Repairing The Breach



A few days ago I asked the question in one of these videos; do you think that it is a coincidence that there are so many references to a third of the….this, or a third part of the ….that in regards to the seven trumpets and the statistic that a third of the world call themselves Christian?

By most people’s definition, a christian is one who claims to follow the Messiah or the Christ.

Yehshua, our Messiah, plainly taught to follow Him. He is the way and the light, no one can come to His Father except through Him so following Him is certainly a defining mark of Elohiym’s called out ones.

The question that all should ask themselves is how do all of these people, a third of the entire planet, claim to follow Him yet they follow Saul of Tarsus instead?

They profess Yehshua’s name with their mouth, at least they profess their modern day English translation of it, Jesus Christ, yet they reject His words.

His words were the words of His father that He became and represented. He was the word of YEHWEH Elohiym made flesh.

He told us that we are to do as He taught and He taught to live by every word that He spoke and every word that His Father’s other servants the prophets spoke, just as He did.

Today I am going to discuss the famous prayer that Yehshua taught us to pray in regards to His Father’s will being done here on earth as it is in heaven.

Most who grew up in Christian homes have been taught to pray this prayer since their youth.

Matt 6:9-13

9 Therefore, in this way you are to pray: Our Father who is in the heaven, make Holy your name.

10 May your kingdom come. May your desire or your will be accomplished in the earth, as it is in heaven.

11 Give us this day our daily bread.

12 And forgive us of our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

13 And do not carry us into trials, but deliver us from evil or deliver us from that which opposes your desire.

The second half of verse 13; For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen. is not in the original text but it is certainly His Kingdom and it is all by His power and all for His glory yet this was not in Yehshua’s instructions of how to pray.

He goes on to discuss the importance of forgiving others of their errors and tells us that otherwise we cannot be forgiven of our errors.

Our Creator wants to forgive each of us and wipe our slate clean but He also created us with a purpose so being given the clean slate carries a price.

His purpose for us is to be made in His image is so that we can become His family, His children.

In order for Him to accomplish this purpose, we have to yield to His molding and fashioning process.

Therefore, the price of His forgiveness is our change, changing from our ways to His ways. This is what repentance is.

He is Holy and righteous and His character defines perfect love.

His word teaches us this character if we live it and embrace it as a way of thinking and a way of life.

If we choose to not embrace His perfect character, we refuse to be made in His image, therefore we reject His offer to be made in His image so we could become His family, and therefore we reject His offer to be His children.

His word is the blueprint that teaches us His character with the aid of His spirit.

Will He forgive this choice to reject His blueprint? Yes, but it is not going to be allowed in His family either.

But there is a sin that leads to eternal death and that is rejecting His spirit.

His spirit is getting ready to be sent out to the whole world. Rejecting it is a sin that leads to eternal death.

During the first 6,000 years in His plan to build His family, He primarily gave His spirit through one linage and also those who were engrafted into that linage by observing His truth being lived by that linage and desiring it for themselves.

Most of this linage that became the scattered nations of Israel, including the tribes of Judah and Benjamin who also were sent into captivity in the 4th century, have rejected His spirit.

His spirit is a guiding force that is divided into seven spirits.

The spirits do not force thoughts on us, but rather teach us and encourage us to change if we desire change.

Yehshua was given these 7 spirits without measure and He was given a quick understanding of the 7th spirit listed in Isaiah 11 which is the spirit of the fear of YEHWEH.

This spirit is necessary in order to receive the other six spirits which are the spirits of YEHWEH which is His character, the spirit of wisdom, of understanding, of counsel or advice, of strength or might, and the spirit of knowledge.

These spirits are getting ready to be delivered to all who will receive them as He prepares to build the last phase of His family in the millennial rule of His Son and his first fruits.

During the first phase only 144,000 of the scattered nations of Israel embraced His spirit and choose His ways.

All else chose to tell Him how it is and worshipped different images of His character by perverting His word.

He allowed for this because He was looking for a teachable mindset that wanted Him and to be in His family no matter what.

All else will be purged out and not allowed in His family.

Do you think that this is fair or do you think that He owes you something?

Sadly, during the time ahead of us that His spirit is going out to the world, most of man is not going to receive it just as most of Israel did not receive it.

He does not force it on us so receiving it has to be a desire on our part.

Since man is so self-willed, He is going to have to shake them by sending some incentive to choose Him.

He proved through Israel’s example that the promise of unbelievable blessings was not enough to get man to desire to change his/her nature so now He is going to send His spirit out on the wings of the punishment for rejecting Him.

He tells us there are incredible rewards or blessings for choosing Him but there are also cursings or punishment for rejecting Him.

He has held back on delivering these cursings for the most part except at different times to show Israel that they are real.

Yet, Israel chose not to fear going against Him which includes the fear of losing out on His blessings.

They chose to go a whoring after other images of Elohiym instead so that way they could live how they chose.

Going forward, He is simply going to purge out all who make this same choice.

He is not going to eternally punish people for making this choice but He is also not going to allow it to continue either.

Most of the false religions within Christianity teach a place of eternal torment called hell.

This is a grossly perverted teaching that was made up in the wicked hearts of men.

To support this erroneous teaching, man has had to intentionally translate scriptures wrong to validate their belief.

I did a video segment on the subject of hell that explains the mistranslations that were set in place to support a place of eternal torment.

Just ask yourselves how a loving Elohiym could torment billions of people forever and ever?

The bible clearly teaches that the soul that transgresses His laws and His statutes shall die, burnt up in the lake of fire, never to have life again.

This is the final price for their denial of His purpose for creating them, executed by righteous judgment, His judgment.

As I have said over and over again, His whole intention for creating us was He is building a family.

His family will be a family of perfect love and perfect harmony.

If He allowed anyone into His family that opposes His will or His desire, it would corrupt His Kingdom.
Lucifer was the perfect example of this.

He was cast down here to earth because of his rebellion and he was given a new name, satan to be an example to us of how going away from Elohiym’s ways destroys relationships.

And, YEHWEH offered us protection from satan if we would walk with Him and be guided by Him through His spirit.

All who were not guided by His word through His spirit would be an example of what does not work. This is the world that we live in this day.

It is time for it to be purged out.

Yehshua is saying in verse 13 of this prayer, to pray that we would not be carried into trials or testing.

If you pray this, do you know what you are praying for?

If you are praying in spirit and in truth, you are praying to be in agreement with YEHWEH Elohiym, therefore you are praying to be in agreement with His word.

If this is not your motive in praying these words, you simply do not understand the purpose of His word because you have denied it and chosen to believe your own ideas.

Many of you might have prayed these words thousands of times in your life while living a life that rejects His word.

Your prayers were meaningless and hollow if you did not pray in spirit and in truth.

Solomon records that our prayers are an abomination to YEHWEH if we turn our ear from His laws and His statutes.

If you think that Yehshua was telling us that we should pray to be delivered and not sifted by the enemy, apart from living a life of embracing and living His Father’s word, then you think that Yehshua was teaching us to pray outside of His Father’s will and this is not the case.

YEHWEH gives us trials to bring us to Him or to bring us back into agreement with Him if we drift away, but there also reaches a point where His spirit withdraws altogether and He lets us go our own way to live a life that leads to death.

Israel should have feared such a condition of His spirit being removed altogether, just as the world needs to fear not receiving His spirit as we go forward into this time of mighty tribulation.

If they had this fear, they would have received the rest of His spirit.

He is giving the world an exit plan from the coming destruction.

The exodus from the coming tribulation involves you receiving His spirit and letting Him deliver you into His loving arms of protection.

How much will most endure before yielding to Him? You are soon getting ready to witness how much because the hearts of men have grown cold and callous in their self-righteousness.

Yehshua was not teaching us to pray for these trials to be removed, He knew that the trials are already removed when we are in agreement with His Father.

He was teaching us to pray to be in agreement with His Father so that we do not have the trials.

If you want to be in His kingdom without taking on His character, you simply reject the purpose that you were created.

Yehshua began the example;

Our Father who is in the heaven, make Holy your name.

May your kingdom come. May your desire be accomplished (or your will be done) in earth, as it is in heaven.

Is His name holy in the earth today? Is it made holy by those who call themselves Jewish or those who call themselves christian?

No, they have perverted so much of His word and His word defines His name. In doing so they have perverted His name.

It is His will that we live His word and be transformed in His image.

It is His will that we embrace His spirit. It is His will that we become His children by embracing His spirit.

It is His will that we live His word as an example of how to have perfect relationships so that His ways would be a witness of what works and where true happiness comes from for the rest of the world.

Do you want to have a relationship with someone who does not do what you ask them?

Let me give you an example, let’s say that you are a Father and a Mother who institutes a family rule. You decide that as a family, you are going to spend a day together each week no matter what. You pick a day.

The next week or the next month or whenever, your son or your daughter decides to not show up and they take off to play with their friends or do their own thing.

Is this the attitude that you want your children to have? Or, they tell you, no father, I will tell you which day we will meet as a family and what we will do.

This is what Israel did with YEHWEH’s calendar. He put the luminaries in the heavens so that we could determine when His Appointed Times are that He gave us to have holy convocations or assemblies on.

Even the Jewish historical records show that they fixed the Sabbath to a fixed day of the week on the Roman calendar in the 4th century.

This was blasphemous to His word and blasphemous to His name.

Most of you in Christianity think that it does not matter which day you come before Him to worship or how you come before Him. This too is blasphemous.

Are either of these two groups of Sunday worshippers or Saturday worshippers making Holy His name by rejecting His word as to when His weekly Sabbaths are?

The other primary group who claims to follow the Elohiym of Abraham is Islam.

Are they making Holy His name with their false worship practices? No, but at least they are not guilty of rejecting His spirit because Israel did not take the truth to them and to the world.

Those in Christianity maybe think they are more righteous than Islam because at least they do not teach their children obvious evil like to strap on a bomb and kill innocent people and other forms of terror.

Well, consider that just maybe they did not have the blessing of Elohiym’s spirit being offered to them yet like you did because they were not descendants of Israel and you are.

Now view your righteousness compared to theirs in light of this.

You rejected Elohiym’s true word, you had it available and they did not.

You were supposed to be an example to them and you were not, you just lived in hypocrisy as an example to them instead.

There is a reason that He is sending them and other nations against you in the coming days.

You received the blessing promises handed down through Abraham’s linage and you perverted His righteousness by being self-righteous.
His wrath will be poured out on you in double portion or more for your indignation to His word.

In order to understand the importance of His word, you have to understand the reason that He gave it to us.

I say over and over again in these videos that it was given with the purpose of making us in His image to build His family with.

Israel was commissioned to help Him build His family.

Instead they attempted to make Him in their image and built their false religions around their heresies, all the while continuing to use His name and His Son’s name.

He allowed for this because through His spirit, He was still accomplishing His plan to build the first fruits of His family.

This first phase of His family is complete and His temple has been built.

When Yehshua was teaching us to pray for His kingdom to come, He was telling us to pray that we would have hearts to long for and desire His Father’s kingdom to come here and purge out that which opposes His Father’s plan to build His family.

Is this your desire? Do you want to be a part of His Kingdom and do you desire to have everything else purged out?

I can assure you that if I am outside of my Father’s will, I want His judgment to come upon me so that I do not lead others away from Him and away from eternal life in His family.

Is this your desire that you do not want to live if you are not helping others to enter into His Kingdom?

I said the other day that if we turn and look the other way and let a brother continue to transgress His statutes that would give them eternal life, that we are guilty of the spirit of murder.

Do you agree with this?

I have said in other segments that if we do not obey the commandment to teach our children to live by His every word that we are guilty of the same crime.

Do you agree with this?

If you do not, you simply do not believe that His word was given to teach us His character and that living His word leads to eternal life as Yehshua and the rest of His servants taught.

We are to pray that His desire or His will be done here on earth. This means praying that all else be purged out.

I said that it is His desire that we let His word shape us in His image so that we can become His children.

Is it His desire that we make up our own day of worship and tell Him how it is?

Is it His desire that you do not teach your children His every word?

Is it His desire that you follow the blasphemous teaching of Saul of Tarsus and reject the teachings of His servants the prophets and the words of His firstborn Son?

Is it His desire that you observe man’s traditions that came from the pagan nations and you replace His Appointed Times with them?

I am referring to christmas and easter and other secular celebrations.

He gave us celebrations, He gave us every 7th year off from our labors, we are in that 7th year and most of you could care less. Is this His desire that you reject His blessings?

His reward structure is perfect. He wants to provide for us and protect us and nurture us.

Where is the downside to letting Him design us in His image?

I have not found one, I am just so sorry that I was so stubborn to reject it for so many years and I am so happy for the opportunity to be forgiven and given the chance to change and be made in His image.

Maybe you just like your sporting events or other hobbies too much and do not want to let go of them for His Kingdom’s sake.

I can tell you I was buried in the distractions of life, hunting, fishing, football, and all sorts of other distractions.

My soul’s lusts were the desires of my heart, not His Kingdom.

I can tell you that I am so happy that those desires have been removed and have been replaced with a desire for my Father and my Elder Brother to live in me and teach me their character.

There is no downside, except one that is a byproduct of understanding what is true and holy but this byproduct will removed when that which opposes Him is purged out.

This byproduct that comes from being clothed with His spirit is that you can see how evil man’s ways are.

You can see how lies destroy relationships. You can see how evil adultery or even a man turning his head to look at another woman is.

You can see how His word and His statutes are perfect and molding us in His image so you are sad and torn from within that man has rejected that which would have completed them.

You can see all of the damage that man’s ways have caused and how relationships have become so shallow and self-serving. And this saddens your heart, just as it saddens my Father’s heart and all of His servant’s hearts.

And I am not just talking about husband-wife relationships; I am also talking about relationships with friends and neighbors and co-workers and even within the communities.

You can see how things like sporting events breed a competitive spirit within us that is contrary to the cooperative selfless nature that we are supposed to have.

You might reason, wait a minute, team sports teach us to cooperate with each other.

Maybe to a point, but what is the motive behind a one sided cooperation? The motive is to beat the other team, whatever you can get by with to accomplish that goal.

Competition breeds an evil spirit in our hearts, it does not teach His holy character.

How about all of the greed that comes out of man’s desire to acquire material wealth?

Do you think that it is YEHWEH’s desire that man put’s his wants and needs ahead of other’s needs?

Can you imagine what kind of a world it would be with no need for door locks?

A world where people feared the consequences of stealing plus there was no reason to steal in the first place because if you had need of something and asked for it, it would be given.

A world where there are no broken families or fatherless children because all who lived would be focused on the same subject, helping one another and loving one another and helping one another receive the eternal prize of becoming His children.

This is His will; will you embrace the desire for His Kingdom to come and desire to live into the era of time when it does come?

Will you desire to ultimately become a part of His Kingdom yourself?

This is the choice that you are staring down because the time of mighty tribulation is about ready to begin.

In just a couple of days is YEHWEH’s Passover and most of you will reject it as you have and continue to prepare for your coming easter celebrations.

Or, you will pervert His instruction for its observance. In either case, is this His will?

Prepare to find out that it is not His will.

I suggest that you flee from the coming wrath by laying hold of His exit plan, the same exit plan that has been available to all of Israel who was scattered.

I suggest that you turn from your will and turn to His will and receive His spirit and be delivered into a wonderful time that is immediately beyond the coming destruction.

Turn to His path that leads to eternal life.