One of the most quoted verses if not the most quoted verse in the all of the scriptures is John 3:16.

Have you ever asked yourself why if Elohiym loved the world so much that He sent His Son to die for mankind, then why do we still have so much evil and so many problems still in the world?

Why is there disease and pestilences?

Why do the natural disasters continue to happen?

Why does evil still prevail?

Surely an all-powerful Creator could put an end to these things.

And He can, but He has not.

Why is this?

It is because most have rejected His love.

He created His molding process for us in a way that we have to choose Him and desire Him when He calls us.

Desiring Him is what fuels our transformation into His image.

It is the electricity that runs His programming process in us.

Without it, He leaves us to program ourselves under the influence of the enemy.

He gave us the gift of life but He does not owe us eternal life yet He offers it to those whom He chooses.

John 3:16 says;

16 Because Elohiym loves the world, therefor in this manner (referring to verse 14 and Moses lifting up the serpent on a pole in the wilderness) He gave His only begotten Son in order that “ALL” WHO BELIEVE “INTO” Him would not perish but have everlasting life.

There are over 2 billion or a third of the world’s population who claim that they believe in His Son.

They believe that He was the Messiah and they profess Him with their mouths but they do not believe what He spoke.

Therefor they do not believe Him.

They have made Him to be a messiah who nailed His Father’s commandments to the cross.

Such a messiah is a make believe messiah that does not exist.

Believing “into” Him means believing into who He is and He is His Father’s word.

His Father’s word is the name that He was given.

Soon He will return with His Father’s word proceeding forth from His mouth like unto a sword that will destroy all that opposes it.

Christianity likes to use this verse to convince themselves that since they believe that He existed and since they believe that He died and was resurrected that they have eternal life.

Well, the demons believe the same; will they be given eternal life in our Creator’s family as well?

Just a few verses later in verse 21 He says that he or she that does the truth are the children of the light and He told us that His Father’s word is truth.

And so did David.

So how can all of you who do not “do” or live His word call yourselves children of the light?

And why do you quote John 3:16 without quoting other verses like John 3:21?

John 3:16 is saying is that it is because Elohiym wanted to show His love to us that He sent His Son to be lifted up on the pole to die.

He gave Him over to die to show us His love for the whole world but notice that this verse also tells us who the recipients of His sacrifice are.

They are those who believe “into” His Son and He was His Father’s word in the flesh.

And like I said, now He bears the name of His Father’s word.

His word teaches us His righteousness and it defines who He is.

It defines His name.

And we are commanded to bear His name and to not bear it in vain.

This is the 3rd commandment.

Do you believe into His Father’s word?

Is His word being confessed in your flesh which means by how you live?

Are you obeying His word?

Is it being written in your inward parts and in your mind?

Do you speak of it and live it from the time that you wake up until you go to sleep and even then meditate on it in the night watches?

If not, this verse is not applying to you and you are a child of the darkness.

My Father’s word and His Son’s word testify to this.

You are either a child of the light or you are a child of the darkness.

If you are a doer of truth, then you are a doer of the light.

If you are not a doer of truth, then you are a doer of lies and a doer of darkness.

And you are of the darkness.

And now the time is at hand where all lies and all darkness will be purged out.

If you choose to hold onto the lies that you have embraced, He has no use for you in His family, therefore He will not deliver you into the next phase of His family building process.

You can confess a pagan version of His Son’s name all you want with your mouth and continue to clap your hands and sing praises to a make believe image of Him and His Father all you want.

It will just insure your death in the coming days.

He loves you enough that He gave His son to die on your behalf and how have you repaid Him?

If you are not a doer of truth, you have repaid Him by continuing to rebel against why He created you.

And you have rebelled against His love.

Yehshua said;

John 15:13

13 No man has a greater love than this; that a man lay down his life for his friends.

The whole event at Golgotha was two-fold.

It was to show us how much He loves us and to atone for those who would love Him and His Son back.

How did Yehshua instruct us to love Him and His Father in return?

He said by keeping the commandments.

He said this because He knows that His Father’s commandments perfect us in His image.

His blood does not atone for those who refuse the new covenant.

The New Covenant is a contract of repentance.

And repentance is turning from our ways to our Creator’s straight path.

Your baptism means absolutely nothing if you did not sign the contract by turning from your ways to His way.

All you did was take a bath in water if you did not agree to repent and then follow through in this agreement with action.

If you want the water turned into Yehshua’s blood to atone for your sins, then you have to turn from them.

And sin is transgressing our Creator’s Torah; at least it is according to the scriptures.

By the way, in this verse Yehshua said that He was going to lay down His life for His friends to show His great love for them.

Who did He say that His friends are?

He tells us in the very next verse;

John 15:14

14 You are my friends “IF” you do whatsoever I command you.

Did He not command us to love our Elohiym with all of our heart, soul and mind?

Doesn’t His Father also tell us to do the same thing?

Didn’t they both tell us to live by every word that He gave us to live by?

Doesn’t every word include things like the greatest of His commandments to love Him in return with our entire being?

And doesn’t loving Him include things like keeping His Sabbaths when He said to keep them and how to keep them?

Or even obeying the least of His commandments like wearing blue tassels on the boarders of our clothing?

I would like for someone in Christianity to write me and tell me which commandments that you actually keep.

And please don’t tell me that you love your neighbor as yourself.

I never witnessed this in my many years in your blasphemous religion.

I witnessed a bunch of people trying to feel good about themselves or trying to look good to others and a bunch of hypocrisy.

I did not witness any who were seeking to be in agreement with their Creator by obeying Him.

Not one.

I have never even heard of such a person in the world until recently.

I do know that there has been a small flock who were hearkening to Him; it is just that I have not found them yet except for a few who are turning to Him at this time.

Someone please write me and tell me where such a group of people exists that keep all of His commandments and are seeking His righteousness.

And please don’t send me Judaism as an example.

Their hypocrisy is nearly that of Christianity but at least they don’t trample His Son’s blood underfoot, instead they just deny Him altogether.

How about Messianic Judaism?

Most of them are caught up in the blasphemous perversion of the Sabbath day being on the fixed day of Saturday.

And there are other groups who maybe even have the Sabbath day correct but are holding onto other blasphemes like those that came from the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus.

My point is, except for a scattered flock, the world is void of loving their Creator in return for the love that He showed us by not only creating us to be in His family forever, but also by sending His Son to die on our behalf so that we could be forgiven and return to Him.

And the world is also nearly completely void of loving His Son in return for His choice to obey His Father to go to Golgotha that day for us.

Instead they have made up a messiah to love that died so they do not have to become as He became.

Yes He died for the sins of the whole world but we have to choose to accept His shed Blood atone for us.

We have to enter into the contract and sign it with genuine repentance.

We have to choose to eat of His flesh and to drink of His blood.

This means that we have to spit out the leavened bread of men and only be fed by the unleavened bread of life which is our Creator’s word.

This is the same word that Yehshua became that we must follow and become.

His flesh became the unleavened bread of life that we must feed off of and He became His Father’s word.

When we turn from our ways to live His word we are signing the contract in order for the water in the baptism pool to be turned into Yehshua’s blood.

We were put here for a reason and this reason was to become as our Creator is.

You cannot reject this reason and be found in His favor.

He created us to be molded by Him to become His likeness.

Why can’t most of you get this?

It is because you love the darkness rather than the light.

You do not want your Creator’s righteousness to become yours.

You don’t want to lose your life for His kingdom’s sake.

You would rather worship your false images of Him and His Son and you have thought to give yourselves eternal life in His family.

Most of you have rejected His love by rejecting His offer to become His children.

He told us that if we are to become His children that we have to keep His commandments.

And most of you have rejected His Son’s love as well by rejecting who He became which is His Father’s word.

Therefore, you have rejected both His shed blood being applied on your behalf and His love.

You have not chosen to become His friend or His brother.

He said that His Brothers and Sisters are those who do His Father’s will.

And His Father’s will is that we obey Him because doing so is placed in front of us to teach us His righteousness.

And now you do not have much longer to wait to find out that you have erred in your vain arrogance.

His vengeance is at the door but His Son who is His word is still standing at the door and knocking for a very short season.

Will you open the door to His word, or will you continue to blaspheme it?

The choice is yours but you are running out of time.

The door is about ready to open in a different way.

It will fly open and His word will burst through it when it does and His word is not coming as a lamb this time.

Repent, His kingdom is at hand.

Return His love to Him by loving Him back by desiring to become as He is.

He has shown us how much He wants to give the world His love, why have you trampled His Son’s blood under your feet?

Why did you not take His truth to the world as you were commanded to?

Why did you take a perverted truth to the world that leads to the lake of fire?

Why should He give you eternal life if you will not love Him enough to even want to become as He is?

Why would He deliver you through the coming time of trouble?

Would you want a child that does not want you and seeks to change you into their image?

Especially when you already know what is right and what is wrong because you were the one who created it all?

It is a vain thing indeed to tell our Creator what is true and what is right and wrong.

It will be an exciting time when His will is finally done on earth as it is in heaven.

I hope that you will repent if you have not done so already so that you can be there to experience it.

He gave His only begotten Son in order that “ALL” WHO BELIEVE “INTO” Him would not perish but have everlasting life.

Have you believed into Him?

He became His Father’s word. Have you believed into His word?

How have you repaid Him and His Son for showing you their love?

Have you loved them back on their terms, or have you told them what love is?