righteousness did not go away.

He did not change.

It was YEHWEH’s righteousness when Phinehas rammed the javelin through Zimri and Cozbi and it was YEHWEH’s righteousness when Yishai charged into this abominable crowd with a knife.

36 from today your great cities that are before the Most High’s face (where your abominations to Him flourish) are going to be overturned.

This means that 3 days’ journey into these last 40 days have already passed by.

And dying you will soon die if you do not turn from your rebellion to His righteousness and from your rebellion to His word.

Thus saith the testimony of YEHWEH Elohiym’s word.