These past couple of weeks I have been directed to use Abraham's faith as an example in several of these videos.

Abraham had a heart that no matter what he was going to trust and obey His Elohiym.

He desired to walk before His face and he desired to be perfect before Him.

And he acted on this desire by doing.

What has been revealed this past over a year that has led up to the fast approaching 5 days of torment also has led up to the command that went out yesterday for all uncircumcised males must get circumcised in the flesh if they want to be delivered into the promised land.

This command has gone out for all males to do this at this time but it is symbolism that all men and all women must agree to become circumcised in their hearts in order to be delivered into the Promised Land.

And you have to act on this agreement by turning to obeying the path that our Elohiym uses to circumcise our hearts.

It has been asked of me why this command did not go out sooner.

The reality is, it has always been a commandment that we have had in His word.

It is just that most have chosen to believe into the lies that came out from the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus and other liars who took us away from the truth.

And this command has not been hearkened to by very many unless it happened at birth.

And even for those of you who were circumcised at birth, most of your parents did not hearken to why they had you circumcised.

They did not teach you to live by every word that the Most High gave to us to live by like they were commanded to do.

And even though you were circumcised in the flesh, have you sought after why this was done now that you are adults?

It was given to be a sign that we agreed to walk before our Creator's face in order to become perfect in the same manner that He is perfect.

Have you walked before Him in this manner in the covenant?

In the renewed covenant that His Son shed His blood so that you could enter into it, we are told that Elohiym would write His Torah in your hearts and in your inward parts.

Has His Torah been written in your hearts and in your inward parts?

If not, why do you think you are walking in it?

Yesterday our Elohiym gave to us the reason why He did not have the children of Israel circumcise their children when He sent them back to the desert.

He said that this was done so that later it would be a sign to us to show us that we cannot enter into the Promised Land unless we are circumcised.

This sign would not have been so obvious if they had been circumcised along the way in the desert.

But because it happened this way, He gave us irrefutable proof that we must be circumcised in order to enter into the Promise and the Promised Land is ultimately a foreshadow of His kingdom.

Josh 5:2-3

2 At this same time (referring to the 10th day of the 1st month after they came up out of the Jordan) YEHWEH said to Joshua, make you sharp knives and circumcise again the children of Israel the second time.

3 And Joshua made him sharp knives and circumcised the children of Israel at the hill of the foreskins.

Did they gravel when this command was sent forth?

Did they say why didn't our parents do this to us when we were 8 days old like the Torah said to?

Or did they say we want this land so we will do whatsoever we are told to do?

There is no record of them graveling.

They knew that they had spent the last 40 years in the desert because their parents had not trusted and obeyed their Elohiym when they came to the Jordon the first time.

What about Abraham?

What did he do when YEHWEH told him to get circumcised and have the men in his house circumcised?

Gen 17:22-23

22 And when He finished talking with him, Elohiym went up from Abraham.

23 And Abraham took Ishmael his (13 year old) son, and all that were born in his house, and all that were bought with his money, every male among the men of Abraham's house; AND CIRCUMCISED THE FLESH OF THEIR FORESKIN IN THE SELFSAME DAY THAT ELOHIYM SPOKE THIS TO HIM.

Now this is rock solid faith.

And it is such hearts as these that our Elohiym is looking for to be in His family.

And just think about what kind of a witness it is to our spouses and to our children if we have this kind of faith and obedience to our Elohiym.

In verse 13 He told Abraham that this was to be an everlasting covenant between Him and Abraham's seed.

If you do not want to be Abraham's seed or engrafted into his seed, this is your choice.

Plus, YEHWEH also told Abraham in verse 14 that every male who was not circumcised would be cut off from being His people because they had broken His covenant by not being circumcised.

If you believe that the renewed covenant that Yehshua came with means that you do not have to be circumcised, you simply do not believe the Most High's word.

It was given to be an everlasting covenant according to YEHWEH Elohiym.

If you think that you are a gentile and this does not apply to you, His word says that there is one Torah for the House of Israel and for the stranger that sojourns with them.

This one torah is the same torah that He writes in our hearts as part of the renewed covenant.

And this Torah includes that all males must be circumcised in the flesh as an outward sign.

If you would really think about it, you should not marvel that He has sent forth this instruction at this time in lieu of where we are at in time and how man has rebelled against His word.

You should not marvel at His timing in lieu of the approaching second Exodus.

It is being sent forth as a test and as a witness against those of you who will not hearken.

What you should marvel at is how obeying Him is such a big deal to us now when back then the Patriarchs of old like Abraham just did it.

Even the rebellious house of Israel that was sent back to the desert did this when told to according to Joshua since he said that it was a second circumcision and that the first was their fathers.

I was amazed this past year at how few hearkened to the 7th year Sabbath when the command went out and how few where willing to flee after the Abomination of Desolation was revealed.

I have been amazed at how few have believed His Ezekiel 24 sign that He gave to us.

So few have believed this sign even though it is an impossible to refute promise from His word.

And what is even more astonishing is how most of those who did or do believe this sign still refused to hearken to it.

If it has been hard for you to cover your head then getting circumcised will prove to be a major test for you indeed.

Or maybe not, maybe getting circumcised won't be as big of a deal for some of you as covering your head like you are commanded to at this time is because at least others will not be able to see the circumcision and look at you funny.

Some of you are more worried about what people think about you than you are about obeying our Creator.

My point is, it has been incredible to see just how stiff-necked the rebellious house of Israel has become in regards to hearkening to the word of the Most High.

He said that this would happen when He sent me to you;

Ezekiel 3

6...If I had not sent you to them, they would have hearkened to you.

7 But the house of Israel will not hearken to you BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT HEARKEN TO ME because all of the house of Israel is impudent and hardhearted.

So I should not marvel yet it is astonishing to witness.

The timing of this command going out to get circumcised at this time is incredible in relation to the 5 days of torment and how it lines up.

It actually is further proof of our Messiah's return this year in July when you put it all together with what else has been shown.

I say this because it ties in our Elohiym's mark that all must have in their foreheads if they are going to be delivered through what is ahead with the need to have our hearts circumcised.

Since last April when the first trumpet began to sound there has been continued revelation after revelation given to us about the timing of the prophesies associated with the last days.

He has revealed more and more and tied in His timing with physical events such as earthquakes and comets and even His appointed times.

And during this time He has continued to hold back the major time of calamity for the elect's sake like He said that He would.

He has shown through the Ezekiel prophesies and other revelations how the 5 months of torment have been narrowed down to five days between the 10th day and the 15th day of the 1st month.

And now yesterday He linked this 5 day period together with the circumcision at the Jordon and the Exodus out of Egypt and the conditions for the entry into the Promised Land.

This 5 day period of time falls between the time that the Passover lamb or goat is to be set aside which was the same day that Yehshua rode into Jerusalem on the ass's colt and the anniversary of the Exodus.

The statute that makes this all so significant with where we are in time is linked to the Passover sacrifices that were associated with night to be observed celebration on the night of the 15th.

We are told that no male could partake of these sacrifices unless they were circumcised.

This is symbolism that no one will have Yehshua's sacrifice substituted on their behalf unless their hearts are circumcised since He is the substitution for these sacrifices.

This goes right in step with what I have been sent to speak this past year about repentance.

Repentance is the same thing as having our hearts circumcised.

We are told in Revelations chapter 9 that the torment will apply to those of you who do not have our Elohiym's seal in your forehead.

I have been speaking that a big part of this mark is obedience to His word that testifies to His righteous character that His word teaches us to have.

This life in the flesh is all about the circumcision process of being made in our Elohiym's image.

If you do not enter into the covenant with Him to become as He is through hearkening to His word, you will not be delivered into the millennium, nor into His family.

This 5 day period is yet another sign that ties all of these things together with being delivered out of the bondage of sin and becoming His.

And it even ties in brilliantly to the 10 day period leading up to it because it gives this time more significance as well.

The question that might be coming to your mind is the same question that popped into my mind.

Is all of this about the 5 months of torment being refined down to these 5 days just symbolic of what is required to enter into the Promised Land and symbolic that those who do not meet these conditions will be burnt up in the lake of fire?

I say this because the torment could very well be referring to a torment that will follow in lieu of not hearkening to the statutes and to the spiritual intent associated with this sign.

This could very well be case.

However it really does not matter how this will fit together because the time of calamity will still happen between now and July 19th regardless.

What an awesome day this will be when all of the walls of darkness will come tumbling all of the way down.

I have said in other videos that the scriptures are clear that the majority of the destruction will occur on this terrible day of YEHWEH's wrath, however there will be much humbling in the coming days no matter how it all unfolds.

Whether the torment follows after the 5 days or during it should not be the point anyway.

What should be the point is why do you need the time of torment or the coming time of calamity just to get you to obey our Elohiym?

I have previously spoken that the torment will be during this time and this could very well still be the case.

But now with what has been given, it might very well be in lieu of the symbolism that has been revealed that is associated with this 5 days.

We will know soon enough.

The awesome part of this is this revelation that He has now given about the 5 days and tying it in with the circumcision of our hearts being necessary for the substitution sacrifice of the Most High's Son and it is of incredible significance in all of this.

The sad thing is there are actually some of you who are listening who are thinking in the back of your minds that you will repent when the torment begins and this is just sad.

Why would He want such hearts as this in His family that need this kind of motivation just to obey Him?

I have said often in the early videos that this is not about the date of Yehshua's return anyway.

It has not been about this date for nearly 6,000 years now.

It is about why we are here.

I keep saying why not obey our Elohiym because you love Him and you want to become as He is?

Why not get circumcised in the flesh because He told you to?

Why not get circumcised in the flesh because His Son did and He told us to follow Him?

Why not get circumcised because Elohiym's word clearly teaches that you must before you can enter into the Promised Land?

And the same applies to fleeing.

If you can look at all of the evidence that plainly convicts Saul as the Abomination of Desolation and still not acknowledge that he is, then your heads are buried deep in the sand and you are utterly deceived.

And maybe even worse than this, if you can see that he is the abomination and you still refuse to flee, can't you see that you are willfully rebelling against the Son of the Most High's very own words?

Where does this put you in His Father's eyes?

All of this shows that the 5 days points to the prerequisite for escaping the torment and why those who will receive it will receive it.

And if it ends up being that the time of torment will follow it, it does not matter because the torment is still coming.

The destruction is coming; otherwise we would not have been commanded to flee the cities and head to the hills and to the mountains.

Either way one thing is for sure, what has been revealed about this 5 day period along with everything else like our Elohiym's Ezekiel 24 sign that is His promise proves where we are at in time.

He showed me from the beginning that nearly every one of you would not hearken to His word without having terrible calamity heaped upon you.

His Son walking out of the tomb was not enough to get most of you to hearken to Him to become as He is.

Whether this revelation about the 5 days moves the torment outside of this time or not, it still spells out plainly that those of you who do not agree to have your hearts circumcised by living His word will be burnt up.

And many of you are going to have a tough road to hoe ahead of you because the torment is not going away just because He has given us a further revelation to why He is sending it.

And in this, He is showing the reason why you must get circumcised in the flesh as well.

It is part of the test that He is placing before you at this time.

And for those of you men who are circumcised, you had better be heeding to what it is symbolic of and be walking before His face in obedience to His word.

It is a matter of walking in the physical in order to learn the spiritual.

And those of you who refuse to do this will be consumed because you did not have your hearts circumcised.

And you will be consumed on the same physical playing field that you rejected to walk before your Elohiym's face on.

In other words, His wrath will be manifested to you on a physical plain.

And it is just about ready to be let loose.

He is suggesting that you turn to having a heart like Abraham's and trust and obey Him.

Abraham obeyed the circumcision sign when he was told to do so.

He departed from his country when he was told to depart.

He agreed to offer up His Son Isaac when he was told to.

And because he did trust and obey his maker, his maker gave him a replacement sacrifice that day.

There is no replacement sacrifice for those of you who refuse to trust and obey.

There is no substitution made for those of you who refuse to have your hearts circumcised by our Elohiym on His terms.

His terms are walking before His face on His path in order to become perfect in the same manner that He is perfect.

His path is the same path that His Son became in the flesh, His word.

His Torah is in His word, therefore it is His word.

We are commanded to follow His Son who became His word in order to have eternal life.

This is just a reality.

If you continue to reject this reality, then dying you will die and you will not have much longer to wait now.

He is suggesting that you hearken to the conditions that He has put forth and they are more than just the physical act of circumcision or the act of being dunked in some water.

You are going to have to have the water turned into Yehshua's blood and He has laid out the conditions of repentance that He is requiring.

Will you hearken or will you forbear.