Today is day # 4 of my return to Babylon.

The stench of this place is incredible and it is most certainly a stench in YEHWEH Elohiym's nostrils as Sodom and Gomorrah was.

Almost no one has any interest what so ever in hearing the truth that I have been sent with because they are a bunch of dead men and women walking in the flesh like zombies that have a putrid smell.

As I have been speaking all along, it is going to take the calamity being sent in order to humble the 3.333% into listening to our Creator.

This is just a sad reality.

Most people have been basically polite to my face about what I have spoken to them but I can tell that their eyes are rolling in the back of their heads.

You can see the condescending smirks on their faces that show they are scoffing in their hearts.

Actually one person yesterday had this smirk at first but as she listened, it turned to her eyes welling up with tears so who knows, maybe when the calamity hits she will hearken.

His word certainly says that 3.333% will.

For this reason and because He has commanded me to do so, I will keep crying out to warn people.

The timing of Him magnifying His dead people clean and unclean statutes like He is doing at this time is awesome.

He is magnifying these statutes at this time to be a witness against man-kind that they are like dead people before His face.

Today I am going to illustrate to you an application of this statute that shows its spiritual intent for the here and the now.

In this illustration I use a friend or a family member that is not hearkening to the truth as an example.

If we refuse to touch them and refuse to even enter into their house and tell them the reason is because they are defiled by being dead, therefore their house is defiled by reason of a dead person, this is a witness against them.

And it is a witness against them that will hopefully cause them to consider that they are dead before their Creator's face in order to hopefully cause them to repent from their rebellion to Him.

Obviously since Ezekiel prophesied that only 3.333% will repent most will scoff but so what, at least they were warned and it is true love to give them this warning.

In my own life my Mother whom I love wants to see me, especially since I have been away for so long.

Which is true love;

Is it going to see her like nothing is wrong and letting her continue on her path to the lake of fire unchecked?

Or is it true love to let our Creator's statutes be a witness against her so that hopefully she will repent and spend eternity with me in His family?

The same reasoning applies to all of His statutes.

Is it love to let adultery continue in our midst so that there are more fatherless children and broken-hearted spouses and more hurt in the world?

Or it love purge out the adulterer so that people learn to fear committing adultery so that the hurt and the suffering to others is stopped?

YEHWEH has sent me to declare His righteousness that His word testifies to.

His righteousness testifies to true love.

Letting someone drive down the road unchecked to the lake of fire where they will be dead for eternity is not true love.

It is flat evil.

True love is desiring for all to be found in our Creator's favor by helping them learn to walk in agreement with His righteousness so that they will be found in His favor.

He created us to become as He is.

This is why we are here in the flesh.

His Son said;

Matt 5:48


This is a commandment, it is not a suggestion.

YEHWEH told Abraham;

Gen 17:1-2

17:1 ...I am El' Shaddai; walk before my face and be without blemish (be perfect).

2 And I will give my covenant between me and you and I will multiply you exceedingly.

Living to be perfect before His face is living to become as He is.

Gen 6:9

Noah was a just man and was "WITHOUT BLEMISH" in his generation and Noah walked with Elohiym.

He said that Noah walked without blemish before His face and this is why He delivered him.

He commands us to walk before Him in this manner.

In the previous verse He said that Noah found favor in His eyes.

Do you really think that you find favor in His eyes some other way?

Do you really think that His Son's blood is atoning for you if you are living in rebellion to His righteousness?

He sent His Son to atone for us so that we could be forgiven so that we could return to Him to be found in His favor.

Favor for favor comes through Yehshua's blood but there is a cost.

The cost is agreeing to become as He is on His terms.

Of course we are not perfect instantaneously, nor was Noah or David or anyone who has become part of His family.

But desiring to be so must be our focus and our heart's desire and it is why He created us.

And He commanded us to help Him build His family by helping one another become as He is as well.

It is not helping Him build His family to let those we love continue on their paths to the lake of fire.

It is evil.

If they will not hearken, then we are to separate ourselves from them in order to be a witness against them so that hopefully they will repent.

This is righteous love.

It is righteous love for man-kind to purge out the adulterer and the murderer and the homosexual and the liar, etc. because these things are pure evil because they hurt others and they lead to the lake of fire.

Not teaching this truth and not teaching it to our children is the spirit of murder.

If you think that it is love to allow these things to continue in your midst, you are delusional and your self-righteous is lifted up above YEHWEH's true righteousness.

Why is it that none of you can write me and tell me where His word says we have another purpose for being here other than to become as He is?

It is because there is no other purpose for Him creating us recorded.

We are here to learn to love His righteousness and to love one another in the manner that He loves.

It is not love to let others live to die without warning them.

His word says that after He finished building His temple He was going to destroy all that opposes His Torah that testifies to His righteousness.

He said that He is going to destroy that which puts no difference between the clean and the unclean before Him.

Yehshua plainly taught that those who are not walking as He walked are like dead people.

He said let the dead bury their dead and follow me.

Following Him is walking as He walked.

If you are not walking in this manner, you are a dead person walking and you are unclean before YEHWEH Elohiym's face because His Son's blood is not washing you.

If you cannot accept this and embrace His righteous love then He is going to remove you from before His face because His temple is now finished.

And He is going to do so soon.

Like I said in the beginning of this video, Babylon is a putrid stench of dead people indeed.

You who dwell in her ways are a stench to His nostrils indeed.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym.