Wouldn’t it be awesome to reach the kingdom of Elohiym and find out that you also helped another to enter into it?

How about three or four others or even more?

He is building His family from His creation and He wants us engaged in helping Him build it.

He gave us children to teach us this.

And this is why He gave us the family unit in general to point us to becoming His family.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to reach His kingdom and find out that you taught your children the correct path and they reached it as well?

And then you could spend eternity with them.

Or that you helped a friend or a co-worker or even your parents reach this destiny?

How about the flip side of this, how miserable do you think that it would be to be resurrected to the judgment to find out that you helped others stay on the wide path that leads to the lake of fire?

Can you imagine walking the plank to the lake of fire and being able to see how your stubborn pride got in the way of you accepting the truth?

Can you imagine looking back and seeing your children behind you walking the plank with you and not being able to do anything about it?

Yehshua said;

Matt 8:12

12 But the children of the kingdom will be cast out into outer darkness: THERE WILL BE WEEPING AND GNASHING OF TEETH.

Matthew records Him saying there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth to five different descriptions of people in four different texts that this phrase is referenced.

There certainly is overlapping in these five different descriptions.

Most in Christianity fit all of the first 4 of these descriptions that I will discuss today.

#1 is found here in chapter 8.

1)  He is referring to those many who were called but not chosen.

The many who were called to His Father’s kingdom are those who were given access to the truth but rejected it by either perverting it or leaving it altogether.

In the preceding verse, He is referring to the great multitude from all nations who will hear and listen to the truth when they are told it.

Many of these will include those in the world who Christianity brought their lies to.

And many of these will include the outcast of the world and the poor and the needy that were not cared for by those who were blessed in such a way that they were able to care for them as they were commanded to.

The other four descriptions that Yehshua gave for those who will be cast into the lake of fire are;

2) Those who do not have the wedding garment on referring to those who did not wash in His blood.

This is those who did not enter into the New Covenant because they rejected the terms and the conditions of the covenant which is genuine repentance.

3) Those who are not found doing His Father’s will when He returns.

These are those who live their lives to eat, drink and be merry and are intoxicated with the wine of fornication.

They are those who refuse our Creator’s instructions.

They are those that will not know the hour that He returns because they are too intoxicated with the lies and their eyes are blurred by these lies so they will not perceive the hour of His return when it is given to them.

They parade around saying no man knows the day or the hour because they twist Yehshua’s words in Matthew 24:36 so that they can live life with their heads buried in the sand and continue to live in their lies.

He says elsewhere in Matthew 24;

Matt 24:50-51

50 The master of this (wicked) servant will come in a day when he does not expect him, AND IN AN HOUR THAT HE DOES NOT KNOW,

51 And he will be cut off and his lot will be placed with the hypocrites where there will be WEEPING AND GNASHING OF TEETH.

That’s right, the wise will know the hour of His return.

It has been given to be a further witness against these people because they will reject it in their hypocrisy when they hear it just to hold onto their lies and continue in them.

Yehshua also said in His Revelations to John that those who were not holding fast to and not repenting would not know the day or the hour.

He said it is because they are not holding fast to what was given to them and because they were not living a life of repentance that His return will overtake this group as a thief in the night.

Daniel also recorded that the wise would understand and Isaiah prophesied that one of His servants would bring forth the day and the year of His vengeance.

In verse 51, He lists the 4th group that will have weeping and gnashing of teeth.

4) Those who are the hypocrites.

These are the religious who worship Him and His Father with their blasphemous doctrines while living in rebellion to His word.

They say but do not do.

The 5th description of those who will weep and gnash is found at the end of the parable of the talents in Matthew 25.

5) It is those that sit on what He has given to them.

They chose not to help Him build His family with the truth that was given to them.

They received His truth but did not put it to use in helping him build His family.

I keep saying in these videos that He put us here to become part of His family and to help others become a part of it.

Why is this so hard to believe?

Those of you who know that we must live by every word but you do not do anything with this information to warn others or to teach others to live by every word; you are like the wicked and slothful servant that hid the talent that was given to him.

Those of you who are out there preaching and spreading the lies like; just give your hearts to some make believe messiah that you call Jesus are of the hypocrites.

Just as all of you who confess that the Son of Elohiym is your messiah but do not keep His Torah as you are commanded to are hypocrites as well.

You are hypocrites and you do not have a wedding garment on because your robe has not been washed in Yehshua’s blood.

His blood is conditional on your repentance and repentance is leaving the ways of man and turning to our Creator’s less traveled path.

It is agreeing to become His righteousness.

But you have rejected this condition, yet you say that His blood applies to you anyway.

This is hypocrisy.

How will you feel when you find out that you have spent your life helping others stay in captivity to a path that leads to death?

How will you feel when you find out that you have taught others lies or lived lies as an example to them?

How will you feel as you yourself are cast into the lake of fire?

How will you feel when you find out that you taught your children how to live in a way that has led them to one day be offered up to the fire?

Yehshua used the description of weeping and gnashing of teeth. You will grind your teeth and lament.

Personally, I think it might be a little better to one day be born again into the kingdom of Elohiym to find out that you are there with many others that you helped get there as well.

This is the purpose of why we are here in the flesh.

We are here learn to one day be born into His family and to help Him build His family.

Are you living for this purpose if you are out there living in the distractions that distract you from this purpose and helping keep others keep distracted from this purpose?

What is your life about?

Is it about talking about His path from the time that you wake up until you go to bed with your family and with those around you?

Is it about living it as an example to the world and bringing His truth to the world as we were commanded to so that His family will increase?

Or is it about just confessing the name of Jesus and calling yourself good to go and teaching others this lie?

Folks, this has always been serious business but now it is crunch time for those who are on the earth today.

The time of His wrath is at hand.

Do you want to continue in your lies and be a recipient of His correction?

Or do you want to turn to be made in His image and cry out to others to plead with them to turn to be made in His image?

Don’t you want to be responsible for helping others know the truth that will set them free?

Maybe you don’t think you are spreading lies that will lead others to the lake of fire.

Well, measure the doctrines that came from Saul of Tarsus’s blasphemous teachings to the very words of our Messiah and the other prophets.

Measure all of your beliefs and all of your doctrines against all of Yehshua’s words that He spoke like we must keep the commandments and live by His Father’s every word like He did.

We are to follow Him and He lived by His father’s every word.

If you do measure the beliefs that came from Christianity with the measuring rod that He gave us to measure all things with, you will find out that the religion of Christianity is lies and hypocrisy.

And they are about ready to receive a double portion of my Father’s wrath for their hypocrisy.

The 150 days of torment will soon be unleashed on this group.

He says come out of her my people.

Turn to Him to become a part of His family and to help Him build His family.

How awesome it will be indeed to one day be there to find out that you helped others get there with you as well.

And what weeping and gnashing of teeth there will be to one day find out what not believing Him led you to.