I have been getting letters from some people wondering where I have been since I have not posted a video in a few days.

The battle has been heating up and the process has begun to unfold in bringing me before the religious leaders of satan's systems and this has stirred up the water and led to some things that have kept me from having the time to post videos.

I expect that this will even get crazier as we move forward and things intensify.

I am learning more and more about why things have been held back for the elect's sake as they have been.

I have spoken in other videos how our Creator knows exactly how much affliction that it is going to take to humble the most stubborn of those who will eventually repent.

It will be at this time when His furry will be let loose.

I am learning that this world is so hostile to the truth that it is going to take very little time for all to unfold to bring about what must be.

Things have changed on my end and this has caused me to have to do some traveling into the world this past week.

In these travels I have had quite the experience while obeying our Creator to stay clean so I felt led to post a video on this subject.

It is one thing to be removed from the public as I have been for the most part and obey His clean and unclean instructions, but to enter back into the world on a physically plain was an experience indeed, especially in lieu of the reactions of those in the world.

The world puts no difference between the clean and the unclean.

Today I am going to speak on how the world is far removed from His instructions but first I will give a short summary of why He gave us the clean and unclean laws.

He gave us the instructions that He did in order to separate us from the world to be set apart by Him to become as He is.

In these instructions He told us what He calls unclean.

Learning why He calls these things unclean is part of the process of learning His righteousness.

Things like His food laws are very simple on a physical plain but there is also a spiritual intent to them.

He made some foods available to us that are bad for us and He told us not to eat them, but this is not the only reason why He did this.

These dietary restrictions are also symbolic of the leavened bread that we are not to feed our minds with.

One of the five points of the Ezekiel 24 sign that I have been sent with is the command to no longer eat the leavened bread of men.

This command has always been in His instructions as a way of life for those who have obeyed Him.

But now it is being set forth as a straight forward command to all who will return to Him to become of the number who will be delivered into the millennium.

This instruction is represented by the Feast of Unleavened Bread as an annual reminder of what we are to feed our minds with.

There are some foods that He commanded us to not eat that I do not know if they are bad for us physically or not.

The reason why we are told not to eat them is to teach us that we must obey for obedience sake if we don't know the reason.

This is designed to test us and to prove us whether we will decide right from wrong for ourselves or simply obey Him.

This is all part of leading us to the spiritual food that we need to eat of in order to enter into eternal life.

If we obey His instructions and walk in a covenant with Him, He gives us His 7 spirits to feed us His truth.

The physical statutes have their spiritual intent.

His word tells us that some of the discharges that come out from our bodies make us unclean and these instructions are by design and for a purpose.

In order to understand why He gave us the instructions that He did, it is important to understand that sin separates us from Him so He gave them to us to learn not to be separated from Him.

His instructions are part of His classroom.

They are given to us to teach us to not sin.

Their object is to teach us to desire to not be separated from Him.

He uses blood in His word to represent the ultimate penalty that results from sin.

Ezek 18:20

20 The soul that sins, he will die.

The penalty for sin is death because sin is not going to be allowed in eternal life.

It separates us from eternal life.

Our life in the flesh is represented in the blood and this life goes back to the earth if our sins are not atoned for.

The atonement process is ongoing as we walk here in the flesh, but this atonement is only made on our behalf if we are walking in a state of being made in our Creator's image.

Walking in His judgments and statutes is the path that teaches us to be made in His image.

I will use the example of the woman's menstrual cycle to lead up to how far the world is removed from obeying our Elohiym.

When the blood is leaving the woman during her cycle, His instructions tell us that she is to be unclean for a period of time.

It is not the purpose of this video to outline all of the instructions associated with this time in detail but rather to use a couple of them to illustrate man's rebellion to our Creator's word.

Sin, which is rebellion to His word, entered into the world through the woman so He uses this time as a monthly reminder of this.

There are also lots of other dynamics associated with this as well that are not the purpose of this video.

But the consequence of the blood leaving the woman is not just for the woman.

Her time of separation affects all because we are told;

Lev 15:19

19 And if a woman has an issue and her issue in her flesh is blood, she shall be set apart seven days and WHOSOEVER TOUCHES HER shall be unclean until the even.

We are also told in the next two verses that whoever touches that which she has set on or touches that which she has laid upon must wash themselves and wash their clothes and they will be unclean until evening.

If we are obeying these instructions in the broken world that we live in, there is no place that we can set in public because there is no place that a woman who is menstruating might not have set before.

The solution that I found in my travels is to bring a covering for where I set.

What has been amazing is how this has been laughed at and scorned by those in the world.

This shows just how removed from our Creator's word this world is.

I went before one religious leader this past week who was appalled that I covered the chair that I sat on in his presence.

He said that he thought there were psychological issues for me doing so.

In my brief meeting with him to warn him to repent from his abominations, I asked him 3 times if it was wrong to obey the commandments.

I did not receive an answer from him.

The hypocrisy of man's religions is incredible.

They say that they obey our Creator but they do not obey anything that He said.

They cannot even obey the simplest of His commandments like wearing some blue tassels less more obey Him on the rest of His commandments like how and when to keep His Sabbaths.

It has been amazing to see how my family and I covering that which we set upon in public has been received by others in the public.

There are other examples of the scorn as well such as in regards to our head coverings.

It just so happens that the scriptures record that those who will be delivered through the coming time of affliction will hearken to the command to cover their heads at this time.

Yet those covering their heads are scoffed at and mocked.

The world has everything backwards.

Obeying our Creator is what is considered evil by most.

And rebellion to His word is a way of life to most.

Today I am going to end this video with a scripture for the last days about why YEHWEH Elohiym's wrath is being sent to the world.

Ezek 22:26

26 Her priests have violated my TORAH, and have profaned my holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, NEITHER HAVE THEY SHOWED DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE UNCLEAN AND THE CLEAN, and they have hid their eyes from my Sabbaths and I am profaned among them.

You tell me if you think that obeying His clean and unclean laws is a good idea or not in lieu of this verse and other verses like it.

If you think that His clean and unclean laws went away or that any of His torah went away, you are sorely mistaken.

Why would He do away with that which was given to set us apart to Him?

Why would He do away with that which was given to perfect us in His image?

The answer is, He would not and He did not.