Repairing The Breach



The teachings of islam teach that there are 3 choices for those who they call infidels.

The infidels are those who are not of their faith.

These 3 choices are known as the conditions of omar or the pact of omar.

There are many in the islamic world that are bringing these centuries old conditions into practice at this time and many more who want to do so.

They are being placed upon the christian minorities in different countries such as Syria and Iraq.

These conditions are basic;

•1)     Convert to Islam

•2)     Pay a tribute or a tax (the Koran calls this a jizya) and accept to live amongst them subdued under their conditions of a sub-class infidel.

This 2nd condition is founded in the islamic concept of "dhimma".

This condition requires those who do not convert to islam to submit to and to adhere to a list of rules that if broken, voids the contract and makes those who break them subject to number 3 which is to;

•3)     Die by the sword

These three conditions are grounded in the koran and in islamic teachings.

Most of you who are in the blasphemous religion of christianity are abhorred by such a set of conditions, yet the reality is, even though islam is much in error, their 3 choices are not as far from our Creator's conditions as your beliefs are.

Our Creator's conditions are twofold.

They are

•1)     Obey Him

•2)     If you refuse to obey Him, then you will die by the sword and by famine and by pestilence.

The sword is His word.

His word is what all will be judged by in these last days, His only begotten Son said so.

And so has His 2nd witness said so.

And His word testifies to this.

His word is going to judge all of you who do not walk with Him in His word and do so in order to become as He is.

You should not be comforted by or fooled by this sentence not being heaped upon you yet.

The Most High has merely held the large scale of it back for His appointed time of His judgment.

And His appointed time of His judgment is at hand.

Here is a basic summary of christianity's 2 choices that they offer to people;

•1)     Give your heart to their make believe image of the Most High's only begotten Son and say that this make believe image of Him is your master and be saved.

•2)     If you do not, then you will be tormented for eternity.

Of course if someone makes this 2nd choice, most of you who are in christianity believe and/or practice that you are to co-exist with them like all is well and let them skip merrily along on the pathway that they are on that you claim is leading them to what you believe to be a place of eternal torment.

Most of you believe this anyhow.

And you believe and call your doing so love.

How is it love to let someone continue on a path that is leading them to a place of eternal torment?

How is it love to let someone co-exist with you that in their doing so, they are able to teach others that you love, including your very own children, to walk on a path to eternal torment?

Compare your belief to the conditions of the omar.

If islam was the correct path, at least their belief has immediate consequences for those who are not on the correct path.

And if their path was the correct path to eternal life, at least these 3 conditions seek to correct the paths of those who are not on it by showing them that there are consequences for walking on a path that they believe does not lead to eternal life.

This is certainly more love than what you those of you who are in christianity are showing in letting people walk unchecked on a pathway that you believe is leading them to eternal torment and letting them exist where they can teach your children to do the same.

This is why the Most High told us to purge out from our midst all who are not on His path that He gave to us to walk with Him on.

He tells us thus we are to burn that which opposes this path from our midst.

He tells us to execute this judgment in our midst in order to help Him build His eternal family.

His word testifies that us not teaching our children His pathway that leads to eternal life in His family is the same thing as offering them up to the fire.

Your worshipping an image of the Most High that does not require you to burn that which opposes His instructions from your midst is whoredom to Him.

His word says so.

It is worshipping baal.

At least islam teaches some of our Creator's righteousness like to kill the adulterer or the homosexual.

But they still pervert His righteous judgments and they leave out others of His righteous judgments altogether.

At least they have somewhat of an excuse that you do not have.

They are not the people that the Most High was building His first fruits from.

They do not have His word to guide them like you do.

You were supposed to take His word to them and to the rest of the world and conquer them with Him backing you up to do so.

You were to bring His word to them.

Instead, you brought your perversion of His word to the world.

You brought your make believe image of His Son along with the make believe blood that flows out from this make believe image of His Son into the world.

Islam is far from YEHWEH's righteousness, but how much farther from His righteousness are those of you who let that which is wrong in His eyes (according to His word) prevail in your midst?

At least the 3 conditions of the omar try to keep christians or other religions from being able to teach their children a path that they believe will take eternal life away from them.

Even though their beliefs are wrong, at least they want to purge that which is wrong according to their beliefs from their midst.

But their number 2 choice is far from our Creator's instructions.

YEHWEH's instructions are;

Numbers 15:16


He commands us to kill anyone who seeks to lead any of us to a different Torah or to a different pathway other than He gave to us in His word.

And He commands us to kill anyone in the lands that He has given to us who has been led astray that refuses to turn back to His pathway, to purge them from our midst.

He does not tell us to tax them.

If you serve and worship or love a different image of His righteous character than this, according to the testimony of His word, you are simply playing the whore to Him.

There is a reason why His word testifies that He is going to send a double portion of His wrath upon the scattered descendants of Israel who are in the blasphemous religion of christianity.

Turn from your rebellion to His true righteous character before He does so.

Turn back to Him through that which He has restored.

Turn back to having hearts like those who became His first fruits.

Or else He is going to smite you with the curses that are recorded in His word.

Thus saith YEHWEH of hosts, the Elohiym of those whom come under His rule.