Repairing The Breach



Today, the day that I am recording this, is the first Sabbath of the 9th month on our Creator's restored calendar.

It is the 21st day of November on satan's counterfeit calendar.

I awoke this morning to the Most High's instructions to produce a video on Moses and the symbolism that He wove into Moses being drawn out from the water.

Exodus 2:10

The child was weaned from his mother and brought to Pharaoh's daughter to become her son.

Pharaoh's daughter called his name Moses because she said;


Before getting into the meat of this subject I will share with you a couple of parallels that YEHWEH wove into giving this meat to me on this day.

Moses was 120 years old when YEHWEH led him to go up the mountain of Nebo to sleep with his fathers.

Today we are 120 days from the end of my having to walk naked and barefoot for 3 years.

It was 377 days from when YEHWEH bid Noah to start loading the Ark until He let Noah and his family come off of it.

Today we are 377 days from the 50th anniversary of my birth that was on November 9th of last year.

YEHWEH stamped His judgment on those of you who change the timing of His appointed times to November 9th last year.

He did so by attaching His judgment to Jeroboam's profaned feast of the 8th month.

Jeroboam changed YEHWEH's 7th month feast to the 8th month.

The last day of the anniversary of Jeroboam's profaned feast was on November 9th of last year.

YEHWEH has restored His 30 day months, therefore He has restored the correct timing of His appointed times.

Moses was 80 years old when YEHWEH sent him before Pharaoh's face.

This is two sets of 40 years.

Today He is going to further tie in His two witnesses to the life of His servant Moses.

The intricate detail in how our Creator has woven in parallels of the prophecies that are recorded in His word into His end time timeline is incredible.

He has done so in great detail and He has done so even with minute detail like there being 30 years between Moses being 80 years old and me being 50 years old last year, the year of His first fruit harvest.

Today we are 60 days out from the end of the great and fearful day of His wrath on the 8th day of the 11th month.

This is two sets of 30 days.

Moses died in the 11th month.

I believe that he died on the 8th day of the month however this is not recorded in the scriptures.

The children of Israel mourned for Moses for 30 days.

If you think that this period of time being 30 days is a coincidence, you are delusional.

Yehshua told us;

John 5:45

Do not think that it is I that accuses you unto the Father: IT IS MOSES IN WHOM YOU TRUST THAT WILL ACCUSE YOU.

He was referring to Moses's testimony being the proof that the Most High had sent Him.

However, He was also referring to the Torah that was given through Moses that is going to judge you.

This is discussed in more detail in the "Moses Will Judge You" video.

I'll put a link to this video in the video description box below.

Moses's mother placing him in a miniature ark and putting him in the reeds of the river is not a fable.

He really was drawn out from the water.

The word for the basket is the same Hebrew word that is used to describe YEHWEH's ark that He led His servant Noah to build.

The first plague that YEHWEH sent upon Pharaoh during the time of the 1st exodus was He turned the water into blood through Moses's hand.

The first thing that He did through His end time messenger of His covenant is He revealed how the water is turned into blood through me.

The first video that He led me to post was turning the water into blood.

He turned the water into blood through the hand of His two witnesses.

His two witnesses did not turn the water into blood.

And neither did Moses do so back then.

It is the Most High that turns the water into blood.

He simply established what causes Him to do so through His two witnesses.

And Moses being drawn from the water so that 80 years later he could be sent before Pharaoh to do so on a physical plain was a foreshadow of this.

Not only has YEHWEH Elohiym testified to His word and revealed His judgment upon you through His two witnesses.

He has also revealed what will cause Him to turn the water that you need to be baptized under into His Son's shed blood to atone for your transgressing against Him.

This is discussed in several of these videos.

I'll put the link to one of them called "The Most High's Temple" in the video description box below.

I'll also put the links to parts 2 & 3 of the 7th month high days video that discusses the instructions for atonement there as well.

Moses being drawn from the water is symbolic that each of us needs to be drawn from the water before the water can be turned to blood on our behalf.

And you need to turn from your rebellion to the Most High in order for Him to turn the water into blood.

YEHWEH leading Moses and Israel's descendants to pass through the Red Sea is also symbolic of this.

Moses sprinkled blood on them after they passed through the Sea in order to symbolize this.

Their passing under the sea was symbolic of being baptized.

Being baptized is being submersed under water.

But water itself does not atone for sins.

Transgressing against the Most High carries the death penalty.

Therefore blood needs to be shed.

He set it up this way in order to teach us the seriousness and the exceeding wickedness of transgressing against Him.

Moses grew up in Egypt before he fled from there.

He fled for his life.

You need to flee from Egypt and Babylon as well.

You need to flee for your life.

And you need to be drawn up out from the water like even our Messiah Himself was.

This coming Monday is November 25th on satan's calendar.

On this day we will be 56 days out from the end of the great and fearful day of YEHWEH's wrath.

The last division of time in His 377 day timeline during the days of the flood during Noah's time is 56 days.

In Genesis 8 we read;

Genesis 8

13 And it came to pass in the 601st year, in the 1st month, the 1st day of the month, THE WATERS WERE DRIED UP from off the earth: and Noah REMOVED THE COVERING OF THE ARK, and looked and behold, the face of the ground was dry.

14 And in the 2nd month, on the 27th day of the month, the earth was dried.

The span of time that is between these two dates is 56 days.

The first day of the 1st month on YEHWEH's restored calendar will follow the 7 weeks of burying the dead.

These 7 weeks of burying the dead are after the great and fearful day of YEHWEH's wrath.

He has woven other symbolism into November 25th as well.

November 25th is 11/25 on satan's calendar.

It was on 11/25 on the Most High's calendar that Noah let loose the 3rd dove that did not return to him.

Notice here in verse 13 that He tells us that the waters were dried up.

YEHWEH is suggesting that you get baptized under water quickly and do that which is required of Him to cause Him to turn the water into His Son's shed blood.

The waters are soon to become bitter like wormwood.

And it would not be a good thing to get dunked under some bitter water, especially if it is bitter by reason of radiation.

YEHWEH is telling you, like with His servant Moses, you need to be drawn from the water.

And you need to flee Egypt by fleeing to the hills and to the mountains like Yehshua told you to do now that the abomination of desolation has been revealed.

You need to return to the Most High through returning to Him through that which He has restored.

The plagues that were sent upon Egypt through Moses's hand were nothing compared to that which YEHWEH is getting ready to unleash upon those of you who continue to dwell behind walls that are daubed with untempered mortar.

9 days after 11/25 on satan's calendar will be the 21st day of the 9th month on YEHWEH's calendar.

This will be on December 4th on satan's calendar.

On this day we will be 40 days out from the beginning of the 7 days of the great and fearful day of the Most High's wrath.

This day is also the beginning of His instructions for me to lie upon my right side for 40 days per His Ezekiel chapter 4 prophecy.

When I do, I will be facing the west.

If you think that the account of Moses's 40 years after he became 80 years old is a fable, or that His being drawn from the water in Egypt is a fable, you are about to find out differently.

YEHWEH's word tells us;

Malachi 4


Israel means those whom He rules over.

Therefore "for all of Israel" means for all of those whom He rules over.

If you want to continue to exist apart from being under His rule, you are going to see your desire come to nothing.


He has sent me to you in the spirit of and in the prophecy of Elijah to restore all things.

6 He will turn THE HEARTS OF YOUR FATHERS (the patriarchs) TO THE CHILDREN and the hearts of the children to the fathers (to the patriarchs), OR ELSE I WILL COME AND SMITE THE EARTH WITH A CURSE.

He is telling you through His servant to turn to having a heart like Moses's heart and Abraham's heart and David's heart and the rest of those who were found in His favor.

Or else He is going to smite you with a time of great affliction.

The writings of Moses are going to judge you.

YEHWEH told us through His servant Moses that He gave us the tablets of stone and the ark that they are carried in along with the song of Moses to be a witness against the children of Israel in the last days.

Why do you refuse to believe Him?

In lieu of Moses living to be 120 years old, if you think that it is another coincidence that I was lead to produce this video today, 120 days after the end of my 3 years of walking naked and barefoot per YEHWEH's prophecy that He gave to us through His servant Isaiah, go ahead and keep your head buried in the sand (in the swill).

If you think that it is a coincidence that today ends yet another tier of 377 days that He has woven into His end time timeline, go ahead and continue to be stiff-necked.

In lieu of this 377 day parallel, if you think that it is a coincidence that Moses's mother put him in a miniature ark, there are not words that can describe your obstinacy.

He is telling you to return to Him through that which He has restored and be drawn from the water and flee from Egypt.

Or else dying you will die.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym