The stage for the final battle between truth and all that opposes it has been set up.

And the witness against mankind for not siding with the truth has been established.

The resource that our Creator sent to the world to define truth has been rejected by nearly all who have ever lived and the same holds true to this day.

The resource is His word.

And now that He has finished calling out and programming those who became His First Fruits that make up His temple, the prophesied time of His wrath is near at hand.

He is sending this time of affliction in order to humble a people to turn from their rebellion to Him in order to become the planting in the millennium where He will continue to build His family from this number.

He raised me up out of the captivity and sent me to the scattered descendants of Israel to be the watchman that was prophesied to be sent to you at the time of the end.

It was prophesied long ago that one referred to in the scriptures as the son of man would be sent to warn you of His coming time of affliction.

It was also prophesied that this watchman would be a sign to you to do as he did and dig out from the captivity.

Our Creator plucked me out of the captivity and sent me to restore all things and to bear witness to the truth, which is His word.

The first witness, our Messiah, was also sent to bear witness to the truth.

This is recorded in;

John 18:37

You ask how I am a king.

Into this cause I was born and into this cause I came into the world in order TO BE A WITNESS TO THE TRUTH (TO BEAR WITNESS TO HIS FATHER's WORD).

ALL WHO ARE OF THE TRUTH (All who are of His Father's word) HEAR MY VOICE.

His Father sent Him to us to show us the path of truth.

He was made to be His Father's word in the flesh.

He lived His Father's word perfectly and He told us that we had to follow Him in order to be awarded eternal life.

But instead of following Him, our ancestors reviled the message that He was sent with except for a very small flock.

And they killed Him.

And since then, nearly all of you who claim that you do believe that the one who was sent to our ancestors nearly 2,000 years ago was the Messiah, trample His shed blood under your feet by using it for a license to transgress against both Him and His Father.

You follow wolves in sheep's clothing instead of following our Messiah.

Following Him is walking as He walked.

It is living as He lived.

He lived His Father's word in the flesh.

And now dying you will die if you do not turn from your rebellion to the Most High's word.

The proof that YEHWEH has plucked me out of the fire to be the watchman and the sign that was to be sent to you is His word.

If you are rejecting that He has sent me to you, you are rejecting His word.

And this proves that you are also rejecting His Son who was made to be His word in the flesh.

You can't have the blood of His Son atone for you if you reject who His Son is.

Here is what YEHWEH's word says;

John 3:18

18 He that believes "INTO" Him (HE THAT BELEIVES INTO HIS FATHER"S WORD) is not condemned: but he that does not believe (INTO HIS FATHER'S WORD) is condemned already, because he has not believed "INTO THE NAME" of YEHWEH's only begotten Son.

YEHWEH's word says that His Son's name is His word.

The night before Yehshua was killed He petitioned His Father;

John 17:17


YEHWEH Elohiym gave us His word to live in order to program our thoughts through living it.

Living His word in the flesh and in the spirit is how we become as He is.

He gave us His word to program our thoughts to become the same as His thoughts and for our way to become the same as His way.

He did this because He is building an eternal family and two cannot walk together in harmony unless they are agreed.

His word is a pathway.

But nearly all who have ever lived have rejected His pathway that was sent to program us to become as He is.

Like I keep saying in these videos, He allowed for this because He was calling out His first Fruits from our midst.

He called out those who hearkened to Him.

The rest He sent into captivity to satan and his various schemes and lies.

And the various whoredoms that are within the blasphemous religion of christianity that trample His Son's blood underfoot are satan's most successful whore houses.

They hold a third of the world's population captive by teaching their flocks to worship and to sing praises to satan's lies.

But now YEHWEH's temple is finished and He has set the stage for a showdown between truth and all that opposes it.

But the witness that He has sent has been rejected by nearly all, just like the first witness that He sent was.

Therefore He is sending the coming time of affliction to humble a people to turn from their rebellion to His word in order to become the planting in the millennium.

The first witness sometimes referred to Himself prophetically as the Son of man in His prophesies and in His parables.

YEHWEH also referred to the son of man being sent in His prophesies that He gave through Ezekiel for the His end time servant.

The tie-ins in what Yehshua spoke regarding the son of man with the here and the now and with the one whom Ezekiel prophesied would be sent are incredible.

Here is one of them;

Matthew 8

19 A certain scribe came to Him and said; teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.

20 And Yehshua said to him; the foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.

This is certainly true today of the son of man that Ezekiel prophesied was to be sent at the time of the end.

This son of man remains fled in the mountains with his family in obedience to our Messiah's instruction to do so.

The witness against man has been established that almost none would stand with him when he was sent.

This is why YEHWEH posed the question; who will sustain his servant and who will stand with him when he is sent?

The fact that the abomination of desolation has been declared and none that I know of have fully fled to the mountains per Yehshua's instructions to do so testifies that none that I know of have fully stood with YEHWEH's word and what it testifies to.

21 And another of his disciples said to him, Master, allow me to first go and bury my father.

22 And Yehshua said to him, Follow after me and let the dead bury their dead.

I have spoken about this verse in several of these videos.

When Yehshua said this, He was saying that if you are not following in His footsteps, which is His Father's word, you are like the dead people before His and His Father's face.

And according to YEHWEH's word, dead people are unclean.

His word says that we even become unclean if we even so much as touch the dead or go into their houses.

Living His word separates us from the world to become His seed.

Yehshua called the Most High His Father.

He was YEHWEH's only begotten Son, therefore He was not technically the Son of a man, although He was certainly born of a woman.

So in lieu of this, His references to Himself as the Son of man have prophetic significance.

This phrase is a parable.

The description of the son of man defines a character that ties in with Him being His Father's word in the flesh.

We are here in the flesh to become as our Creator is.

We become His children when we become as He is.

And we become as He is as we walk with Him in His word.

His Son was one with His Father.

He told us to become one with Him in the same manner so that we too become one with His Father and He becomes are Father in doing so.

The parable "son of man" is symbolic of us being YEHWEH's word in the flesh as men and women in order to become His sons or His daughters.

Here is what His word says concerning His two witnesses;

Zechariah 4

14 Then he said, THESE ARE THE TWO ANOINTED SONS that stand beside the Master of the entire earth.

Understanding what these two witnesses were sent to bear witnesses to is paramount in understanding why they are His Sons.

Yehshua and I were sent to represent His word in our flesh.

Of course I was not given YEHWEH's 7 spirits without measure like His Son was so the process of Him restoring truth through me has been just that, a process.

If you are standing with His two witnesses, therefore standing with our Messiah, then you are standing with our Creator's word and with what it testifies to.

Standing with His word is living His word while we are here as men and women in order to become His Sons and daughters and eventually His eternal family.

The bottom line is, following our Messiah is becoming as He was in the flesh and He was His Father's word in the flesh.

Living our Creator's word in the flesh as men and women is the programming process that He gave to us to use to become as He is and as His Son was made to be.

It is what causes us to become His family.

His word testifies to this.

The question is, which of you is fully seizing with Him in what He has revealed and restored in order to become His children?

His word testifies that after the first fruit harvest on the feast of first fruits that landed on July 19th, that there were no others who remained in the flesh besides the son of man whom He raised up and sent to you.

This is not about standing with me.

It is about standing with YEHWEH's word and with that which it testifies to.

If you are not standing with His word, you are not standing with His son and you are not becoming His Sons.

You are denying that which our Creator sent to give you eternal life.

His Son's atoning blood being applied on our behalf requires us to follow after Him.

He said so.

We become our Creator's eternal sons by becoming His Son as men.

And we become His Sons as men by becoming His word in our flesh like His Son did.

Here is what the result of the renewed covenant is that we can enter into through His Son's shed blood;

Jeremiah 31

33 But this will be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; after those days, saith YEHWEH, I WILL PUT MY TORAH IN THEIR INWARD PARTS AND WRITE IT IN THEIR HEARTS; and I will be their ELOHIYM, and they will be my people (sons and daughters).

If you do not have His Torah written in your hearts and in the center of your being, you are not in the renewed covenant.

This is what His word testifies to.

You need to turn from your rebellion to His word and enter into the conditions that the Son of man, who was also the Son of the Most High, brought to you.

He told us that we have to repent and follow Him.

Repenting is turning from our rebellion to YEHWEH's word.

If you are not becoming as Yehshua was in the flesh, which was His Father's word in the flesh as a man, you are not following Him.

There is only one way into His Father's family, He said so.

He said;

John 14:6

I am the pathway, the truth and the life: no man can come to the Father except through (through the path of) me.

Who was He?

He was made in the image of His Father's word.

He said plainly that His Father's word is the truth that makes us pure.

The pathway to enter into eternal life as our Creator's sons and daughters is walking in His word as men and women.

It is becoming His sons in the flesh as men.

This is the parable of the son of man.

This is what YEHWEH's word testifies to.

If you choose to remain on any other pathway other than His word, which is the truth that was given to us to deliver us into His family, then dying you will die.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym.