Sometimes people ask me how do I know which scriptures are true or how do I know that any of them are.

My answer is very simple;

Truth bears witness to itself and creation bears witness to the truth.

It is a matter of letting our Creator's creation testify to right verses wrong and then letting right verses wrong testify to His word.

From there we can let His word define all truth because His word testifies to His Son.

And His Son said;

John 17:17

17 Father, purify them through your truth: YOUR WORD IS TRUTH.

From this basis it is quite simple because anything that opposes His Father's word is not truth.

This is how we can determine which writings are not part of His word and which are.

If they oppose the word that Yehshua bore witness to, they are false.

The same goes with anyone who says they serve our Elohiym or speak on His behalf.

We have to measure all things with His word that Yehshua bore witness to.

If I or anyone else speak in opposition to His word that Yehshua testified to, we are false.

This is how simple it is but the problem is, we need His 7 spirits to fully understand His word and this requires us to be first keeping His commandments.

His word says so and His Son said so.

You might ask, but how does nature (creation) testify to His word?

I will give you some examples;

Homosexuality is evil because just it opposes nature and His word says that homosexuality is evil so this is a match.

Just the continuance of life alone requires us to reproduce and reproduction does not happen through homosexuality and He commanded us in His word to go forth and multiply.

So both nature and our Elohiym's word testify that it is evil.

Lying is evil because it causes division and does not result in harmony, therefore it hurts pure relationships and it steals love.

Stealing is evil for the same reason.

Our Creator created evil and put it here by design in His creation to help teach us His righteousness.

We can go right down the line and measure His word with what nature testifies to and find they match.

His creation is in balance with His righteousness.

His creation is His classroom and His word is the text book.

He commanded us to love Him with all of our heart and with all of our mind and with our entire life.

He made this commandment so that we would cleave unto His class and cleave unto His word to guide us.

He made this commandment so that we would remain relying on Him for our source for all understanding so that He could mold us to be as He is.

This life that He gave us in the flesh is to be a testing and a proving ground if we are to become His; otherwise He has let us go our own ways to be a witness against us in the judgment.

Back to needing His 7 spirits to understand His word and not even having His 7 spirits given to us unless we are keeping His commandments;

People write me nearly daily and tell me that I am wrong, yet they do not even keep His commandments so how could they know that I am wrong since they do not have His 7 spirits guiding them?

The answer is obvious, if my Father's word is true which it is, they cannot know.

They are the ones who are being led by the spirit of rebellion to my Father's word, not me.

They are of their father the devil bringing false accusations upon me.

The really crazy thing is most of these people also say that they believe that His word is true.

If this is you and you believe that His word is true, then why don't you believe it in regards to the evidence that it gives that He has sent me?

The evidence that He has sent me is staggering, yet most of you who say that you believe His word do not believe this evidence.

How willfully ignorant can you be?

It is because you do not want to acknowledge that you are wrong.

You are full of pride and are lifted up in what you believe to be true.

His word says that He would send His end time servant to tell you to return to His torah in the last days.

If you do not believe this, then why are all of the prophesies for the end times about returning to the torah and to the paths of old?

Why don't one of you write me and explain this to me because something must be wrong with my thinking since you say that I am wrong.

Either I must be pretty stupid for believing my Father's word on this matter or you must be pretty stupid for not believing it.

Which one do you think it is?

After all, we both claim that it is His word and we both claim that His word is true.

Don't you think that just maybe the one who claims that it is His word but does not believe it just might be the stupid one?

I have another question for you;

Why do you have the writings of the prophets in your bibles if you refuse to believe them?

I will tell you why, it is because you know that they are the only thing that testifies that Yehshua is the Messiah therefore your belief that He is hangs on them.

It is this same word that testifies that He has sent me but like your ancestors did, you pick and choose what to believe from these writings.

This is why they killed Him and this is why you will seek to kill me.

And you condemn me even though the same word that testifies to our Messiah testifies to me in the same manner.

It also is His word that proves that Saul of the tares is false and that he is the abomination that desolated the true word of Elohiym.

But you pick and choose what you will believe or obey so you ignore the scriptures that testify that he is false, just like you ignore the scriptures that testify that I am true.

I mentioned that part of the reason why He gave us His torah was to test us and to prove us whether we would love Him and cleave to him or not.

I will use one of these tests for an example today.

I'll use one of the big ones, His weekly Sabbaths.

Breaking His Sabbaths is evil because it separates us from His instruction.

It is essential to have His Sabbaths correct because He said;

Ex 31:12-14

12 And YEHWEH spoke to Moses, saying,

13 Speak to the children of Israel, saying, VERILY YOU SHALL KEEP my Sabbaths BECAUSE IT IS A SIGN BETWEEN ME AND YOU throughout your generations so that you will know that I am YEHWEH that sanctifies (purifies) you.

14 Therefore YOU SHALL KEEP the Sabbath because it is to be holy (SET APART) to you: every one that defiles it (or profanes it) dying they will die: because whosoever does any work therein, that soul will be cut off FROM BEING MY PEOPLE.

Why do you think that this is not an important subject to have correct and to do?

Obviously most of you do not because you tell Him how and when you will show up for His Sabbaths or if you will even show up for a perverted form of it at all.

I have people write me and tell me that Yehshua became His Sabbaths or that it really does not matter when or how we keep them.

It is crazy what people will choose to believe just so they do not have to obey their Creator.

Others of you say that we can set aside any day in 7 or you make a claim that He was resurrected on Sunday morning on man's calendar so this is the day or a whole host of other blasphemes.

First of all, Yehshua was resurrected towards the end of the 17th day of the 1st month in His Father's calendar in the early morning hours before the 18th day began.

It does not matter what day of the week that this falls on in the pagan roman calendar.

Our Creator does not use man's calendar.

If this happened to be on a Sunday morning on man's calendar makes little difference because the next year the anniversary of it would be on a different day on man's calendar anyway.

But most of you could care less about our Creator's calendar that He gave us to use just like you could care less about any of His commandments.

Yet you have the nerve to write me and tell me that I am wrong.

You are a bunch of hypocrites with stiff-necked uncircumcised rebellious hearts.

And those of you who think that the Sabbaths are on some other fixed day of the week on satan's calendar like Saturday are equally mistaken.

If you feared being wrong, you would examine the evidence.

Our Creator's word defines His calendar if you search for it.

It is not in plain sight because He wants us hungering to be in agreement with Him.

It is part of the test.

Man wants to define how to obey Him and it does not work this way.

His word tells us how to obey Him.

Some of it is unhidden manna so we have to obey this unhidden manna so that we can receive His spirit to teach us the hidden manna.

We have to seek to obey both which means that we have to seek to learn both.

He goes on to say;

Ex 31:16-17

16 Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, to observe the Sabbath throughout your generations for a perpetual covenant.

17 IT IS A SIGN BETWEEN ME AND THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL FOR EVER: because in six days YEHWEH made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.

If you think that it does not matter which day, you are sorely mistaken.

He said that He put the luminaries in place so that we can know when they are.

Believe Him!

His calendar is etched in His creation, His word says so.

And like the rest of His word, His creation bears witness to this.

A 7 day continual rotating Sabbath on man's calendar does not fit into the rotations of His luminaries, nor does it fit into His word.

But most of you could care less because His word has no place in you even though you say that you do believe that it is His word.

Can't you see your hypocrisy?

I am telling you this about when His Sabbaths are on His authority and I am telling you that if you refuse to turn to this truth in the coming days, you will be purged out.

Notice I just said on His authority.

He gave me a resume' in His word to back this claim up just as He gave His first born Son a resume' to back Him up.

It is found in His word and it is irrefutable.

I suggest that you examine this resume' closely.

Like I said a couple of minutes ago, I have people write me and tell me that I am wrong nearly daily now but they write me bearing witness to themselves.

They do not have such a resume' backing their accusations of me up.

They measure me with what they think is true and without even having my Father's 7 spirits.

Those of you who are doing this lift your beliefs up above my Father's word.

You are wise in your own understanding in what you believe to be true and since what I speak does not agree with what you believe, you call me wrong and false.

Your ancestors did the same thing with Yehshua.

They wanted to know who bore witness to what He spoke.

Here is what He told them;

John 5:36-38

36 Moreover I have a greater witness than that of John: because the works which my Father has given me to finish, THE SAME WORKS THAT I DO BEAR WITNESS THAT MY FATHER HAS SENT ME.

37 And my Father himself which has sent me BEARS WITNESS OF ME. You have neither heard His voice at any time nor perceived His image.

38 And you do not have His word abiding in you: FOR THIS CAUSE, YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THE ONE WHOM HE HAS SENT.

He goes on to tell them to search the scriptures for this evidence.

I have been telling people the same thing.

Search the scriptures, my Father's word bear witness that He has sent me because of the works that He has sent me with to finish.

But most of you cannot see this because His word has no place in your hearts because you refused the condition that would have caused it to be written in your hearts.

You tote His word around in your bibles but it is not your measuring rod.

You want to measure me and everything else with your own wisdom and your own understanding.

Someone wrote me yesterday and told me that I am false because I say that Saul is false.

This is because they refuse to measure Saul with the measuring rod that Yehshua bore witness to.

They have chosen to believe the mother whore of Babylon instead of believing my Father's word.

Their pretense is that all of the bible is the inspired word of Elohiym.

Who said so? Is it His inspired word because the catholic church says so?

They are the ones who put it together.

Our Creator commanded each of us to guard and to hedge about His word.

He did not say that it was going to be combined together in an infallible book that would be put together by whom His true word calls the mother whore of Babylon.

Come on people, you cannot be this gullible.

My Father's word says that the abomination of desolation would stand with His word.

And He has now revealed this to us because now His temple is built and the reason why it was concealed has been removed.

He said that His word would be available to the scattered nations of Israel in the last days and it is, but He allowed for the enemy to stand alongside of it to test us and to prove us as part of building His first fruits.

And most of you have failed the test by choosing to hearken to the word of satan instead and you missed out on being one of His first fruits in your rebellion.

Repent so that you do not miss out on being a part of the later harvest.

You made this choice because you did not want to hearken to the voice of YEHWEH Elohiym.

You took the bait hook line and sinker because you were not guarding and holding fat to His word that He gave to us.

You gobbled up the lies so that you did not have to become our Creator's righteousness.

You did not want to be made into His image so you set out to make Him in your image.

An now, you are going to find out that your efforts did not yield results because you are going to cry out to the image of the one that you call god and he will not hear you because a make believe deity does not have ears to hear.

And my Father is going to ask you, where is the rock in whom you have put your trust in?

But now the abomination has been revealed and the evidence has been given.

Believe the evidence and flee from the lies that you have embraced.

The evidence is in His word that you say is true so believe it.

Folks, this is all part of prophesy and it is being fulfilled.

I suggest that you get off of your high horses and get humble and quickly.

Otherwise you are going to be humbled like you cannot imagine.

Proving that Saul is the abomination is a very simple thing if you believe my Father's word that His Son became and testified to.

Just like proving when the Sabbaths are is a very simple exercise as well.

It is just a matter of believing our Creator's word.

Another person wrote me yesterday and inquired about a second witness that I am His prophet.

Here is the first witness's response to the same question;

John 8:17-18

17 And it is written in the Torah that was given to you that the testimony of two men is true.

18 I am one that bears witness of myself and my Father that sent me bears witness of me.

He was telling them that it is His Father's word that tells them that two witnesses are required and it is the same word that bears witness that He had sent Him.

His witness of Himself is the works that He was sent with.

Together, they proved that He was sent by His Father.

Search the scriptures and you will find a perfect match in the works that I have been sent with that my Father has sent me as well.

And He is suggesting that you start hearkening to these works and return to His torah and cover your heads and make straight your paths to prepare for the coming exodus.

He is telling you to stop eating the leavened bread of men and fill up on His unleavened bread of life.

He is telling you to cry aloud and lift up an offering of righteousness to Him and herald in His Son's return by shouting it and sparing not.

He is telling you to not mourn over those who are going to be purged out because they would not hearken to Him.

And He is telling you this through me.

This is not about me but He is telling you these things through me.

If you need another witness, shame on you.

His word says when this sign is sent, you can know that it is from Him.

The title of this video is truth bears witness to itself.

My Father's word is truth and He gave it to us to purify us.

If you have by-passed the purification process by by-passing obeying His word, you have simply chosen not to be His children.

If His word is not a good enough witness for you, prepare to be introduced to His indignation and prepare to be purged out if you will not repent.

His Son bore witness to His word and shed His blood so that it could be written in our hearts and in our inward parts.

But most of you refused to hearken to the conditions that He brought so that His blood would have been applied on your behalf.

My Father is suggesting that you turn to these conditions.

He is suggesting that you choose life and live but the choice is yours to make.