What does it mean to leave all for the Kingdom of heaven?

I have spoken to people even recently who have told me that they have left all for the sake of our Creator's kingdom who will not even obey His weekly Sabbaths.

Is this leaving all for His Kingdom's sake?

Right after Yehshua said that all who cause others to stumble or to not obey His Father's word and all who do not obey Him will be gathered and cast into the fire, He said;

Matt 13:44-46

44 The kingdom of heaven is like unto a treasure that is hidden in a field; when a man has found it, he hides it again and he departs from there with joy AND SELLS EVERYTHING THAT HE HAS and purchases the field.

45 Furthermore, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man seeking valuable pearls:

46 When he has found one pearl of extreme value, HE WENT AND SOLD EVERYTHING THAT HE HAD and bought it.

The question that each of us needs to ask ourselves is, does our desire to be in His kingdom reflect the attitude that these parables reflect?

Are you seeking His kingdom to the point that you would sell out for it?

Are you hungering and thirsting to be found in His favor so that He will deliver you into His kingdom?

Or are you focused on the distractions of this life in the flesh?

Maybe your focus is on your hobbies or maybe it is on sports or maybe even on making more money or a combination of these things or other things of the here and the now.

Most do not want to accept or admit that there have been only 144,000 who have authentically sought after His kingdom and His righteousness in the first nearly 6,000 since He put man here on earth.

But this is a reality that the scriptures teach.

The more that I witness man's stiff-necked nature, the more that I have a hard believing that He could have drug 144,000 out of this world.

But He somehow accomplished this because He said that He would.

One thing that is important to understand about our existence in the flesh is He had to create us with free will in order to accomplish molding His righteous character in those who would come to His call.

They had to leave all for His Kingdom's sake and this had to be a choice.

If need be, they had to leave their families or they had to leave their countries when called to do so.

Just look at the example of Abraham.

When He told him to go, Abraham departed.

Abraham was focused on one thing and this was being found in His Creator's favor so that He could one day be in His family.

Yehshua said;

Matt 10:37-39

37 He that loves father or mother more than me IS NOT WORTHY OF ME: and he that loves son or daughter more than me IS NOT WORTHY OF ME.

38 And he that does not take up his stake and follow after me IS NOT WORTHY OF ME.

39 He that finds his life will lose it (fully destroyed or perish from it): and he that loses (fully destroys or perishes from) his life for my sake will find it.

He said in chapter 6 that our first priority must be seeking after His Father's righteousness and His kingdom.

Yehshua represents His Father's word and He is the way into His Father's kingdom, therefore His word is the way into His kingdom.

Here He is saying that if there is anything in our hearts that is in front of the path that leads to the kingdom, then we are not worthy of His blood atoning for us.

And we are not worthy of being in His Father's kingdom.

He is saying that we if we seek after finding a life here in the flesh apart from this path, we will perish.

But if we fully perish to our life here in the flesh for His kingdom, then we will find eternal life.

Our Creator and His Son have sent me to warn the scattered nations of Israel to flee from the lies of Christianity but so few are hearkening.

Even fewer are hearkening to His instructions to flee the United States and her allies physically.

Why is this?

It is because people love their lives and/or they do not trust their Creator or they do not believe Him.

They don't want to leave the comfort of their surroundings or their family or friends.

Or they do not trust in His provision.

They say Elohiym can protect me wherever I am.

Well, this is certainly true but why would He if you will not trust and obey Him?

Did He zap Israel from Egypt into the Promised Land?

Or did He require them to paint blood on their doorposts in order to escape His wrath on the Passover night and then to pick up whatever belongings they could carry with them and depart the next night and head to the desert?

Yehshua went one step further and said that when the abomination of desolation is revealed, do not even return to your house for your belongings.

He said this in order to show us the urgency to act quickly in fleeing.

Show me a recorded event in the scriptures where obedience to our Creator and trusting Him was not required.

Why did He send Israel back to the desert for 40 years to die anyway?

It was because they would not go up and fight when He told them to do so.

They did not trust Him; therefore they did not obey Him.

But when they found out that He was sending them back to the desert to punish them, they said, oops, we're sorry, we'll go up and fight.

But He told Moses to tell them not to do it because He would not be with them.

They went up anyway and they were chased back like bees and many of them were slaughtered.

So it will be in the days ahead.

When things start to heat up, you will say okay, we will go but it will be too late.

But what about those who have not heard?

After all, so few have even heard that He has sent His prophet to warn the people.

My question for you is why is this?

Why haven't they heard?

It is because almost all of you who have heard have done nothing to join in with the cry.

Maybe you have said; what if he is wrong or some other excuse.

My Father knew that this was going to be the case; this is why He said that it will not go out by the power of men but by His spirit.

Yet He commanded us to sound the cry when He sent it forth.

He wanted you to join in with Him in His cry.

He sent this forth command to test you and to prove you.

And it is a test that most who have heard have failed.

And His word proves that He has sent me but most of you do not believe His word.

If you had, the cry would have gone forth and people would have heard.

Can you see why His wrath is necessary?

Almost all of you will not hearken to Him without it.

You do not want to leave your lives for His kingdom's sake even with His wrath starring you down the gun barrel.

You would rather believe in lies so that you do not have to leave your life and so that you can keep trusting in yourself.

And most of you have not even loved your fellow citizens enough to warn them.

This is sad.

Instead, most of you have scoffed at His servant or just turned away and put your head back in the sand.

Some have written me and told me that my delivery of the warning is too harsh.

They say that I am not being very loving, etc.

The reality is my Father is sending forth this warning out of love and He is sending forth His wrath out of love as well because He will continue to build His family through it.

He wants you in His family if you will turn to Him.

I want you in His family if you will turn to Him.

But neither He, nor His first born Son, nor I, nor any of the saints want any of you in His family if you will not lose your lives for His kingdom's sake.

This is because none of us want that which is not based on His righteousness in His kingdom to poison it.

Yehshua said;

Matt 10:34-35

34 Do not suppose that I have come to send forth peace on earth: I HAVE NOT COME TO SEND PEACE, BUT A SWORD.

35 Because I HAVE COME TO DIVIDE a man against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

Everything goes back to who He was made to be.

He is His Father's word.

Understanding this makes all of His teachings a perfect fit with the writings of the prophets of old.

And then all of Yehshua's teachings along with the writings of the prophets make perfect sense as to why we are here.

We are here to become as our Creator is and His word accomplishes this in us if we walk in it in obedience.

His word circumcises our hearts to be in agreement with Him.

His word divides light from dark.

This is what Yehshua was referring to in this verse.

It is a sharp edged sword that separates and divides.

Of course it is Yehshua's desire and His Father's desire that all would be on the side of truth, therefore not need to be separated out.

But this is not reality; therefore He came to divide out the dark.

And everything that is not of the truth is the darkness.

It does not matter how good the light appears on the surface.

The religions of the world are full of pomp and circumstance but they are full of putrid rotting carcasses inside.

They are dead men walking lifting up their praise to satan.

In Matthew 8:21 we read;

21 And another of his disciples said to Him, Master, allow me to first go and bury my father.

22 But Yehshua said to him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.

This is a pretty straight forward instruction.

In the previous verse, a certain scribe had come to Him and told Him that he would follow Him wherever He went.

Yehshua said to him;

Matt 8:20-22

20 The foxes have dens and the birds of the air have nests but the SON OF MAN DOES NOT HAVE A PLACE TO LAY HIS HEAD.

He is saying that if you follow me, you might not know where you are going to sleep.

When He and His Father told my wife and I to leave America, we did not know anything about where they were sending us.

We just sold everything that we could while we had to wait on my wife's passport and then left what we still had behind when the passport came in.

We found out when we got here that the first night's accommodations that we thought we had secured were not available.

Yet He provided shelter for that night in spite of what looked like impossible circumstances.

The point is, you have to not worry about these things.

You have to trust and obey and leave the consequences to Him.

But also, I have heard of those who have fled on a physical plain because they see the signs of the coming time of tribulation yet they have not turned to His Torah.

Maybe they have turned to a counterfeit of it that has come out of Judaism or some other counterfeit of it or maybe they have fled but still hold onto the lies of the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus that I have renamed Saul of the tares.

Fleeing just on a physical plain is not going to deliver any of you.

There will be no place to hide if you do not turn to the truth that will set you free.

If you ask what is truth, Yehshua told us.

It is His Father's word.

And it is not picking and choosing which of His words are palatable to you that you will obey.

His word says we must live by every word.

Yehshua said plainly that only those who do His Father's will or His desire will be in His kingdom.

His desire is that we lose our lives to become as He is.

He said that those who do not obey Him are not doing His will.

This means that only those who do obey Him are doing His will.

The reason for this is because obeying Him teaches us His righteousness.

It teaches us to be as He is.

He must be our Master Potter if we are to be molded in His image.

Can the clay say to the potter this is how I want to be?

No, we must be the work of His hand.

We must be moldable clay.

Moldable clay does not turn to the right from what the Master Potter says, nor does it turn to the left from what He says.

If it does, He casts this rotten self-willed clay aside to one day be cast into the fire.

The question for each of you to ask yourself is, have you left all for His Kingdom's sake?

Or are you just giving Him lip service?

Are you willing to destroy your life for His kingdom's sake?

Will you forsake all to be in it?

According to our Messiah, doing so is required.

He said that unless our righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and the Pharisees that we will not be there.

Do you believe Him?

Or do you want to hold onto the false doctrines that you learned from teachings of satan's rebellious children that came out of the mother whore of Babylon?

Matt 18:2-4

2 And Yehshua called a little child to him and stood him in the midst of them,

3 And said, truly I say to you, UNLESS YOU ARE "TURNED BACK" AND BECOME "AS LITTLE CHILDREN," YOU WILL NOT enter into the kingdom of heaven.

4 Whosoever therefore WILL HUMBLE HIMSELF AS THIS LITTLE CHILD, the same will be great in the kingdom of heaven.

What happens when a parent tells the little child we are moving?

The child goes.

He or she does not worry about food or shelter; they obey their father and mother.

Granted, an older rebellious child might squabble and complain but Yehshua is clear that He and His father are not interested in such hearts to be in their kingdom.

Yehshua said plainly here that we must be as a little child and trust Him and His Father.

A little child is dependent on his or her parents.

In like manner, we must be dependent on our Maker if He is to be our Father.

We must be humble in this manner before Him and let Him guide and direct our steps.

Also note here in verse 3 that He says that we must turn back in order to enter into His Father's kingdom.

Turn back to what?

Scripture is clear, the paths of old that we must turn to is His Father's Torah.

Yes the religious of the day back then kept a form of the Torah on a physical plain, but they were not keeping it in spirit and truth.

Yehshua testified that they were full of hypocrisy in keeping it.

And they had perverted much of it with their religious practices as well.

But how much more so are the abominations of the scattered nations of Israel today with them not even obeying hardly any, if any of His commandments, statutes and judgments?

I did a video a while back called "All In."

We must be all in for His Kingdom.

The lukewarm are vomited out of His mouth.

We are not to be of this world, we are to be sojourners here in the flesh living our lives to one day be in His family.

Our entire life must be about becoming part of His eternal kingdom.

If you want to be in His kingdom, you have to sell out for it.

It must become your passion and you must be like unto a little child.

Is this your belief?

It is Yehshua's belief and He said that His Father's saints have the same belief that He has and they keep the commandments.

Or is your belief the same belief as Saul of the tares?

Do you want our Creator's righteousness and to be in His kingdom or do you want your own righteousness and a make believe kingdom?

He is setting this choice before you this day, life or death, blessings or cursings.

Choose life so that you and your seed may live.