The abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus certainly did a good job of desolating the truth with the institution of his saved by grace apart from the works of the Torah doctrine.

This doctrine did not come from our Creator's prophets, nor did it come from His Son who was also His prophet.

According to the eye witnesses who walked with our Messiah, He did not ever, ever speak such a doctrine as this.

He never even hinted at such a blasphemous doctrine.

Instead, He said things like if you want to have eternal life, keep the commandments.

He said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from His Father's Torah until heaven and earth pass away.

And then He went on to magnify it and to make it honorable like the prophet Isaiah prophesied He would.

Isa 42:21

21 YEHWEH IS WELL PLEASED for His righteousness' sake; He will MAGNIFY THE TORAH and MAKE IT HONORABLE.

Saul's saved by grace teachings blaspheme the reason why our Elohiym gave us life here in the flesh.

His teachings caused those who heard them to defecate on the Son of the Most High's shed blood by giving them justification to rebel against why He shed His blood.

YEHWEH set up the sacrifice of His Son so that we could return to a renewed covenant with Him through it.

He did not send His Son to give us an excuse to rebel against why He gave us life.

He put us here in the flesh and allowed for us to either choose to become as He is or to choose to go our own way and be separated from Him, not only while here in the flesh, but also for all of eternity.

The life that sins against Him will be dead for all of eternity.

His word says so.

Sin is transgression of His Torah, His word says this as well.

The replacement sacrifice that He set up through His Son carries a price tag; it carries the price tag of genuine repentance.

Genuine repentance is turning from our rebellion to His word because rebelling against His word is what sin is.

Repentance is turning from our rebellion to His Torah because His Torah is His word.

His Torah is that which He gave us to reprogram our thoughts to be as His thoughts are.

David said that it is perfect at converting our lives.

This means that His Torah is perfect at circumcising our hearts.

No uncircumcised heart will be allowed in His kingdom, His word says so.

When we walk with Him in agreement with His thoughts and in agreement with His ways, then we are found in His favor.

He sent His Son with a renewed covenant to allow us to return to being His seed through turning from our rebellion to Him and through being atoned for through the sacrifice that He set up.

The Apostle John said;

John 1:16-17

16 Because of what Yehshua filled, we can all grab hold of (we can all seize) favor for His favor.


17 Because the Torah was given through Moses AND THE FAVOR AND THE TRUTH "WAS MADE TO BE" through Yehshua our Messiah.

The truth is YEHWEH's word.

His Son said so.

His word includes the Torah that was given to Moses.

Yehshua was made to be His Father's word in the flesh and His Father was well pleased in Him, He said so.

He told us to follow after Him if we desire to have eternal life.

He lived His Father's every word.

Following Him is living as He lived.

It is walking on the same pathway that He walked on which was His Father's Torah that was given to Moses.

His word is the truth that purifies us when we live it.

The translators deliberately added a "but" in verse 17 to make it sound like John was making a contrasting statement between the Torah and the truth and he was not.

They translated things to fit into their blasphemous religious bends that line up with their boy Saul's blasphemous doctrines.

The bottom line here in what the Apostle John was saying is that when we follow after our Messiah, walking as He walked, which is what genuine repentance is, then we return to being found in His Father's favor and He extends favor to us by applying His Son's shed blood on our behalf to atone for our rebellion to Him.

It is favor for favor.

Returning to the covenant with Him is walking as His Son walked in order to be found in His favor like His Son was found in His favor.

And when we do, we receive the favor of the atoning sacrifice that He set up through His Son.

If you want to continue in your saved by grace apart from walking before His face on His narrow path doctrine, dying you will die.

His Son told us;

Matthew 5


Here is what He said to the called out ones of Sardis;

Revelation 3

1 And to the angel of the called out ones in Sardis write; these things says He that has YEHWEH's seven Spirits and the seven stars; I know your works, that you have a name that you live AND YOU ARE DEAD (SPIRITUALLY).

2 Be vigilant and turn resolutely to that which remains which is about to die BECAUSE I HAVE NOT FOUND YOUR WORKS "FILLED UP" before YEHWEH's face.

For those of you who think that He fulfilled the Torah, you should have a problem with verses like this.

In Matthew 7 He told us that He will tell all of you whose works are lawlessness to depart from Him because He does not know you.

3 Therefore take remembrance of what you have received and heard AND HOLD FAST TO IT AND REPENT. Wherefore if you do not become vigilant, I will come upon you in the manner of a thief (in the night) AND YOU WILL NOT KNOW AT WHAT HOUR I WILL COME UPON YOU.

This happened.

He came suddenly to His Father's temple like Malachi recorded He would and the first fruit harvest is complete.

Now He is getting ready to humble a people to get you to turn from your rebellion to Him in order become part of the planting in the millennium in order to become part of the latter harvest.

I hear people say that as long as we try to do our best to obey what we can, we can still be found in YEHWEH's favor.

Is this what His word testifies to?

What is trying to do your best?

Is it doing, or is it justifying your not doing?

Is it being perfect like our Messiah told us to be?

Or is it justifying your imperfection and giving yourself our Creator's favor?

Is it justifying not obeying Him for whatever reason?

We must fear not being found in His favor and living to be in His favor needs to be our life's focus.

This is why Yehshua told us to seek His Father's righteousness and His kingdom as our foremost priority.

It is a matter of losing our lives here in the flesh for His kingdom's sake.

I read in His word that if a man is gathering wood on the Sabbath, that we are to stone that man so that he does not teach his children or teach others that it is okay to rebel against the Most High.

This doesn't sound like YEHWEH is telling us that it is okay that he was gathering wood, he did the best that he could because he tried, but he didn't have time to get it gathered the day before.

I read our Messiah's admonishment to be perfect.

Being perfect is not compromising YEHWEH's word for any reason whatsoever.

I do not read where we should do the best we can.

We need to obey Him and trust in Him to take care of everything from there.

If your job fires you for obeying Him, then so what?

Is His arm too short that He cannot take care of you and your family?

David had a total brokenness of his heart for transgressing against YEHWEH.

He did not try to justify his sin because of circumstances.

He said; YEHWEH, break my legs if you need to in order to punish me, just don't cut me off from your spirit.

YEHWEH said that David is a man after His own heart.

It is the broken and contrite heart that YEHWEH is looking for, to him He will look upon.

He is looking for brokenness in us for transgressing against Him because it is such a heart that seeks to not transgress against Him in the future.

The heart that justifies their transgressions keeps on transgressing against Him.

Our Messiah told the religious of the day that they had omitted the weightier matters of the Torah.

He said;

Matt 23:23

23 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you tithe on the mint and anise and cumin and you have OMITTED THE WEIGHTIER MATTERS OF THE TORAH, JUDGMENT, MERCY (BROKENNESS OVER SIN) AND FAITH: you should have done these and also not forsaken the other.

The judgment that He is saying they omitted was His Father's righteous judgments.

The word that they translated as mercy is a word that means a brokenness over our transgressions or a brokenness over the transgressions that are done in our midst.

It is having a broken and a contrite heart.

The faith that they had omitted was true faith.

They had plenty of faith in living their lies.

They had plenty of faith that they were in tight with their maker in doing so.

But they did not put their faith or their belief in the truth of what YEHWEH's word says.

Their faith was still in their own arm and in the arm of man and in appearing religious.

They were not sold out for YEHWEH's kingdom and His righteousness that must be our single priority.

They were not living YEHWEH's word in their hearts with the desire and the intent of becoming His righteousness like He sent it to accomplish.

Rev 19:11-13

11 And I saw heaven open, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon it was called faithful and true, and in RIGHTEOUSNESS HE DOES JUDGE and make war.

12 His eyes were as a flame of fire and on His head were many crowns; and He had a name written that no man knew but himself.

13 And He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood: and HIS NAME IS CALLED YEHWEH's WORD.

Folks, Yehshua plainly told us that all will be judged by His Father's word in the last days.

What word do you think He was talking about?

He validated the writings of the prophets.

He told Pilot that He came to bear witness to the truth.

And He told us that His Father's word is the truth that purifies us.

It purifies us by circumcising our hearts when we live it in spirit and in truth.

True worship is living His word with the desire and the intent of becoming His righteousness.

His word is the truth that delivers us into His eternal family.

John 5:45-47

45 Do not think it is just I that accuse you to the Father, IT IS MOSES in whom you trust THAT ACCUSES YOU.

46 Because if you believed Moses, you would believe me because he wrote of me.

47 But if you do not believe his writings, how shall you believe my words?

YEHWEH has sent me with the same testimony.

It is the writings of Moses and the prophets that testify that He has sent me to you to restore all things.

It is these writings that you have to reject in order to reject that He has sent me to cry out for you to repent and to offer up to Him the offering in righteousness that He has called for you to lift up to Him at this time.

This offering in righteousness is to offer yourself up to Him by returning to His Torah with the statutes and judgments, including that which He has restored.

It is also to cry aloud to warn others to do the same.

If you do not believe their writings, obviously you do not believe me.

And this is exactly what has happened in the testimony that He has sent me with, just like it happened when He sent the 1st witness.

And the writings of Moses and the prophets will accuse you before my Father.

Jeremiah 23:29

29 Is not my word like as a fire? says YEHWEH; and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?

The title of this video is favor for favor.

If you desire to be found in YEHWEH's favor and given the favor of His Son's shed blood, I suggest you do what His Son told us to do.

He said;

Matthew 4:17

17 From that time Yehshua began to preach and said, REPENT, BECAUSE THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND.

He did not cry out for you to give your heart to Him and confess that His Father was going to raise Him from the dead and that if you do this, you will be saved by His Father's grace.

Yes, we certainly must give our hearts to Him.

Giving our hearts to Him is giving our hearts to the correct image of who He was and is.

He was and is the image of His Father's word.

His word says so.

The saved by grace doctrine that came out from the teachings of the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus is flat out blasphemous.

It denies our Creator's righteousness that He put us here to become.

Only those who overcome will be granted the tree of life, our Messiah said so.

If you want to be found in our Creator's favor, you need to be obeying His word with the intent of becoming as He is.

This is what His word testifies to.

If you do, then He will pour out His favor upon you and He will deliver you into the millennium to become the planting for the latter harvest.

Favor for favor.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym