Repairing The Breach




The amount of evidence that the Most High has given to us in His word that testifies that I am His end time messenger of His covenant is incredible.

However this incredible volume of evidence has been rejected by nearly all who have heard it.

This is because you believe something else to be true and you refuse to acknowledge that you are deceived.

You refuse to acknowledge this even though the revelations of our Creator's only begotten Son tell us that satan has deceived the whole world.

The whole world certainly included me as well, however His word tells us that He was going to pluck one man out from the captivity of mystery babylon and give this man a change of raiment and send him to us to tell us what is recorded in His scriptures of truth.

In refusing to acknowledge the testimony of YEHWEH's word that testifies that He has chosen me and sent me to you, you are testifying against yourselves that you do not believe His word.

And His word tells us that the unbelieving will be cast into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone.

His word tells us that He is going to cause you to know that He has sent me.

Since you refuse to believe His word, He is going to have to do so in some other way.

His word testifies to us that He was going to send this servant to us in similitudes of the prophecies that He gave to us through His servants the prophets.

This is recorded in Hosea chapter 12 verses 9 and 10.

And through His servants Malachi and His only begotten Son He put an emphasis on these similitudes to include in similitudes of the prophecies that pertain to His servant Elijah.

When His servant Elijah told Ahaziah's servants that he was going to die Ahaziah sent 3 groups of 51 men to bring Elijah back to him.

Here is what happened to the first group;

2 Kings 1

9 Then the king sent unto him a captain of fifty with his fifty. AND HE ROSE UP TO HIM AND HE BEHELD THAT HE DWELT UPON THE HEAD OF A MOUNTAIN. And he spoke to him, MAN OF ELOHIYM, THE KING HAS SAID, COME DOWN.


The same thing happened with the 2nd group.

The 3rd group came to Elijah a little more humbly.

I am confident that a similitude of this event is happening at this time.

YEHWEH has sent me to tell the scattered descendants of Israel (and eventually the rest of the world) that 96.66 repeating 6% of you are going to die.

Man's government has risen up before YEHWEH's servant's face and came up to him in YEHWEH's mountains where His servant dwells at this time in obedience to His command for us to flee to His mountains at this time.

They have risen up before His servant's face and commanded me and my family to come down off of the Most High's mountain.

Today is the head of the 8th month on the Most High's restored calendar that contains His restored Sabbaths and the rest of His restored appointed times in it.

Man's government has given YEHWEH's anointed until 5:01 P.M. today to rebel against my Father's commandment and to come down out from my Father's mountains.

The parallels to this day that the Most High has woven into the timing of this deadline are incredible.

I have spoken about several of them in the last couple of videos.

And I'll add to them today.

The Most High's word tells us that He opened the Ark's door for His servant Noah and his family to come off of it on the 27th day of the 2nd month.

Through the testimony of His word He has testified that He did so towards the end of this day.

The corresponding timing of Him opening the door this year on His restored calendar fell in the early morning hours of May 10th the way that satan taught man to reckon the days.

This was 153 days ago.

3 groups of 50 and 1 men totals 153 men.

As we approached this day I spoke in several videos that I believed that the Most High was going to uncover my arm at this time.

He did not do so on a physical plain.

However He did do so in a remarkable way.

It was at this time that He revealed the timing of the great and the fearful day of His wrath.

He did so by showing me that there had to be 42 restored 30 day months in His witness against the scattered descendants of Israel.

At this point we were already 756 days into these 42 months that equate to the 1,260 days of Revelation chapter 11, verse 3.

This revelation marked the exactly 60% waypoint of these 42 restored 30 day months.

His timing in all of this is awesome.

But even with this remarkable revelation that further testified to His restored 30 day months and added more testimony that He has sent me, none fully hearkened to that which He has restored.

And here we are 153 days later and instead of hearkening to the testimony of YEHWEH's word, man's government is planning on putting His servant in prison for obeying His word.

Things are indeed upside down.

YEHWEH empowered Nebuchadnezzar to lay siege upon Jerusalem on the 10th day of the 10th month.

His word has testified that the United States is the chief seat of the scattered descendants at this time.

It is Jerusalem in prophecy at this time.

He also gave us His Ezekiel chapter 24 prophecy for the 10th day of the 10th month.

This prophecy contains His promise that He has sent me and His promise that I am His end time son of man.

When the first two groups of 50 and 1 men came to Elijah and said man of Elohiym they did so in a mocking way.

They did not fear that he was YEHWEH's anointed.

And neither does man's government that is planning on arresting His servant at this time.

If they did they would be asking what they could do to accommodate me and my family.

YEHWEH's word tells us that He was going to send His end time Elijah speaking with mocking lips.

This is recorded in;

Isaiah 28


12 He will say (through His servant); "THIS (referring to His restored Sabbaths and the rest of His appointed times) IS" THAT WHICH WILL GIVE REST TO THE WEARY AND GIVE THEM COMFORT AND "THIS (referring to fleeing to His mountains) IS" THE PLACE TO ESCAPE THE TOIL: YET THEY WILL NOT BE WILLING TO HEAR YOU.

YEHWEH orchestrating the timing of today's deadline to be on the 10th day of the 10th month on satan's calendar is His mocking satan's calendar.

In the pre-trial hearing, the judge of man's court and the prosecutor were not willing to hear what YEHWEH's servant had to say.

They heard with their ears but they did not hearken to what YEHWHEH spoke through His servant about letting His people be.

And neither did the negotiator for the forest service that met with me before and after this hearing.

He told me that many who were in the courtroom including the judge were very devout people.

I cannot remember for sure if devout was the word that he used but it was the jest of what he was telling me.

Radicle islamists are very devout people as well.

Just because you believe in something does not make it true.

The reason that YEHWEH arranged for Ahaziah's death is because Ahaziah besought baal-zebub the elohiym of Ekron.

When he did he was violating YEHWEH's 1st commandment;

Exodus 20:3


Baal means master or husband.

Zebub means fly.

Therefore baal-zebub means husband to the fly.

If we have other elohiyms before His face he likens us to a pest.

Ekron means eradication or extermination.

YEHWEH is soon going to eradicate those of you who continue to serve and worship make believe images of who He is.

This forest service representative told me that he and I are on different paths.

He is very, very, very correct.

He and the others that he said were very devout believers are on a very wide path that leads to eternal death.

And I am on a very narrow path that leads to eternal life.

YEHWEH told us to stone anyone who comes to us with a different pathway than the one that He gave to us through His servant Moses.

His only begotten Son bore witness to this narrow pathway.

His only begotten Son told us that the only way into eternal life in His Father's kingdom is to follow Him.

He lived by every word that came out from His Father's mouth.

Following Him is doing the same.

Elijah showed up on the scene pronouncing a drought upon the land.

This drought represents the famine of hearing YEHWEH's word that His servant has been crying out.

After Elijah made this proclamation YEHWEH told him to go dwell by the brook Cherith that is before the Jordan.

Elijah had to flee because Jezebel was killing YEHWEH's servants and it was not yet time for YEHWEH to send His fire down from heaven.

Cherith comes from the word that means to cut as in to cut off.

How this ties in with the symbolism of the baptism waters of the Jordan River and the Most High revealing through His end time Elijah the need for Him to turn our baptism waters into His only begotten Son's shed blood and those who refuse to meet His conditions to cause Him to do so being cut off from being His people is awesome.

After this brook dried up YEHWEH told His servant Elijah to go to Zarephath and to dwell there with a widow woman and her son and that she would sustain him.

Zarephath comes from a word that means to refine.

YEHWEH's word tells us in Malachi chapter 3 that He sent His end time messenger of His covenant to be a like a refiner's fire.

Then in the 3rd year YEHWEH sent His servant Elijah to Ahab to bring news of a rain.

This rain is symbolic of the great rain of hailstones and the rest of His wrath that the Most High is going to rain down upon those of you who continue to play the whore to Him by serving and worshipping baal.

Baal represents being married to a different elohiym (a different husband).

On the last day of the Feast of Huts 10 days ago we reached the halfway point of the 3rd year of His 42 restored 30 day months.

Ahab accused Elijah of bringing this trouble upon Israel when Elijah came to him in the 3rd year.

Elijah told him that this is not the case but rather that he had brought this time of trouble upon Israel because he and his father's house had led Israel to forsake YEHWEH's commandments and to follow after a different husband.

He told Ahab to gather the children of Israel that were serving and worshipping this different husband and the 450 prophets of this false husband and the 400 prophets of the grove together for a showdown at Mount Carmel.

The Hebrew word for grove comes from a Phoenician female deity that represents a superficial happiness or love.

Carmel means fruitful as in a fruitful field or a fruitful land.

This ties in marvelously with His Feast of Huts and His 2nd exodus where He has told us to flee into His mountains at this time and to dwell in tents.

This showdown happening at Mount Carmel represents those who are married to His true righteous character (that He is) receiving the abundance of the fruit of His fruitful field.

At this time this fruit is acquired by returning to Him through that which He has restored and fleeing into His mountains.

YEHWEH's servant Elijah told the people;

1 Kings 18

21 And Elijah came to all of the people and said; HOW LONG WILL YOU LIMP BETWEEN TWO OPINIONS? IF YEHWEH IS ELOHIYM, THEN FOLLOW HIM, BUT IF BAAL (the husband that you have espoused yourselves to) (is Elohiym), THEN FOLLOW HIM. And the people answered him with not a word.

22 Then Elijah said to the people, I, ONLY I REMAIN YEHWEH'S PROPHET; but baal's prophets are FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY men.

I have been crying out the same thing for these past few years.

I have been crying out if the righteous image of YEHWEH Elohiym's character that I have been sent to bear witness to (that His word testifies to) is YEHWEH, the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, then turn from your whoredoms to Him and serve Him.

And I have been crying out that if you want to continue to be married to any of the different make believe images of YEHWEH's character that you call the "g" guy that are represented by the thousands of different religious sects of christianity then go ahead and do so and prepare to die.

After he said this he told the servants of the false husband to prepare their bull upon the wood and to call upon the name of their elohiym for the match.

Elijah mocked them when the fire did not come.

1 Kings 18:27

And at midday, it came to be that Elijah mocked them and said, CRY OUT LOUDER because if your baal is Elohiym, then he is either babbling (and he cannot hear you) or he is gone off to relieve himself (and he cannot hear you) or he is in a journey (and he cannot hear you) OR PERHAPS HE SLEEPS AND MUST BE AWAKENED (and he cannot hear you).

The symbolism of that which followed after this was awesome.

When it was Elijah's turn he took up 12 stones, one for each of the 12 tribes of Israel and built an altar with them.

He made a trench around the altar that was deep enough to hold two measures of seed.

Seed is the word for offspring.

These two measures of offspring are symbolic of the Most High's First Fruits and His latter harvest into His family that will come from the planting of the millennium.

He told them to bring four barrels of water and to pour them over the bull and over the wood.

He repeated this three times.

The symbolism of the four barrels and the three times is discussed in other videos.

And it ties in with the Most High magnification of His touching the dead and His water of separation statute that He has magnified at this time as part of His judgment against the scattered descendants of Israel.

1 Kings 18

36 And it came to pass that Elijah the prophet approached to offer it up and said, YEHWEH, the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and of Israel, LET IT BE KNOWN THIS DAY THAT YOU ARE THE ELOHIYM OF ISRAEL AND THAT I AM YOUR SERVANT AND THAT I HAVE DONE ALL THESE THINGS AT YOUR WORD.


38 THEN YEHWEH'S FIRE FELL and consumed the burnt offering and the wood and the stones and the dust and licked up the water that was in the trench.

39 And when all the people saw it they fell upon their faces and they said, YEHWEH, HE IS ELOHIYM, YEHWEH, HE IS ELOHIYM.

Elijah then ordered them to gather all of the prophets of the false husband to the Kidron Brook where he killed them.

YEHWEH's word testifies that nearly all the scattered descendants of Israel are not going to call upon His name even after He sends His fire down from heaven at this time.

His word says that most of you are going to blaspheme His name and not turn back to Him.

He tells us this in the revelations of His only begotten Son.

His name is who He is.

He is pure righteousness.

Most of you think that His righteousness is evil.


On one hand you say that you love and worship the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

But then on your other hand the false image of His character that you love and worship is not testified to by His word.

It is an image of Him that does not require us to obey His voice.

It is an image of Him that does not tell us that we must burn that which is wrong in His eyes from our midst.

It is an image of Him that coexists with evil.

The Most High does not coexist with evil.

This is why He commanded us to burn it from our midst.

This deadline falling on the 1st day of the 8th month is also symbolic.

This parallels the beginning of the Most High's prophecy that He gave to us through His servant Zechariah and 1st Kings 6:38.

1st Kings 6:38 tells us that Solomon finished building YEHWEH's house in the 8th month of the 11th year.

YEHWEH's Zechariah 8th month prophecy is for turning back to Him through His word that He has spoken through His servants the prophets.

And it flows into His 24th day of the 11th month prophecy that begins with His red horse prophecy and flows into His identification of His two witnesses Yehshua and Zerubbabel.

Concerning Zerubbabel we are told;

Zechariah 4:9

The foundation of this house (referring to YEHWEH's temple) is in the hands of Zerubbabel and his hands will "seize it with determination" AND YOU WILL KNOW THAT YEHWEH OF HOSTS HAS SENT HIM TO YOU.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs that His word is not good enough proof for you and you need to see His fire come down from heaven just to cause even a small percentage of you to return to Him.

You will soon get that which your unbelieving hearts require.

Thus saith YEHWEH of hosts.