Repairing The Breach



Yehshua instructed us to pray for our Creator’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Do you really want this?

Do you ever even think about what it means to pray for this?

Do you for want all who are alive to praise our Creator in truth and no one being allowed to praise a false image of Him?

Do you want to praise Him and glorify Him in truth?

And if so, do you want all who will not worship Him in truth to be purged out from the earth?

Do you want your thoughts to agree with His thoughts?

Do you want no more adultery breaking up homes and destroying lives?

Do you want for all stealing to be eliminated?

Do you want no more homosexuality allowed in the world?

Do you want for there to be no more who go to bed at nights hungry or without a roof over their heads?

Do you want for no more of these things to be on earth and more?

No more abortions, no more lying, no more people hurting one another.

If so, what are you doing about purging out these things?

Our Creator told us to purge out evil from our midst.

How many of you are even praying for these things and all other evils to be purged out from this earth?

And if you are praying for this, are you living a life that would cause your prayers to be heard by Him?

Scripture says that if you turn your ears away from hearing His Torah, then your prayers are an abomination to Him.

Are your ears turned to His Torah or could you careless what His instructions are?

Do you even consider things like adultery or homosexuality and other things like this as being evil?

Do you think that lying is evil?

Do you think that not loving our Creator with our entire life is evil?

Do you think that the murderers should be put to death so that murder would be purged by teaching others to fear murdering?

How about this one, do you consider worship of a false image of our Creator evil?

Our Creator says that those who do should be put to death.

He says that those who work on His Sabbaths should be put to death.

Do you agree with Him? Or do you think that this is too harsh?

Obviously not very many people have agreed with Him because only 144,000 in nearly 6,000 years have worshipped Him in truth.

And this is an extremely small number of people.

Granted there are a few more than this number now because some are turning to Him in truth in these last days.

Do you want to be of this increasing number and have Him deliver you from His coming wrath or do you want to be purged out with the rest of the

evil that currently prevails in the world today?

Yehshua said as were in the days of Noah, so it will be before His return.

I can’t imagine that it was this bad back then but it was because Yehshua said that it was.

In that day, only Noah was found in Elohiym’s favor.

Do you want to have a heart like Noah’s?

We are commanded to.

He says;

Deut 18:13

13 You shall be perfect with YEHWEH Elohiym.

The Hebrew word that is translated as perfect here means without blemish.

Do you want to be without blemish before His face?

Do you want to love one another as He loves?

Do you want for others as He wants for them?

Do you want to please Him and be found in His favor?

Is this your heart’s desire that you live every breathe for?

Yehshua certainly backed this up because He commanded us to be perfect as well.

Yesterday I spoke of how He wants us helping others to come feast before Him.

Is this your heart’s desire or is your heart’s desires for the lusts of your own selfish hearts after the flesh?

If you want it to be on earth as it is in heaven, it starts with purging out evil in your own house.

Is this your hunger and your burning desire?

Do you really hunger for His righteousness to become your righteousness?

Or do you give Him lip service as most do?

If you are turning your ears from His instructions, I guarantee you that your worship to Him is lip service to Him.

Are you even willing to turn your ears to His Torah so that your prayers will be a sweet smelling incense to Him so that you will be a part of things when His will is finally done on earth as it is in heaven?

Do you even care?

What will it take to get you to cry aloud and to spare not for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven?

What will it take for you to start caring?

Will your loved ones need to die before your face?

Will this be enough?

Are you that stiff-necked?

The witness against most of you is you are.

And for this reason, you will soon be introduced to His wrath.

He has sent small waves of death and destruction to mankind ever since the flood to keep warning them to turn to Him but so few have.

And all have died to show us that we are merely temporary dwellings here on earth.

We are merely sojourners here on earth and He gave us life in the flesh to learn His will.

Have you spent your time here in your temporary dwelling in the flesh learning His will or have you lived a life rejecting His will and tolerating evil?

He is telling you that you had better start measuring yourself against His measuring rod instead of measuring yourself with what you think is right or wrong.

And He is telling you that you had better start hungering and thirsting for His desires or His will to become yours.

Man’s allotted time of self-rule under satan’s helm is about up.

The days to Yehshua’s return are shortening and He will not hold back His fury much longer now.

He is telling you that you had better finally lose your life for His kingdom’s and His righteousness’s sake.

But the choice is yours to make.

The sad thing is these warnings that He is sending to you will mean nothing to almost all of you until His wrath is in your face.

You will not hearken to His words just as most have not hearkened to them for nearly 6,000 years.

And the really sad thing is that even when His wrath is in your face, most of you will still cry out to your false images of Him like you have for your entire lives when calamities have come your way.

Most of the world always has.

Examples of this are America crying out to their blasphemous image of Him on 9/11 or after Katrina or after any of the other natural disasters that He sent to warn you.

This is no different than all of the death bed confessions that there have been of people crying out to a false image of Him after living a life of rebellion to Him.

Your stiff-necked rebellious hearts have truly been a stench to our Creator for rejecting why He created you.

He allowed you to go your own way, yet He kept sending you warnings after warnings that you are only temporary dwellings but you would not hearken to His word in spite of these warnings.

And you made Him to be in the image of the desires of your rebellious hearts instead of turning to Him in truth.

But He is offering you a chance to have your rebellion forgiven.

Will you seize His offer?

Or will you forebear?

His desire will be done on earth as it is in heaven very soon, the question is; will you be here to experience it?

Most of you will soon find out first-hand how temporary you are because you will not be humble before Him.

It is hard to believe that you could be this stiff-necked and full of arrogance.

You don’t even see your evil because you will not consider His righteousness; less more measure yourselves against it.

You love the darkness rather than the light.

You love your false images of Him.

You have chosen to not want His will to be accomplished in your hearts, less more on earth.

And now you will finally be purged out so that His will can be lived by those who will turn to His righteousness.

It will certainly be a time of rejoicing indeed; it is too bad that most of you chose to live for this life in the flesh instead.

But you can still turn from your ways and He is pleading with you to do so.

Soon He will plead with you with a different tool than His word; it is too bad that His word has not been enough for most of you.

The clock is ticking and we are well into the countdown.