The additional details in how and why this is unfolding the way that it is that were given yesterday were incredible.

It is phenomenal how the prophecies that are recorded in YEHWEH's word are unfolding like they are.

He has this all timed out and orchestrated down to the nanosecond and it is phenomenal the way that His word testifies to it.

It is awesome how the history that is associated with Bethel is playing into this as well.

I will try to post a separate video expanding on the significance of Jeroboam's abomination being set up where he set it up.

I spoke yesterday how Bethel means the House of Elohiym or Elohiym's House and how it was also where Jacob was given the name Israel and other significant tie ins to Bethel.

I also spoke about how it was the location where Jeroboam profaned YEHWEH's appointed time of the 7th month.

I read to you where YEHWEH's word says that Jeroboam's abomination was done according to the "devising of his own heart" and this is of huge significance in this.

This was recorded in;

1 Kings 12:32-33

32 And Jeroboam made a feast like the feast that is in Judah, in the eighth month, on the fifteenth day of the month, and he offered upon the altar. He did this in Bethel and he sacrificed UNTO THE CALVES THAT HE MADE and he made priests and stood them in the high places of Bethel.

33 He offered upon the altar which he had made in Bethel on the fifteenth day of the eighth month, in the month which HE HAD DEVISED IN HIS OWN HEART; and made a feast unto the children of Israel: and he offered upon the altar and burnt incense.

Today we are only 8 days from the anniversary of this 15th day of the 8th month on YEHWEH's restored calendar.

This will be day one of the 7 days that will end on November 9th.

In yesterday's video I spoke about the possibility of YEHWEH's wrath beginning with the house of Israel on this 15th day which will land on November 3rdon satan's calendar.

Of course some of the east coast and it looks like New York in particular might feel like His wrath is upon them a few days before this with Hurricane Sandy barreling their way, along with two other weather systems converging upon them to set up what they are calling the perfect storm.

But however bad this storm will be, it is just a pre-curser for what is coming.

In yesterday's video I spoke about how the 7 days associated with the timing of Jeroboam's feast abomination could be focused on the scattered nations of Israel and how this could play into it.

The scattered nations of Israel are primarily those of you who are gathered in the English speaking nations of the world today who are in captivity to the lies of christianity.

You worship our Creator in vain because you believe into lies that you got from following after the abomination of Desolation Saul of Tarsus.

You certainly have not followed in the Most High's Son's footsteps because He lived His Father's word.

Instead, you have used His shed blood for a license to rebel against His Father.

Yesterday I also spoke about the possibility of how November 9th could unfold to begin a 40 or a 42 day period of judgment on the rest of the world and how if it were 42 days, it would end on the Mayan date of December 21st.

I touched on how 42 has played into this and on the 42 children being killed by the two bears when they mocked Elisha and how this event happened at Bethel as well.

The problem that I was having that I shared with those of you who listened to yesterday's video is I did not understand how the two days between the 40 day prophecies and the 42 day prophesies could fit into this.

When I was going back over the video to prepare the text of it that I post on the http://www.repairingthebreach.info/ website, I was amazed to have what was recorded about the two golden calves revealed to me.

There are several dimensions that have unfolded in the 40 and 2 month prophecy that is found in the book of Revelation.

But I did not understand how it ties in with the number 40 that He has woven through the events that have unfolded during the past nearly 6,000 years, including how 40 has been woven into His timeline in these last days before His wrath is sent.

It was at the end of the first 40 days when Moses was up on the mountain that the children of Israel set up the first golden calf.

And of course they experienced 40 years in the desert because of their continuing to rebel against and not trust the Most High.

The restored 30 day month shows that the last day of Jeroboam's profaned feast is 40 days after the Day of Atonement.

And the significance of what the Day of Atonement is to point to with the atoning process that the Most High set up through His Son's blood makes this 40 day stamp huge in this.

Instead of setting up one golden calf, Jeroboam made two calves to worship before.

But notice the description of his crime against the Most High;

...in the month which HE HAD DEVISED (Invented) IN HIS OWN HEART;

It is not just about the golden calves.

They are just the physical manifestation of his rebellion to YEHWEH.

The same thing goes with his switching the feast to the 8th month.

Doing so was just the physical manifestation of his rebellion.

But the bottom line is that it was in his uncircumcised heart to decide right from wrong for himself and to tell our Creator how and when he would worship and serve Him.

This is no different than Adam and Eve's rebellion in the garden that got them cast out from the garden.

They rejected YEHWEH's instruction and in doing so, they rebelled against Him.

Rebellion to Him is no different than the sin of witchcraft.

His word says so.

1 Sam 15:22-23

22 Does YEHWEH delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices like He does in obeying His voice? Behold, TO HEARKEN TO YEHWEH AND TO OBEY HIM is better than the sacrifice of the choice of rams.

23 BECAUSE REBELLION TO HIM IS LIKE THE SIN OF WITCHCRAFT (divination) and TO PRESS AGAINST HIM is wicked and idolatrous. BECAUSE YOU HAVE REJECTED YEHWEH'S WORD, He has rejected you (Saul) from being king.

This is what all of man's religions have done, they have decided right from wrong for themselves like Saul did that day.

But the religion of christianity is going to receive a double portion of His indignation because you had His word directly available to you but you have rejected His word by refusing to hearken to it.

And He sent His Son to you with a renewed covenant but you rejected His offer to return to Him and you trampled His Son's blood underfoot by using it to justify your rebellion to His word.

And now you are going to be recompensed for your rebellion if you do not turn from it and enter into the renewed covenant in order to be atoned for by His Son's blood.

It is not a coincidence that November 9th is 40 days after the Day of Atonement.

Yehshua told us that we have to repent.

Repentance is turning from our rebellion to His Father and following after Him like He told us to do.

He lived His Father's word and told us to do likewise by following Him.

In regards to the two days between the 40 day judgment and the 40 and 2 days that lead up to the Mayan calendar abomination, YEHWEH is tying in this symbolism with the two golden calves to represent all of man's rebellion to Him.

He is using Jeroboam's two calves and the last day of his profaned feast and the Mayan abomination to stamp the 42 days between them.

He is using them to tie in His stamp of judgment that is associated with the 40 years that Israel was sentenced to the wilderness into this 40 and 2 day period.

I still do not know the details to how all of this will unfold.

I just know what His word testifies to.

I do not know if this 40 and 2 day period is actual or if it is just symbolic.

The great and terrible day of His wrath might still be on one long day on November 9th with the sun going down during it.

I know that His word testifies to November 9th.

And I know that He has continued to hold back the calamity like His Son said He would for the sake of those who will be delivered into the millennium to become the planting for the latter harvest into His family.

He has continued to show His longsuffering and His mercy on mankind.

And nearly all of man-kind has continued to thumb their noses at Him by pressing against Him.

He has led me to speak all along in the prophecy that He has sent me with that He will hold back His wrath until the last possible moment that it is necessary in order for Him to accomplish why He is sending it.

He is sending it in order to humble 3.3333% of the inhabitants of the world into repentance.

It is being sent upon those of you who will not hearken to Him without Him sending it.

The other 96.66667% of you who will not hearken to Him even after He sends it will simply be purged out during the coming time of affliction.

In any case, He will make a short work of it, His word says so.

It is brilliant how He has orchestrated this to bring in Jeroboam's abomination and the two golden calves and the divination of the Mayans into His timeline the way that He has.

I also spoke yesterday how the prophecy that He has sent me with is a perfect match to that which unfolded when Yosiah was made king when he was 8 years old.

Being made king when he was 8 is not a coincidence in lieu of him fulfilling the prophecy against Jeroboam that was given at the time of his abomination in the 8th month.

What is testified to in the account of Jeroboam and Yosiah is a perfect match to why YEHWEH is sending His wrath at this time.

I spoke how Yosiah was a foreshadow of Yehshua being sent to destroy all of the false worship like it happened back then with Yosiah who was one of the very few kings who did that which was right before YEHWEH's eyes.

It is fascinating how YEHWEH's end time witness against man-kind is all recorded in previous events in His word like it is.

Turn from your rebellion and make straight your paths because YEHWEH's kingdom is at hand.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym.