I am more and more amazed each day at how our Creator's word fits together like it does.

Yesterday He had me discuss some verses with you in Ezekiel 12 that explain an incredible sign that He sent to you to show you that you are to flee Babylon at this time.

One of the verses discussed was;

Ezekiel 12:5

5 Dig through the wall in their sight, and go out thereby.

Then I went on to say that the shovel that I used to dig out of the captivity was believing His word is the measuring rod and then using it to measure all things with it.

Then a couple of verses later He says;

Ezekiel 12:7

7 Then I did that which I was commanded to do: I brought forth my things for the fleeing by day and I dug through the wall WITH MY HAND and I went out in the evening at twilight and I bare it upon my shoulder in their sight.

After I recorded the video I was reflecting on what I had spoken about the shovel.

As I was meditating on what was said my Father directed my thoughts to Zechariah's prophecy for the one who would escape the captivity and become one of the two olive trees.

Zechariah 4:10

For who has despised the day of small things? Because you shall rejoice AND SHALL SEE THE PLUMMET "IN THE HAND" OF ZERUBBABEL WITH THOSE SEVEN; THEY ARE THE EYES OF YEHWEH which run to and fro through the whole earth.

This plummet line is the same measuring unit as the reed that the Apostle John recorded the two witnesses would be sent with that the temple was measured with.

It is what I have spoken of throughout these several hundred videos as the measuring rod that we must measure all things with.

This measuring rod is YEHWEH Elohiym's word.

The first witness said that in the last days all will be judged or measured by His Father's word.

It is incredible how all of the prophecies fit together like they do.

I dug out with my hand and He put the measuring rod in my hand according to Zechariah in this verse.

It is cool how He led me to speak yesterday that the shovel is His measuring rod which is His word.

Today is day number 48 from when Yehshua will return with His Father's word proceeding out of His mouth to judge the nations with it.

The world is far removed from the truth that would set them free because Israel did not take it to them and live it to be an example to them.

The truth is YEHWEH Elohiym's word.

It is the truth that purifies us when we live it in spirit and in truth.

Yet the rest of the world is without excuse as well because there is that which nature and His creation itself testifies to.

It testifies to good versus evil and it testifies to our Creator's righteousness.

And the world has rejected His righteousness.

His word testifies to His righteousness and it is this righteousness that His word defines that all will be judged by.

Yesterday I was led to mention that the Hawaii islands will be completely destroyed.

The truth is there are many places that are going to be destroyed.

He just led to me single out Hawaii yesterday.

Yesterday I also read where His word testifies that the cities are going to be laid waste.

96.6667% of the earth's inhabitants is a lot of people that will be destroyed.

And why?

It is because they refuse to and will continue to refuse to hearken to their Creator and why He created them.

It is incredible how stiff-necked mankind can be in their free will that He gave to us.

I have discussed in other videos in more detail why He had to give us free will.

But in summary, it was because becoming as He is requires a choice on our part.

His righteousness has to be our heart's desire in order for Him to be able to program His character in us.

Changing the subject, it was asked of me if we should be counting the omer count in the manner that judaism does during these 50 days that lead up to the feast of first fruits.

Since this was asked I thought I should make mention of the answer for everyone in case others of you have this question.

The answer is no, you need to stay completely away from their traditions and simply obey our Elohiym's measuring rod with the intent to become as He is.

But we certainly ought to be counting down the days with joy because day 50 will be a glorious day indeed.

It will be glorious because all that opposes YEHWEH Elohiym's will and His righteousness will be purged out so that His will and His righteousness will be a way of life here on earth as it is in heaven.

It is inspiring how Yehshua returning on day 50 in this count is symbolized in the Jubilee year statute.

Like I said, it is magnificent how His word ties together.

He is suggesting that you lay siege to His shovel and dig out from the captivity with it so that you can be a part of what is going to follow this glorious day.

It is going to be an incredible era of time to live with truth being a way of life and the whole world full of the knowledge of our Creator.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym