Repairing The Breach




Yesterday I posted a video explaining that I was praying for the coming destruction of all that opposes our Creator’s truth. His truth was given to us to mold us in His image.

I received and email this morning that a false prophet was praying for the same. This email asked a good question; When the destruction begins, how will I know which one of you to listen to since you are both asking for nearly the same thing.

My answer was very brief and to the point. I told him that one of us is telling people to live by every word of Elohiym and the other one is telling people that they must live by every word that he picks and chooses as being the truth.

I realize that every false religious leader in the world is going to step forward with their claims as to why the destruction is happening but this man is particularly dangerous because he claims to be one of the two end time witnesses and he has a counterfeit to the truth that will be palatable to many.

Why will it be palatable? It is because his truth is really no more than just jumping from one frying pan to another. And, it is easy to jump from one frying pan to another. I will explain. With his truth, the key ingredients are not hearkening to every word of Elohiym.

He merely switches the Sabbath from Sunday to Saturday as so many have done and he changes out man’s pagan holidays for a version of Elohiym’s holy days as many others have done as well and other such doctrines.

He also has some things correct like not eating unclean foods as do others and that we should love one another as even false teachers like Joel Olsteen correctly teach.

The problem is, this man is no different than those that he says are false because he too rejects much of the truth that our Creator gave us to live by. One large example of this is he rejects how we are to determine when the Sabbaths are.

My hope is that he will repent but I fear that he is so grounded in his beliefs that he will go down with his ship. I believe that it is possible that he will prove to be the false prophet spoken of in the book of revelations.

All false religions have some things correct. Even the Jewish people who were in Israel when Yehshua walked here in the flesh had much correct yet He certainly exposed their hypocrisy and their error.

I hear that this false prophet is now changing his prophesies to include the whole world with the destruction because that is how it is unfolding and he is correct, the whole world is going to need to be humbled to a point to accept the truth because people are stubborn and full of pride. This man does understand that the scattered nations of Israel will receive the blunt of things. Satan has groomed him well to have part truths; this is why he will help keep many in bondage.

He has been calling for the death of the other false teachers who came out of the world wide church of god for a few years now. He is correct that they will die if they do not repent and so will he.

I am calling for the death of all false teachers who take people away from the word of Elohiym, as well as all who live if they will not turn to the truth.

I am a voice crying out in the wilderness for you to make straight your paths and prepare the way for the coming of our Messiah. This voice is not crying out to you to turn to a false Saturday Sabbath doctrine like many of the false prophets and false teachers are.

I am asking that you believe your Creator and return to His calendar that He put in place at creation and gave to us to determine when His Sabbaths and His other appointed time are.

This false prophet holds on to that which has made the truth desolate. I am referring to the teachings of the self-proclaiming apostle Saul of Tarsus and his followers Luke and Mark who have errors in their writings that take you away from the truth.

Satan has used their writings to deceive scattered Israel.

I am telling you in the authority of our almighty Creator that Saul of tarsus spoke lies on his own authority and his writings have led billions away from my Father’s instructions that would have set them free.

False teachers teach you that none seeks after Elohiym, not one. This is a lie. Is this what our Creator says? No, He says seek me while I may be found, let the wicked forsake His ways and turn to me.

He is looking for those who seek after Him and search for His truth. His desire is that we would want Him as our source so that we can learn who He is. His word teaches us His holy character. He wants us to chose to come to His call to be His children.

He is looking for those who want to worship Him in spirit and truth. He is looking for those who will believe Him and not believe men who falsify His character.

The false teachers will say follow me as they follow Christ. I will say on His authority, follow no man, and follow Yehshua who became His Father’s word. Follow His footsteps.

I am crying aloud and pleading with you to flee from the coming destruction by turning from your ways and turn to the pathway that our Creator gave us to march on that leads to His Kingdom.

I am telling you that all of that which calls itself Christianity is deceived, just as all of man’s religions are. They chose to be deceived by choosing to reject the words of their Elohiym, thus rejecting His protection.

I am telling you that your false worship practices have been an abomination to Him.

But there is good news; He is laying the foundation for the rebuilding of the old places that the lies have made waste by making the truth desolate.

Truth is being restored.

The true gospel that His word is an instruction manual to enter into His Kingdom is going to go out into the whole world in the coming weeks and months as the destruction intensifies.

I am crying aloud for you to embrace His truth and help sound the warning cry so that people can repent and turn to the narrow path that leads to life.

The path is being restored and the breach between Elohiym and man is being repaired.

The enemy has set up his false prophet and all of his false religions are established. The lies are flourishing and many will cling to these lies. Also, the coming destruction will have people searching for truth and many will believe the false prophet and other false teachers. Decide whose side you want to be on.

You must be diligent and only believe that which agrees with the word of Elohiym.

What is false will resemble what is true; this is how the deceiver works. I know, I was led through the enemy camps to see how clever he is.

My Father’s ways are not a burden. They are a delight and they lead us to understand love and become love. They teach us His character. They are a way of life that leads to life and true happiness.

All that opposes His path leads to death. We cannot choose our own path and still be fed His unleavened bread of life. We have a Creator who gave us the path to come to Him on.

I want to give you some considerations that will help you determine who your Creator’s true servants are and who is false.

According to Moses, whom Yehshua verified as His Father’s servant, anyone who takes you away from YEHWEH needs to be stoned.

In Deuteronomy 13:4 He defines what taking you away from Him is by telling what walking in agreement with Him is. Here are the instructions of walking with Him;

4 You shall walk after YEHWEH your Elohiym and fear Him and keep His commandments and obey His voice, and you shall serve Him, and cleave unto Him.

Anything that takes you away from any of His instructions is false.

If you fear Him you will fear not walking with Him and you would acknowledge that all pathways apart from His pathway lead to death. If you do not fear being on the wrong path, you will choose a path that is palatable to what you want to think is true.

Cleaving to Him means cleaving to His truth. He is the master potter. If we fashion our own minds with our own understanding, we simply choose death.

This being the case, consider if the man that you are following seeks to live by every word of Elohiym or not. I am not talking about knowing every word because I learn new truth and change each day.

An example of this, I never covered my head until a couple of weeks ago because it had not been shown to me yet. It was hidden in the false translations of man. But when it was shown to me, I did not grovel over it, I repented and covered my head.

Not wearing a head covering did not make me false, but refusing it when my Father showed it to me and why He wants us to cover would have made me false. Rejecting the truth is what makes us false.

The false teachers and this false prophet refuse much of our Creator’s word. Yes, they have some things correct but why doesn’t this self-proclaiming prophet accept our Creator’s calendar? It is easily proven if you really fear being in disagreement with Him.

He certainly acknowledges that the Sabbath is an appointed time and he certainly acknowledges that the other appointed times are determined by the New Moons so why can’t he acknowledge that the Sabbaths are determined by the New Moons as well? Does our Creator have two different calendars?

I will tell you why, because he accepted the day that those who call themselves Jewish today teach as the Sabbath hook line and sinker.

He fell into the trap that Saturday is the Sabbath because he seen the obvious fraud that it is not Sunday and took the bait. And so did I, the difference is I kept hungering to be fed the truth and hungered to have all error in my thoughts exposed to me so I could repent.

The proof is irrefutable that the Sabbaths were determined by the New Moons in the time that Yehshua walked the earth.

And why doesn’t this man celebrate the New Moons? Scripture is clear that the patriarchs observed them and guarded them. And we are commanded to worship on them and it is clear that all will worship before Him on these days in the millennium. We read this in;

 Isa 66:23

23 And it shall come to pass that from one New Moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith YEHWEH.

So why doesn’t this man worship on these days and teach his followers to?

Am I mocking him? You had better believe it and I will continue to mock all that takes people away from the truth and all that teaches others a path of disobedience that will lead them to the lake of fire.

This man has had the New Moon calendar system presented to him and he scoffed at it. He will dis-fellowship his followers for even talking about the New Moons.

For that matter, he will dis-fellowship his followers for anything that disagrees with what he teaches because he is the only source for truth in his world. Is this what Yehshua taught? No, He said that He is the teacher.

Also, if you don’t use the words god and jesus christ you will be dis-fellowshipped, yet YEHWEH says not to call him by the names that the pagans call their gods.

I am told that this man is taking credit that his prayers are responsible for the Christchurch earthquake. I too have been praying for all church buildings and all that is false to be destroyed so whose prayers were answered?

Prov 28:9

9 He that turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.

Is this man wearing a boarder of blue and fringes or tassels on the four corners of his garments or has he turned his ears from that part of the law as well?

It is clearly commanded in the law for us to do this as a reminder of His laws and it is a very simple commandment. And it has a beautiful purpose, as do all of His commandments.

I have heard this man mock those who call themselves Jews today for putting the Ten Commandments are their door posts saying they think it makes them look more righteous.

Well, guess what, we are commanded to have them on our door posts. This man does what all false teachers do; he picks and chooses which commandments we should follow.

Does this man even have his followers observing our Elohiym’s annual appointed times on the correct days? Or does he follow the days that those calling themselves Jewish say are the correct days?

They are off a whole month some years because they do not use the barley harvest to determine month #1 as we are commanded to.

Where is his beard? He is commanded to have one unless he cannot for some reason but if that is the case, why doesn’t he teach his followers to have them?

It is a commandment. He teaches that we should not have tattoos or have cuttings of the flesh and that is the very next verse so surely he knows it is there, after all, he says that he is prophet of the most high Elohiym.

I am not just speaking against this man but rather all that is false.

I am only using him as an example because he claims to be a prophet of Elohiym and one of the two end-time witness and claims that his wife is the other so I am exposing him so people will not follow his lies.

These are just a few of the many things that he and others contradict the truth with.

He is correct that Yehshua will return on the Feast of First fruits but he does not believe his creator on how to determine the timing for this feast either.

Also, he must not believe that his Creator wants to heal him because he does not trust Him for healing nor teach this trust. I have heard him say that trusting in their Creator for healing is not what faith is.

Granted, there is much more to faith than trusting in Him for healing. Faith is believing Him which this man does not believe Him on several subjects, including the ones I am exposing today.

YEHWEH tells us He will heal us but that it is conditional. This man chooses to reject the conditions and go to another source for his healing.

I can guarantee you that if my Father’s answer to healing me is no, I want to know why and repent instead of going to another source.

It is time to flee from the lies and flee from everything that is false.

Isa 61:4

4 And they shall build the old places that have been made waste, and they shall rise up that which has been made desolate, and they shall repair the wasted cities, the desolations of many generations.

The truth has been made desolate by the false teachings of men who took people away from His commandments and His statutes.

The breach is being repaired and you are being offered a chance to repent and turn from your ways, forsake them and turn to His path.

Embrace His blueprint and He will use it to mold you in His image. Let it become a way of life for you and it will give you life.

My Father is restoring through me that water baptism is a symbol of being baptized into the blood of His Son. He will authorize me to shut off the rains so there will be a worldwide drought.

When will the rains cease? Soon enough. There will be worldwide famines and plagues and they will continue to escalate.

The recent earthquake in Japan is nothing compared to what is coming. Why? Because man is stubborn and this is what it is going to take in order for him to be humbled.

He allowed for man to go their own way for nearly 6,000 years as He called out a people who wanted Him and now He is going to unleash the consequences of rejecting Him and this too is for the purpose of continuing to build His family.

He is just and He is merciful, yet justice does need to be administered if evil is to be purged out. Man’s time of self-rule is about up.

The coming destruction has 3 primary purposes; otherwise He would simply destroy everything except those few who are listening to Him like He did in the flood.

All three have the objective that will be accomplished of increasing the second harvest of His family.

The purposes are;

1) To humble a people to repentance that will deliver them into the coming era of time when Yehshua and the First Fruits the Kingdom of Elohiym will return. All will be restored to the way that it would have been if man had chosen to walk with their Creator.

2) It will be a witness against those who reject His truth in the coming days and a witness against all who have rejected it over the course of man’s self-rule when they get resurrected.                                             

Some will be resurrected to judgment because they have committed the unpardonable sin and others will repent because of this witness when they see the shame of their nakedness and will be offered a chance to repent.


Yehshua commissioned His disciples to go and teach all nations to live the word and to baptize them in the character of His Father, the very character that He took on and to receive His Father’s spirit to guide them into all truth.

Man did not accomplish this objective so now it is going to be accomplished by their Creator’s power before His Son returns.

Instead man embraced doctrines that taught not having to live by every word of their Creator and they did not purge out evil.

When the dust settles in July of 2012, all that opposes the true gospel will be destroyed.

The true gospel is that He is using His word to build a family. Many have gone into the world in part with a gospel of the Kingdom of Elohiym but the instruction that we were to teach them to live by every word was omitted.

Yehshua came and offered a new covenant and it was rejected by most because man’s repentance was not genuine, therefore they did not sign their part of the covenant. This new covenant is still being offered to you this day.

The day approaches when it will be fulfilled when He will pour out His spirit on all flesh but first that which does not genuinely want His ways needs to be purged out.

I am crying out to you this day to repent and turn to His path. The breach is being repaired and the truth is being given. Embrace it and choose to walk in it. If you do, you will be choosing life.