Do you ask yourself each day if you are walking in agreement with our Creator or not?

If you consider this, do you measure whether or not you are with that which He gave to us to measure all things with?

He gave us His word to use to measure all things with so that we can know if we are walking in agreement with Him or not.

He said that two cannot walk together unless they are in agreement with each other.

His Son said;

Matt 8:22


Following Him is walking as He walked.

He lived by His Father's every word and He plainly told us that we must do the same if we are going to one day enter into His Father's kingdom.

If you are following after a different image of Him other than His Father's word, you are following a make believe messiah with make believe blood.

I marvel at what YEHWEH Elohiym revealed to us yesterday about the water of separation and the red heifer statute.

He has shown us in a step by step way that if His Son's blood is not being applied on our behalf that we are unclean like a menstruating woman is unclean.

During this time of her cycle, her dead seed is being passed from her.

In like manner, those who were supposed to be His children are passed from our Elohiym if you are dead before Him.

If the blood is gone out from us, meaning His Son's blood is not atoning for us, then we are utterly dead before His face.

The same is true if we have poured His blood out on the ground and trample it underfoot.

Yehshua is saying in this verse that if we are not following after Him that we are dead.

Yesterday in the video on "The Mystery of the Red Heifer Revealed" I said that our Creator has shown that we must become the red heifer.

We must do so if the water of separation is going to be turned into His Son's blood.

We must offer ourselves up into the fire in order to be made pure and this statute tells us what we must be offered up in the fire with.

This statute also shows that those who He built His temple from have done this.

I marvel at His symbolisms.

His word says we must become perfect or without blemish.

The false traditions of judaism and the king James translation say that there needs to be a red heifer without spots.

YEHWEH's word does not say without spots, it says without blemish.

Of course you could use the figure of speech "without spot" to mean without fault or without blemish.

Nevertheless, this instruction is symbolic of those who offer themselves up to Him to become without blemish before Him.

Gen 17

1 ...I am El' Shaddai; WALK BEFORE MY FACE AND BE WITHOUT BLEMISH (be perfect).

The Hebrew word used in this verse is the exact same word with the exact same grammatical notations that is used to describe the red heifer.

Was YEHWEH Elohiym telling Abraham that day to not have a different color of hair?

No, we must let scripture testify to itself.

There is a different Hebrew word that means spotted.

Jacob separated off the spotted and speckled cattle and goats from Laban's herd to be his.

These are different words altogether.

I have no doubt that they used a red heifer back then to make these ashes but it is symbolism to point us to something else.

Just like the Passover lamb is symbolism for our Messiah.

Yehshua is not a physical lamb, the lamb represents Him.

In this manner the red heifer represents what we must live to become in order for the water to be turned into His blood to atone for us.

This statute testifies to what genuine repentance is.

The Hebrew word that is translated as heifer is the word for female cattle.

The Passover lamb or goat that represented Yehshua had to be a male.

He is symbolic of the bridegroom.

YEHWEH refers to His called out ones as the bride.

A bride is a female.

The Hebrew word that is translated as the word red used to describe this heifer is one of the very slight variations of the spellings for Adam which means man.

It is a word that means red but it comes from the word that means man and it is almost identical to it.

Everything is symbolic and for a purpose.

We are also told that no yoke is to be placed upon this heifer.

The prophecies for our deliverance speak about breaking loose our yokes.

Jeremiah's book of lamentations speaks of our transgressions being our yoke.

And in other prophecies our bondage is referred to as a yoke.

If Yehshua's blood is being applied on our behalf, then it has broken the yoke of our transgressions and our bondage and His blood is setting us free from the yoke of bondage.

He said;

Matt 11:29-30

29 TAKE UP MY YOKE UPON YOU AND LEARN FROM ME because I am humble and lowly in heart and your lives will find rest.

30 Because my yoke is good, and my burden is light.

What was His yoke?

He sacrificed His life.

He told us that we must lose our lives for His Father's kingdom's sake.

When we do, He removes the yoke of our bondage and our transgressions are removed from us.

We no longer have to carry them.

We are told that we are to become chaste virgins to our Creator.

The water of separation and the red heifer statute testify to this process that we must go through in order to be made into chaste virgins.

We must let the dead bury their dead and not even touch them or go into their dwellings in this process.

It must become the blood of separation because the blood must not depart from us if we are to walk alive before our Elohiym's face.

There are many scriptures that tie this all together.

In Numbers 19 where it describes this red heifer, His word adds more to define the without blemish.

Numbers 19

2 This is a statute of the Torah which YEHWEH has commanded, saying, Speak to the children of Israel that they bring to you a red heifer without blemish, WHEREIN THERE IS NO FAULT (NO DEFECT) and that has not had a yoke raised upon her:

This is another word that basically means blemish as well to prove that He means perfect.

This word is used to describe the lame and the blind and the broken as in a broken leg on a physical plain.

But on a spiritual plain it is talking about that which is marred or defiled before our Elohiym.

That which is marred and blind, or without eyes to see, before Him on a spiritual plain is not covered by His Son's blood.

Yehshua's blood is required in order for us to have His Father's 7 spirits given to us to give us eyes to see and ears to hear His voice.

And turning to be made in our Elohiym's image on His terms is required in order for Yehshua's blood to be applied to us.

Having this water of separation turned into Yehshua's blood in order to have it cover our transgressions and to break the yoke of bondage requires us to offer our lives to our Elohiym to become as He is.

The rest of the symbolism in what is used to make the ashes for this water is found in what is thrown in the fire with the red heifer.

It describes a recipe that is used to turn the water into blood.

Numbers 19

6 And the priest shall take cedar wood and hyssop and scarlet and cast it into the midst of the burning of the heifer.

I touched on this yesterday.

The cedar wood is a representation of living to become part of His temple.

I marvel at how a few years ago He led me to make a staff.

And I went out to find a straight tree to make it from; all I could find was a cedar tree.

He has sent me before you with this staff.

The hyssop is a reference to Yehshua's blood because we paint the Passover lamb or goat's blood on our door posts with Hyssop.

And the scarlet is another really awesome symbol.

All of these prophecies fit together perfectly in order to testify to His hidden manna here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept just like His word says that His word is put together.

The prophecy of Jeremiah's belt was revealed several months back.

I am not going to go through all of the details on this because you can go back and listen to that video or read the text to it on the http://www.repairingthebreach.info/ website.

In a nutshell, the belt was rotten and destroyed when Jeremiah was sent to retrieve it from where He was told to hide it.

It was destroyed because it did not pass through the water.

It has been shown that the water of separation and the water baptism and the water that we are to wash with when we become unclean are symbolic of water that needs to be turned into Yehshua's blood.

This is spoken of in detail throughout these videos.

He has sent me to turn the water into blood just like He had the apostle John record that I would be sent to do.

I have been sent with a restored belt to bind together how this is accomplished on our behalf.

The belt in Jeremiah's prophecy did not pass through Yehshua's blood.

This is what the symbolism of it not passing through the water was about.

Which belt are you girded with?

Are you bound by Saul of Tarsus' belt and led where you ought not go like happened to Peter, at least for a season?

YEHWEH Elohiym has girded me with a belt of scarlet and blue and purple linen to testify to the symbolism of the belt that you must be girded with.

It is a belt that when you gird yourself with what it represents, the water is turned into His Son's blood.

The scarlet represents His Son's shed blood.

The blue represents His commandments and the purple represents His robe of righteousness.

You must gird yourself in these 3 things.

The blood does not come without the other two.

There are twined together.

When you do, then you are given His 7 spirits to guide you in how to walk in agreement with Him.

If you are not walking in agreement with Him you are living to die instead of living to live.

And dying you will die if you do not turn from your rebellion to Him.

This is all so fascinating that it is hard to believe that most of you who are hearing these things are not crying out what He is revealing to everyone on the planet.

The breach is being repaired.

It is incredible that it is going to take total calamity and affliction to carry the good news of His kingdom to the world.

And what is more incredible is that only 3.33% of the scattered nations of Israel will receive it with joy.

This is because the other 96.67% of you are dead before His face.

You are so lifted up in arrogance before Him that you will not even receive why He created you.

Instead, you have told Him why He created you in your false beliefs and you have given yourselves eternal life in His family.

Your problem is you are foolish in doing so because you cannot even add one nanosecond to your lives unless He allows for it, less more give yourselves eternal life.

This truly is an astonishing thing to be a witness of.

Nearly all of you are dead before His face because you refuse to simply have your eyes anointed by seeking after the fear to not be found in His favor.

You have forsaken His favor for favor and soon dying you will die.


Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym.