Repairing The Breach



Satan's servants got more stirred up last year as we approached YEHWEH's First Fruit harvest.

They are doing so again at this time as we approach the great and fearful day of His vengeance.

One man wrote me after I was left here to continue YEHWEH's work last year and he told me that he had his backpack of stones gathered and that he was going to hunt me down to stone me.

The testimony of YEHWEH's word likens this man's rebellion to the Most High's restoration of all things to Korah.

Korah got 250 others to rise up with him against YEHWEH's servants Moses and Aaron.

This modern day Korah's rhetoric died off since last year but he is back at it again.

And from what he has written to me, it sounds like maybe he has gathered others of you vultures to jump on his band wagon with him.

On top of those of you who are outspoken against YEHWEH's anointed and against His restoration of all things like this man is, there are many of you who desire for the testimony of YEHWEH's word to be dead.

You desire for the Most High's witness against you to be dead so that you can remain in your whoredoms to Him.

In the last letter that I received from this man he referenced Deuteronomy 17:6-9.

The preceding verses say that if there is any man or woman that is amongst us that is found transgressing against YEHWEH's covenant....

....or if they have gone astray to worship and serve other elohiyms or other images of the Most High that are not His true righteous character that is testified to by His word....

....that they are to be brought to the gate of the city and they are to be stoned with stones.

Then He tells us;

Deuteronomy 17

6 UPON THE MOUTH OF TWO WITNESSES OR THREE WITNESSES THEY SHALL DIE, but at the mouth of one witness they shall not die.

7 The hands of the witnesses shall be first upon them to put them to death and after that, the hands of all of the people TO BURN THAT WHICH IS WRONG FROM YOUR MIDST.

8 If there is a matter that is too difficult for you to judge or if it is between blood and blood or if it is between two people's accusations against each other or if it is between two people striking each other, being matters of controversy within your gates, THEY SHALL LIFT UP THEIR VOICES AT THE PLACE THAT YEHWEH ELOHIYM WILL CHOOSE;

9 And they shall come unto the priests the Levites AND UNTO THE JUDGE THAT WILL BE IN THEIR DAYS and inquire and they will show you the sentence of judgment.

I have news for this man and for the rest of you, YEHWEH's word is the judge that all will be judged by in the day that we are in.

His word says so.

His only begotten Son is going to be sent with His word coming out of His mouth like a sword to devour all of you who are in opposition to that which the Most High's word testifies to.

In his last letter, the man who has been writing me with these threats made a reference to Isaiah 66:23.

He said that in the millennium the people will go up from new moon to new moon and that I do not do this.

Isaiah 66:23 does not actually say this.

It says that the people will go up from one month to the next month referring to from one head of the month to another.

And I do do this.

The Hebrew text for this verse does not say moon or new in it.

It says month.

Nor does the Hebrew text say new moon anywhere in YEHWEH's scriptures.

There is a word for new in the Hebrew tongue and there is a word for moon in it.

And neither of these words are used in what is translated as the new moon.

What is mistranslated as new moon refers to the head of the month.

I spoke about this in the "A New Moon Clarification" video.

However, the head of the months will once again be in sync with the luminaries.

And they will be so very soon.

This man accuses me of setting the timing of the beginning of each month on my own.

I have done no such thing.

It is the testimony of the Most High's word that has set the restored timing of His head of His months.

YEHWEH's word has testified to the restoration of His 30 day months in a remarkable way.

He has done so through His prophecies that are recorded in His word and through His sign of Jonas that Yehshua said would be the only sign that would be given to the wicked and the adulterous generation that requires a physical sign.

It is just that this man and nearly all of the rest of you have denied that which His word has testified to.

This is the exact same thing that our ancestors did with Yehshua when He was sent.

They denied Yehshua's testimony because they denied the testimony of His Father's word.

This is why Yehshua told them;

John 5


37 Therefore THE FATHER HIMSELF WHICH HAS SENT ME HAS TESTIFIED TO ME. You have neither heard His voice at any time, nor have you seen His image.


39 Search the scriptures because you discern that in them they hold eternal life AND THEY ARE THAT WHICH TESTIFY ON MY BEHALF.

The same is true with YEHWEH's second witness.

So Korah, bring your other false witness or your other false witnesses with you to YEHWEH's camp and lets let Him sort this out.

We'll see who gets stoned.

Yehshua spoke about you the night before He was killed.

In John 16:2, it is recorded that He said that the time would come when some of you will think that you are serving Elohiym in killing His servant.

As far as two or more people bearing false witness against another, even this is spoken about in YEHWEH's prophecies concerning Elijah.

And YEHWEH's word testifies that He has sent me to you in a similitude of these prophecies.

In YEHWEH's prophecy concerning His servant Elijah, Ahab desired Naboth's vineyard.

But Naboth would not sell it to him because it was the inheritance of his fathers.

Naboth was on the side of that which is right before Elohiym's eyes on this matter.

Jezebel sent two men who were of the sons of Belial to bear false witness against Naboth.

She told them to proclaim a fast and to set Naboth at the gate and to testify against him that he blasphemed Elohiym and the king.

It is the spirit of Jezebel to bear false witness.

This is the spirit that is guiding those of you who bear false witness against YEHWEH's anointed.

It is also the spirit of Jezebel to have YEHWEH's prophets killed.

This is the spirit of those of you who seek to kill YEHWEH's anointed have.

Jezebel had YEHWEH's prophets killed.

In lieu of what the Most High has revealed lately about who the children of Belial are, do you think that it is a coincidence that Jezebel summoned two sons of Belial to do her dirty work in this Elijah prophecy?

Do you think that it is a coincidence that Jezebel sought to kill Elijah like you seek to kill the one who has been sent in the prophecy of Elijah?

For that matter, why is it that you do not seek to kill all of the obvious false shepherds that teach the day of the sun Sabbath or the saturn's day Sabbath or a whole host of other abominations?

Why is it that you do not seek to stone all of the masses that serve and worship other images of the Most High that are within your gates?

Can't you see your hypocrisy?

You would drive all of the way across the country to kill YEHWEH's anointed, yet you let that which is wrong prevail and flourish in your own gates.

The title of this video is "Fill your Censors you Sons of Belial"

When Korah and the 250 heads of the children of Israel that went with him rose up before Moses and Aaron's face to be the self-appointed elect, Moses told them;

Numbers 16

16 And Moses said to Korah, you and all of your company be before YEHWEH's face tomorrow (a time to come), you and them and Aaron:

I'll share with you some trivia.

The name Korah comes from the Hebrew word that means to make bald.

One of the 1st things that this modern day Korah did when He rebelled against the Most High's anointed in Greece was he took off his head covering that the Most High's word bid him to wear.

He told his family to do the same.

And he is seeking to keep all of you who will listen to him bald and naked and uncovered before the Most High's face.

There is a reason why YEHWEH's prophecy that was given for His end time Son of man says that shame will be upon your faces AND BALDNESS WILL BE UPON YOUR HEADS WHEN THE SON OF MAN IS SENT IN THE LAST DAYS.

This is recorded in Ezekiel 7:18.

17 AND EACH MAN TAKE HIS CENSER AND PUT INCENSE IN THEM AND APPROACH BEFORE YEHWEH'S FACE each man with his censer, two hundred and fifty censers and you and Aaron also, each of you with your censer.

Precept upon precept, measuring line upon measuring line, here a little, there a little, YEHWEH's word testifies that the censors represent our lifting up our prayers.

18 And each man took his censer and put fire in them and laid incense thereon AND MOSES AND AARON STOOD IN THE ENTRANCE OF THE TENT OF THE APPOINTED TIMES.

You can read on to see their fate.

It was not good for them or for their families.

In you lieu of me being sent to tell you to return to the Torah that was given to Moses at Horeb with YEHWEH's statutes and judgments and in lieu of Aaron being the high priest and the high priest representing Yehshua, and in lieu of Yehshua and myself being YEHWEH's two witnesses, it is not a coincidence that Moses and Aaron stood at the entrance the tent of YEHWEH's appointed times that day.

His appointed times include His Sabbaths.

In the verse preceding these verses in verse 15, Moses's petition to the Most High was for Him to not look upon their offering their prayers up to Him.

If you have turned your ear from hearing that which the Most High has restored, on the authority of His word, your prayers are an abomination to Him.

As far as Aaron offering up his prayers to the Most High, Aaron was the High Priest.

And the High Priest ultimately represents Yehshua.

I like my chances when and if you get here because the ultimate High Priest said;

Matthew 26:39


YEHWEH's word has testified that His only begotten Son was lifting this prayer up to Him on my behalf.

His prayer was a prophecy for that which was to come.

Yehshua knew that He had to be killed the next day in order for His Father to set up the substitution sacrifice through His shed blood.

The testimony of YEHWEH's word has testified that there is another way.

So I like my chances if and when you show up with your backpack full of stones.

So go ahead and fill your hands with stones you sons and daughters of Jezebel.

Go ahead and fill your censors you sons and daughters of Belial.

YEHWEH's word has testified that I am a son of Zadok.

Zadok stood with YEHWEH's anointed.

He carried the ark of YEHWEH's covenant across the Kidron brook.

Zadok means to be right or to be cleansed.

Speaking of the Kidron Brook, in a recent letter that I received from Korah, he let me know that he has found out about the idols that I have broken down that were located where YEHWEH has pitched His camp.


It just so happens that we are commanded by the Most High to break down the idols in that are in our midst.

One of the places that this is recorded is in;

Exodus 23:24

You shall not bow down to their elohiyms nor serve them nor do after their works BECAUSE YOU SHALL UTTERLY BREAK THEM DOWN AND UTTERLY BEAT DOWN THEIR IMAGES.

So according to the judgment of YEHWEH's word, between Korah and I, which one of us is on the right side of this?

YEHWEH's word tells us that the few righteous kings that there were broke down the idols and they stamped them into powder and burnt them at the Kidron Brook.

The testimony of YEHWEH's word says that He has likened the brook that His camp is pitched by at this time to the Kidron Brook.

This is just one of many of the examples of this Korah being on the wrong side of YEHWEH's righteous judgments that I know of.

His rebellion back in Greece started from me admonishing him for his defending lying by trying to give one who was a liar at that time a soft cushion to set on and the admonishment that I gave him for his condemning YEHWEH's righteous judgment.

Since then, this man has returned to his vomit and is once again standing with saul of tarsus.

It is YEHWEH's word that condemns saul of tarsus.

YEHWEH's word testifies that saul is the abomination of desolation that desolated His word.

Saul's fruit testifies against him.

A third of the world follows his teachings and uses them to justify their rebellion to the Most High's word.

You can say that he was just difficult to understand all that you want to.

The bottom line is his fruit.

Yehshua said that we can know the wolves that are in sheep's clothing by their fruit and that their fruit would be lawlessness or violation of His Father's Torah.

The testimony of YEHWEH's word has likened the people's choice of their super apostle saul to the people's choice of king saul, both of the tribe of Benjamin.

Jacob who became Israel prophesied that Benjamin would be a ravening wolf at the time of the end.

Saul's descendant Shimei cast stones at YEHWEH's anointed servant David after he crossed over the Kidron Brook.

Shimei was of the house of saul.

Shimei means something heard or a rumor.

Saul means to ask or to inquire.

So go ahead you sons of Shimei, you sons of rumors and those of you who are in saul's house, go ahead and inquire through the rumors that you have heard.

Fill your censors you sons of Belial.

You will soon get YEHWEH's answer.

You will soon find out that you have inquired to a make believe image of the Most High that came from the rumors that you have believed into.

YEHWEH's word also says that I am a son of Shealtiel.

Shealtiel means to inquire of Elohiym.

We will soon find out whose prayers YEHWEH Elohiym has heard.

So go ahead and fill your censors you sons and daughters of Belial.

Go ahead and fill your hands with stones you sons and daughters of Jezebel.

Well soon see who gets stoned from the Most High because His stones are coming.

18 And each man took his censer and put fire in them and laid incense thereon AND MOSES AND AARON STOOD IN THE ENTRANCE OF THE TENT OF THE APPOINTED TIMES.