Today is the last day of the feast for most of the few of you who are hearkening to it.

Most people who understand even a little bit about the Feast of Unleavened Bread equate the leavening to pride.

This is true in part but it is not the complete picture.

What most do not understand is how the leavening applies to the bread of men and how eating of this bread causes us to rise up before our Creator's face.

Those of you who have been following these videos know that our Creator has commanded us to stop eating the bread of men.

This command has gone out as part of the Ezekiel 24 sign that He has sent me to you with.

I have been speaking about how the false beliefs of man are leavened.

Today I will connect the dots on this a little more.

That which is false has a source.

And that which is false causes us to lift ourselves up in arrogance before our Elohiym's face.

It causes us to think that we are as He is and it leads us to tell Him what is right and what is wrong instead of letting Him tell us what is right and wrong.

I will make this very simple;

The leavened bread of men leads to rebellion to YEHWEH Elohiym's word.

It produces the fruit of rebellion which is what the forbidden fruit in the garden represented.

It is satan's leavening that causes us to rise up before His face.

Here is a description of what satan has in his heart.

Isaiah 14

13 Because you have said in your heart, I will ascend into heaven, I WILL EXALT MY THRONE ABOVE THE STARS OF ELOHIYM: I WILL SIT ALSO UPON THE MOUNT OF THE APPOINTED TIMES in the sides of the north:

Satan has a heart that wants to exalt himself over YEHWEH's word.

He has a heart that rises up in opposition or in contradiction to His word.

He wants to tell His maker how it is.

This is the same spirit that any of us have in our heart if we tell our Elohiym what we believe to be true if it is not what He says is true.

We lift ourselves up to be as He is when we do this.

His word is truth.

If we tell Him what is true, we are risen up before His face and make ourselves to be supreme before Him.

And it is satan's leavened bread that causes this spirit to rise up in us.

Deciding to choose right from wrong for themselves was the original sin of Adam and Eve in the garden.

Their actions told YEHWEH that they would choose in regards to what they would obey and what they would not obey.

Here is an example;

If your actions tell our Creator that you will set aside a fixed day of the week like Saturday or Sunday on man's pagan calendar to worship Him on, then you are telling Him how it is and what truth is.

I say this because His word says differently.

Doing so is no different than satan purposing to set on the mount of the appointed times because the weekly Sabbaths are of YEHWEH's appointed times.

It is the same spirit of rebellion to His word that satan has in wanting to rise up above the stars of Elohiym.

Satan is the one who changed when YEHWEH's Sabbaths are in your hearts and minds with his leavened bread.

So you are letting satan tell you what is true if you are worshipping Elohiym on a fixed day of the week on satan's calendar instead of letting our Elohiym's word tell you what is true on the subject.

You are listening to satan's leavening like Adam and Eve did, therefore you are serving satan in your false worship.

If you are rebelling against Elohiym's word in any way like this you are telling Him how it is and your rebellion resulted from eating the leavening of men that came from their father satan.

The unleavened bread of life is YEHWEH Elohiym's word.

It is the truth that sets us free.

His Son was made to be His word in the flesh and we are commanded to follow Him.

That which contradicts His word is the leavening agent and it comes from the father of all lies satan and his crew.

No lie is of the truth.

Here is a set of characteristics that describe someone who is living the unleavened bread of life.

Isa 66:2

2 All of these things exist because my hand made them, says YEHWEH: BUT TO THIS MAN WILL I LOOK, TO HIM THAT IS HUMBLE AND OF A BROKEN SPIRIT AND TREMBLES AT MY WORD.

His unleavened bread was given to help teach us to be humble before Him.

We have to fear not being in agreement with His word.

His word tells us that He requires us to walk humbly before His face.

Telling Him how it is and what is true is not walking humbly before His face.

Telling Him how you will serve Him is not walking humbly before His face either.

What kind of heart has the lack of fear to do such a thing?

I will tell you; it is a puffed up, arrogant leavened heart that does not fear going against Him or against His word.

It is a heart that does not fear not being found in His favor and does not fear losing out on eternal life.

It is a heart that takes their existence here in the flesh for granted.

The religions of man are full of people and are so incredibly leavened they cannot even see their arrogance before His face.

On the top of the arrogant chart is those of you in christianity who have the Most High's word readily available to you but you reject what it says.

In doing so you are trampling His word under your feet like you do His Son's blood.

You have let satan's leavening cause you to be lifted up above the Most High's word.

Those of you who are in this religion read His word and read what it says about obeying Him and even say that you believe it, yet you refuse to hearken to what it says and obey Him.

This is incredible willful arrogance.

You observe the traditions of men with your pagan celebrations like christmas and easter while full well rejecting Elohiym's commandments.

You are able to do this with no shame because you are full of arrogance and pride that came from feeding off of satan's leavening.

The leavening that you have consumed has taught you that you are already right before your Maker with no regard to what His word says to the contrary.

You call the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel your Elohiym but then you despise what He said to do.

  • You call Him righteous but then you despise and speak against His righteousness.
  • You call Him just but then you blaspheme His righteous judgments.
  • You call His Son your master but then you do not follow Him.

    You have no reverence for His word that you tote around with you in your bibles and you honor Him and His Son with your lips but your hearts are far from them.

    You say that the Elohiym of Abraham is the true Creator and that He is all-powerful, but then you do not obey Him.

Your hypocrisy is off of the charts and your arrogance is off of the charts with it.
You call Him the Almighty, but then you go off and honor or serve satan's make believe images of Him instead.

And you give your praise to these make believe images of Him and His Son with no fear.

Yehshua said plainly that all will be judged by His Father's word in the last day.

This is the same word that you say that you believe but that your actions show that you reject it.

You say that you follow His Son as your Messiah but you follow the leavening of the Abomination of Desolation Saul of Tarsus instead.

In John 3:18 Yehshua said that all will be condemned who do not believe into His name.

And in the book of Revelation we are told that the name that He has been given is His Father's word.

This means that all of you who do not believe into Elohiym's word will be condemned according to our Messiah.

The arrogance that most of you have to say that you believe our Messiah but then reject nearly everything that He spoke testifies to what you have in your rebellious, stiff-necked, uncircumcised hearts.

Your hearts are full of leavening because you have eaten the bread of men instead of the unleavened bread of life.

The fact that you can read the words that Yehshua and the prophets spoke and not see that they condemn you is incredible.

His word tells us why His wrath would be sent at the time of the end.

It tells us that it is because you have rejected His Torah with the statutes and judgments and have not obeyed our Elohiym.

This is why Yehshua said that all will be judged by His Father's word in the last day.

How can you read all of these prophesies and reject what they say and still say that you believe His word to be true?

What you say that you believe is a contradiction.

It can only be because you are lifted up in pride before YEHWEH's face.

I have people tell me how they do love Yehshua and they do love His Father yet they do not keep the commandments.

Yehshua said that if you love me, you will keep the commandments.

Can't you see your arrogance if you say that you love Him yet do not obey Him?

Your belief is a contradiction to what His word says.

You lift yourself up above His word to make such claims.

Yehshua said that His word was not His word but that it is His Father's word that sent Him.

Obviously if you say that you believe His Father's word, and you say that you love them but then you do not obey His word, then you are condemned by His word that you say that you believe.

But most of you are too arrogant and full of leavening to see this.

You have blinders on and they stay on because you refuse to hearken to His word that would cause Him to remove them.

The word that you say that you believe condemns those of you who rebel against it.

But because of your pride you do not have eyes to see so you cannot even see that this is the case.

The good news is that there is a way that the blinders can be removed.

If you call Yehshua your shepherd and the only way to eternal life, don't you think that you should actually follow Him?

At least you would if you had any fear whatsoever.

But you have no fear because you are drunk and intoxicated on the wine of fornication.

If Yehshua was your shepherd, then you would do what He told you to do.

You would walk on the same path that He walked if you were indeed following Him.

But instead you are lifted up above what He spoke and you tell Him and His Father how it is.

You have risen up above the YEHWEH's word in your pride-filled hearts.


It is because you chose to eat satan's leavening that he spoon fed you through his servant Saul instead of hearkening to our Creator.

If you were truly following Yehshua, you would be obeying His Father's Torah in the manner that He obeyed it while in the flesh?

Following Him is walking as He walked.

Obeying Him is doing what He said to do.

He said that we must live by His Father's every word and His Father's Torah is His word.

If you say that you are following Him and you are not living as He lived, can't you see your hypocrisy and your arrogance to make such a claim?

He commanded us to become perfect in the manner that His Father in heaven is perfect.

Living His word is what He uses to perfect us so you are rejecting why you were created if you are rejecting that which He gave us to walk on to become perfected in His image.

The ultimate in hypocrisy is found in the whore's trinity doctrine that many of you believe in.

Many of you believe that Yehshua is His Father.

Your belief calls them both liars and it makes no sense if you would just think about it.

It makes no sense because it is nonsense.

Why not just believe what they spoke?

YEHWEH said this is my beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased.

Yehshua did nothing but talk about His Father as being His Father.

You say that you believe that Yehshua is also YEHWEH but then you say in order to have eternal life that you have to believe that YEHWEH raised Him from the dead.

How did He raise Himself from the dead?

Plus, how can an eternal, self-existing Creator die in the first place?

The Mother whore of Babylon who created the trinity doctrine says in their encyclopedia that it is a mystery.

Talk about a mystery, it is a mystery alright.

It is delusional thinking and like I said, it calls both of them liars.

My point today is that everything that contradicts Elohiym's word is leavening.

Everything that contradicts what His Son and His prophets spoke is leavening.

And that which is leavening causes those who eat of it to rise up before our Elohiym's face and to tell Him how it is and tell Him what is true.

It was satan's leavening that caused the original sin of man in the garden.

Satan was put here in order to test us.

He was allowed to leaven the bread to be a test for us.

He was allowed to set up the abomination of desolation to test us and to prove us.

He was not only allowed to do so, our Creator put a hook in Him to do so.

The test is who will we choose to believe?

Will we believe into our Elohiym's righteousness or choose a counterfeit to it so that we do not have to become His righteousness?

All leavening originates from the father of lies.

He twists the truth to add the leavening agent into it in order to deceive us.

Here is what YEHWEH said to Adam after they chose not to hearken to His word;

Gen 3:22

22 And YEHWEH Elohiym said, behold, man has made himself to be as I am, to decide right and wrong for themselves (to choose good versus evil for themselves).

Their choice to rebel against Him was the fruit of what they fed off of.

Why did they produce this fruit?

It was because they gave their ears to the source of the leavening.

They ate of satan's leavened bread and fed their minds with it and it caused them to rise up against their Maker.

They knew that they were commanded to not to eat of the forbidden fruit but they allowed for satan to talk them into it by listening to his leavening of the truth.

Instead of correcting Eve and telling her not to listen to the garbage, Adam gave ear to the leavening as well.

They should not have been eating from the serpent's plate.

And because they did, they were cast out from the garden and shut off from Elohiym's spirit.

It was the leavened bread that led them to eat the forbidden fruit.

And it causes the same thing with us when we eat of it.

It leads us to not obeying our Elohiym and to choosing right from wrong for ourselves.

The really crazy thing is that most of you are so full of pride that you think that you can eat of the leavening and still not be shut off from His spirit.

You are puffed up above that which happened to Adam and Eve in your arrogant hearts.

You can't even see that you have already eaten of the leavened bread and that doing so has already caused you to rebel against the Most High.

Apart from obeying Him, He does not give us His 7 spirits to guide us into the truth.

Therefore we have blinders on our eyes without His 7 spirits.

Not having His 7 spirits closes our eyes and keeps us from being able to see the truth.

Here is a common sense question for you;

How can any of you say that you believe His word but then not obey what it says to do if you have not already risen your beliefs up above what His word says?

Can't you see your arrogance to stand before His face and claim that you worship Him and praise Him and love Him yet not even hearken to what He commanded you to do?

It is amazing how most of you say that you love Him and trust Him yet you live your lives making your flesh be your arm and you live a life that is apart from walking on His path.

His word says cursed is the man who does so.

Jer 17:5


What do you think a heart is like that has not departed from Him?

Do you think that it is a heart that rebels against His instructions?

No, His word says that walking with Him is walking humbly before His face in that which He bid us to do.

I mentioned that His unleavened bread was given to us to live in order to help us to be humble or not raised up before His face.

It was also given to help mold us in His image by teaching us His righteousness.

Living His word creates a constant reminder for us to stay humble before Him as we live it.

An example of this is living His word causes us to desire to be separate from the world and separated unto Him.

It causes this desire because it is difficult to interact with the world and to remain clean before Him.

I say this because living His word includes obeying His clean and unclean statutes and the world is unclean because they have no regard for these statutes.

Also, if we are obeying Him, we are forced to trust Him.

An example of this is; in order to set every 7th year a side as a Sabbath like we are commanded to, we have to receive His double provision in the 6th year.

And in order to have His double provision given to us, we have to be walking humbly before His face and obeying Him.

So obeying Him causes us to be dependent on Him and not making our flesh our arm.

But what do most of you do instead?

You make your flesh your arm so that you do not have to depend on Him and therefore you do not have to obey Him.

The problem for you is, He says cursed is such a man.

Obeying Him includes not feeding our minds with that which is false because that which is false causes us to rise up before His face.

And doing so is what causes Him to shut us off from Him.

That which is false is the leavening agent so it is the root cause to rebelling against Him.

Most of you have an attitude that Yehshua died for your transgressions so you are good to go and you just keep trucking along transgressing against your Maker.

You have no regard for His word that says that sin is transgressing against His Torah.

In doing so you are not only trampling His Son's shed blood under your feet, you are standing on it in pride telling your Maker how it is and what is true.

Like the title of the video says, your arrogance is off the charts.

You have no shame before our Elohiym.

The good news is that your proud and lofty looks before His face are about ready to be recompensed.

And you will be brought low before Him if you do not choose to get low before Him before this happens.

A big part of returning to Him is returning to His Sabbaths.

If you think that telling Him when you will come before Him to worship Him is not haughty and full of pride, then please tell me what is.

His word tells us when His Sabbaths are.

His word tells us that He put the moon in place to determine when they are.

Will you believe His word and receive this and hearken to what His word says or will you continue to listen to satan's leavening that says differently?

If you continue in the lies, you will be removed from before our Creator's face in His righteous judgment.

Truth is being restored like Yehshua and the prophets prophesied would happen.

Lay siege to what is being restored.

If you think you can pick and choose which of His words to believe and obey and still walk humbly before His face, you have a strong delusion.

The leavening that you have consumed has caused Him to keep the blinders on your eyes.

He blinds the eyes of those who do not hearken to Him.

Cry out to Him in fear to anoint your eyes with His eye salve.

Turn from your rebellion to His word and enter into the covenant that He made available to us through His Son's shed blood.

David said;

Ps 51:7

7 Wash my sin with hyssop: and make me clean like white snow.

Turn to having such a heart as David had over His transgressions.

The hyssop if a reference to what we are to paint the blood on our doorposts with each Passover.

The good news for those of you who missed the first Passover last week is His word provides an opportunity for a backup Passover on the 14th day of the 2nd month.

I'll be speaking about this more in the coming days and how it ties in with anniversary of the date that the flood began and the 70 day mark out from Yehshua's return.

If I were you I would get serious about making sure that you prepare for this 2nd opportunity if you missed the 1st.

Most of you have transgressed against our Elohiym by rejecting His word.

After David transgressed against Him, he was broken and humble before His face.

He wanted healed.

He was fearful that YEHWEH had removed Himself from him forever.

He said;

Psalms 51

10 CREATE IN ME A PURE HEART, Elohiym; prepare and rebuilt your spirit in my inward parts.


He feared being shut off.

His passion was to be made white and to be renewed in the joy that he knew in walking with his Maker before he transgressed.

He was lamenting over what he had done and he wanted the pain of his anguish to end.

He feared being cast from before his Father's face for good.

Do you have such a fear and such a humble heart before your Maker?

Or do you stand before His face in pride and take salvation for granted and continue to transgress before His face?

Sadly most of you do not fear because the leavening that you are full of has caused you to believe in the lies that came out from the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus.

You believe into things like all you had to do was one day give your heart to your make believe Messiah that you call the "j-guy" and that you are saved for eternity.

You do not believe into the Most Highs words that say differently.

You cannot see how arrogant it is to stand before your Maker and claim that He has given you eternal life apart from what His word says that we must do.

You have no regard for what His Son and His servants the prophets said that contradicts what you believe because you have no fear.

You are too drunk on the lies to have fear.

Instead of having a broken and a humble attitude that fears not being found in His favor, most of you believe that He has forgiven you without having to hearken to Him.

You believe this because you have chosen to believe the leavened bread instead of believing His unleavened bread of life.

In worshipping your make believe images of Him you are lifting up your praise to baal.

Yes, the make believe images of Him that you worship are no different than worshipping baal.

It is the same thing.

You teach your children to worship your make believe "g guy" and in doing so you are sending them out of your nests on a path that is leading them to the lake of fire.

This is the same thing as offering them up to the fire in a false worship sacrifice.

And you have no shame for doing so because you cannot even see the shame of your nakedness.

You are about ready to though because He is going to show it to you in a way that will cause you to listen to Him.

Here was the sacrifice that David offered up to Him;

Psalms 51

17 My sacrifice to you Elohiym is a broken spirit and a broken and a collapsed heart, Elohiym, do not despise this.

He came before Him with an unleavened offering of himself in the form of a broken and humble heart.

He abased himself in shame for his rebellion to Him.

This is the sacrifice that He wants us offering up to Him for our transgressions.

Such hearts as this are moldable and teachable and do not tell Him how it is.

Such a heart seeks to be in agreement with Him.

David was a man who was after His heart.

He was broken before Him for what he had done.

He was not lifted up before His face giving himself forgiveness for his transgressions like the blasphemous religion of christianity does.

Instead of being humble for your transgression, most of you trample His Son's blood under your feet by rising up yourselves up above His Father's word.

You could care less if you transgress against His word or not.

David and all of those who become the first fruits wanted to meet our Elohiym's terms to be forgiven and they desired to be found in His favor.

They lived their lives to be found in His favor.

They had hearts that wanted to be right before His face.

They wanted to be in agreement with His righteousness and they wanted His righteousness to be theirs.

They had hearts that longed for YEHWEH's word to guide them.

Most of you actually speak against His word.

You call His Torah a curse in your hearts.

And some of you actually call it a curse it audibly like the one that you follow Saul of Tarsus did.

Those who became His first fruits walked humbly before His face on His narrow, seldom traveled pathway.

And they did this while receiving scorn from the rest of the world for doing so.

Most are condemned by others even in their own families for obeying their Creator.

The world has it all backwards and upside down.

They call good evil and they call evil good.

If you want to be a part of the later harvest you are going to have to turn to having hearts like the patriarchs of old had.

You need to vomit up the leavening that you are full of or He is going to vomit you out of His mouth permanently.

The leavening that you have chosen to eat from is adultery to our Elohiym.

Eating satan's bread is playing the harlot to our Elohiym.

You have rinsed this leavened bread that you have fed your hearts and minds with down with the wine of fornication worshipping your false images of Him.

And most of you are staggering drunk off of it.

Your drunkenness has caused you to rise up before His face to tell Him how it is and to tell Him what is true.

The time for allowing for you to continue in your drunken stupor is now coming to an end.

His temple is built and He is soon sending His wrath to purge out all of you who will not turn from your rebellion to His unleavened bread of life.

Like I said in the beginning of this video;

The leavened bread of men leads to rebellion to YEHWEH Elohiym's word.

It produces the fruit of rebellion which is what the forbidden fruit in the garden represented.

He has sent forth the command to stop eating of this leavening and to return to Him OR DYING YOU WILL DIE.

The leavening is poison that causes you to rise up and make yourself to be as He is before His face in your rebellious hearts.

Those of you who refuse to vomit out your leavening will be purged out from before His face.

The choice is yours to make.