Understanding whether or not you are saved begins with understanding why we are here in the flesh and what salvation is.

Eternal salvation is when we are delivered out of this flesh into a spirit being in our Creator's family.

However there is a point that we can reach ahead of this time where we are sealed or guaranteed to receive this future salvation.

Reaching the point of being sealed to receive this resurrection at a future time is a process of being delivered or a process of being saved.

Although the sealing is a one-time event, the process of being saved or being sealed is ongoing up until we reach this point.

This is what we are here in the flesh for.

It is undergoing a transformation of our hearts and our minds to become at one or in agreement with our Creator and His righteousness.

Yehshua spoke of this process and of the final outcome as being born from above.

His parable to Nicodemus touched on both the process and the end result of being born into a spirit being.

Mainstream christianity refers to a one-time event of giving your heart to some make believe messiah as being born again while still here in the flesh.

But this is not what Yehshua said.

John 3:3

3 Yehshua answered and said to Nicodemus, truly, truly, I say to you, unless a man is BORN FROM ABOVE, it is not possible for him to see the kingdom of Elohiym.

The word for born that Matthew used to record what Yehshua said is a word that certainly means to be born because it means to be produced as in producing an offspring.

The word that the King James translated as again is the Greek word "anothen" which is translated elsewhere by the same translators as "from above" or "from the top"

The reason why they translated it elsewhere "from above" is because this is a more accurate translation.

It is just that it did not fit as well in this verse with their pre-conceived beliefs of what they thought salvation is so they translated it as "again."

Yehshua was saying that no one can enter into this Father's kingdom unless they become His children.

And becoming His eternal child is a process.

Nicodemus did not understand what Yehshua was saying because he was just looking at what He was saying on a physical plain of being born in the flesh.

He asked how can a man enter into the womb a second time to be born a second time because he was not understanding what Yehshua was saying about becoming a spirit being by becoming a child of His Father.

Yehshua told him;

5 Yehshua answered, truly, truly, I say to you that unless a man is "BORN out from the WATER and the SPIRIT," it is not possible for him to enter into the kingdom of Elohiym.

6 That which is born out from the flesh is flesh and that which is born out from the Spirit is spirit.

Yehshua was telling him that that which is born out from the flesh can only know that which is of the flesh.

If we live according to that which comes out from the flesh, we will not see the kingdom, nor can we see things that are of the spirit.

If we live according to the flesh, our life is of the flesh.

And our thoughts are on the flesh, they are on the here and the now and deciding right from wrong for ourselves.

He is also saying that no man can know that which is of the spirit unless it comes out from the spirit.

And He is saying that that which is born out from the spirit is that which is from above.

He is touching on the process that we must enter into in order to be begotten with His Father's 7 spirits.

And possessing these 7 spirits lead us to becoming born from above into spirit beings into His Father's kingdom.

This is when we are fully re-born into His family.

Before we reach this point, we have to become conceived as His child.

This is what it means to be begotten of His 7 spirits.

It is not actually the re-birth yet but rather a begettal of His spirit where we become His permanent future children in training.

We can still become aborted or cut off from His 7 spirits along the journey until we are sealed.

Yehshua taught this plainly with statements like many are called but few are chosen. And the rest of His word supports this.

The process of becoming His permanent family requires us to be first be born out from water and then begotten of His spirit.

He is speaking in a parable and Nicodemus could not understand what He was saying because He did not have His Father's 7 spirits guiding him so that he could understand.

He was trying to perceive from his own understanding in the flesh. But he was seeking to understand.

Yehshua was also challenging Him to enter into the process that would give him understanding as we see as He goes on speaking to him.

Most who read these verses today do not understand them either.

They look at them through how they have been taught by men which is through their pre-conceived ideas that they have learned from satan's servants or in their own studies from the flesh.

They think that they mean that all you have to do is just give your heart to some make believe messiah that they call jesus and then you are born again and you receive the spirit.

The problem with this belief is it contradicts what the true scriptures say.

Yehshua plainly said that if you keep His Father's commandments, then you will receive His spirit to guide you.

Receiving His 7 spirits is conditional on entering into a covenant and the covenant has conditions that are required in order to enter into it.

It is not possible for people without His spirit to understand because they have not entered into the contact to receive His 7 spirits so that they can understand.

But they think that they have His spirit because they experience a spiritual feeling.

They merely entered into a deceptive contract with the enemy and are guided by him and his cronies.

And they receive their spiritual feelings through them.

Yehshua was giving Nicodemus the basic outline about the process that we must go through in order to become born from above or to become His Father's children.

And He was giving him this basic outline in the form of a parable.

I believe that Nicodemus kept hungering for understanding and that he did eventually enter into the contract.

I say this because John recorded that he helped Joseph of Arimathaea bury Him.

The contract or the covenant that leads to us becoming His eternal family is a process that involves being baptized under water as a token of our agreeing to enter into a covenant with Him and His Father.

This is what Yehshua meant about being born out from the water.

The covenant with them is that we will give up our lives to become Our Creator's children.

Scripture teaches that in order to become His children, we have to obey His instructions so agreeing to obey His instructions is part of the contract.

This is what repentance is and it is required in order to be born from above into a spirit being.

Those calling themselves born again Christians have refused these conditions of the covenant; therefore they are not in it.

But if you have met the conditions of the covenant, then He turns the water that you were baptized under into His Son's shed blood and you are forgiven.

I'll show you in a bit where John records that the water and the blood and the spirit testify together as one.

At this time you are impregnated or conceived with His seven spirits but you still are not there yet.

You are like an embryo or a child in waiting and you have to grow until you are sealed to be born anew as a spirit being.

You are still not a spirit being at this time, you have to grow in order to become one.

Yehshua said this in the next two verses.

You are not like the wind yet.

You can break the covenant by committing adultery with them by whoring after other images of them or by returning to or holding onto your life that you agreed to leave for His kingdom's sake.

If you do, you are simply cut off from His 7 spirits and you are aborted unless you repent and return to the covenant.

Many think that they have arrived as His permanent children because they have experienced His intervention in the past in their lives.

They think that they are sealed for different reasons but if they still live in rebellion, this shows that they are not sealed.

He shows Himself strong to prove to us that we can trust Him and He delivers us through all sorts of things to call us to Him or to call us back to Him.

But this does not mean that you are sealed in His family yet.

It just means that He is calling you to be in His family.

The sealed heart and mind hears His voice and no other.

No matter what, they believe Him and they obey Him.

They still might have much to learn, but their resolve is to not decide right from wrong for themselves and to hearken to their Maker no matter what.

In nearly 6,000 years there have only been 144,000 who have become like this and have been sealed into His family.

This is a very small number.

But now He is calling the world to turn to Him for the latter harvest.

The early seed for that which will become part of the great multitude at the end of the 1,000 years is being called to come to Him in order to be delivered into a new era of time.

Yehshua continued;

 7 Do not marvel because I said to you that you must be BORN FROM ABOVE.

8 The wind blows where it desires, and you hear the sound of it but you cannot tell from where it comes from and where it goes: IN THIS WAY (or in like manner) IS EVERY ONE THAT IS BORN OUT FROM THE SPIRIT.

Yehshua is clear that He is saying that we are not actually born from above until we are out of these bodies.

Even if we are sealed to become a spirit being at the resurrection, we are still in the flesh.

It is just that when we are sealed, it is a done deal.

I am not sure how people that think that they are already born again make this claim in their minds because they are not like the wind.

Nicodemus was dumbfounded and wanted to know how this could be.

10 Yehshua answered and said to him, you are a teacher of Israel and you do not know these things?

What Nicodemus thought that he knew as truth was getting in the way of him being able to see what He was saying.

He was wise in his own understanding.

But at least he saw that what he thought was true was not matching up with what Yehshua was saying.

He was way ahead of the born again Christians in this regard.

He was way ahead of them because he sought truth; this is why he came to Yehshua in secret in the first place.

With so many today; they just don't want to admit to themselves that they have things wrong in their beliefs.

Their pride gets in the way and they will not listen to the truth.

Are your preconceived beliefs getting in the way of you being able to see the path to the truth that He has put forth in His word?

Are you hung up on the doctrines that came from the abomination of desolation Saul of the tares?

Or on other teachings that came from men that were guided by the flesh and satan?

Yehshua goes onto to tell Nicodemus what is involved in this process of becoming born from above in order to become a spirit being.

In John 3:16 and in the following verses, He explains who it is who are begotten of His Father's spirit.

Not only are these verses about being born from above some of the most perverted verses in all of the scriptures, but so is verse 16.

John 3:16 says;

16 Because Elohiym loves the world, therefor in this manner (referring to verse 14 and Moses lifting up the serpent on a pole in the wilderness) He gave His only begotten Son in order that ALL WHO BELIEVE "INTO" Him would not perish but have everlasting life.

I speak of this verse often because so many use a perverted form of it to continue in their lies and to justify them.

If they would just keep reading, He says what believing into Him means.

But they do not fear not being saved so they choose to believe the lies so that they can feel good about their eternity.

If you are one of those who believe that you do not need to obey your Creator in order to be delivered into a spirit being in His kingdom, you are going to find out that the lies that you believe into are going to result with you experiencing weeping and gnashing of teeth.

He said in verse 16 that we must believe into Him and He is His Father's word.

Just in case you don't believe that this is what He was saying, He makes it clear just two verses later.

He says;

John 3:18

18 He that believes "INTO" Him is not condemned: but he that does not believe (into Him) is condemned already, because he has not believed "INTO" "THE NAME" OF THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF ELOHIYM.

His name is His Father's word.

If you do not believe this, then you do not believe the Apostle John because he recorded this.

And you do not believe Yehshua's revelation to John when His messenger told John;

Rev 19:13

13 And He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood: AND HIS "NAME" IS CALLED THE WORD OF ELOHIYM.

If you want to say that His word includes the blasphemous writings of Saul of the tares, this is your choice.

Prepare to have weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The writings of the prophets and Yehshua's own words testify that Saul was a false apostle.

And our Creator's true word has clearly revealed that he and his writings are the abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet.

The volume of false salvation doctrines that are in the world of christianity today that have come out from Saul's writings is incredible.

There are many who are riding the signs of the times to promote these false doctrines and they are leading many to the many paths that lead to the lake of fire.

I will give you an example of one that is growing in popularity.

I have mentioned him before because he is riding the signs of the times to promote his lies and he is leading many astray.

But now he is starting to make more headlines in the mainstream media because they are picking up that he is riding the signs of the times.

And he is referring to himself as some sort of prophet so I will use him as an example today.

He calls himself a theologian and his name is Paul Begley.

He even refers to his ministry as prophesy.

His followers help him by finding and reporting the signs that are upon us to him that they have found in the different news agencies around the world.

And these signs are certainly real and they are signs of where we are at in time.

They are things like the dead birds, dead fish and dead cows around the world as well as other things that are happening like with the Islam nations and Russia and China and such.

He reports on these things but then he finishes his broadcasts with his question; are you saved?

Have you given your heart to jesus, etc.

So he is riding the signs to promote his false ministry.

I spoke on this subject a couple of weeks ago in a video called "Satan is Riding the Signs"

And I spoke some more on Begley in the "Are you Serious" video.

He is no different that the countless other false servants in the world who are also serving their father the devil by giving people a false hope of salvation.

It is just that he is using the events that are unfolding to help his father lead others astray.

The messiah that they want you to give your hearts over to is one of satan's many make believe messiahs who allegedly died so that we do not have to become our Creator's righteousness.

This is just blasphemous.

The real Messiah shed His blood so that you could be forgiven so that you could enter into a contract with Him and His Father to become as they are.

The real Messiah shed His blood so that you could continue to be atoned for after you are begotten by His Father's seven spirits as you continue to grow and repent.

When asked point blank what we must do in order to enter into the kingdom, He said; "keep the commandments."

He did not stutter.

Why not just believe Him?

Then He told the man that asked Him this that in order to be perfect, he needed to sell what he had and give it to the poor and then told Him to follow Him.

And again, He became His Father's word.

This means that we must follow His Father's word.

Is this what the blowhards like Begley teach?

Do they teach that we are to follow His Father's word in order to become perfect or without blemish?

Why not?

The real Messiah commanded us to become so.

He said;

Matt 5:48


Is this what these false salvation preachers teach?

No, they teach a make believe gospel that came from the abomination of desolation.

Our Creator gave us a measuring rod that we must measure all things with.

It is His word.

How do the people like Begley measure up to His word?

They do not.

Their false salvation doctrines contradict the true scriptures over and over again.

His word proves that they are of their father the devil because His word has no place in them.

Oh, they quote some of it to serve there perverted bends.

They quote verses like John 3:16 by themselves with no regard for the verses that follow it that testify to what John was saying.

Begley even wrote a book on the Hosea prophesy about dead birds and dead fish and such that is helping fling him into the media's attention.

But all that he is doing is hijacking the signs of the times in order to help him spread his blasphemous false salvation doctrine.

And he brags that he has led almost 600 people or maybe even more by now to his make believe messiah.

It is shameful that he is bragging about leading these people to a path that leads to the lake of fire.

It is shameful that these false shepherds do not fear their Creator.

If they feared Him, they would obey Him.

It is shameful that they have no fear of leading others to eternal death.

They are wolves in sheep's clothing because they follow the wolf pack leader Saul of the Tares.

Yehshua told us who the wolves in sheep's clothing are; they are those who perpetuate lawlessness.

Real salvation or real deliverance into the kingdom of Elohiym is a process.

It is a process of growing in oneness with our Creator and His Son by walking with them on their narrow path.

They will not even abide in us unless our transgressions are atoned for and removed from us through Yehshua's blood.

This is where His blood comes in.

People understand this in part and teach it but most do not teach the conditions of the contract that we must meet in order to have it applied on our behalf.

His blood is not even applied on our behalf unless we are repenting which is leaving our lives to walk on the path that leads to the kingdom of heaven.

Repentance is leaving our lives for His kingdom's sake.

It is selling out to become born from above to become His eternal child.

Sin is transgression of this path.

Is this what those like Begley teach?

Why not? Yehshua certainly taught this.

This is what He said in the verses following John 3:16.

He said that those who do not believe into His name, which is His Father's word, are condemned.

In verse 21 He said;

John 3:21

21 BUT HE THAT "DOES TRUTH" comes to the light so that his deeds will be made manifest that they are worked in Elohiym.

The night before He was killed He said that His Father's word is truth.

He said that we are set apart to His Father through the truth and in the same sentence He said that His Father's word is truth.

This means that we are set apart to Him through living His word.

He said that the truth is what saves us or sets us free.

This means that His Father's word is what saves us because it is truth.

This is what He was telling Nicodemus that night.

He was telling Him how to be begotten by His Father's seven spirits.

And He tied in the process of baptism into His parable in regards to needing to be born out from the water.

He said that we must follow Him in order to be delivered or saved into His Father's kingdom.

And His name is the word of Elohiym.

This means that we must follow the word of Elohiym that Yehshua Himself said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from within it until heaven and earth pass away.

How does this line up with the alter calls of the world of Christianity or the salvation prayers that flow out from satan's servants like Begley?

It does not.

As a matter of fact, show me where Yehshua even touched on such a doctrine as an alter call or saying some prayer to give your heart to Him.

He did not.

These lies are made up in the hearts of men who are led by their father the devil.

If you give your heart to the true Messiah, you would be giving your heart to His Father's word because this is His name.

This is who He became and instructed us to become by following His Father's word.

And since Begley and many like him are riding the signs of the times to say that we are in the end times which we are, why aren't they telling people to return to the Torah of Moses with the statutes and judgments?

After all, the prophesies that are found in the writings of the prophets say that this will be the message that flows out from our Elohiym's true servant at the time of the end.

Begley is busy telling everyone that will listen to him about the water turning red off of the coast of Florida from some red tide and some lake turning red in Texas.

And these are warning signs of the times, but why isn't he telling his listeners how to turn the water that they must baptized under into our Messiah's blood?

I am sure that now since my Father has revealed this truth about turning the water into blood to the world that satan's servants will try to hijack this as well.

But let's see if their counterfeit to it includes the same process that our Messiah and His Father's word has laid out for it to be changed.

Anyway, satan's crew of wolves that are dressed in sheep's clothing are devouring the prey and they are dividing the spoil.

But our Creator is not looking for quantity to be in His family.

He is looking for quality.

This is why He lets the Begley's of the world continue and they will be allowed to continue for a short season longer to help separate out the tares by exposing them.

Our Elohiym is looking for those who have humbled themselves to be taught by Him to become as He is.

He did not reveal the things that He is revealing in these last days before now because He was not calling the world to become His first fruits.

Yehshua sent forth the commission for those who would be His disciples to baptize all people from all nations and to teach them to obey all that He taught.

But this did not happen and He knew that this was not going to happen.

He knew that the flock would remain small.

And He knew that the scattered nations of Israel's failure to accomplish this commission would be a witness against them.

And He knew and knows that the truth will go out to the world before the end of this age comes because He said so.

It is going to be sent out on the wings of great calamity because it is not going out without it.

I have been sent to bear witness to this.

This is because most people will not hear it without first being humbled.

But there is good news.

There is an escape plan that is being offered.

The end of the book of the apocalypse tells us;

Rev 22:17

17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that hears say, Come. AND LET HIM THAT IS ATHIRST COME. AND THOSE WHO WILL DESIRE, LET HIM LAY HOLD OF "THE WATER OF LIFE" WITH GRATITUDE.

The King James says let him take the water of life freely.

Spiros Zodhiates word study shows that the word that they translated as freely in this verse and in Revelation 21:6 has the grammatical notation that is given to a noun.

It is the same word that is used in Matthew 10:8 but there it is used with the grammatical notation of an adverb.

Freely makes it sound like it is without cost and this is not what Yehshua or any of the prophets taught.

It is a blaspheme to the word of Elohiym to say that eternal life in His kingdom is without action required on our part and to say so denies why we are here in the flesh.

The water of life that represents Yehshua's blood needs to be seized.

We do not deserve it, yet there is still action required on our part in order to receive it.

In order to receive it, we have to take it or lay hold of it.

The rest of His instructions teach this plainly.

Most of christianity believes that salvation is a free gift and that all you need to do in order to receive it is confess the name jesus with your mouth and believe in your heart that Elohiym raised him from the dead and you will be saved.

They get this from the abomination of desolation's letter to the Romans in chapter 10.

Even the demons do this and they at least know what His real name is.

The demons at least understand that the real Messiah's name is His Father's word.

They certainly do not confess His word; neither does the blasphemous religion of christianity.

No, being delivered out of this flesh into eternal life in YEHWEH Elohiym's family requires us to leave our lives to become as He is.

It requires us letting Him be our Elohiym and us becoming His children.

To say otherwise reveals an uncircumcised rebellious heart.

Whoever does His word comes to the light and their works are made manifest in Elohiym.

This is because we must do truth and truth is His word.

This means that we must be doers of His word.

We have to seek His kingdom and His righteousness as our primary priority.

Yehshua said this plainly.

And His word teaches us His righteousness.

Of course the liar Saul of the Tares said than none seek after Elohiym.

Who had this correct, Yehshua and the prophets who told us to seek after Him or Saul?

If you love Saul's writings instead of the true word of Elohiym that our Messiah became, you simply love the darkness rather than the light.

I mentioned Matthew 10:8 where the King James translated the same word that they translated freely in these two verses in the book of Revelation.

In this verse Yehshua was commanding His disciples what to do when He sent them out.

The King James says that He said;

Matt 10:8

8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise (wake up) the dead, cast out devils: FREELY ye have received, FREELY give.

As I said, both times in this verse it has the Greek adverb grammatical notation but when it is used in the book of revelation it is used with the noun notation.

He is saying to receive gratefully or graciously and to give to others graciously or with an appreciative attitude.

We should give to others because we are appreciative to be able to help them and it should be our joy and our delight to help them.

Yes we should give to others freely but Yehshua was telling them to give with a certain attitude.

We can give to others freely and still have a wrong attitude about it in our hearts.

Sometimes it is hard to find the correct words to translate from one language to another because in different languages, the same word can mean different things depending on the text that they are spoken.

But if you want to think that salvation or deliverance out of this body into a spirit being comes without a cost on our part, you are sadly mistaken.

We have to buy the gold that is tried with the fire and we have to be tried with fire.

This life in the flesh is a testing and a proving ground to prepare us for eternity.

If you do not want to be prepared for His kingdom, you will not be part of it.

Yehshua's blood has a cost, it is repentance.

And repentance is leaving our lives for His Father's kingdom's sake.

This means that He must become our potter and must become His clay.

And He gave us His Torah to accomplish transforming our hearts and minds.

We are found in His favor or His grace when we enter into a contract with Him through His Son's blood.

Repentance is our signature on the contract that validates it on our end.

1 John 5:3

3 Because this is the love of Elohiym, THAT WE KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS: and His commandments are not grievous.

His commandments statutes and judgments are awesome because they perfect us by teaching us His righteousness.

They are not burdensome.

They are a delight.

They try us and refine us and purify us.

If you do not delight in being tried and refined and purified by the master potter, you have a heart problem.

You have an uncircumcised heart.

His Torah circumcises our hearts if we walk in it in spirit and in truth.

John goes on a few verses later;

1 John 5:6-7

6 Yehshua the Messiah is the same that came by water and blood; not by water only, BUT BY WATER AND BY THE BLOOD. And it is the Spirit that bears witness, because the Spirit is truth.

7 Because there are three that bear witness; THE SPIRIT AND THE WATER AND THE BLOOD: AND THESE THREE ARE INTO ONE.

Notice here that the Apostle John said that Yehshua did not come by water only.

He came by water and by blood.

He was in the flesh and John the Baptist baptized Him into the water and His Father's seven spirits descended upon Him like a dove and were given to Him without measure.

John bore witness to this.

And then He shed His blood so that these same seven spirits can be given to us if we enter into the contract.

He had to shed His blood because the soul that sins shall die and He died on our behalf for our sins if we repent of them.

Blood has to be shed for transgression because transgressing our Creator's path separates us from His righteousness and leads to death.

This whole process with the blood is designed to teach us the high price for transgressing against Him so that we sin no more.

It is to teach us to loathe sin because it kills so that we learn to love our Creator's righteousness so that we fight to become it.

This is why we have to bathe in Yehshua's blood in order to be made clean.

And the water being turned into His blood requires our repentance in order for His Father to turn it into blood.

Then we receive His spirit.

These three bear witness into one.

Yehshua said plainly that we only receive His Father's spirit if we keep His commandments.

Do the false teachers in christianity teach this?

Why not?

If they do teach that you have to keep the commandments, which commandments are they teaching?

Yehshua said that all of them from the least of them like wearing blue tassels are in place.

Also, since sin is transgression of the Torah which John said that it is, we must stop transgressing His Torah in order to stop the need for Yehshua's blood to continue to be poured out on our behalf.

This means that we must obey it because transgressing it is sin and we must stop sinning.

Our Elohiym has even shown that the sacrificial system is still in place, it is just that it was substituted.

It was not done away with.

It is substituted by Yehshua's blood "IF" we are walking in the covenant with them.

This is taught through the instructions that were given to us through the Day of Atonement.

I spoke on this in more detail on this in "the 7th month High Days, part 3" video.

The reason why it is necessary for Yehshua's atonement for our transgressions to be an ongoing process is because when we enter into the contract, we are not born into spirit beings yet.

We still have to learn and grow and overcome to prepare us to be born from above.

We are begotten from above by our Elohiym's 7 spirits to help us become as He is when we are born out from the water and the water is turned into His Son's blood, but we are not born into His kingdom yet.

Through this process, we learn of new transgressions and we must repent of (turn from) them when we grow and learn of them in order to have Yehshua's blood atone for them.

It is a journey into the kingdom that starts with being born out from the water and having this water turned into His blood when we sign the contract.

But we are not sealed until we are sealed into His kingdom.

And we are sealed by our Creator when He knows that we will not turn to the right nor to the left from His righteousness.

We certainly are not as the wind yet while still in this body, we are merely on a journey becoming as the wind.

Walking with Him and His Son means that we are living for the birth into His family.

Salvation or being born from above is the process of becoming at one with them.

And He gave us His word to accomplish this in us.

His word says so.

He said that He created us to make us in His likeness and He said that His word will not return to Him until it has accomplished His purpose.

And the rest of His word and all that His Son taught tie this together line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little.

So the question for you is, are you in the process of being saved through His word?

Or do you already believe that you are saved because you believe the abomination of desolation and his followers instead?