Repairing The Breach





There are several different reasons why the threat of homegrown terrorism is increasing in the United States.

One reason is, according to the latest U.S. religion census, Islam is the fasted growing religion in America.

With this increase, there is an increase in radical Islam as well.

The reason for this increase is, Islam is increasing its call for Jihad or for a religious war on the west and on the physical nation of Israel.

In addition to this increasing threat, some of the powers that be in the United States desire to take away American citizen's guns.

This desire is causing a faction of the U.S. to prepare for a stand against the government should their desire be manifested in action.

And some within this faction are rising up in a rebellious way and this could lead to what you refer to as terrorism.

And there are other reasons why the threat of homegrown terrorism in on the increase in America.

But this type of terror is not the real terrorism that flourishes in America and in the rest of the English speaking countries of the world.

The real terrorism that is found within your boarders is your sacrificing one another and your children to the fire.

The rest of the religions of the world do the same thing, but christianity is without excuse.

You are without excuse because you are the descendants of Israel and you have our Creator's word and you have His call to become His eternal children available to you.

But you reject His word, therefore you reject His call to become His eternal children.

In rejecting what His word says, you are rejecting His only begotten Son who was given His word for a name.

Therefore you are rejecting eternal life and choosing to die.

You doing so for yourself is one thing, but leading others like your children to do so is murder.

What makes it really bad is you even say that you do believe His word.

Your hypocrisy is off the charts.

Your arrogance in lifting your beliefs up above His word that you say that you believe testifies that you truly have no fear.

Your arrogance is your strength.

Since His only begotten Son was made in the image of His word, you have lifted your religion up above our Messiah.

You doing so is utterly shameful.

But you have no shame for your nakedness.

Let me put the magnitude of your terrorism in perspective.

1/3rd of the world calls themselves christians.

There are over 7 billion people in the world today.

1/3rd of 7 billion is 2,333,333,333 people.

The two recent explosions in Boston only killed 3 people.

A terrorist, as known by the world's way of measurement, blows up or burns up or in some other way kills or wounds other people and sometimes even themselves in the process.

Is these people doing so any different than you teaching your children or others to live a life that will lead them to the lake that burns with fire and brimstone?

Is these people blowing themselves up any different than you choosing to live a life that will lead you to being burnt up in the lake of fire?

According to our Creator's measurement, you are sacrificing yourself and your children and one another to the coming fire.

And you doing so is murder.

Other than the outcome not being immediate like it is when someone blows others up, is murdering yourself or others by throwing them into the fire that burns with brimstone any different?

No, murder is murder.

Choosing to do so to yourself is one thing, but doing so with your children or with others like all of the false shepherds do is utterly shameful.

And now you are about to be recompensed from the Most High for your choice to hide behind lies so that you can justify your rebellion to His word and your murdering of others.

You call your lies salvation when in fact they are nothing more than a method of killing one another.

You are no different than the terrorists that you condemn.

Actually, you are far worse because the numbers of people that are led to the slaughter through the lies of christianity are far greater than the number of those killed by bombs and such.

You are not only homegrown terrorists; you are also growing them in your homes.

And you are doing so with no shame.

And your false shepherds that you are following are doing so to the masses, claiming that they are giving them salvation when in fact they are pushing them into the lake of fire.

And they do so with no shame as well.

And their doing so is mass terrorism.

The lies of your religion are nothing more than a weapon of mass destruction.

Our Creator's word says "you shall not murder"

You have not only murdered one another, you have defecated on His only begotten Son's shed blood by using it for a license to do so, along with using His shed blood to justify the rest of your abominations as well.

And now dying you will soon die if you do not turn from your rebellion because His wrath is at hand.

So your fear should not be on homegrown or foreign terrorists as you measure them.

Your fear should be that our Creator's word measures you yourself to be one.

And murder carries the death penalty, just like transgressing against the rest of His word does.

Our Messiah said that all will be judged by or measured with His Father's word in the last days.

YEHWEH's renewed covenant that you can return to Him through and be atoned for through His Son's shed blood carries a price tag.

And the price tag is turning from your rebellion to His word that His Son was made to be in the flesh and following after His Son in His footsteps.

This is His condition that His word declares.

Otherwise, dying you will soon die.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym