There is a lot of confusion in the different false religions about the timing of the 3 days and 3 nights that Yehshua was in the tomb.

The primary reason for this confusion is two-fold.

One part of the reason is because christianity has bought into the lie that Yehshua was resurrected on a fixed day of the week on satan's calendar.

Secondly it is because they have no regard for our Creator's calendar and what His word says on this subject or on really any subject for that matter.

And this has resulted in the false doctrine of a Sunday morning resurrection.

People have fallen prey to the translation errors and the way that the scribes recorded the events in order to draw their conclusion instead of letting Elohiym's word tell them what is true.

Our Creator does not reconcile days on satan's calendar.

Granted, He has lined up a date on His calendar with a particular date on satan's calendar at this time but this was for a specific purpose.

He did so to show that He is not only all-powerful and that this is all by His design, including letting satan pervert His calendar, but also to show the timing of the final hour of judgment in an amazing way that is simple for us to perceive.

Yehshua said;

Matt 16:4

4 A wicked and adulterous generation requires a sign; and there will no such a sign given to it BUT THE SIGN OF JONAH.

And He left them and departed.

He gave them many signs so He was giving a prophecy here.

He healed the sick, He turned the water into wine as a foreshadow of us needing to have the water that we are baptized under turned into His blood.

The apostle John said that He did many other things that were not even recorded.

They wanted a supernatural sign from Him and He used the opportunity to give them this parable which was also a prophecy for the end times.

What He spoke here and in Matthew 12 was a parable about Him being in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights that was later to tie into an end time prophecy about the hour of judgment.

The prophecy of this sign was revealed a couple of days ago in a video called "The Flood & the 2nd Passover".

It started being given last year at the time of the Passover when YEHWEH tied the 3 and ½ days that Yehshua was dead in with the blowing of the 1st trumpet.

And then now He has more fully revealed the meaning Revelation 8:1 prophecy of the silence in heaven of the space of a half an hour in relation to the hour of the judgment of Babylon.

Understanding the 3 days and 3 nights starts with understanding the correct timing of the Passover and knowing that each day does not begin at sundown like the traditions of Judaism teach.

This is discussed in the 2 part Sundown to Sundown videos.

The timing is easier to understand if you do not try to make the event fit into man's days of the week because this just confuses it.

Again, our Elohiym does not reconcile the days on satan's calendar.

Yehshua died on the afternoon of the 14th day of the 1st month in the mid-after noon (approx. 3 P.M.).

This is the time that He was killed because this is when the Passover lamb or goat is to be killed each year and He did not die on the wrong day or at the wrong time of the day.

He was dead for 3.5 days (84 hours) just like the scriptures teach He was, at least if you believe the proof that His Father's word gives that He was the 1st witness.

This means that it took Joseph and Nicodemus 12 hours to get an audience from Pilate to get permission to take Him down and to get Him buried.

They would have accomplished the task by approximately 3 A.M. the next morning.

And this still is part of the Passover day according to how YEHWEH reconciles days.

Each day ends at the breaking of day when the next day begins and not at midnight like on satan's pagan roman calendar.

Satan changed the way that we are to reconcile the days just like scripture says that he would.

And he did this in order to confuse these events and to change the laws and to set on the mountain of the appointed times just like the scriptures say that he would.

This was all prophesied to happen so you should not marvel that it happened.

It was prophesied that he would deceive the whole world.

At sunrise the next morning after the Passover ends begins the High Sabbath which is the 15th day and this is the 1st day of the Feast of Unleavened bread that is also called the Feast of the Passover.

He was in the tomb for a few hours before day break that began the 15th.

He was in the tomb all of the 15th day. (one full day and one full night)

He was in the tomb all of the 16th day which is the day that the high priest waived the wave sheaf.

This was the second full day and night.

He was in the tomb all of the daylight portion of the 17th day and He remained there until about 3 A.M. on the night of the 17th day.

And this completed the three days and three nights that He spoke that He would be in the tomb.

Besides satan leading man-kind to reconcile the event on his days of the week, another thing that he has done is mix in some translation errors into what is called the New Testament to make it look like a Sunday morning resurrection.

YEHWEH has already given clear proof that the writings of Luke and Mark are full of errors and were not written by eye witnesses so I will just refer to the writings of John and Matthew.

It has been shown that the New Testament scribes also took liberties to change the manuscripts of John and Matthew as well when they needed to in order to uphold their false beliefs.

They twisted some things to make it look like a Sunday morning resurrection to fit into their false doctrines or possibly even added some things as I will discuss.

If you think that they did not do this, you have not examined the evidence to the contrary.

Here is an example of this;

The entire account of the woman caught in adultery in John chapter 8 was added to the manuscripts that the New Testament came from approximately 1,000 years or more after the fact.

This is easily proven.

For those of you who have not watched earlier videos I will share a piece of this proof with you so that you know that it is not just me saying this.

The following quote comes from a textural critic named Bart Ehrman who has examined all of the New Testament manuscripts that there are.

He says;

"Despite the brilliance of the story, its captivating quality, and its inherent intrigue, there is one other enormous problem that it poses.

As it turns out, it was not originally in the Gospel of John.


He goes on add;

"How do we know this?

In fact, scholars who work on the manuscript tradition have NO DOUBTS about this particular case.

Later in this book we will be examining in greater depth the kinds of evidence that scholars adduce for making judgments of this sort.

Here I can simply point out a few basic facts that have proved convincing to nearly all scholars of every persuasion:


its writing style is very different from what we find in the rest of John (including the stories immediately before and after);

and it includes a large number of words and phrases that are otherwise alien to the Gospel."


Ehrman, Bart D. (2009-01-23). Misquoting Jesus (pp. 64-65). Harper Collins, Inc. (Kindle Edition)

This is why we have to rely on what we "know to be true" by letting that which the scripture that Yehshua testified to define what is true.

Just to expand on this example, if you believe the writings of the prophets, Isaiah said that Yehshua would be sent to magnify the Torah.

If you believe Yehshua's own words as recorded by an eye witness, He said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from the Torah.

So obviously He was not getting rid of the punishment of stoning the unrepentant adulterer.

I clarify unrepentant because David is an example of a repentant adulterer.

He was utterly devastated that he had transgressed against his Elohiym.

And he still had severe punishment for his actions and he received it humbly knowing that he is the one who had caused it.

The manuscripts of the New Testament were put together after Rome's Sunday tradition of public readings.

It is simply a matter of knowing what the Old Testament says about when the Sabbaths are.

And they were still observing them at the proper time according to the lunar rotations when Yehshua was here.

This is easily proven even from the 1899 version of the Jewish encyclopedia.

Judaism did not officially fix the Sabbath to Saturday on the pagan Roman calendar until the year 356 A.D.

It is a matter of knowing and believing what is recorded about the timing that the Passover lamb or goat is to be killed and knowing and believing into our Elohiym's calendar.

It is a matter of knowing and believing that Jonah was in the belly of the great fish for 3 days and 3 nights and that Yehshua was in the tomb likewise because He said that He would be.

It is a matter of believing the proof that the scriptures testify to that Yehshua was and is the 1st witness, therefore knowing that He was dead in Jerusalem for 3 and ½ days or 84 hours.

If we believe the scriptures, then we can know without a doubt when He was resurrected.

He was resurrected towards the end of the 17th day of the 1st month just like His Father's word explains.

This day can land on any day of the week on man's pagan calendar that they got from their father the devil.

We cannot let the translations and traditions of men trump our Elohiym's word that His Son testified to.

We must let His word testify to what is true.

In Matthew 28 and John 20 where it speaks about the timing of the resurrection it is not even translated correctly even if it was not added by the scribes.

The translators had to make it fit their beliefs by twisting things.

There are even differences in what it says in the Greek texts compared to the modern day translations.

The translators translated the word for "one or a certain" into "first" and added day behind it to make it read to fit their pagan tradition of worshipping the sun deity that they served.

They translated these verses to make the "first day" fit into their Sunday resurrection to fit their blaspheme.

Matthew 28:1 is more accurately translated;

After the Sabbath was over, as it began to dawn into one (day) of the Sabbath (week?), Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the sepulcher.

The reason why I KNOW that it was not the day after the Sabbath is because I let that which I know to be true determine this for me.

We have to let YEHWEH's measuring rod which is His true word tell us what is true.

His word testifies that His Son was resurrected on the 17th day of the month and from His word we know that the 16th day of the month on His calendar is never a Sabbath.

In this verse they translated the Greek word that is used for Sabbath (Sabboton) to the word week one time and to Sabbath the other in the same verse.

There is the possibility that the first use of the word Sabbath or even both of them were added in this verse or that the whole record was fabricated by the early scribes in order to fit their false doctrine.

And there is the possibility that the Greek word for Sabbath was also used for week back then and this would still fit into the truth if it was but there is also another possibility that fits that I will discuss.

I do not know, nor does it matter.

I just know that the writings of the prophets are true because Yehshua testified to them so we must use them in order to define what is true.

And I know that the Greek scribes cannot be trusted.

They were caught with their pants down by not covering their tracks well enough on several accounts; the most notable was in John chapter 8.

The Greek word "mia" that the translators translated as "first" is always translated as one or a certain everywhere else except in these verses describing His resurrection.

There are over 70 uses of this word to show that it means one and not first.

There is another Greek word used elsewhere that means first and it is proton.

John 20:1 is better translated from the manuscripts;

One (day) of the Sabbath (week?) Mary Magdalene came to the sepulcher in the dawn while it was still dim and saw the stone taken away from the sepulcher.

The Greek word Sabboton is always translated as Sabbaths except for in these few verses that are associated with His resurrection where they sometimes translated it as Sabbath and others as week.

And except for 3 places in the false writings of Saul and his follower Luke

John 20:19 says that then being the same (or self- same) one day of the Sabbath (week?), in the evening when the doors were shut....

So the question is, if these texts were not added to the original writings, what is the Greek word Sabboton referring to in these verses?

If it did mean week back then as well as Sabbath, then it still fits that Mary came one day of the week after the Sabbath.

Also, I mentioned that there is another possibility.

This whole week after His murder was the 7 day Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Was there another Greek word that could have been used for the 7 day week or did they just use the word Sabbaton to describe this special week?

And even if the word was used to describe any week, it still would make no difference because it translates; "one day of the week"

There is not another word used in the New Testament writings for week so it is hard to say, nor does it matter if you let Elohiym's word define the account of when Yehshua was resurrected.

Sabboton was translated as week 9 times in all of the N.T. writings and 8 of these times it is associated with phrase "one day of the week" that is mistranslated as "the first day of the week".

Each of these uses do not use the word for first (Proton), they use mia which means one.

The only time that Sabbaton is translated as week outside of referring to the week of His resurrection is in Luke 18:12.

And we know that Luke's writings are false anyway.

But even in this verse its use is questionable because the words of "in a" were added to the text and the word that they translated as twice can mean again.

And Luke's writings are full of misdirection anyway because satan inspired him to put in a twist into what he wrote.

My point on this subject is, even if these verses were not added or altered by the scribes, they say one day of the week anyway and not the first day of the week.

On top of this, there are vast translation difficulties that exist between the languages.

The language that they we using at the time was most likely Arabic and these events were recorded years later in Greek by scribes that had a false belief to fit them into.

All of this shows the importance of why we must let scripture testify to itself here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept.

And in doing so on this subject, we find the proof that Yehshua was resurrected at the end of the 17th day of the first month and not on any particular day of the week on satan's calendar.


Could this be on a Sunday on man's calendar some years?

Absolutely, because it could be on any day of the week on man's calendar.

We cannot let the translations of men who had a false belief to fit into derail what we know His word tells us is true.

The timing of Yehshua's resurrection had nothing to do with Saturday or Sunday or any other day of the week on satan's calendar.

The really crazy thing is some people use these mistranslated verses to try to prove the Saturday Sabbath is true.

You have to reject what Elohiym's word says plainly elsewhere to make this claim.

It is amazing how many false doctrines have been invented and embraced from men trying to make the timing on Yehshua's murder and resurrection fit into the days on satan's calendar.

From what remember from some research that I did a couple of years ago, if what I read was true, the roman weeks had 8 days in them back then anyway.

But none of this matters when you know our Elohiym's calendar and use it anyway.

When you do, it defines what is true.

The bottom line is, you have to choose to not believe the scriptures that Yehshua bore witness to in order to believe into a Sunday resurrection or that He was resurrected on the day after the Sabbath.

I know that Elohiym's word is true so I choose to believe it and let it tell me what is true.

We must let scripture reconcile itself.

And doing so is how we can know that Saul, Luke and Mark's writings are false.

According to YEHWEH's word, it is a fact that Yehshua was not resurrected on any particular day of the week on satan's calendar.

Line upon line, His word clearly explains that His Son was resurrected towards the end of the 17th day of the 1st month.

This was done in order to testify to the exact timing that the flood began in the 2nd month and how this ties in with the 2nd Passover opportunity.

He has shown that all of this was designed and orchestrated perfectly to fulfill the prophecy of Jonah being in the belly of the fish and His Son being in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights.

If you require a sign, the sign of Jonah has been given.

It has been given to show us when the hour of YEHWEH's judgment of Babylon will begin.

Here is what Yehshua said when He continued to give the prophecy;

Matt 12:41

41 The men of Nineveh will rise in judgment with this generation and will condemn it: because they repented at the preaching of Jonah.

There certainly have not been very many who have repented to that which YEHWEH Elohiym and His Son have sent me to cry out to you.

And now your judgment is at the door.