Repairing The Breach





YEHWEH Elohiym is the only self-existing, all-powerful Creator of all things.

There is no other.

His word says so.

And one thing is for certain, He is going to confirm that which is His word.

His word says so.

Isaiah 44

24 I am YEHWEH that makes all things, that stretched forth the heavens, that hammered the earth in place;

25 THAT BREAKS APART THE SIGNS OF THOSE WHO INVENT LIES AND MAKES DIVINERS (those who distribute the lies) TO BOAST (TO PRAISE) (Yes, YEHWEH even rises up the false prophets and the false shepherds. He does so in order to test and prove us. There is a reason why the Joel Olsteen's of the world have their fancy podiums and stages and their glorious whore houses that they boast in; YEHWEH allowed for them to be raised up in their pride to do so. This is why He put satan and the demons here); THAT TURNS WISE MEN BACK AND TURNS THEIR KNOWLEDGE INTO FOOLISHNESS;

So many of you are wise in your own understanding and YEHWEH is about ready to show you the foolishness of your nakedness.

Many of you think that because my testimony is not going forth into the world on a grand scale and that because so few have heard what I have spoken that I am a false prophet.

There is a reason why Isaiah had to walk naked and barefoot for 3 years as part of his witness at that time.

There is a reason why his doing so was also a prophecy for the here and the now.

Concerning YEHWEH's end time messenger of the covenant Zerubbabel, He commanded you to not despise the day of this servant's small testimony.

But rather He commanded you to rejoice when you saw the measuring rod placed into his hand.

But the witness against nearly all of you is you have not rejoiced.

And you have not joined in with His servant in offering up the offering in righteousness that He has bid you to offer up to Him.

If you had, the witness would have gone out to the world.

But you have not stood with His servant.

You have not sustained or supported His servant like His word challenged you to do.

There is a reason why the first Elijah fled and had to be fed by the ravens and by the widow.

The servant that was to be sent at the time of the end to restore all things was to be sent in the spirit of and in the prophecy of Elijah.

YEHWEH's word testifies to this.

Elijah's fleeing was symbolic of the Elijah that was to be sent at the time of the end fleeing.

And his being sustained by the ravens and the widow is symbolic that almost none of you would sustain the Elijah that was to be sent at the time of the end like YEHWEH bid you to do.

He goes on;

26 I WILL CONFIRM THE WORD OF MY SERVANT (He is going to rise up or accomplish His word spoken through His servant's mouth) AND I WILL MAKE GOOD (He will repay) THE COUNSEL OF MY MESSENGERS that say to Judah, I will raise up the decayed places and build up the cities and you will dwell in Jerusalem.

This is going to happen.

He is referring to bringing back the remnant of the scattered nations of Israel to the physical land of Israel.

He is saying that He is going to accomplish that which His servants and His messengers have spoken.

And these verses here in Isaiah are referring specifically to His witnesses.

I'll post another video showing this.

Some of you think that what a prophet speaks has to happen exactly how and when he speaks it.

You think this because you are wise in your own understanding.

This is not what YEHWEH's word testifies to line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little.

You have found justification for what you think in the erroneous translation of Deuteronomy 18:22.

Much of what the prophets of old spoke did not happen exactly like they spoke it.

Many of the prophecies that they spoke contained prophecy for the different tiers of that prophecy that they spoke about.

Part of a particular prophecy that they spoke was often for back then in their era of time.

But all of what they spoke was not always completely fulfilled because some of their prophecy that they gave also included prophecy for the tier of that prophecy for the era that we are living in.

There is a reason why the Ark had three levels or three tiers.

The three tiers are representative of the three tiers of the different prophecies that have tiers that are unfolding at this time.

The same is true with the three tiers found in Ezekiel's temple measurements that he was given to record for the time of the end.

These three tiers were given prophetically.

The three tiers of the Ark are yet another tier to Yehshua's prophecy that it would be as it was as in the days of Noah.

Of course, if you have been listening to these videos, there are way more than 3 tiers to this particular prophecy.

It is amazing how many tiers to Yehshua's prophecy that have already unfolded.

It truly is as it was in the days of Noah.

The reality is, YEHWEH has spoken prophetically through all of His prophets, including His only begotten first born Son.

Was Yehshua a false prophet when He told the generation of that day that the men of Nineveh would rise up to judge them?

No, He was speaking prophetically for the time of the judgment.

But even His disciples thought that He had come to establish His Father's kingdom on earth back then.

For those of you listening, I'm not sure how much of the evidence that our Creator has given to you that you as individuals have examined that proves that He has sent me to you.

But the amount of evidence that He has given is staggering.

All of the evidence that He has sent me with thus far is His word.

He has not sent me with signs and wonders on a physical plain or with exacting judgments like He sent Moses with to Pharaoh.

At least not yet.

For that matter, He did not even send Moses with signs and wonders at first.

Moses and Aaron went before Pharaoh naked or without any signs or wonders to back them up the first time.

And he mocked YEHWEH's command for him to let His people go.

He did so by greatly increasing their labor by taking away the straw that they made the bricks with.

And the people reviled Moses and Aaron for their efforts.

And they would not hearken to him.

Much like most of you have reviled me for pleading with you to flee from Babylon and you will not hearken to me either.

It was not until the next time that Moses went before Pharaoh that YEHWEH gave him the sign of Aaron's rod turning into a snake.

The next time He turned the water into blood through Moses.

The first miracle that YEHWEH sent me to you with was He turned the water into blood through me as well.

But this miracle was not good enough for most of you because you want physical signs like the water actually turning into blood.

My Father's word is not good enough proof for most of you.

Instead of sending me with physical signs and exacting judgments thus far, YEHWEH has sent me to you with His word.

And it is His word that you reject.

He has done so as part of His witness against you.

In the same manner that His word testified to the first witness, our Messiah, and our Messiah fulfilling the prophecies that were recorded about Him proved that He was the Messiah;

And in the same manner that Yehshua fulfilling the prophecies that were recorded about Him proves His Father's word in a reverse manner;

In the same manner His word testifies that He has sent me to you.

And in the same manner His fulfilling the prophecies through me that He had recorded in His word to testify that He has sent me to you testifies not only that He has sent me, but also in a reverse manner His doing so testifies to His word.

Just like it did with His first born Son.

It is all quite spectacular in design.

The odds of Yehshua fulfilling all of the prophecies that are recorded about Him perfectly like He did are an impossibility without supreme intervention.

The same is true with all of the prophecies that YEHWEH has fulfilled through me.

Like I said, it is spectacular in design.

And it could not have been accomplished without supreme intervention from the Most High.

But you do not marvel at His word.

Instead, you are wise in your own understanding.

Like He did with Moses, He is soon going to confirm His word to you like He did to Pharaoh and you are not going to like it.

He is going to make good on what He has sent me to speak to you.

He is going to make good on His word that has not been fulfilled yet that He gave to the rest of His servants, including His first born Son to speak.

After all what they spoke is the same word that He has sent me to speak to you.

It is just that now the time is at hand for Him to confirm it.

Turn from your rebellion to His word, His kingdom is at hand.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym