Yehshua said;

John 14:6

I am the way, the truth and the life: no man comes to the Father EXCEPT THROUGH ME.

He is clear here that no one can come to His Father except through Him and He was and is His Father's word.

His word is what He was made to be and it is what He bore witness to.

What it means to follow Yehshua really is a very straight forward and very simple subject.

But this simple reality is also a reality that is rejected by nearly everyone that claims that they do follow Him.

In this verse He says that He is the truth.

In the same night that He said this, the night before He was killed, He also said that His Father's word is the truth.

This is not that complicated.

If He is the truth and if the truth is His Father's word, then He is His Father's word.

This is very straight forward and very simple if you will just believe Him.

Since no man can come to His Father without going through Him, and He represents His Father's word, this means that no man can come to His Father without coming to Him through His word.

We must follow His Father's word in order to come to Him.

Everything that Yehshua taught backs this up.

And the writings of the prophets back this up as well.

The apostle John verified that Yehshua personified His Father's word when he said that He was made to be His Father's word in the flesh.

He told the apostle John in His revelations to him that He was given the name the word of Elohiym which is His Father's word.

He also said in this verse in John 14 that He is the way.

This means that His Father's word is the way.

The Greek word that John used to record the way means a road or a pathway.

The word Torah refers to a pathway way as well.

His Father's Torah is a pathway that is made up of His statutes, judgments, ordinances and precepts.

They are the way to eternal life through Yehshua's atoning sacrifice.

And His blood is not even applied on our behalf anyway without repentance which is agreeing to turn from our ways to His Father's path.

His path was given to us in His word that He gave through His prophets.

And it was given for a purpose. It was given to perfect us by molding us in His righteousness.

Yehshua bore witness to these writings.

He said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from this same word and He became it and He said that we must follow Him if we are to enter into His Father's kingdom.

He said;

Matt 19:21

If you desire to be perfect, go and sell that which you possess and give it to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven AND COME AND FOLLOW ME.

It just so happens that all of us are commanded to become perfect or without blemish.

Not only did our Creator say this through His servant Moses, Matthew also recorded His Son commanding this in chapter 5, verse 48.

In this verse here in chapter 19, it is the same word for perfect that Matthew used to record what Yehshua said we must become in chapter 5.

Yehshua backed up Moses's command for us to become perfect or without blemish.

And He tells this wealthy man here in chapter 19 that in order to become perfect He must go and sell what he has and give it to the poor and then follow Him.

This man had come to Him asking what He must do in order to have eternal life.

Yehshua gave him a clear and concise answer.

He told him to keep His Father's commandments.

Then the man asked Him which ones.

Instead of telling the man what He said elsewhere that we must keep them all, He started listing some of them because He knew that the man would stop Him and tell Him that He had kept them.

In doing so, he opened himself up for Yehshua to give him the bottom line of the matter.

The bottom line is we must give up our entire lives in order to enter into everlasting life.

This is the heart of those whom our Creator wants in His family for eternity.

Matthew recorded that the man went a way sad because he had many possessions.

He did not want to give up all that he had in exchange for eternal life.

Isn't this the bottom line that is put before us all?

He tells us that we must lose our lives in order to find eternal life.

Maybe you love your communities or you love your fellowship that you have with others who are not walking in the truth.

This is the case with many in the religion of Christianity.

They love their social club that they go to on Sunday or Saturday morning.

Or maybe you are caught up in your job and success or you love your life playing in your spare time.

Maybe you live for this recreation.

Whatever it is, Yehshua says that if you want to enter into eternal life in His Father's family, you have to give it up and follow Him.

And He is His Father's word.

This means that you have to follow His Father's word.

Following Him by living His word is what perfects us.

He said plainly that He did not come to replace His Father's word.

It is a matter of believing Him.

There is no way to get around this very simple reality.

It does not matter what Saul of the Tares said, nor does it matter what you think is true; what matters is what our Messiah said is true.

What matters is what His Father's word says is true.

If you do not want to believe Him and His Father, this is your choice.

Prepare to be purged out.

If you think that He did away with His Father's Torah, you simply are calling Him a liar.

His Father's Torah is perfect at circumcising our hearts.

It is perfect at transforming our minds to be in agreement with Him.

And two cannot walk together in harmony unless they are agreed.

He is not going to bring those who are not in agreement with Him or are refusing to be in agreement with Him into His eternal family.

This is just a reality.

If you do not like this reality, this is fine.

Prepare to be purged out.

If you do not want to obey Him and to live by His every word in order to be molded to be in His likeness, this is fine.

Prepare to be purged out.

If you want to continue in your life, living for your own pleasure, deciding right from wrong for yourself, this is fine.

Prepare to be purged out.

But if you want to leave your life for His kingdom's sake, this is awesome and it is an exciting journey into the reality of our Creator's righteousness.

And there is only one path that will take you there.

It is following our Messiah and He is also His Father's word.

He came in the flesh and taught this and He told us to follow Him.

And He shed His blood in order that we could be forgiven so that we could enter into a covenant with His Father to be made in His image.

He taught clearly that this covenant requires our repentance in order to enter into it.

If you want to cherry pick some of His statements with no regard to the rest of what He spoke and mix in Saul's blasphemous lies to give yourself a false sense of salvation, this is fine.

Prepare to be purged out.

But if you want to follow Yehshua in spirit and in truth, you are going to have to follow His Father's word that He became.

His word is truth.

We must become it as well, this is what He taught.

We must become truth.

And this is accomplished by walking in it.

His word defines and teaches us His righteousness.

There is no other way to come to His Father except through Him and this means not only through His shed blood, but also through His Father's word.

He said that the way is the truth and it is the life.

The life is found in the truth and His word is truth.

His word is the straight path that Yehshua said that few people find.

Only a few people find it because most reject it.

The path is narrow because it is not traveled by many.

The good news is that His path will be the wide path in eternity.

All who are given eternal life in our Elohiym's kingdom will walk in agreement with Him and with His Son and with the rest of His family.

It will be harmony and true love lived by all for eternity as we continue to create with Him as a family.

He is a Creator and He is creating a family.

His family will continue in His family business of creating with Him for eternity.

But you have to give up your life for this if it is going to be given to you.

You have to enter into the covenant to become as He is and He gave us His word to accomplish this in us.

Yehshua is the way indeed!

He is the truth indeed!

And He said that His Father's word is truth.

His Father's word is the way and it is the life and no one comes to Him except through it.

Yehshua said to follow Him.

He was without sin and sin is transgression of His father's Torah.

So how can you stop sinning if you do not obey His Torah?

As I said, this is very straight forward and a simple reality.

Following after Him means following after Him on the same path that He walked on in order to become as He is.

He became one with His Father through becoming His word.

He instructed us to become one with Him and with His father as well.

If you think that you can accomplish becoming one with them in your own version of His path, this is fine.

Prepare to be purged out.

All that refuse to follow Yehshua by following His Father's word as He followed it will be purged out.

There is no way around this.

You have to sell out for His Father's Kingdom's sake just like He said and follow Him to the narrow gate.

Saul of the tares said to follow him.

Granted, one of the three times that his letters record him saying this he said to follow him as he followed Yehshua.

The other two times he just said to follow me.

But he did not follow Yehshua anyway.

He followed his made up image of him.

By his own admission he had what he called a more excellent way.

If you want to continue following your boy Saul's more excellent way instead of following our Messiah, whose name is the word of Elohiym, this is fine.

Prepare to be purged out.

But if you want to follow Yehshua as He commanded you to do, this means that you must follow what He became and He became His Father's word.

And there is no other way to His Father and to His kingdom except through Him and through your life confessing His name.

And the name that He was given that your life must confess or bear witness to is the word of Elohiym.

It is His Father's word.