As far as the whore houses of the land go, which is the biggest abomination to our Creator?

Is it the huge mega churches like Olsteen's stadium that packs in the 10's of thousands to hear satan's vomit each week?

Is it some little church in Indiana that is riding signs of the coming wrath in order to get people to give their hearts to his version of the make believe "j" guy?

Is it the false prophets like Weinland who satan has set up specifically for these last days to deceive the masses?

Or maybe it is the individuals who YEHWEH Elohiym let see the truth in order to call them to Him but still refuse to hearken to Him.

One thing that I know, they are all abominations to Him no matter how great or small they are, from the least of them to the greatest, they are serving satan if they are not serving the Most High.

Yehshua made this clear when He said;

Matt 12:30


There is no middle ground.

You are either faithful to YEHWEH Elohiym or you are an adulterer or an adulteress to Him.

You can't sleep in the enemy's bed and claim that you are not committing fornication to the Most High.

Even listening to satan's servants to see if they have some piece of the puzzle that will give you more understanding is whoredom to our Elohiym.

The act of fornication begins with looking.

It begins with flirting with the enemy or the enemy's servants.

Yehshua said;

Matthew 13:41

The Son of man will send forth His angels and they will gather out from His kingdom all who CAUSE OTHERS TO STUMBLE FROM MY FATHER'S WORD and THOSE WHO DO NOT OBEY MY FATHER'S WORD.

His word says that we must keep our eyes single on the light.

The light is YEHWEH Elohiym's righteousness that leads us to His kingdom.

We cannot wink at other images of Him; it is adultery to Him to do so.

At this point I just want to be sent to the people of Nineveh because they would repent if I were sent to them.

It is clear that the scattered nations of Israel are going to need wave after wave of calamity just to get the 3.33% of you who will finally repent to do so.

It is truly amazing that you are so stiff-necked that only 3.33 % of you will repent even after the calamity is sent.

Except for the few who have bound themselves in the skirt that I have been sent with, there are none that will hearken without the calamity being heaped upon you.

Some of you have even came out of the whore houses but you still continue in your adultery to the Most High.

You won't even cry aloud to warn others.

If you are not serving the Most High, you are serving your father the devil by not helping the truth go out.

If you do not tell someone the bridge is out, are you not guilty of their blood if they continue on and drive off of the cliff?

There is no fear in the land of not being found in His favor.

There is no desire for YEHWEH Elohiym's righteousness to become yours in most of your rebellious hearts.

All, except for the small flock, love to play the harlot to Him.

You love to go off and do your own thing and serve the image of Him that you desire of Him in your hearts.

And serving any other image of Him that you desire in your hearts is adultery to Him.

So which is the best little whore house in the land?

Each of you must look into your own hearts to see if it is not in you.

He is crying out for you to hearken to His word, but almost none of you are.

You must turn to having hearts like Abraham's heart and like the rest of the patriarch's hearts.

Their lives revolved around serving and obeying our Elohiym.

They lived to be found in His favor and obeyed His every word to do so.

They hungered and thirsted for His righteousness and His kingdom.

Abraham was told to depart and leave his kin and go to a land that would be shown to him.

Gen 12:4

4 So ABRAM DEPARTED and did that which YEHWEH told him to do;

He was even willing to offer up His son Isaac when he was told to do so.

Like I said, if YEHWEH had sent me to a people like the people of Nineveh, you would have hearkened.

But He did not, He sent me to the stiff-necked scattered nations of Israel to be a witness to you that you would not hearken to Him.

So my desire is that He will soon humble you so that the 3.33% of you that are going to repent will repent and hearken to Him.

I can see no other way for you to do so except the calamity be heaped upon you.

Just as His word says, almost none of you will hearken without it.

And sadly the prophecy for the 3.33 % testifies that almost none of you will even hearken with it.

You are a stubborn and rebellious people indeed.

Most of you who have heard will not even do something simple like stop eating the bread of men like you have been commanded to do.

Almost none of you would join in with His servant and stand with him to cry aloud.

Almost none of you will obey hardly anything that His word says for you to obey or anything that He is restoring, just like you His word says would happen.

You truly are a wicked and adulterous generation like Yehshua said you would be.

And your hearts are your whore houses because your hearts are rebellious to Him.

May YEHWEH Elohiym's will finally be done on earth as it is in heaven.

And may all of the whore houses come tumbling down, whether they be the false worship houses or the hearts of the rebellious children of Israel who will not turn from their adultery to the Most High.