Repairing The Breach




The reason that satan and a third of the angelic host that followed him rebelled against the Most High is the same reason why the inhabitants of the world rebel against Him at this time.

It is the same reason that our ancestors rebelled against Him.

It is because of YEHWEH's goodness.

Those of you who rebel against Him believe into His goodness but you do not believe into His righteousness.

In lieu of His exceeding goodness, those of you who live in rebellion to Him do not fear Him removing His goodness from you.

Because of His goodness and His loving kindness you think that He is not going to deal with you for rebelling against Him.

Therefore you have no problem rebelling against His instructions.

This was illustrated to us in the Garden of Eden.

Genesis 3

1 The serpent was more cunning (deceptive) than all that lived in the land that YEHWEH ELOHIYM had made. And he said to the woman, IS IT ALSO BECAUSE ELOHIYM SAID TO NOT EAT OF EVERY TREE OF THE GARDEN?

2 And the woman said to the serpent, WE MAY EAT OF THE FRUIT OF THE TREES IN THE GARDEN.

3 But the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, Elohiym has said TO NOT EAT OF IT, NEITHER CAN WE TOUCH IT OR ELSE WE WILL DIE.

Have you ever wondered why the serpent was allowed in the garden?

The Most High put satan in the garden in the image of a serpent in order to test and to prove Adam and Eve.

This is why he and his rebellious cronies that followed his rebellion were cast here to the earth.

The preceding verses tell us that Adam and Eve were supposed to rule over the serpent, not be ruled by him.

Our Creator put us here in the flesh to conquer and to overcome the serpent and that which is of the world and the lusts of our flesh and the desires of our eyes.

This can only be accomplished one way.

It is accomplished through walking with the Most High in the testimony of His word.

If we do so, then He applies the atoning sacrifice of His Son's shed blood on our behalf to pay the price for our past rebellion to Him.

Our Creator gave us life in the flesh so that we could choose to become as He is so that we could inhabit eternity with Him in harmony and in agreement with His righteousness.

This is recorded in the previous verses in chapter 1;

Genesis 1

26 And Elohiym said, I WILL MAKE MAN IN MY IMAGE, AFTER MY LIKENESS and I will let him HAVE DOMINION OVER the fish of the sea and over the fowls of the air and over the cattle and over all of the earth AND OVER EVERY CREEPING THING THAT CREEPS UPON THE EARTH.


The Most High allowed for the serpent to tempt Eve.

He did so for a reason.

The reason was to manifest His righteous judgment to her and to all of mankind that would be descendants of her womb.

He is all-knowing so He knew that it was in her heart to rebel against the word that He spoke to them.

Eve knew YEHWEH's goodness and His loving kindness.

His goodness and His loving kindness surrounded her and her husband.

In lieu of this she looked past His commandment and His righteous warning that He gave to them to not eat the fruit that He commanded them to not eat.

Because of the Most High's goodness and His loving kindness she did not fear rebelling against Him and she looked upon the fruit that was on the tree of knowledge of good and bad and she saw that it looked good and it was pleasant to her eyes.

In her heart she desired the fruit that this forbidden tree had to offer her.

She desired this instead of desiring walk with the Most High in order to be a delight to her Maker.

Therefore she was an easy sell to satan.

And because of the desire of her eyes and the lust of the flesh she chose to rebel against the Most High.

When YEHWEH instructed Adam and Eve to not even touch this fruit, this meant to not even touch it with their eyes.

This ties in with Yehshua's magnification of His Father's judgment that if a man looks upon a woman that is not his wife with lust that he has committed adultery in his heart.

In the same manner, if we love and desire a different image of our Creator, we have committed adultery with Him in our heart.

Eve desired an image of Him that allowed for her to rebel against Him that would not follow through with His death sentence.

Obviously those of you who live in rebellion to Him today are in love with this make believe image of who He is as well.

4 And the serpent said to the woman, "DYING YOU WILL NOT DIE."

Satan knew that in the Most High's goodness that He would not immediately take their lives.

YEHWEH let him understand that He was going to populate the earth with Adam and Eve's descendants.

Nevertheless the Most High is true to His word and dying they did die.

It is just that His death sentence was not immediately realized, just like He did not raise up Rome to destroy the 2nd temple until 40 years after our ancestors killed His only begotten Son.

5 Because Elohiym knows that in the day that you eat from it that your eyes will be opened and you will be like Elohiym TO KNOW GOOD AND BAD (TO BE CUT OFF FROM HIM TO GO LIVE A LIFE OF DECIDING RIGHT FROM WRONG FOR THEMSELVES).

6 The woman "SAW" that the tree was good for food and that it was PLEASANT TO HER EYES AND A TREE TO DELIGHT IN AND TO INSTRUCT THEM so she took of the fruit thereof and she did eat and she also gave it to her husband WITH HER and he did eat.

YEHWEH told Adam that dying they would die if they ate of this forbidden fruit.

They knew the rules.

They rose up above that which He spoke instead of believing His warning because they did not fear Him.

They did not fear Him because of His goodness and His loving kindness that He had bestowed upon them.

If they had hearkened to the Most High, they would have conquered the serpent and they would not have been cast from the garden and from the tree of life.

This happened the way that it did because they believed into YEHWEH's goodness but not into His righteous judgment.

They did not believe that in YEHWEH's goodness and in His loving kindness that He would take their lives from them.

Eating the forbidden fruit resulted in them being cut off from the Most High.

They were cut off from Him teaching them right from wrong as it is according to Him.

They were cut off from becoming as He is.

Therefore they were cut off from eternal life with Him in His family.

Eating this fruit is symbolic of rebellion to our Creator.

The result of eating this fruit is the same result that the Most High gave to our ancestors and to us because of their and our rebellion to His instructions.

This is recorded in;




And our ancestors handed down the fruit of their rebellious hearts to their children and their children fed it to their children and so on and so on.

This is the captivity.

If you choose right from wrong for yourselves and you live in rebellion to His word, THIS IS PROOF THAT YOU ARE CUT OFF FROM THE MOST HIGH.

The result of Adam and Eve's choice to rebel against the Most High was they were cast out from the garden and cut off from the tree of life that would have given them eternal life in His family.

The fruit of the tree of life represents YEHWEH's 7 spirits that teach us, along with walking with Him in His word, to become as He is.

His spirit and His word teach us that which is good and right according to Him and they teach us that which is wrong in His eyes.

Rebellion to His instructions results in us being cut off from Him and cut off from His 7 spirits.

Therefore we are cut off from being able to become as He is, we are cut off from eternal life in His family.

His only begotten Son told His disciples that if we obey Him (and He was His Father's word in the flesh), then His Father will give us His spirit to guide us into the truth that delivers us from the bondage of the flesh.

Adam and Eve were cast out from the Most High's sanctuary to go live a life of dying until they died.

How any of you believe that different rules apply to you is beyond logic.

YEHWEH does not change.

His righteousness endures forever.

Adam and Eve were covered by the Most High before they rebelled against Him.

He was their covering.

They could see that they were naked before His face after they ate the fruit.

This is symbolic of them no longer being under the Most High's covering.

Yet in His goodness and in His loving kindness He still made them clothes of animal skins just like He still provides that which those who live in rebellion to Him now need to live even though you are not deserving of eternal life in His family.

His word tells us that He sends His rain upon the just and the unjust.

However, like with Adam and Eve, He has also warned us against rebelling against His instructions.

He gave us our temporal existence here in the flesh to show us our limited existence.

He did so in order to cause those who would fear losing out on eternal life to hearken to Him.

This is also why He has sent diseases and earthquakes and tsunamis and floods and tornados and droughts and other plagues and such upon the inhabitants of the earth.

In the same manner that Adam and Eve realized that they were naked, the Most High is getting ready to show each of you that live in rebellion to His word that you are utterly bald and naked before His face.

He is going to show you the shame of your nakedness.

You are going to find out that you are not covered by the Most High.

Concerning His doing so His word tells us;

Ezekiel 7


19 You will cast your silver out and your gold will be removed: YOUR SILVER AND YOUR GOLD WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DELIVER YOU IN THE DAY OF YEHWEH'S WRATH; Your lives will not be filled, neither will your belly be full BECAUSE YOUR INIQUITY (YOUR VIOLATING HIS TORAH) CAUSED YOU TO FALL.

In His goodness He has held back His wrath in the warning cry that He has sent me with.

Most of you think that I am a false prophet because my Father has held back sending His hot indignation upon you because of His goodness.

You are about to find out differently.

His word tells us that He raises His servants up early or ahead of His times of correction and He sends them to warn the descendants of Israel before He sends His time of affliction upon them.

And He has done so once again.

But like with our ancestors, you have not hearkened to His warnings.

This is because you believe into His goodness but you do not believe into His righteousness.

And you continue to take advantage of His goodness and His loving kindness.

This time the time of affliction that He is going to send is going to be a time like the inhabitants of the earth have never seen before.

His exceeding goodness and His loving kindness IS ALSO WHY THOSE WHO DO HEARKEN TO HIM DO SO.

We hearken to Him because He is so good and we want to inhabit eternity with His bountiful goodness poured out upon us without measure.

Because He is loving and good, we want to please Him so that He will delight in us.

We do not want to take advantage of His goodness and His loving kindnesses like those of you who live in rebellion to Him do.

In the last video that was produced on the 1st day of the 6th month, I spoke about how there are 40 days that encompass this day and the Day of Atonement on His restored calendar.

The word for atonement is a word that means to be covered.

Yesterday my Father led me to look up the word for mercy seat.

Mercy seat is a translation that was fabricated in the rebellious hearts of men.

The Hebrew word that is translated as this word is word that also means a covering that is specific to the covering of the Ark of the Most High's covenant.

On the Day of Atonement or the Day of Covering the High Priest sprinkles the blood of a bullock on this covering 7 times with his finger.

The two tablets of stone that the Most High wrote His commandments on with His finger are under this covering.

In lieu of this I can assure you that it is not a coincidence that the Most High has revealed to us that the great and fearful day (or the hour of His wrath) is for a period of 7 days.

His word tells us that that the Ark of His covenant and that which is in its sides are going to be a witness against the scattered descendants of Israel at the time of the end of this era of time.

It is also not a coincidence that He has restored His 7th day Sabbaths and the rest of His appointed times and bid for those of you who He will deliver through this coming time of affliction to stop trampling upon His goodness and to stop trampling upon the goodness of His only begotten Son's shed blood and to return to Him through that which He has restored.

Turn to having a heart like those who became His First Fruits had.

They sought to be a delight to the Most High.

They sought His righteousness.

They sought His kingdom.

They sought to become as He is.

After the High Priest sprinkles the bullock's blood on the covering of the Ark 7 times with His finger, he then sprinkles the blood of one of the two goats on this covering.

This blood is for the covering of the people.

It represents Yehshua's shed blood.

These two goats are spoken about in the 7th month High Days videos parts 2 and 3.

I'll put the links to these videos in the video description box below.

Yehshua' blood carries a price tag.

The price tag is turning from our rebellion to the Most High and agreeing to walk with Him in and according to the testimony of His word.

The dwelling place of the Ark of His covenant was in the tent of His appointed times.

The king James translators erroneously translated this tent as the tabernacle of the congregation.

They concealed the word for appointed times whenever it fit their needs to do so.

So did other translators.

Some translated it as the tent of meeting.

It is not the word for meeting, it is the word for appointed times.

It is not a coincidence that the Ark of His covenant was housed in what He called the tent of His appointed times.

It is not a coincidence that His word tells us that He is going to cause those who will return to Him to dwell in tents in the day of His appointed time.

This is recorded in Hosea chapter 12, verse 9.

The day of His appointed time is in the day that He restores His appointed times.

The dwelling place of the Ark of His covenant had 4 layers of coverings.

These layers parallel everything else that the Most High has manifested to us recently concerning the number 4 and His 4 spirits of wisdom and understanding and counsel and knowledge.

The detail like this that He had recorded in His word is phenomenal.

The outer court that surrounded the tent of His appointed times where the altar was located WAS NOT COVERED.

This is symbolic of what is recorded in the revelations of our Messiah in chapter 11 concerning the outer court;

Revelation 11

2 And CAST OUT (expel) THE COURT THAT IS OUTSIDE OF THE TEMPLE and do not measure them because I will give "THE HEATHENS" the holy city and it will be tread upon 40 AND 2 MONTHS.

3 And I will give MY TWO WITNESSES MY PROPHECY for A THOUSAND-TWO HUNDRED AND THREESCORE DAYS (1,260 days) clothed in sackcloth (clothed in brokenness).

If you think that it is a coincidence THAT THE OUTER COURT WAS NOT COVERED and that the Most High's end time witness against you is going to include 42- 30 day months that equal 1,260 days you are utterly blind and naked.

These 42 months house His restored Sabbaths and the rest of His restored appointed times.

They represent the dwelling place of His appointed times.

If you are going to come under His covering and receive His 7 spirits, including His 4 spirits of wisdom, understanding, counsel and knowledge, you are going to have to return to Him through that which He has restored.

Thus saith the testimony of YEHWEH Elohiym's word