I have been saying in these videos that it does not matter what any of us believes to be true or what any of us thinks is true.

All that matters is what is true.

We can believe whatever we want to but doing so will not make it true if it is not true.

We have to measure all things with our Creator's word.

His word is true.

John 17:17

17 Make them pure through your truth: YOUR WORD IS TRUTH.

Or, you could say that the truth is defined by His word.

His word is what purifies us or makes us in His image.

There is no other measuring rod that we can use to measure what we believe to be true with in order to find out if what we believe to be true is in fact true.

Our Messiah bore witness to the writings of the prophets.

And the writings of the prophets bare witness against the writings of Saul of Tarsus.

The different false images of christianity's messiahs that they call jesus are make believe messiahs that came from Saul's writings.

A make believe messiah has make believe blood and make believe blood cannot atone for our sins.

The other day I heard someone refer to christianity's make believe messiah as the "j guy" in order to not have to even mention his name.

I like this description so I will adopt this name.

I have people who write me to rebuke me in their j-guy's name.

What they do not understand is I have no fear of their make believe j guy.

My Messiah became His Father's righteousness when He became His word in the flesh.

My Messiah is in total agreement with His Father's word so much so that it is the name that He now bears.

This is the name of the Messiah that I fear.

My Messiah did not do away with His Father's perfect laws with the statutes and ordinances and judgments; rather He magnified them just like Isaiah prophesied that He would.

He said things like you have heard it said that you should not commit adultery.

I tell you that if you even so much as look at a woman to desire her in your heart you are committing adultery.

He said that if your eye causes you to stumble in such away then to pluck it out.

He said things like you have heard it said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and then He went on to show that instead of an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth that we should repay the person that we offend double.

He was saying that instead of a having a heart that wants to repay an eye for an eye, we should have hearts that want to repay them with two eyes and instead of a tooth for a tooth, repay them with two tooths.

He showed that this is what He was saying by going on to say that if any one sues you in the law for your coat; then give them your cloak also.

And the other side of this parable was that we should have hearts that want to turn the other cheek by not living to exact judgments from those who wrong us.

He was saying that the eye for an eye commandment was given to be for the one who is to repay another for an offense against him or her.

And He was saying that is not to be our hearts to require exacting judgments from others when they wrong us.

He was defining what our hearts should be.

He was not doing away with His Father's Torah; He was magnifying it and making it glorious.

People write me and tell me that He got rid of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

He did no such thing.

Just a couple of minutes earlier in the same teaching He told His disciples that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from His Father's Torah until heaven and earth pass away and this will not be until there is a new heaven and a new earth.

This won't happen until the end of the Great White throne of judgment when all will either become spirit beings in His Father's family or they will be burnt up.

The "j guy" did away with his father's Torah with the statutes and judgments, the real Messiah Yehshua did no such thing.

As a matter of fact, the j guy's father is a make believe Elohiym that christianity calls god.

I'll call this make believe Elohiym the "g guy"

The g guy does not exist either.

Soon, you in christianity will be calling out to your g guy and to your j guy for deliverance from your affliction and I will be saying to you, what's the matter, are they off relieving themselves so they cannot hear you?

Or maybe they are off on a faraway journey so they cannot hear your cries.

Or maybe they are sleeping and they cannot hear?

I will be telling you; why don't you cry a little louder so that you might awaken them just like when Elijah mocked the prophets of Baal.

But I will also be telling you the same things that I have been crying out to you to do and this is for you to repent and turn from your rebellion to the Most High.

I will be telling you the same thing that I have been crying out for you to stop trampling His Son's blood under your feet.

I am and will continue to tell you to flee from your g guy because a make believe Elohiym does not have ears to hear.

I will be telling you to flee from your j guy because a make believe messiah has make believe blood and make believe blood will not cleanse you.

I am and will continue to tell you the conditions of the renewed covenant that you must agree to and enter into in order to have the water that you will need to be baptized into turned into the real Messiah's blood.

I will continue to cry out to you to yield to why we were created.

You must either agree to follow the real image of the Messiah who became and is His Father's word or you will be purged out.

You must either agree to live His Father's word as He lived it in order to become His righteousness or dying you will die

Whether you will hear or whether you will forbear, this is up to you.