From time to time I have people write and ask how I can be our Creator's witness when to date almost no one has heard of me.

This will change as we move forward when the calamity intensifies but this in itself has been part of the witness against man.

And His word testifies that it would be this way.

He knew that His truth would not go out until He sent His calamity to cause it to be heard.

It is preconceived ideas that cause people to think that I would be world stage for the entire time of my testimony.

But there is a further witness against man in all of this as well.

In the time that He has raised me up and sent me forward, there has been ample time for the good news of His Son's return to have exploded throughout the world.

If I had come forward with the message that I was giving $100 to everyone who told one other person that the whole world was deceived and that Yehshua was returning, it would have taken only a few days to become world news.

And I would be passing out 100 dollar bills in a fury of world excitement.

But they still would not be excited for the right reasons.

Most still would not turn to the truth that would cause Yehshua's blood to atone for their transgressions because they want to continue to live how they see fit.

Instead of coming with something shiny like passing out $100 bills, I was sent to cry out for people to make straight their paths by turning to the path of old.

And this has not been a very popular message.

People do not want to hear what true repentance is and that they have to obey their Creator and give up their lives for His kingdom's sake.

I am nobody and I have been considered nobody by most.

But our Creator has chosen this nobody to cry out to you and to cry out to you to join in with him and His Son and me in crying out to the world to repent.

His word testifies that He has sent me but His word is not good enough for most of you who are listening to cause you to join in with me in the battle cry.

His word testifies that you are to cry out with me but this is too big of a stake for most of you to bear.

His word says that He would send me to bring forth the commandment to bring forth an offering of righteousness to Him in the last days.

It testifies that this offering of righteousness would be to sound the alarm and to return to His Torah and to tell others to do the same.

I have been amazed by how few have joined in with me in the cry in spite of all of the evidence that He gave to us in His word that He has sent me and that this is His will.

Even many of those who believe that He has sent me are still doing their own thing with little or no mention of the urgency of next July and what will precede it.

I guess that they are afraid to proclaim that our Creator has raised me up to be His end-time witness.

They might be thinking, what if I am wrong?

My question for you if this is you is, how can I be wrong if His word testifies that He has sent me and it testifies that He has put His word in my mouth?

It is just a matter of believing His word.

People ask me how I can be sure about July 19th.

My answer is, it is because I am sure about His word.

His word gives us irrefutable proof that He has sent me and His word says that He has put His word in my mouth, so how can I possibly believe that July 19th is not the date?

I would be a coward to not believe this and to not act on this by not doing what He has commanded me.

The time of torment is about ready to begin and July 19th is just over 200 days away, but so few have made this a cry of urgency for the world to repent or be purged out.

This is sad because satan's servants are certainly using the urgency of the times to cry out to people to make a false confession to a make believe messiah to be saved.

And the masses that are being led to the lake of fire continue to grow.

Satan's servants are riding the signs of the time and telling people to just give their hearts to their make believe messiah and be saved.

It is just sick to see the lies flourish and the truth set on or dismissed altogether.

I did a video recently mentioning one of these evil shepherds and sent it to him to hopefully warn him to repent of his actions.

I have been shown that since sending him this video, he now has added verbally that we need to repent to his blasphemous salvation calls.

But he blasphemes what repentance is.

He himself still brags about eating unclean foods.

What does he think repentance is?

It is sin and sin is transgression of the Torah.

I am sick of satan's servants spreading their lies.

I bring this man up again because the different news agencies of the world like CNN and the Huffington Post are helping him bring his blasphemes to the world.

They are writing about him, therefore promoting him, because he is riding the signs of the time.

This man and the rest of satan's servants have a slew of people promoting their blasphemous salvation doctrines in one way or another, yet the truth is not being promoted.

But our Creator knew that this was going to happen.

This is why in Zechariah 4, verse 10 He said;

Zechariah 4:10

For who has despised (disrespected or contempt for) the day of small things? (the small in number or the lesser)


He is talking about two different groups of people.

One group is those who scorn or disrespect that He is working through a small flock or someone who is lessor in their eyes.

And the other group is those who will rejoice when they see that Zerubbabel has been sent forward and choose to join in with him, even if he is part of a very small flock.

The plummet that He is speaking about in this verse is the measuring rod that His temple was built with and it is the same measuring rod that all will be judged by in the last day.

It is His word.

It is the reed spoken of in Revelation 11 that the two witnesses would say that the temple of Elohiym was measured with.

Yehshua testified to this and I was sent to testify to this as well.

People even have a hard time believing that Yehshua is the first witness.

One of the reasons why they will not believe this is because of the translation errors in Revelation 11 about the two of them lying dead in the streets of Jerusalem, etc.

But why not believe the proof that was given to us in His word that Yehshua is the first witness instead of believing the translation errors?

This is such a basic truth that cannot be refuted if you will examine the evidence that He gave us in His word that proves this.

Here in this verse in Zechariah it says that Zerubbabel would bring forth these 7 eyes.

The measuring rod says in Revelation 5:6 that the seven eyes are His seven spirits.

It says in Revelation 4:5 that the seven spirits are what the seven candles that are in the golden candlestick burn with.

And in Chapter 3:1 it says that Yehshua possesses these seven spirits.

It is just a matter of believing the measuring rod and not the doctrines of men or preconceived ideas that we grew up with.

Here in Zechariah 4 the word says that the oil from the golden candle stand flows out through the two olive trees.

The book of Revelations testifies that the two olive trees are the two witnesses.

Zechariah also says that Zerubbabel has the seven spirits and Revelations 3 says that Yehshua has the 7 spirits.

If you cannot accept this, then shame on you.

For those of you who want to know why I have not been known worldwide yet, well, I have a better question or you.

Yehshua walked out of the tomb nearly 2,000 years ago and 1/3 of the world believes this today.

This was a huge event.

So why do they not believe what He spoke about needing to keep His Father's commandments if we are going to have eternal life given to us?

Why is it that they have rejected nearly everything that He said?

Why have they perverted what He taught and made up a make believe messiah from His resurrection?

Why is it that the world does not know the true Messiah nearly 2,000 years later?

Why is it that the religion of christianity follows the abomination of desolation Saul of the tares instead of following this Messiah that walked out of the tomb?

I will tell you why, it is because the stiff-necked rebellious house of the scattered nations of Israel who were given the truth did not want it.

They did not want to obey their Creator because they did not want His righteousness so they embraced wolves in sheep's clothing like Saul of the tares instead.

And now they are facing His wrath but they are still denying Him.

Our Elohiym has sent forth this little ole' nobody to declare that He has sent out His seven spirits to the world but only a few are hearkening.

He does not need for everyone in the world to hear this in order to be a witness against them.

He knows their wicked stubborn hearts.

People don't want to repent.

I have people who write me and tell me that they are repenting.

They tell me that they are turning to the Torah but they will not even obey simple instructions that are found in it like the wearing of blue tassels on our garments or men not trimming their beards.

Their fruit shows that they have just moved into a different level of hypocrisy.

They are picking and choosing what to obey.

And their fruit shows that they are still in the world.

Maybe they are even obeying some things like the clean and unclean food laws or even switching to the Sabbath on its correct appointed times that are determined by His luminaries.

But where does it say that we can pick and choose what to obey?

When most people read the statutes that are associated with things like menstruating women or other discharges or things like this, they want to reject these instructions.

How can you say that you are returning to the statutes and judgments if you are not hungering to know what they are and obeying them after you read or hear about them?

The reality is there are so few who are actually living to be found in His favor and there have been so few ever since He put man here.

We have to obey our Elohiym because doing so is how He shapes our hearts and minds to be in agreement with His.

If you are only obeying part of His instructions but not all of them, you are telling Him that you only want to be part time clay.

But He is not a part time master potter; He refuses to be part time.

He is either our potter or He is not.

There is no walking the fence.

The many who are picking and choosing are saying that they obey Him but they are only giving Him lip service on a different level.

All of those who are holding onto the fixed day of Saturday worship certainly fit into this category, even if they are obeying everything else.

I have witnessed that it is even hard for people to cover their heads as they are being commanded to at this time.

How can this be difficult to obey?

The answer is because they are afraid of what others will say or think.

Scripture testifies that covering our heads was a way of life back then and YEHWEH told Ezekiel to record that He would send His servant out from the captivity at the time of the end to make the declaration for those who would return to Him to cover their heads.

And He has also shown that this is to be with white linen.

How can anyone refute this and not hearken to such a simple instruction?

In this same declaration in Ezekiel 24, there are four other commandments that this servant would bring forth.

One of them is to not cover your lip which is saying to cry aloud the warning cry.

This includes telling others when Yehshua will return.

The date has been given by our Creator for a reason.

It was given so that they could be warned.

This is why He revealed the date.

It will come upon most as a thief in the night anyway, but at least they would have been warned.

Another one of the commandments that has been sent forth is to stop eating the bread of men.

How many of you are still listening to the false teachers and to the swill of the enemy?

How many of you are still letting satan's smoke screens distract and occupy your minds instead of letting the truth occupy your minds?

Another commandment that Zerubbabel would bring forth is the command to keep your shoes on your feet in order to ready yourself for the second Exodus.

We are commanded to prepare for this Exodus by making our paths straight.

The second Exodus is coming but there are also instructions for those who can see the truth now.

Those who can see the abomination of desolation now before they are trapped in the calamity are instructed to flee and await this Exodus from the hills.

Yehshua makes it clear that we are to flee when we perceive the abomination.

He used physical examples to show that He means to escape physically as well as spiritually.

Revelations chapter 18 says come out of her my people so that you are not partakers in His coming wrath.

If His prophet that He has put His word in His mouth has said that bad things are coming to the U.S. in particular and to the cities of the world, don't you think that it is good to obey your Messiah on this commandment to flee?

Do you think that it pleases our Father for you to tell Him, that's okay; I like the comfort zone of my life so I will hold onto it as long as I can and you can protect me?

I ask any of you who claim that Matthew 24:15 and Revelation 18:4 means to  just get out of her spiritually, to back your claim up with the measuring rod.

You will not be able to because in every example in scripture they were told to flee physically as well and even as in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah to not even look back.

One person recently pointed out to me that He is going to gather His remnant and return them to the land so he feels that he can wait for this.

It is true that He will deliver the remnant. but this is after He sends major calamity upon the scattered nations of Israel to humble them.

He is sending a double portion of the coming time of affliction to the rebellious house of Israel who would not return to Him without the chastisement.

Why would anyone want to be in this group?

He is sending it upon them for their rebellion.

Why would you want to stay with the rebellious house?

Flee from her as we are commanded to.

Part of the reason why He is holding back His wrath is to give people who will hearken to Him a chance to flee.

If this is not true, then why did His Son tell us to escape?

The fifth commandment that He has sent me to bring forward at this time in His Ezekiel 24 sign is that we do not mourn or lament for those who will not return to Him.

We have to leave them behind if they will not hearken and not mourn because of their calamity or their destruction.

The coming time of affliction is going to light a fire to this work that has thus far been small.

And the truth will go out, but why haven't most of you offered up to our Elohiym the offering of righteousness that He has declared for you to offer up to Him in order to help it go out?

With or without you, the truth will go out to the whole world and the end of this age will come.

But why not do that which is pleasing in His sight because He has asked you to?

It will be like a mustard seed that will grow into a huge tree of righteousness.

So why don't you want to join in with Him and help His tree grow?

What are you scared of?

What people will think?

Or do you just not want His righteousness to become yours?

Sadly, most of you will still scoff or disrespect the day of small things until you have the calamity heaped upon you.

The four messengers were already let loose to prepare the world for war this past June 12th so time is running out.

China and Russia will soon be let loose along with the powers that they have sided with.

It is sad that the witness against the scattered nations of Israel is that they would not love the truth.

In their pride, they have not wanted to be a part of our Elohiym's small flock.

And since they did not embrace His truth and love it, they did not take it to the world in order to help set the world free.

It is sad that man's hearts are so stiff-necked that it is going to take such great calamity just to get some of them to listen.

And it is even sadder that most of you will still not listen to your Maker even after His truth is given to you and even after his wrath is upon you.

If this is you, I will not lament over your destruction.

I will be glad that you are removed so that finally my Father's desire will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Do you think that this is harsh?

If you think so, it is because you do not desire for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Having His will done on earth as it is in heaven means having everything that opposes His will cast away.

For those of you who are mocking the day of small things, He is telling you that you have no place with Him.

He is looking for those of you who will rejoice that the measuring rod has been brought forth.

He is saying to rejoice that His seven spirits have been poured out instead of reviling His servant.

All of your mocking and reviling is a witness against your uncircumcised hearts.

If you are not rejoicing in what He has sent forth through His servant, you are against Him and you are against His will.

If you want to claim that I am not His servant because so few are listening to me, this is your choice.

His word testified just a few verses earlier in verse 6 that it would not go out by the power of men but that it would go out through His spirit.

His spirit will bring it all to pass in His perfect timing.

He has held His wrath back for His elect's sake just as His Son said that He would.

If you want to scoff because of His choice to do this, this is your choice to do so.

You will soon be no more.

He has set a hook in the jaw of the nations that will come against the scattered nations of Israel to humble you.

These nations will be driven back but not until they have been empowered to humble you.

This is all because you would not receive the conditions to His covenant where you would have received His 7 spirits.

If you won't be humbled and enter into the covenant on His terms, you will not be delivered in the 2nd Exodus.

Scoff at this nobody all that you want, this nobody just happens to have the word of Elohiym as His resume'.