Yehshua said that Elijah would be sent to restore all things before His return.

He spoke in a parable that the one who would be sent would be sent in the spirit of Elijah and not actually be Elijah.

He spoke this when He said that John the Baptist was also Elijah yet John was not actually Elijah.

The Pharisees asked John point blank if he was Elijah and he said no.

This was recorded to testify that the Elijah that the prophet Malachi spoke of that would be sent before the great and terrible day of YEHWEH's vengeance would be one sent in the spirit of Elijah.

I have been plucked out of the fire and made to be this man.

But nearly all of you who have heard this have scoffed and mocked.

You have scoffed and mocked in spite of all of the proof that the prophets recorded that testify that I am this man.

You call our Creator's word a lie to say that I am not this servant.

The resume that He sent me with is irrefutable but His word has no place in your rebellious hearts so you choose to not believe it so that you can justify continuing in your rebellion to the Most High.

Ezekiel recorded that this servant would cut off all of his hair on his head and his beard and he gave a prophecy what this servant was to do with it to be a witness against you.

As you can see my hair is growing back but most of you are still utterly blind, bald and naked before His face.

This prophecy is found in Ezekiel chapter 5 and is spoken of in the "A Barber's Razor" video found on this site.

I did so and I burnt a third of it up and I cut up and burnt the 2nd third of it on the anniversary of the Ark's door closing at the end of the 17th day of the 2nd month on our Elohiym's calendar.

This was in the early morning hours of May 10th according to the way that satan instructed his children to reckon time.

This was 70 days out from our Messiah's return.

40 days later I was spit out of the belly of a giant plane in Miami.

This 30 day period that we are in that I have been sent to you was prophesied to happen by both Zechariah and Hosea.

And it will cap off with the great and terrible day of YEHWEH Elohiym's vengeance upon unrepentant man-kind on July 19th on satan's calendar.

Now our Creator has revealed to me when I am to scatter the remaining 1/3 of the hair.

I am to do so 7 days out from Yehshua's return which will be on the 21st day of the 4th month which will fall on the early morning hours of July 12th on satan's calendar.

Malachi recorded that the one who was to be sent in the spirit of Elijah was to bring forth the command for those of you who will return to YEHWEH to lift up to Him an offering in righteousness at this time.

Nearly zero of those of you who have heard have lifted up this offering to Him.

Almost none of you have cried aloud to warn others and the warning did not go out just like YEHWEH said would happen.

Almost none of you have returned to the Torah of Moses with the statutes and judgments like His servant has cried out for you to do.

And this cry is a no brainer to know that whether it is true or not.

It was prophesied that the end time messenger of the covenant would come to you with this cry and proclaim for you to do these things.

But the writings of the prophets have no place in most of your rebellious hearts.

The cry for you to return to having hearts like the hearts of the patriarchs like Abraham has been laughed at by most of you.

Only a few have hearkened to the cry that I have been sent with and this was recorded to happen as well.

The cry that I have been sent with is an exact match to what the prophets recorded the end time messenger of the covenant would be sent with.

There truly is no fear in your midst and this has been witnessed to in order to testify against you that YEHWEH's wrath that He is sending is justified.

It will not be a coincidence when I am killed 3 and ½ days from the time that I scatter the final 1/3 of the hair.

And it will not be a coincidence when Yehshua returns with His Father's sword coming out of His mouth 3 and ½ days after this after He harvests the 144,000 first fruits on this day.

It will not be a coincidence because YEHWEH's word that most of you reject testifies that He has sent me to you to proclaim this day of His vengeance and it testifies to what I have spoken.

Yet you will not hearken except for a very few of you.

And now most of you will soon die, all except for 3.3333% of you according to the prophet Ezekiel.

And it is these 3.3333 % of you that I am crying out to.

What makes you think you will be of this number if you refuse to even offer up the offering in righteousness to Him that He has called for you to offer up to Him?

What are you worried about?

Are you worried about what the 96.6667% will think about you?

Don't you love others who might be of the 3.33333% enough to cry out to them?

Are you more worried that July 19th will not happen?

If you are, you simply do not really believe His word because His word gives us irrefutable proof that He has sent me with this proclamation.

Some people ask me how I can so boldly proclaim the day.

The answer is simple; I would have to not believe His word in order to not believe that He has sent me.

And if I believe that He has sent me, what kind of evil would it be for me to not cry out to warn others with the date that He has given to me?

You have to ask yourself the same question.

What kind of evil is it for you to not warn others?

For that matter, what kind of evil is it to not believe His word that testifies that He has sent me?

It is not important if those you cry out to will listen or not, 3.3333% will, at least after the calamity is unleashed upon them.

At least hearing about it ahead of time might help them avoid some of the affliction because it might cause them to repent early into it.

Our Creator has called for you to cry aloud and to spare not.

If you are too worried about what others think to do so, who does this make you?

It makes you faithless in His eyes and all of the faithless will have their place in the lake of fire with the adulterers and all of the other abominations according to John's revelations of our Messiah in chapter 21, verse 8.

And what does it make you if you do not believe His word that testifies that He has sent me?

It makes you an unbeliever in His eyes and His word says that all unbelievers will have their place in the lake of fire in the same verse.

We must stand boldly with the truth that will deliver the 3.3333%

His word is this truth.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym.