The title of this video is "The 3rd Day and the 7th Day".

I have been speaking in the past few videos about how our Elohiym has revealed a refinement in His timeline that has funneled the timing of His judgment into December 25th.

I also have spoken how the 188 day earthquake cycle ties in the easter bunny's celebration next March into His judgment.

But I have also spoken how I believe this revelation is just symbolically tying in this blasphemous tradition to His judgment and how our Elohiym's stamp is still on December 25th.

It has been awesome how His timeline unfolding like it has first established the correct timing of His appointed times like it did.

It has testified to His appointed times along with testifying to the restored timing of them along with testifying to the rest of His word.

Then He funneled His timeline into satan's blaspheme of Jeroboam's profaned feast in the 8th month and then into satan's Mayan blaspheme that the whole world has given their ear to.

And now the Most High has tied in the blasphemous mass of christianity's make believe messiah and their easter bunny celebration that profanes His Passover and His Son's shed blood.

It is awesome how 40 days after the last day of Jeroboam's profaned feast that landed on November 9th lands on December 19th and how this set up a 7 day period leading to December 25th.

It is awesome how December 19th is the 1st day of the tenth month on His restored calendar and how this allowed for a 7 day period for a march to occur without one of the days being on the Sabbath like was the case with the march around Jericho back then.

And now today I am going to give you another dimension in His incredible timeline unfolding like it has.

If you count December 19th as day one of the 7 day count, then the Mayan abomination lands on day 3 and the whore's blasphemous tradition of christmas lands on day 7.

This is an incredible set of circumstances in lieu of the water of separation and the red heifer statute.

It is incredible considering that YEHWEH is sending His wrath in order to humble a people into wanting to be purified by His purification process.

YEHWEH has revealed through the testimony that He has sent me with that the world is full of a bunch of zombies.

The inhabitants of the world are walking dead people before YEHWEH's face because you have rejected His word that was sent to give you eternal life.

Therefore you have rejecting the atoning sacrifice of His Son's blood.

His Son told us;

Matt 8:22


When He said this, He was giving a parable that if you are not walking on the same path that He walked on, which is His Father's word, you are dead before His and His Father's face.

You are dead men and women walking and this makes you a bunch of Zombies.

And the third of the world that calls yourselves christian have done far worse than the rest of the world.

You have done far worse because you had His word available to you but you used His Son's shed blood to trample His word underfoot.

And you trampled His Son's blood under your feet in doing so.

And now you will receive double of His indignation if you do not turn from your rebellion.

With the water of separation instructions we read;

Numbers 19

12 He shall purify himself with it ON THE 3RD DAY AND ON THE 7TH DAY (verse 19 adds at even) he will be clean: BUT IF HE "DOES NOT" PURIFY HIMSELF ON THE 3rd DAY, then the 7th day HE WILL "NOT" BE CLEAN.

Here is the reality that you need to face;

13 Whosoever touches THE DEAD BODY of any man that is dead AND DOES NOT PURIFY HIMSELF DEFILES YEHWEH'S TABERNACLE AND THAT SOUL "SHALL BE CUT OFF FROM ISRAEL" because the WATER OF SEPARATION was not sprinkled upon him he is unclean and his uncleanness will remain upon him.

I spoke on this water of separation in "The Mystery of the Red Heifer Revealed" video.

Here is the link to this video; http://youtu.be/ccr3WOW6CdU  

It is a very serious thing indeed to not have Yehshua's blood atoning for us.

You are a dead person walking without it.

All of you who do not have it being applied on your behalf are unclean because you are walking dead people and you will be purged out in the coming days.

So all of the hype in the media about the zombie apocalypse is true.

The uncleanness of the world is about ready to be purged.

Yehshua's blood carries a price tag and the price tag is turning from your rebellion to His Father's word and doing so with the intent of becoming as He is.

20 But the man that is unclean AND DOES NOT PURIFY himself, that soul WILL BE CUT OFF from among the congregation BECAUSE HE HAS DEFILED YEHWEH'S SANCTUARY when the WATER OF SEPARATION has not been sprinkled upon him AND HE IS UNCLEAN.

21 This shall be A PERPETUAL STATUTE unto you, and he that sprinkles the WATER OF SEPARATION shall wash his clothes and he that touches the water of separation shall be unclean until even.

22 And ALL WHO (even) TOUCH THE UNCLEAN SHALL BE UNCLEAN and the soul that touches them shall be unclean until even.

We are to not so much as even touch the one whom has touched a zombie.

It is incredibly significant that the Mayan abomination that the world gave their ear to like it has is on day 3 and the whore's santa clause celebration is on day 7.

The world gave their ear to satan's lies and to his distractions but not to YEHWEH's word that He gave to us to set us apart to become His children.

I saw a headline just today where Fox network is doing a special on the Mayan distraction.

The world is fascinated with the Mayan nonsense and the media loves talking about satan's distractions like this.

The world has their ears bent to satan's snares like this and they love to give his distractions their attention, and with some, even their fear.

Yet YEHWEH's end-time messenger of the covenant has gone unheard almost altogether.

And the world certainly has not feared going against their Creator's word.

And I notified Fox news and hundreds or maybe even thousands of other networks of the coming wrath but they could care less.

In lieu of this, it is fitting that YEHWEH has tied the Mayan abomination in with His judgment.

Ex 24:15-18

15 And Moses went up into the mount and a cloud covered the mount.

16 And YEHWEH's glory abode upon mount Sinai and the cloud covered it 6 DAYS AND THE 7TH DAY He called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud.

17 And the sight YEHWEH's glory WAS LIKE DEVOURING FIRE on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel.

18 And Moses went into the midst of the cloud and gat him up into the mount and Moses was in the mount FORTY DAYS AND FORTY NIGHTS.

Like I said, day one of the 7 days leading up to December 25th is 40 days from November 9th.

Could this be a reverse 40 day application of this event at Sinai?

He also put His signature on December 25th 40 days prior to it.

Like I have been saying in other videos, in lieu of what He has revealed to date, December 25th is the day of His vengeance.

I would not count on Him revealing any further continuances in His timeline.

There is no such 7 day period prior to the easter bunny abomination because it falls on the 13th day on YEHWEH's restored calendar.

And this does not allow for a 7 day period like the one between December 19th and the 25thdoes.

So if I were you, I would be using this warning cry to motivate you to turn from your rebellion to the Most High before His wrath is unleashed upon you.

Repent because His kingdom is at hand.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym