People continue to write me to tell me how I am a false prophet and how I need to be stoned.

False prophets do indeed need to be stoned and there are many in the world that are about ready to find this out.

All of the shepherds in christianity who falsely teach what YEHWEH Elohiym's word says are false prophets whether they claim that they are prophets or not.

He defined what a false prophet is through His servant Moses.

He said;

Deut 12:32

32 All things that I command you; HEDGE ABOUT them (GUARD THEM) "AND DO THEM" and DO NOT "ADD TO THEM" NOR "TAKE AWAY" FROM THEM.

13:1 If there rise up among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams and he or she gives you a sign or a wonder,

2 EVEN IF THAT SIGN OR THE WONDER COMES TO PASS, if he or she speaks to you and says to walk following and to serve other images of Elohiym that are not known (by His word).

He is saying that if any one comes along and tells you to walk on a different path than the path that He gave to us or tells you to worship and serve a different image of Him than His word testifies to that they are false.

He says;

3 Do not hearken to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams: BECAUSE YEHWEH ELOHIYM "PROVES YOU" (OR TESTS YOU) TO KNOW WHETHER YOU LOVE YEHWEH ELOHIYM with all your heart and with all your soul or not.

Deut 13:4-5


In the next verse He tells us what to do with anyone who speaks to lead you to a different path other than His word with His commandments;

5 "PUT TO DEATH" that prophet or that dreamer of dreams BECAUSE HE OR SHE SPOKE "TO CAUSE YOU TO REBEL" AGAINST YEHWEH ELOHIYM which brought you out of the land of Egypt and released you out of the house of bondage, because he or she has sought TO DRAW YOU OUT FROM "THE PATHWAY" which YEHWEH Elohiym commanded you to walk on.

Burn away the evil from your midst.

Is this what the false shepherds in christianity teach?

No, they are the ones who are guilty of leading their flocks and anyone who will listen to them to different pathways.

What I have spoken is for anyone who will listen is to do exactly what verse 4 says to do.

And for this some of you say that I need to be stoned yet you let the false prophets of christianity flourish in your midst teaching their abominations and leading their flocks to the lake of fire.

You would think that my accusers would examine all of the evidence before ordering me stoned.

But the evidence that I have been sent by our Creator is His word and His word is not good enough evidence for most of you.

You want signs and wonders.

Some of you have quoted Yellowstone not blowing on or before July 19th or the west coast tsunami not happening before then like I said it would in your reasoning for declaring me to be a false prophet.

In lieu of what our Creator gave about the continuance of His timeline 11 days prior to July 19th, these are not failed prophecies if you would just think about it from this perspective.

I spoke that they would happen on or before July 19th because of my error in understanding how July 19th would unfold.

I spoke this because I had visions of these things happening and I thought that July 19th was not only the harvest of His first fruits which it was, but also the day of His vengeance.

I did error in how I thought the day of His wrath would unfold, yet the reality is the day and the year of His wrath was launched through His restored Feast of First Fruits on July 19th and the prophecy that came with it.

July 19th did in fact represent the first fruit harvest of the 144,000 and Yehshua did come as a thief in the night on this day.

After YEHWEH gave the continuance of His timeline 11 days prior to July 19th, my error was in letting a preconceived belief that I still held in my mind about Matthew 24:27 about when Yehshua comes like lightening get in the way of understanding how the day would happen.

And I have repented by turning from this error now that YEHWEH Elohiym has revealed additional information and understanding.

But the reality is my Father began to give the continuance of His timeline 11 days before July 19thand this cannot be denied if you examine the evidence.

He gave the third tier to the sign of Jonah and the 84 days that would begin on July 19th in the two parts "I am the sign of Jonah" video in advance.

It is just He did not give me understanding of this 84 days and the 30 days that will follow it until afterwards, probably because my mind was locked into how I thought July 19th would unfold before He gave the rest of His timeline.

And how I thought it would unfold prior to Him giving the third tier to the sign of Jonah and the 84 days was because He had not given it yet.

This is His show and this is all unfolding per His perfect design not mine.

You might have a case for stoning me if the 84 days had not been given prior to July 19th and if you ignore the rest of His word that testifies that He has sent me.

But since the 84 days was given in advance before July 19th, your judgment of me is what is false.

If you have examined all of the evidence in His word that He gave to us to prove that He has sent me, you literally have to call His word a lie to say that He has not sent me.

Much of this is about believing His word and the rest of it is about obeying His word to be made in His image through living it.

If you truly believe His word, then you would live it because His promises for obeying His word are wonderful.

The witness that He sent me with is faithful and true.

My error in how July 19th was to unfold does not void this witness, nor does it void what He has restored through me.

Those of you calling me a false prophet either have not examined all of the evidence or like I said, you call His word a lie.

Your whole claim that I am false is based off of your personal understanding of Deuteronomy 18 and a total rejection of the rest of the scriptures that testify to what He sent me to restore and testify that He has sent me.

And your assumption that I am false rests on your assumption that July 19th did not happen just because it did not happen like I thought and spoke it would.

But I thought and spoke how it would happen based on things that YEHWEH had not revealed yet.

I still stand with my Father's word that proves that it did happen as He purposed it to happen.

Whether it happened on a spiritual plain or on a physical plain is not even the point of the matter.

None of this is really about July 19th or the continuance of His timeline anyway.

It is about His word and why He gave it to us.

Isaiah 55:11 says it all;


He gave us His word to mold and fashion us in His image.

This is why we are here in the flesh.

We are here to become as He is by walking with Him in His word.

Is this what the false shepherds in christianity teach?

No, but it is what I have been sent to tell you.

Which one of you who accuse me of being false does His word testify to like it does to me?

But this is not about me anyway like you have made it.

Nor is it about Yellowstone blowing or some other physical sign.

It is about YEHWEH Elohiym's word and why He sent it, period.

I have merely been plucked out of the fire and sent to you to be a sign to you so that you would return to His word.

Yehshua said that there would be no sign given but the sign of Jonah and the sign of Jonah has been given.

Rehashing all of the details in this sign would take some time because there are so many details to it and this is not the purpose of this video.

These details are scattered throughout the videos here a little, there a little and if you fear being wrong you will search them out and examine them with fear and trembling.

The sign of Jonah is spectacular in design because of all of the intricate detail associated with it and how it ties everything together in His word like it does.

It ties His appointed times in with things like Yehshua's death, burial and resurrection.

And it ties His appointed times and His Son's death and resurrection in with the flood and the 2nd Passover and even in with the five months of torment prophecy that proves why He is sending His wrath and to whom.

And it does so by lining up the anniversaries of these events in 2012 in a spectacular way.

It is given here a little, there a little in the videos just like truth is given here a little, there a little in the scriptures.

The first tier of the sign was Yehshua being in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights and this set up the platform for the following two tiers that tie everything together.

The timing of Yehshua's murder, burial and resurrection and how it lines up with the Passover and the 2nd Passover opportunity in the 2nd month is awesome.

This timing in lieu of the timing of the Passover instructions proves that He was dead for 3.5 days or 84 hours just like the book of Revelation says the two witnesses would be.

How this 84 hours ties in the red horse prophecy in Zechariah 1 in with the 84 days leading up to the anniversary of the flood and the 2nd Passover opportunity is incredible.

And then how the 70 days from the anniversary of the flood leading to feast of first fruits and now the 84 days to the last day of the feast of temporary dwellings on Oct. 10th is also incredible.

Now today we have begun a second tier to the 70 days.

We are 40 days out from the last day of the feast of Temporary Dwellings and 70 days from the end of the 30 days that will follow it.

The second tier was much about establishing the 84 hours/84 days prophecy that is woven into the sign of Jonah.

The 3 months and 3 months or 3 days and 3 nights that is found in the 3rd tier to the sign testifies to the restored 30 day month and to the correct and restored timing of the 7th month high days this year.

And in this prophecy is woven the timing of His wrath, although I do not know all of the details to how it will unfold.

I just know what He has given at this point concerning His time line because His word testifies to it through the sign of Jonah.

It was incredible how He led me to scatter the hair on the 21st day of the 4th month which was July 12th.

This was 3 months or 90 days after the 21st day of the 1st month which was the last day of the feast of U.B. according to where I was located which was the same as the Jerusalem crescent sighting.

I was amazed when He showed me that 3 months or 90 days later was also the 21st day of the 7th month that will fall on Oct. 10th this year.

And I was even more amazed to find out that there are 84 days between the beginning of the feast of first fruits on July 19th and the end of the last day of the feast of temporary dwellings.

There are many things in our Elohiym's word that are testified to through the sign of Jonah including the correct timing of His appointed times and that indeed July 19th was His restored Feast of First Fruits.

As far as when Yehshua will return with the wrath, I do not know at this time.

I do not know what will happen on Oct. 11th which is the day after the feast and day #1 of the 30 days.

I expect that much of this will unfold on November 9th which is day number 30 of this 30 day period.

I also expect that the 30 days of the Hosea and Zechariah prophecies or maybe the last 23 or the last 7 of them will be me being empowered like Elijah was empowered and that Yehshua will return on Nov. 9th to pour out the 7 vials but I do not know for sure.

I just know that the continuance of the timeline has been given and we are 70 days out from November 9th.

Hindsight shows that the 30 days that I was spit out of the plane that led up to July 19th was a foreshadow of the 30 days between the last day of the feast of Temporary dwellings and Nov. 9th but I still do not know how this will unfold.

And now all 3 feasts are represented in His time line and so is the Jubilee with Nov. 9th being the 50th day after the Memorial of Acclamations on September 20th.

It has been given previously that Yehshua's birth was on this Memorial of Acclamations or shoutings.

And 50 days later on November 9th is the anniversary of my birth so it looks like all things point that this will be the last great and terrible day of YEHWEH's wrath considering that we are the two witnesses.

How long will this long day last when the sun is stopped?

Psalms 90 says that it will seem like a thousand years to the recipients of it.

Like I keep saying, the only proof that I have been sent with thus far is my Father's word and it is His word that you are rejecting if you are rejecting that He has sent me.

It is His word that proves the sign of Jonah and the sign of Jonah proves His word.

But like I also keep saying, this is not about me.

It is about returning to His Torah with the statutes and judgments and entering into a renewed covenant with our Maker to become as He is.

For those of you who are saying that I should be stoned, if He allows for me to be killed, it would be by His design to do so.

But from the understanding that I have at this time, I do not see this happening.

I feel pretty secure under my Father's protective wings.

As far as the 3.5 days or 84 hours that I was prophesied to be dead, I believe with all of my heart that this time has already passed and Yehshua's prayer "if there be any other way" was answered.

I believe it was represented by the 84 hours prior to sunrise on July 19th when I ended my testimony in Gallop being laughed at and scoffed at by the false shepherds of christianity.

And I also believe that there is a 2nd tier of my death and it is the 84 days that we are in that ends on the last day of the feast of temporary dwellings.

Nearly all of you think that my prophecy is dead because July 19th did not happen in a physical way that you could see with your eyes.

Like Yehshua said, there will be no other sign other than the sign of Jonah.

One person wrote the other day and told me that I am on dangerous ground.

The only dangerous ground that there is is not being in agreement with our Elohiym and His word.

I stand still testifying to His word.

I am standing with His word and not perverting it and trampling it underfoot like the false shepherds of christianity do.

The crazy thing is most of you call me false and not them.

I would say this puts you on dangerous ground.

His word says that He is sending His wrath upon those who have profaned His Sabbaths and put no difference between the clean and the unclean and reject or profane the rest of His Torah.

Does this describe me?

Or, does it describe you?

Like I keep saying, examine the evidence.

My Father did not show me some things by His design and for a purpose.

Just as Isaiah had to walk naked for 3 years, I have to appear naked before Israel for 3 months from when I scattered the hair and appear dead for 84 days.

This is all part of the sign of Jonah.

The evidence is pretty straight forward.

Yehshua said that one would be sent in the spirit of Elijah to restore all things.

And His Father said;

Dan 10:21

21 But (referring to the time of the end) I will declare to you that which is recorded in the scripture of truth (restore all things) and there are none that seize with me in these things but Michael my steward.

The Ezekiel 24 sign that He sent me with is a promise from Him that when this sign comes, you can know that it is from Him.

YEHWEH Elohiym, the self-existing, all-powerful Creator of all things including satan was not going to allow one of satan's imposters void His promise.

The turning the water into blood is impossible to refute that it came from above because His word proves it.

It is impossible to refute that my digging out and fleeing to Greece is a perfect match to the Ezekiel 12 prophecy.

And my cutting off my hair is a perfect match to the Ezekiel 5 prophecy.

The signature ring that I have been sent with is a perfect match to the Haggai prophecy.

Things in this signature ring like the 55 and 11 stamp that is associated with Isaiah 55:11 are awesome and brilliant in design and could only have been orchestrated by an all-powerful Creator.

The work that I have been sent with is a perfect match to the Malachi prophecies and even the Ezekiel 3 prophecy and other prophecies.

There was even the incredible 7 hours in Tel Avive that could not have been planned and executed by the will of man.

The fact that I brought forward the measuring rod and the 7 spirits like the two witnesses were prophesied to by Zechariah and the apostle John is impossible to refute as well.

The first witness came magnifying His Father's torah and making it honorable like Isaiah prophesied He would and He has continued to do this through the second witness.

There are many other prophecies like this that have been fulfilled through me as well that prove that YEHWEH has sent me.

The bottom line is what my accusers call false prophecy is just part of His word unfolding and being fulfilled if you examine all of the evidence.

I will continue to humbly and faithfully stand with His word and walk in His word like His first born Son walked in it.

Mal 3:1-3

3:1 Behold, I will send my messenger to prepare the way before my face and YEHWEH will seek you and will suddenly come to His temple. The messenger of the covenant whom I delight in will come to you, says YEHWEH of hosts.

2 Who will abide him the day of his coming? And WHO WILL STAND when he appears? BECAUSE HE IS LIKE A REFINER'S FIRE AND LIKE FULLERS' SOAP:

3 And he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he will purify the sons of Levi and purge them like gold and silver SO THAT THEY MAY OFFER TO YEHWEH AN OFFERING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.

This has happened and almost none offered up to Him the offering that He called for which was to return to Him through His Torah and join in with His servant in crying aloud and sparing not to warn others.

One of the magnifications to His Torah that I have been sent with is Yehshua said let the dead bury their dead and follow after Him.

Following after Him is walking as He walked.

When saying this He said that if you are not walking as He walked, you are dead before His and His Father's face.

Have you turned completely from your rebellion to His Father's word and are you obeying the Torah like He did?

What our Elohiym has sent me to restore is real.

Like I said; my error in how July 19th was to unfold does not void His word.

Do you think the prophets of old did not error?

Why didn't Moses get to go into the Promised Land?

In addition to this, sometimes prophecy changes in YEHWEH's word because events or circumstances change.

An example of this is when Elijah prophesied to King Ahab that he would be killed for what he and his wife Jezebel did to Naboth.

When Ahab heard his judgment he humbled himself before YEHWEH and YEHWEH changed the judgment and he told Elijah to change the prophecy that the judgment would not happen to Ahab but to his son.

But then later Ahab rebelled against YEHWEH's word again and the judgment happened to him after all.

Obviously, since YEHWEH is all-knowing and all seeing, He knew Ahab would rebel again and that what Elijah spoke would be changed.

Did this make Elijah false because he prophesied to Ahab that it would not happen to him?

No, these things happened and are recorded for a reason.

More was given on the matter latter in the time line but YEHWEH knew all along that He was going to execute the judgment on Ahab because He is all-knowing.

The truth is my error was by my Father's design.

He had not given the 84 days until 11 days prior to the 19th and my understanding was based on what He had given to me.

If you want to throw rocks at me for this, go right ahead.

Like I said, I will still stand with His word.

Yehshua prophesied this 84 days when He said that the only sign that would be given is the sign of Jonah.

When He prayed, Father, if there be any other way, He knew that there was another way.

Everything that He spoke is recorded for a reason.

He knew that the first Elijah was removed by a whirlwind and a chariot of fire.

Is it possible that this is how it will happen with me?

November 9th is only 70 days out so we will soon see.

I think it was in the last video where I spoke about how the last day of the feast of Temporary Dwellings on Oct. 10th is exactly 153 days from the anniversary of the Ark's door closing.

I can assure you that it is not a coincidence that King Ahaziah sent 153 men to bring back Elijah.

The last 51 days before November 9th begins the day before the memorial of acclamations.

I marvel at this in lieu of how the third 51 men came to fetch Elijah in a more humble way than the first two groups did.

How will this play into this all?

We will soon find out.

I am confident that I will be sent back amongst you after the feast but this time you are not going to be laughing and mocking and scoffing at me and my Father's word when I am.

Here is part of a letter that I received a couple of days ago from someone who has examined the evidence that I have been sent.

This person has chosen to be respectful of the evidence and not scoff and mock.

Her letter was full of thought.

She said;

"Many people say that a prophet from Elohiym is not allowed to make mistakes when they come out and say...Thus saith Yehweh Elohiym.

Yes it was a serious error, but you did not sign up for this job..you were called to it..and so since you are only flesh like the rest of us..there is somewhat of a learning curve..to walk in this Office of End time witness.

I am sure it is not an easy thing. It is a blessing I am sure in ways I can only begin to imagine..

yet like many of the OT prophets they did not have a cake walk ministry.

They went through trial, pain and suffering. Even Elijah fled for his life...and He was Elijah! People forget that part.

It is very easy for someone who does not have this mantle to point the finger at you and say you are false because you did not do thus and so.

I am sure they would be singing a different tune if they walked in your shoes for a while.

Not only do you have to have a tremendous understanding of the scriptures, you have to be able to communicate those things to others, but also doing it under a tremendous spiritual anointing..maybe fire in your bones..I don't know..

but I can only imagine how emotionally intense this must all be for you.

And then, keeping all of your emotions and thoughts in check, never mind your own behavior and speech, remaining clean and humble before Elohiym so you can hear from him and receive further instruction.

Though I do not know what that feels like I can picture it exactly..talk about intense.

People trying to throw stones at you do not know the meaning of the word intense till they have walked in your shoes.

And on top of it all, just like Yehshua was led into the wilderness to be tempted by satan..I am sure that you have gone through that as well.

I am sure the enemy has come to tell you things that I won't write here..but I am sure you know what I am saying.

Yehshua was not exempt from temptation and trial and neither are you.

And when Yehshua was hanging there and someone in the crowd said come down off that cross if you are the son of Elohiym..it did not even stop then.

So I for one would never presume to judge you or turn away just because the date of July 19th was not like you declared it to be."

This person looked at the situation with a different perspective than most of you have.

She looked at it from the standpoint of our Elohiym's word proves that He has sent me; therefore just maybe she ought not to judge the situation like most of you have done.

Like I said, I will stand steadfast with my Father's word.

You can throw all of the stones you want.

And you can rely on your own understanding instead of letting His word prove all things if this is what you want to do.

We'll see who is still standing when the dust settles.

I can assure you that it will only be those who are standing with truth and my Father's word is truth.

In just 40 days the feast will be over with and we will see what the following 30 days brings.

Personally I marvel at how this has all funneled into a second tier to the 30 days like it has in lieu of the following two verses;

Zechariah 11:8

I will also cut off THREE SHEPHERDS IN ONE MONTH; I loathe their souls and their souls will be reaped.

These three shepherds are referring to Christianity, Islam and Judaism who all claim they worship and serve the Elohiym of Abraham.

Hosea 5:7

They (speaking of Israel and specifically separating out Judah and Ephraim in the preceding verses) have transgressed against YEHWEH and they have brought forth children that are strangers to me: now IN A MONTH I WILL DEVOUR them among their portion.

I marvel at the intricate detail that is in the sign of Jonah.

His word is incredible.

And this is all about His word and hearkening to it.

It is not about me like so many of you want to make it be.

But, like I said, if you reject that He has sent me and call me false, you had to reject His word to do so.

Rejecting or perverting His word is the dangerous ground.

Standing with His word and walking in it is the solid ground.

Here is what His Son said on this subject;

Matt 7:24-27

24 Therefore who ever hears MY WORD AND DOES IT, I will liken him to a wise man which built his house upon a rock:

25 And the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat upon that house and it did not fall BECAUSE IT WAS FOUNDED UPON A ROCK.

26 And every one that hears MY WORD AND DOES NOT DO IT will be likened to a foolish man which built his house upon the sand:

27 And the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat upon that house and it fell and GREAT WAS THE FALL OF IT.

My house is built on a rock, how about yours?

If you do not turn from your rebellion to His word, His wrath will consume you.

If you do not flee from the christian whore houses that lead you to rebel against His word, you will be consumed with them because they are all soon coming down.

My Father's word testifies that the religion of christianity is an abomination to Him in how they trample His Son's shed blood under their feet and rebel against His word.

His word testifies that Saul of Tarsus is the abomination of desolation.

Standing with His Son is standing with His word.

Following after His Son is walking as He walked and He lived by His Father's every word.

If you are not walking on the same path as Yehshua walked, you are following a make believe messiah with make believe blood.

All who are not standing with YEHWEH Elohiym's word and returning to His torah with the statutes and judgments which includes His Sabbaths and putting a difference between the clean and the unclean will soon be purged from before His face because His mouth has spoken it.