I have recently been asked the question; do all men need to be circumcised?

This is a very important question to have right so I was led to do a video on the subject.

And as I got into the preparations of the video, additional understanding was given on this subject that applies to the here and the now and particularly to the 5 days of torment that are fast approaching.

Our Elohiym's timing for this understanding in regards to this year's 2nd Exodus into the Promised Land is incredible.

Understanding the answer to the circumcision question starts with understanding why we have the physical commandments like baptism and circumcision in the first place.

We have them for the same reason why we have all of the commandments and statutes and judgments.

They hold in them spiritual lessons that are part of the programming process that our Creator uses to teach us His righteousness.

They also teach us about His perfecting plan that He has in place to build His family.

And they are also given to refine us and to purify us like silver and gold.

Yehshua told us to anoint our eyes with eye salve and to buy of him gold tried by the fire.

What is being given in regards to the circumcision is going to be a test for some of you.

Also, it is important to understand that being baptized or circumcised in the flesh by itself is not going to cause any person to be delivered through what is ahead, nor will doing these things get them eternal life in our Elohiym's family by themselves either.

Yet we are commanded to perform them.

But in order to enter into the Promised Land, the spiritual intent of them must be manifested in us as well as the physical obedience.

Jer 9:25

25 Behold, the days come, saith YEHWEH, that I will punish all of them which are CIRCUMCISED WITH THE UNCIRCUMCISED;

He is letting us know in this verse that being circumcised in the flesh by itself is not going to deliver anyone.

The same is true of being baptized into water.

We have to have the water that we are baptized under turned into Yehshua's blood and we have to have our hearts circumcised.

Yet we are still commanded to be baptized and we are still commanded to be circumcised as outward signs.

Baptism does not replace the need to be circumcised because they represent two different parts of the salvation process.

They both are part of the same process but they represent different aspects of the atoning process.

Baptism under the water is symbolic of being baptized into Yehshua's blood.

It is an outward sign that we are agreeing to let Yehshua's blood pay the price for our transgressions but it does not validate the covenant by itself.

Just like observing the Passover on night of the 14th is an outward sign of agreeing to have His blood cover our transgressions but it does not validate the contract by itself either.

In order to prove this, look at the 1st Passover and the first baptism into the red Sea;

The Israelites agreed to the covering of the blood and they agreed to come out of Egypt which is symbolic of sin.

Egypt is symbolic of sin because their sin and their ancestor's sin was the reason why they were in bondage in the first place.

They painted the blood on their door posts then they passed under the Red Sea which was a foreshadow of being baptized in Yehshua's blood.

When they came out of the sea Moses sprinkled blood on them after they agreed to the covenant.

And like I said in the Red Sea video, it is not a coincidence that the Red Sea is named the Red Sea.

Blood is red.

Even though they agreed to the conditions and they entered into the conditions, they still broke the covenant.

When they got to the Jordon, the fact that they did not trust In Elohiym's deliverance and obey His instruction and were sent back shows that we must trust and obey Him if we are going to enter into the Promised Land.

It was because they did not trust and obey Him that they were sent back to the desert to die and they did not enter into the Promised Land.

They were not given the Promised land even though they were baptized into the blood covenant and we will find out in a minute, they were not given the promised land even though they were also circumcised in the flesh.

The bottom line of all of this is we have to sign the covenant with genuine repentance in order for the contract to be valid and we have to continue in the repentance to keep it valid.

Genuine repentance is losing our lives for His kingdom's sake and agreeing to live by every word that proceeded forth out of the mouth of YEHWEH Elohiym.

We have to do this in order to be molded in His image.

And the record that the Israelites were sent back to the desert to die shows that we must also trust in His promises if we are going to enter into His Promise land and we must follow through with obedience to His instructions.

When we confess this genuine repentance in our lives in our obedience and in our change of thinking, the water that we are baptized under is turned into our Messiah's blood and His blood atones for our transgressions.

Here is a key point of what the circumcision of the flesh is to point to;

It is to point us to the circumcision of our hearts which is the inward manifestation of true repentance.

Therefore circumcision of the flesh is symbolism that we must agree to repent in order to continue in the covenant that we were baptized into.

In like manner, baptism is symbolic that if we do repent, then we are cleansed by Yehshua's shed blood.

They are tied in together.

Yet even though they both represent a spiritual end product, we are still told to perform these outward ordinances and we must obey what we are told to do.

They are part of living by every word that Elohiym spoke because He spoke these instructions.

And agreeing to live by His word is part of the requirement to enter the covenant in the first place.

Baptism is a pretty non-testing event, however for an adult male to be circumcised; this is a refining test indeed.

His word says that the soul that sins will receive the death penalty.

And the Apostle John said;

1 John 3:4

4 And whosoever transgresses the Torah commits sin because SIN IS THE TRANSGRESSION OF THE TORAH.

The reason why transgressing the Torah carries the death penalty is because hearkening to the Torah is what molds us to be made in our Elohiym's image.

If we refuse to be molded into His righteous image, then He does not want us in His kingdom.

This is why we have these tests to refine us and these exercises to purify us.

Our life here in the flesh is a testing and proving ground.

In this process, His word says that all males must be circumcised as an outward manifestation that we are agreeing to walk with our Elohiym on His path to become His righteousness.

We are agreeing to walk before His face in order to have our hearts circumcised by Him.

His path is His word and it is living His word that He uses as a vehicle to circumcise our hearts.

This is what He explained to Abraham when He gave him the instructions to be circumcised.

He said;

Gen 17:1-2

1 ...I am El' Shaddai; walk before my face and be without blemish (be perfect).

2 And I will give my covenant between me and you and I will multiply you exceedingly.

He went on to instruct him to circumcise all of the males in his house including his servants as an outward sign of agreeing to walk before His face in order to become perfect.

This was an incredible act of faith and obedience for Abraham to comply to this instruction.

He was 99 years old at the time and those in His house were grown men and there were no hospitals and fancy surgery tools at the time to perform this operation.

Even his son Ishmael was already 13 years old at the time.

And YEHWEH told him to circumcise all of his future children on the 8th day after they were born from there on.

This has huge symbolism woven into it by the Master Potter.

The 8th day is symbolic of the Great White throne when all will either become spirit beings in His family or they will be burnt up.

It represents the end game to this life in the flesh.

His instructions to circumcise our male children on the 8th day is symbolic that if we do not have our hearts circumcised while here in the flesh that we will not become spirit beings in His family for eternity.

And it is also symbolism that the father of a male child's part in the process in teaching his sons to have their hearts circumcised should begin right after the time that the 7 day separation of the lad with his mother ends when he is circumcised on the 8th day.

Teaching our children to obey our Elohiym in order to be made in His image is the most important thing that a parent must do with their children.

I say this because this is why we have children given to us.

We are here in the flesh to become His family but we are also here in the flesh to help our Creator build His eternal family by helping our children get into His family as well.

If we do not teach them to walk in the way that leads to eternal life like we are commanded to, we send them out of the nest on a path that leads to the lake of fire.

This is the same thing as offering them up to the fire and it is the spirit of murder to do so.

Yehshua gave us the same instructions that His Father gave to Abraham about us being commanded to become perfect.

He said;

Matt 5:48


We are commanded to become as He is.

And He gave the same instruction to Moses to give to the children of Israel in Deuteronomy 18:13;

Deut 18:13

13 You shall be perfect before YEHWEH Elohiym.

How can any of you refute that this is why we are here in the flesh?

This is the word of the most High and His Son that commands this.

If we agree to the conditions to walk before His face, we must do as Abraham was told to do and become circumcised.

And the children of Israel performed this as well as grown men which I will get to in a minute.

Like I said, this is symbolic of our agreeing to have our hearts circumcised which is what repenting is.

And the baptism is symbolic of the atonement for our sins if we do repent.

If we are walking before our Elohiym's face, He substitutes the death penalty that we owe for our transgressions with His Son's sacrifice.

The whole event with Him providing Abraham with the replacement sacrifice for his Son Isaac that day also shows that our trusting in Him and obeying Him is required in order for the substitution sacrifice to be provided to us.

If we have entered into this contract to become as He is and we are atoned for by Yehshua's blood, in no way does this give us a license to continue to transgress against His Torah.

This is a contradiction to the terms of the covenant.

I say this is because walking with Him in His Torah is walking before His face.

The same is true about trusting and obeying Him, it is required because it is what faith is and faith is required.

The children of Israel being sent back to die and not entering into the Promised Land proves this.

Do you think that our Elohiym changed?

No, He said that He changes not.

The first part of the atonement process is entering into the renewed covenant and having Yehshua's blood cover our past transgressions.

But this is just the first part of the process.

If the initial stage of our repentance is genuine, then we are given our Elohiym's 7 spirits to guide us into all truth and His spirit writes His Torah in our hearts and in our inward parts.

The second part of the atonement process that the 2nd goat on the Day of Atonement is a foreshadow of is that we must continue to walk in repentance in order to have Yehshua's blood continue to be applied on our behalf.

This is explained in more detail in "The 7th month High Days" videos parts 2 and 3.

True repentance is continuing to change to be made in our Elohiym's righteous image.

We must continue in the classroom if we are going to continue to be taught and guided into all truth, otherwise we are shut off from Him because we have broken the covenant.

We have to show up for the class each day and we have to continue to be made in His image by walking before His face.

We must offer ourselves up as a way of life to be taught to be as our Elohiym is.

This is what losing our lives for His kingdom's sake is.

It is the process of having our heart circumcised.

Deut 10:16

16 Therefore CIRCUMCISE THE FORESKIN OF YOUR HEART and be no more stiff-necked.

But this spiritual end product in no way annuls the command for us to do the outward commandment to circumcise the flesh as well.

The question that will be asked is which comes first, the circumcision or the baptism?

The answer is, because of where we are at in time, this is not what is important.

Many are circumcised in the flesh but they have not even remotely begun the process of having their hearts circumcised.

And many have been baptized under the water but they have not even remotely done that which is required to turn the water into Yehshua's blood.

With the children of Israel, they were baptized into the covenant before the circumcision but with Abraham, there was no representation of the baptism, at least not which is recorded.

And Abraham was hearkening to His Elohiym long before this part of the covenant was made with him.

Joshua recorded that the children of Israel that came to the Jordon the 1st time were circumcised but those who were born in the desert after they were sent back were not.

This in itself is very significant because the children of Israel were commanded by Moses to circumcise the male children at 8 days of age so the fact that this was not done in the desert was significant.

It was not done in the desert to be a sign to us that proves that circumcision is required in order to enter into the Promised Land.

The children of Israel crossed over the Jordan on the 10th day of the 1st month before they were given the Promised Land.

The 10th day of the 1st month is the day that we are to set apart the lamb or goat for the Passover.

And it is the day that Yehshua rode into Jerusalem on the ass's colt.

These things are not coincidences.

They were circumcised after they crossed over the Jordon.

When the children of Israel were passed over by the destroying angel that 1st Passover night in Egypt, they had not been circumcised yet when they ate of the Passover lamb that night.

This was not recorded in the writings of Moses however Joshua did record the account of the circumcision as it being a 2nd time of the circumcision at the Jordon.

This shows that their fathers had been circumcised when they had come to the Jordon the first time.

Yet even after this they chose to not trust and obey our Elohiym.

This is a powerful story in itself because after they were given the sentence of being sent back to the desert they said, okay, okay, we will go up and fight.

But YEHWEH said don't do it because now I will not be with you.

They went up anyway and were chased back like bees.

This shows how serious it is to obey our Elohiym the first time when He sends forth an instruction like He is sending forth now.

As I said, Joshua explained that their children had to be circumcised before they could enter into the Promised Land because they had not been circumcised in the desert.

This happened between the 10th day after they came through the Jordon and the Passover.

Could it be a coincidence that this 10th day is the same day that the 5 days of torment is to begin?

Is our Elohiym showing us that the 5 days of torment is being linked to the circumcision since we know that it will affect those who do not have His mark in their foreheads?

Like with all things, it is a perfect match to what He has already given and a perfect match to the prophesies.

He is showing the importance of having our hearts circumcised.

It is required in order to have eternal life given to us.

The Promised Land is ultimately a foreshadow of the end game of one day being in our Elohiym's family.

However it also referred to the children of Israel being delivered into the land of Israel back then just as it is referring to those who will be delivered into the Promised Land in this 2nd Exodus.

They had to be circumcised before they were given this land and this is of huge significance to where we are at in time.

And it is of huge significance why this is being given at this time with the 2nd Exodus at hand.

We have reached the time of the 2nd Exodus where the Promised Land is in front of those of you who will be delivered into the millennium.

This trial is being given to those who will be returned to Israel in the second Exodus and given the Promised Land to return to.

Keeping in step with His word, I would try to find a way to do what the children of Israel did after that 10th day and become circumcised in the flesh if you have not been already.

It is clear that all males must be circumcised in order to enter into the ultimate Promised Land anyway.

Yes, this is the spiritual end product of having our hearts circumcised but obeying on a physical plain is the path to get there.

In Genesis 17:11 He says that the physical circumcision is a sign between our Elohiym and His children just like His Sabbaths are a sign of the same.

I know that what I am saying is serious.

It was serious back then as well when Abraham was told to circumcise his family and have himself circumcised.

It was serious when Abraham chose to obey His Elohiym and endure the pain.

It was serious when the children of Israel did the same when they crossed over the Jordon and Joshua told them to perform this.

Being tried in the fire to become as our Elohiym is is serious business.

I have also been asked previously if all males need to be circumcised in order to eat of the Passover on the night of 14th.

Most think that the answer to this is yes because we are told in;

Ex 12:48

48 And when a stranger sojourns with you and keeps the Passover to YEHWEH, let all of his males be circumcised, then let him come and keep it and he will be as one that is born in the land: All who are uncircumcised shall not eat thereof.

This is a difficult verse because it is talking about the Passover sacrifices that were offered up on the night of the 15th and not the lamb or the goat on the 14th.

Most do not understand that the feast of unleavened bread is also called the feast of the Passover and there were other sacrifices that followed the Passover night.

In regards to being circumcised Moses is linking this together with a totally different set of instructions than for the Passover memorial on the night of the 14th.

The instructions for night of the 14th are spoken about earlier in the same chapter.

In the instructions for the 14th he said nothing about circumcision because the children of Israel were not circumcised yet on that night.

They ate of the Passover and painted the blood on the 14th uncircumcised.

In verse 14 Moses tells us that keeping this as a memorial of the Passover night is to be done throughout our generations and in verse 24 he says that doing so is to be a statute forever.

But he also went on to add that we are to keep the ordinances of the Feast as well and gave us instructions to do so.

These instructions are totally different for the night of the 15th than for the night of the 14th.

This is because the sacrifices for the 15th were going to be substituted by our Messiah for those who are circumcised.

The sacrifices on the 15th were sacrifices that they lifted up to YEHWEH Elohiym for the feast of the Passover.

The night of the 14th is a memorial of YEHWEH's sacrifice to us that was a foreshadow of His Son's blood later being poured out on our behalf so that the death penalty will Passover us.

In the instructions for the 15th, all males had to be circumcised before they could partake of these sacrifices and this has huge symbolism in it.

I am using the words huge symbolism a lot today because all of this that is tying in together is incredible in what He is revealing.

This totally links the need to be circumcised with the 10th day and the 15th day.

These sacrifices on the 15th did not go away, but rather they are substituted if we are walking in the covenant with our Elohiym.

They are substituted by His Son, however needing to be circumcised in order to partake in these sacrifices shows once again that this substitution is conditional.

In this case, it is showing that it is conditional on the circumcision.

He is saying that we have to be circumcised not only to enter into the Promised Land, but also to have the substitution made.

This is whole event with the sacrifices on the 15th shows that all males need to be circumcised in order have the replacement sacrifice in effect.

There are two tiers of this symbolism in what is being said.

•1)    We must be physically circumcised as an outward sign of agreeing to have our hearts circumcised in order to have the replacement sacrifice being applied on our behalf as we walk in the covenant.

•2)    Ultimately, unless our hearts become circumcised, the final payment or the final substitution of Yehshua's sacrifice is not made on our behalf and we do not enter into the ultimate Promised Land.

As far as the children of Israel not being circumcised before they were passed over that night in Egypt and not being circumcised when they were baptized into the sea, this shows us that we can begin the process of being atoned for by Yehshua's blood without the circumcision but it does not take away the need to be circumcised nor the need to have our hearts circumcised.

We have to agree to come out of sin and continue to meet the conditions in order for the water to continue to be turned into His blood.

The water being turned into blood happens when we agree to the conditions of the covenant which is agreeing walk before our Elohiym's face in order to have our hearts circumcised.

This whole process with the circumcision also shows that we must become circumcised in the flesh out of obedience in order for His atonement to be ongoing.

And it is ongoing until we reach a point where the atonement is final and we are sealed into His family.

Our hearts must become circumcised in order to be sealed into His family.

And this results from the process of being clay that is willing to be molded by Him.

We have to be molded or have our hearts circumcised in order to become the finished product.

In no way does this mean that we do not need to obey on a physical plain because it is obeying on a physical plain that He uses to teach us the spiritual lessons.

It is obeying on a physical plain that He uses to circumcise our hearts.

Obeying on a physical plain is the action that is required that makes our repentance genuine.

If you want to believe lies like Luke's account of the thief on the cross you are far removed from reality.

Luke was Saul of Tarsus's follower and he was not an eye witness and this account contradicts all of the true scriptures.

An eye witness recorded that the thieves reviled Yehshua.

If you believe that Yehshua said "Father forgive them because they know not what they do", again, you are choosing to believe Luke who was not an eye witness.

Luke was a follower of the abomination that desolated the truth, Saul of Tarsus.

Here is what YEHWEH Elohiyms says about praying for the rebellious house of Israel;


Jer 7:16

16 Therefore DO NOT PRAY for this people, NEITHER LIFT UP CRY NOR PRAYER FOR THEM, neither make intercession to me: because I will not hear you.

And His son said I do not pray for the world, He said;

John 17:8-9

8-9 I pray (beseech you) on behalf of these whom you have given to me "WHO HAVE SEIZED YOUR WORD" that I have given to them that you gave to me. They know that I came out from you and they believe that you have sent me: I DO NOT PRAY (beseech you) ON BEHALF OF THE WORLD, but for them which you have given to me because they are yours.

He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from the Torah including the need to be circumcised.

He was circumcised and He said to follow Him.

He was baptized and He said for us to do the same.

He obeyed His Father's every word and He told us to do likewise if we are going to have eternal life given to us.

He did not get rid of any of the instructions including the sacrifices.

He magnified them, including the sacrifices.

There could be no greater sacrifice than the Son of the Most High.

Our Elohiym is telling you how to meet the conditions to have this sacrifice substituted on your behalf.

Lay siege to the hidden manna that is no longer hidden and hearken to the word of the Most High.

He says to come out of her my people and be not partakers of His wrath.

Coming out of her is both physically and spiritually.

And the need to be circumcised still stands to this day, both physically and spiritually.