When it was to be that YEHWEH was sending a whirlwind to remove Elijah, He first sent him to Bethel.

This is recorded in;

2 Kings 2:1-2

1 When it was that YEHWEH was going to take up Elijah into heaven in a whirlwind, Elijah and Elisha departed from Gilgal.

2 And Elijah said to Elisha, I beseech you to remain here because YEHWEH IS SENDING ME TO BETHEL. And Elisha said to him, as YEHWEH lives and as your soul lives, I will not leave you.


It is fascinating how this is unfolding.

In lieu of this verse and in lieu of how all of the prophecies have unfolded in the testimony that YEHWEH has sent me to you with, if you think that it is possible that it is a coincidence that He has led me to camp at Bethel these past 3 days, you have quite the ability to keep your head buried in the sand.

It has been incredible what He has revealed about Bethel these last few days and how it ties in with the timing of His wrath in the 8th month and how it testifies to why He is sending it along with the timing of it.

But YEHWEH did not remove Elijah at Bethel.

He told him to go to Jericho.

2 Kings 2:4

4 And Elijah said to him, Elisha, remain here, I beseech you; BECAUSE YEHWEH IS SENDING ME TO JERICHO. And he said; as YEHWEH lives and as your soul lives, I will not leave you.


But He did not remove Him at Jericho either.

YEHWEH told Elijah to go to the Jordan;

2 Kings 2:6

6 And Elijah said to Elisha, remain here, I beseech you, BECAUSE YEHWEH IS SENDING ME TO THE JORDAN. And he said, as YEHWEH lives and as your soul lives, I will not leave you. And the two went on.

Of course this is where He was caught up to the chariot.

The first place that YEHWEH sent me to you was to the Jordan.

These events are recorded for a reason.

The work that He has sent me with is a reverse to Elijah's departure and it carries a testimony along with it.

The spirit of Elijah returned to you at the Jordan when YEHWEH sent me to you with the message of how to turn the water that you need to be baptized under into His Son's blood.

This was the first video that He led me to post.

But YEHWEH's renewed covenant did not begin with me being sent to you, He also sent John the Baptist to the Jordan in the spirit of Elijah almost 2,000 years ago.

John was sent with the same message, repent and be baptized.

He said;

John 1:23

23 I am the voice crying in the wilderness; STRAIGHTEN YOUR PATHWAY TO YEHWEH as the prophet Isaiah spoke.

Straightening your pathway means to turn to the only straight and narrow pathway that there is.

The straight and narrow pathway is YEHWEH's word.

Our Messiah said so.

He told us to follow Him and He represented His Father's word in the flesh to a "t".

He was sent with the same message.

He told us to repent and to be baptized.

Repent means to turn from our rebellion to YEHWEH.

It means to turn back from our ways.

It was at the Jordan where John Baptized Yehshua and John bore witness to YEHWEH's 7 spirits entering into Him there.

If you think it was a coincidence that John was sent to the Jordan in the spirit of Elijah with this message and with the instruction to be baptized in lieu of Elijah departing from there, you are being willfully blind.

If you think the first message that I was sent to you with which was turning the water into blood was a coincidence in lieu of me also being sent in the spirit of Elijah and in lieu of Elijah departing from the Jordan, you are being so stubborn and stiff-necked that there probably is no hope for you.

After bringing forth the message about the water being turned into Yehshua's blood and how this is accomplished, YEHWEH sent me to you at Jericho.

The symbolism associated with Jericho and the prophecy that He sent me with is awesome.

The walls did not come crashing down until the children first got circumcised, and then a couple of weeks later there was the 7 day march.

Is it possible that the 7 day march leading up to November 9th a coincidence?

YEHWEH sent me to you with the message that we have to have our hearts circumcised and that this is accomplished through walking with Him in His word with the intent of becoming as He is.

He sent me to you on a reverse path that He sent Elijah on from where he departed from our ancestor's.

This is all brilliant in design.

The start of the prophecy that He sent me to you with was from where He removed Elijah.

And this place is the same place that John was sent to our ancestors telling them to turn from their rebellion and be baptized.

This reverse path led me right back to you to Bethel where He has led me to camp these last 3, now 4 days in the videos.

And, like I have been saying, Bethel is where Jacob was given the name Israel.

Bethel means Elohiym's house.

He has been building His house from Israel's descendants but most of you have profaned His house.

I have told you how Bethel is also the place where Elijah's apprentice Elisha called forth the two bears which killed the 42 children.

If you think the 42 days following November 9th can be a coincidence in lieu of these prophecies fitting together so perfectly like they do, your willful denial of what His word testifies to is certainly rooted in some incredibly stiff-necked pride.

Elijah departed from Gilgal in order to go to Bethel.

Gilgal has quite the history associated with Israel's rebellion and their abominations as well.

It is where the children of Israel crossed over the Jordan before they came to Jericho.

It is where they were circumcised in the flesh and where they kept the Passover that year, but it is also where other not so good events occurred.

It is where King Saul offered up sacrifices to YEHWEH that were not according to His word and Samuel informed him that the kingdom would be stripped from him.

It is also where Saul went when he rebelled against YEHWEH's commandment when he did not kill the king of the Amalekites nor the choice of the livestock like he was told to do.

It is where he brought his rebellion to offer it up in rebellion to YEHWEH's instructions.

The end time prophecies associated with Gilgal are not good.

Hosea recorded;

Hos 9:15

15 I hated all of their wickedness that they did there at Gilgal. Because of their doings I WILL DRIVE THEM OUT OF MY HOUSE, I will love them no more: all of their leaders are turned away from me.

Gilgal is symbolic of all of your offering up to YEHWEH your offerings and your worship to Him in rebellion to His instructions.

For those of you who have examined the evidence in His word that testifies that He has sent me to restore all things but you are still either rejecting that He has sent me to you or you are rejecting what He has restored through me, where to you think that leaves you before His face?

Where did it leave Saul when he offered up to YEHWEH apart from Samuel's instructions?

And if you are not accepting the 30 day restoration, you simply are not accepting that which His word testifies to.

And for those of you who have not even feared YEHWEH enough to examine the evidence that He has sent me, where do you think this leaves you before His eyes?

Folks, this is real.

His word even says that none would seize Him in all of what He revealed at the time of the end but His servant Michael.

Believe His word and turn from your rebellion to it.

There is so much symbolism in the events of the past that were recorded to testify to your rebellion to Him at this time.

And these events and the symbolism associated with them testify to why He is sending His wrath upon you if you do not turn from your rebellion to Him.

I have spoken in other videos how crossing through the Jordan and even their parents crossing through the Red Sea were foreshadows of the baptism process.

Moses sprinkled blood on them after they crossed through the Red Sea to signify the blood covenant.

This was a foreshadow that the water that each of you need to be baptized under needs to be turned into Yehshua's blood.

And this is accomplished when we repent by turning to hearkening to His Father's instructions.

Like I said, straightening our paths is walking on the only straight and narrow path there is;

It is walking on YEHWEH's path that His Son testified to and Himself walked on perfectly.

His path is His Torah with the statutes and judgments.

He has led me to Bethel to testify against you for all of your abominations to His instructions.

Your profaning His Sabbaths with your Saturday worship or your Sunday worship or some other perversion of His Sabbaths is no different than Jeroboam's setting up the golden calves at Bethel and Dan back then.

Your not putting a difference between the clean and the unclean is no different than the children of Israel setting up the golden calf at Mount Sinai.

It is rebellion to His word, the same as Adam and Eve's rebellion to Him that got them kicked out of His garden and shut off from His tree of life.

Your not teaching your children to walk in His Torah is no different than offering them up as sacrifices to Baal in the fire.

Your lifting your hands up to a sing praises to make believe images of Him and His Son is worshipping your father satan.

And dying you will die if you do not stop worshipping satan in his whorehouses that you call your churches.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym