Repairing The Breach



Our Creator uses much symbolism in His words that He uses to teach those who will hearken to Him His truth.

Much is hidden in His word that He has to reveal to us and it is always revealed to us in His perfect timing.

Yehshua spoke in parables for the same reason.

The King James translates that we are to enter into our temporary huts with the fruit of “goodly” trees.

Lev 23:40 You shall take for the first day FRUIT FROM THE GOODLY TREES, and the hollows of palm trees, and the branches of thick trees and willows of the brook; AND YOU SHALL REJOICE BEFORE YEHWEH ELOHIYM FOR “SEVEN DAYS”.

I like the word “goodly” that the King James translators chose to use in this verse.

Of course they butchered the verse anyway by translating the Hebrew word for fruit into boughs to throw the reader off course.

Today I am going to speak on this goodly fruit that we are to take in with us into our huts and what it is symbolic of.

We are told that when we come before Him 3 times a year to bring our offerings to Him to a place that He has chosen, that we are also to bring a second tithe of our corn, wine, oil and livestock, etc. to consume ourselves and to rejoice before Him.

This is all to teach us something.

He says that if the place is too far to bring these things that we are to sell them and bring the money instead and exchange it for these things when we get there.

We read this in;

Deut 14:25-26

25 Then you shall turn it into money, and bind up the money in your hand, and shall go to the place which YEHWEH Elohiym has chosen:

26 And you shall bestow that money FOR WHATSOEVER YOUR SOUL DESIRES, for oxen, or for sheep, or for wine, or for strong drink, or FOR WHATSOEVER YOUR SOUL DESIRES: and you shall eat there before YEHWEH Elohiym, AND YOU SHALL REJOICE, YOU AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD

Most all who have lived who have tried to obey a form of this commandment have always taken this physically instead of leaning on Him to show them what He wants to teach us from these statutes.

There is much hidden meaning in what He wants to teach us.

The Hebrew word that was translated into the word goodly means full of majesty or glorious or full of honor.

His blessings are meant to teach us something, but we can also lie to ourselves and say that our increase is from Him in hypocrisy.

Is your increase that which is from His glory or did it come from your own efforts apart from walking in agreement with Him?

Everything always circles back to why we were created and how He purposed to accomplish molding us in His image.

During the Feast of Temporary Dwellings, these huts are to teach us something.

I spoke yesterday how He wants us focused on how He made us temporary beings and how He wants us reflecting on His plan to make us in His image and our role in our journey with Him into His image.

These huts are to be made out of trees for a reason and He has us using branches for a reason.

Yehshua said that He is the vine and we are to be the branches of this vine.

It is very important to understand that He is His Father’s word or His logos that He has had me refer to in so many of these videos.

He says that His Father is the vine dresser if we are abiding in the vine which is His Logos.

We must abide in His Logos.

All of this symbolism with trees and branches and fruit ties in with the event in the garden with the fruit of the two trees and Adam and Eve.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents deciding right from wrong for ourselves or eating the bread of men.

This is the bad fruit. It is the fruit of wickedness.

The other tree that is in the center of the garden is the tree of life.

This tree represents our Creator’s 7 spirits that teach us His righteousness or His unleavened bread.

This tree of life could also be called the tree of righteousness because it is His righteousness that will enable us to have eternal life.

The goodly fruit is the fruit that comes from this tree.

If we eat of this fruit, we become trees of righteousness.

Jeremiah speaks of this in chapter 17;


8 HE WILL BE LIKE A “TREE” PLANTED BY THE WATER, that spreads out his roots by the river, and will not see the heat when it comes, but his leaves will be green; and will not worry in the year of drought, neither will he cease from yielding fruit.

If our security and our refuge are in YEHWEH, they are in who He is.

His name is who He is, it is His righteousness.

His entire plan for us is to point us to becoming His righteousness.

This is why He wants us making our temporary dwellings out of trees and branches each year.

Doing so is symbolic of His tree of life and becoming branches to His vine which is His logos.

And the variety of trees that we can use is symbolic of our variety.

Our existence here is temporary and if we are to become His, we must eat of His fruit and not of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

We must eat off of the unleavened bread of life and not the leavened bread of men.

This feast is to teach us dependence on our increase coming from His blessings and not from our efforts that came from a path that is not His path.

He said cursed is the man who trusts in man referring to trusting in himself.

He said cursed is this man because this man will inherit the death penalty.

The reason that He wants us bringing the first fruits of our labors to rejoice before Him is to be constant reminder that it is from His blessings that gave them to us.

We are to reflect on this, this is why the fruit that we bring in with us is to be glorious fruit.

But if we gathered that year form our own efforts without walking with Him in agreement with Him, whatever fruit that we bring in with us before Him is not glorious fruit.

He says our own righteousness is like filthy rags to Him.

The goodly fruit is that which came from being found in His favor.

And yes, we can amass great wealth in this world apart from it being from His blessings.

He allows for this.

He allows for man to produce wealth apart from His intervention. He set it up this way.

He says that He sends His rain and His sunshine on the just and the unjust.

If you walk in your temporary dwelling and your trust is in yourself and you are not hungering and thirsting for His righteousness, it does not matter what you bring before Him.

It is not goodly fruit.

So our focus must be on making sure that our increase is from Him so that it is goodly to Him.

All of this also ties into the offering of righteousness that He has cried out for us to lift up to Him at this time as we return to Him.

The water that waters us to become trees of righteousness is the living water that flows out through His Son.

This feast is to teach us this.

The 7th year Sabbath is also to be instrumental in teaching us dependence on our increase coming from His blessings as well.

This is because if we were not walking with Him for 6 years, the double increase would not happen in the 6th year and this would show that we have gone astray.

Plus, He gave us His word to measure ourselves with to see if we have gone astray.

But man has rejected His measuring rod and chosen to go their own way and to put their trust in themselves.

They turned from His Sabbaths and from His path that would have taught them to depend on Him for their fruit to make it goodly fruit.

The goodly fruit that we are to live off of as we walk with Him and His Son is His righteousness.

And it makes our increase goodly fruit that we bring before Him.

It is the unleavened bread of life that His Son became as we must become.

This is why Yehshua said that unless we eat of His flesh and drink of His blood we cannot enter into eternal life.

And He was His Father’s logos in the flesh.

We must become as He became.

In doing so, we never stop yielding goodly fruit.

All of this keeps getting more and more simple as He reveals more understanding, it is all about hungering and thirsting for His righteousness and His kingdom.

It is about hungering to one day be out of this temporary dwelling and in His kingdom and there is only one path to accomplish this.

Of course there is another way out of this temporary dwelling and that is to eat the bad fruit and to be cast into the lake of fire.

I think that the eating goodly fruit and bringing goodly fruit before Him and rejoicing in it is a better option.

So you see it is much more than just the physical fruit that we are to bring into our temporary dwellings.

It represents something.

We are the temporary dwellings and we must only bring in the goodly fruit into our minds and this feast is to teach this to us and to remind us of this.

And His righteousness becomes what our soul’s desire, it is a paradigm shift.

When He says that we are to rejoice in all of what our soul desires, He wants us undergoing this paradigm shift.

He wants us desiring His oil which is His 7 spirits.

Either way, we are temporary dwellings; we can feast off of our life in the flesh and the desires of the flesh, or we can rejoice in His righteousness and let Him become our delight.

He wants us reflecting on what our desires are and our choices reveal what our desires are.

What we rejoice in is the telltale all to our heart’s desires.

For all of you who are listening to this who have built your huts for this week and are spending time in them, I hope that you are rejoicing in what He is restoring.

If it is, He is turning your bad fruit into goodly fruit so don’t remorse over the past, but rather rejoice in the truth that He is showing you.

And part of the goodly fruit at this time is offering up to Him the offering of righteousness that He has called out for as we return to Him.

It is clear that the world has hungered and thirsted for the bad fruit, but it is exciting that He is offering us forgiveness if we will turn to His good fruit that comes from the tree of life.

You will be found in His favor as you return to this fruit and He will cast off the bad as far as the east is from the west.

And His face will shine upon you.

His family will be built from the goodly trees and they will not be temporary dwellings any longer.