Repairing The Breach





Have you ever really stepped back and considered what it means to blaspheme or to speak against our Creator’s spirit?

In order to understand what it means to blaspheme His Spirit, you must understand what His spirit is.

His spirit is His consciousness that He sends out in 7 spirits to teach us His righteous character.

They are sent to set us apart from all that is contrary to our Creator and to teach us to be as He is.

Today I will speak on what it means to blaspheme His spirit.

We had better know and we had better be right on this because Yehshua said;

Matt 12:31-32

31 Therefore I say to you, man can be forgiven for all sin and blasphemy, BUT BLASPHEMY OF THE SPIRIT WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN.

32 And whosoever speaks a word against the Son of man, he can be forgiven: BUT WHOSOEVER SPEAKS AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT, he will not be forgiven, not in this age, nor in the age that will be.

Does this scare you?

It should, because your eternity rests in the balances of being correct on the answer as to whether you have spoken against His Spirit or not.

As with all things, we simply need to turn to the scriptures for the answer.

And you have to understand that Yehshua is giving a parable here and the explanation is not given unless His Father is revealing it.

The good news for today is His hidden secrets are being revealed to all who will receive them because of where we are in time.

In these last days His 7 spirits are being made available to the whole world if they will receive them.

His word will prove what I will speak today.

You have to know that something that is as important as this is going to be defined in the scriptures.

And His scriptures will support and testify to His truth.

I use this same reasoning with subjects like the weekly Sabbaths as well.

This reasoning should be both logical and obvious to you if you believe that He sent His word for a purpose as Isaiah spoke that He did.

His word would have to define itself and it does, here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept.

Otherwise we could not test the spirits that are guiding us because we would not have anything to test them with.

Here is an example;

If our Creator says that His Sabbaths are a sign between Him and His children forever, then you have to believe that He is going to reveal how to determine them in His scriptures so that we can know that we are right in what we believe or not.

I received an email this morning from a man that asked; couldn’t our Creator’s spirit guide us into all truth without His word.

The answer is that He could if He had designed it to be this way and if He had not made opposing spirits available to sift us.

But He did not design it this way and He did create satan and his crew and He did give them the power to influence our thoughts.

At least they can influence out thoughts if we are not walking with our Creator on the path that He prescribed.

Yehshua said that if we keep His commandments, then His Father’s spirit will abide in us.

If we don’t obey His instructions, then He removes His protection and allows satan and company access to our thoughts.

I explained to this man that yes, His 7 spirits often call us to Him apart from keeping His commandments.

But being called by His 7 spirits and having them live and abide in us are two completely different things.

His 7 spirits call us to His Torah and they write it in our hearts and in our minds.

With some, they might be called to Him by His spirits through reading His Torah, but with many, He calls them to His instructions.

And we either choose to come to His call because we want to be found in agreement with Him or we choose to not believe His spirits and we stop coming to His call and are shut off from them.

Whether His spirits call us through reading His instructions or they call us to His instructions, either way they call us to Him to call us to desire His ways to become our ways and His thoughts to become our thoughts.

But listening to them and yielding to them is a choice on our part.

Those who have become His chose to listen to His guiding spirits and hungered and thirsted to be in agreement with Him.

It is very important to understand why Yehshua said;

Matt 22:14


Few are chosen because only a few kept coming to His Father’s call and when the many others did not, His spirit that was calling them simply departed from them.

They either stopped believing His guiding spirit altogether, or they told His spirit what they would obey or believe to be true.

What happened is their thoughts chose to trump our Creator’s thoughts that His spirits were revealing.

This was the original sin as well.

The sin of Adam and Eve was they chose to decide right from wrong for themselves and to reject their Creator’s instructions.

In order to understand why His word is so important in this process of becoming as He is, you have to understand that we have to have something to measure the spirit that is guiding us with.

This should be a common sense thing to understand.

But because people do not fear being wrong, they reject common sense even.

We have to fear being wrong in order to choose to examine our thoughts.

There are 1,000’s of different beliefs within the religion called Christianity and they all think that they are guided by His spirit.

How can this be if they disagree with one another?

It cannot, either all of them but one is wrong or all of them are wrong because our Creator is not divided.

John told us that we must test the spirits and he was giving this advice for testing them in ourselves as well.

He started off his instructions to test the spirits by saying that we can know the spirit of Elohiym is in us by our obedience to the commandments.

So why are all of these people who say that they have His spirits not obeying the commandments?

There can only be two possibilities, either the apostle John was wrong and Yehshua was wrong, or these people are guided by another spirit.

For some reason I don’t think that Yehshua and the Apostle John were in error because what they spoke was right down the line with the rest of the true scriptures.

We have to have a measuring rod to measure the spirits against.

Therefore, our Creator had to give us a measuring rod.

John told us that every spirit whose logos is the same as the logos of Yehshua our Messiah is of Elohiym.

And he said that every spirit whose logos is not in agreement with the logos of Yehshua is the spirit of anti-messiah or a spirit that is against our Messiah.

These spirits are against Him because they are against what He taught and against why He shed His blood.

You are either for Him or you are against Him; there is no middle ground, at least not if you believe the eyewitness who recorded Yehshua saying;

Matt 12:30

30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that does not gather with me scatters.

You can either choose to believe this or, you can choose to believe Mark who was a follower of Saul of Tarsus instead who said that Yehshua said that “he who is not against us is with us.”

These are two very different statements.

If you believe Mark instead of Matthew, then now you can justify 1,000’s of different religions saying that they are all for the same purpose, even if they are not in agreement with the truth.

So you see, the word testifies to the spirit of truth.

Mark and Matthew had two different spirits guiding them because they had two different truths.

The real truth is not divided.

Yes, Mark duplicated some truth as well and mixed it in with his blasphemes; this is how satan’s servants work.

The problem is, no lies is of the truth.

So it becomes pretty important to know what His word or His logos is, otherwise, how can you know whether you are being guided by the spirit of truth or by a different spirit?

Yehshua said that His Logos is the same Logos as His Father’s logos and His Father does not change.

The logos is what the word defines. It is the description of an object or person or event.

It can be our speech or the written word but in either case, it is a description.

In the case of our Creator, His word defines His righteous character.

It defines a path that leads us to become His righteous character.

He sent His path or His Torah to us in order to define His righteous character; this is the purpose that He sent it to us.

He did not leave us without a measuring rod.

Just consider it this way, if He allowed satan’s spirit to sift us, wouldn’t He also give us a way to measure our thoughts to find out who was guiding us if we really feared being wrong and wanted to know?

After all, satan is more clever than all of the beasts in the field and on our own, we certainly are no match for him.

Or do you think that our Creator is not fair and just?

How would it be a fair and just Creator to turn us over to the enemy without giving us a barometer to check and see if we have been sent into the captivity or not if we wanted to know?

All of this must be considered in lieu of why He created us and that He owes us nothing, yet offers us everything.

In the books of Ezra and Nehemiah we find that when the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and some of the Levites that were still with them chose to return to the truth, that they wept when the book of the Law was read to them.

They wept because the measuring rod showed them that they had transgressed against their Creator.

When they were in sin, they could not see this.

The law exposed their transgressions and they were broken.

So it is with us today, if we are guided by the wrong spirit, we do not know it unless we compare it to the measuring rod that was given to us.

But what happens to you when you read verses like when the Apostle John said that sin is transgression of the law?

Are you broken because you have sinned against your Creator?

Or do you say whoopee and continue to transgress against Him?

If you say whoopee, you either do not have our Creator’s 7 spirits, or you just shut yourself off from them.

If someone is being called by His 7 spirits and they are coming to His call, they are led to examine themselves against His measuring rod and compare their thoughts to it.

And, they either change to be in agreement with their Creator’s word, or they choose to force His spirit out from them by continuing in their transgressions.

They cause this by rejecting what His measuring rod or His word says.

And Satan’s spirit slithers back into influencing their thoughts, now often combining what they gleaned from their Creator while being called by His spirits in with the false beliefs that they chose to hold onto.

This is denying our Creator’s spirit but is it speaking against His spirit or blaspheming it?

I said that all we need to do is let the measuring rod speak for itself. His word defines all things.

It is important to keep in mind that the definition for sin that is given from our Creator is transgression of His Torah.

And it is important to keep in mind what He sends out His 7 eyes or 7 spirits to accomplish.

And what is the by-product when we are forgiven for transgressing His Torah?

Our sins are removed from us as far as the east is from the west.

And this is a long ways because last time that I checked, if you keep going east, you keep going east and if you keep going west, then you keep going west.

But there is a catch, in order to be forgiven, we have to agree to turn from our transgressions and again, our transgressions are violations of His Torah.

This means that we have to turn to His Torah so that we can know what the violations are.

When His spirits are calling, they are calling us to His instructions so that we can come to Him.

His instructions are a path.

So how can you turn to something if you will not even acknowledge that there is a path?

In the beginning of the call, you might not have read His instructions from His written word yet because you might not have read them, but they are in agreement with His written word.

Even if you have not read them yet, you can still reject receiving His word from His spirit because His spirits testify to His word.

And His spirits call us to seek His truth.

People write me and they tell me, but I know that it is His spirit that is guiding me and I don’t know the Torah.

They tell me, I know the changes in me were real, I felt it.

Maybe they say; I gave up wild women, I gave up drinking, I started to feed the poor and needy, I drove out demons in His name and preached to millions in His name and did many wonderful works in His name, etc.

Well, if I were you, I would measure the spirit that is guiding you against the measuring rod.

Maybe you are being called to His path and if you are, this is great, be humble and come to His call.

But if you think that His spirits are abiding in you and you are spirit filled apart from the Torah, the logos of Yehshua said that He will say to you when you come to Him, depart from me because I never knew you because my Father’s Torah had no place in you.

So do you want to believe your feelings, or do you want to believe the measuring rod that He gave us?

Do you really think that your feelings are above being deceived by the wiles of the enemy if you are not under your Creator’s protective wings?

And why would you be under His protective wings if you are denying His word that He sent to perfect us?

The question for you to examine yourself with is; were you one of the many who were called who stopped coming to His call, or was the call that you were coming to even His in the first place?

If you really fear being wrong, then you will measure yourself and your beliefs and the spirit that is guiding you against what His word says.

People in different Islamic groups certainly are inspired to make some radicle changes in their lives without being called by our Creator and they certainly are led by a spirit so we have to be careful.

And the same is the case with all religions, even those who have nothing to do with the Elohiym of Abraham.

They believe in their hearts that they are correct and are on the path of truth and their feelings testify to their belief so satan is very powerful at influencing our feelings.

This is why we need the measuring rod.

This is why He gave us His word so that we can test the spirits that are influencing our thoughts.

You have to believe the measuring rod.

If you have your own measuring rod, deciding right from wrong for yourself, you will fail, guaranteed.

And if you do not believe the measuring rod sent by our Creator, you will fail as well, guaranteed.

Here is another example;

The measuring rod proves that the writings of Saul and his followers are false.

If you are growing in the truth and coming to His call and His spirits show you that Saul’s writings don’t quite jive with what His spirits are showing you, what do you do?

I know what I did originally; I tried to justify what Saul said for a season by saying that’s really not what he meant.

And I tried to twist what he wrote into the truth that I was being shown by my Father’s 7 spirits as they called me.

And while I did this, I remained in the captivity.

But I did not say that that the spirit that was guiding me out of the captivity was wrong, I just tried to explain why Saul was misunderstood, etc.

I did not go so far as to reject what His 7 spirits were showing me.

So, my Father’s spirits kept calling me and showing me more proof until I came out of the lies.

This is what they do; they call us into the truth if we will keep coming to the call.

What would have happened to me if I told the spirit that was calling me, no, you are wrong, there is no way that they whole religion of Christianity is wrong and I will believe Saul instead?

I would have been speaking evil of His spirit in my mind by trumping it with my own thoughts, defining truth on my own terms.

And He would have withdrawn His spirit from me and I would have slithered back into the lies and returned to having my father be the devil.

And I would have continued in the blasphemous beliefs of Christianity, maybe even bringing a few truths that I gleaned from the call with me.

So you see, it really is about believing our Creator’s spirit when it is given to us.

We must believe His spirits and they testify to His word and His word testifies to them.

We must flee from our own understanding because we must realize where our own understanding came from.

Our Creator’s word testifies that blaspheming His spirit is not believing it.

I will show this to you.

Let’s go back to our transgressions being removed as far as the east is from the west which is the by-product of being forgiven.

Yehshua said;

BUT WHOSOEVER SPEAKS AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT, he will not be forgiven, not in this age, nor in the age that will be.

The ones who have been forgiven in this age are those who have believed His 7 spirits and yielded to them.

They are the 144,000 first fruits who became our Creator’s temple.

All others either did not have His 7 spirits available to them, or the many who were called but not chosen chose to not believe them in their call, therefore they did not continue to be forgiven.

This verse testifies to the fact if we refuse to be made in our Creator’s image, we are refusing to be forgiven of our transgressions.

I say this because when the dust settles, there will only be two groups, those who have been forgiven and those who have not been forgiven.

And those who have not been forgiven will be burnt up.

If we refuse to become His righteousness, we are refusing His offer to forgive us.

I don’t care what kind of blathering you want to do to the contrary, this is a reality that His word testifies to, unless you want to believe that Saul of Tarsus and his followers also spoke our Creator’s word.

If you do, you have a problem though because our Creator says that He changes not and that there is one set of instructions for both the Israelite and those who would sojourn with them.

As my Father just spoke through me, when the dust settles, there will only be two groups of people, those who are forgiven and those who are not.

The ones who have not had His 7 spirits available to them in this age will be resurrected to an opportunity to receive them at the great white throne of judgment.

But what about the many who have lived and had His spirits available to them and rejected them in this age?

Our Creator is just but He also owes us nothing.

If someone does not want His righteousness, why would He give them eternal life in His family?

They would be able to disrupt the utopia that He is building, how is this justice for those who did hearken to Him and did love His righteousness?

Why do you think that He owes you eternal life if you won’t even believe Him or obey His instructions?

Why would He want you in His family if you think that your righteousness is superior to His?

The real reason why people reject His guiding spirits when they are available to them is they reject what His righteousness declares.

They think that they know better, just like their father satan that they chose over their Creator.

His 7 spirits are sent to guide us into all truth and His word is truth.

And His truth defines His righteousness.

I will give you another example;

If His spirit is trying to teach you the exceeding evil of a sin like homosexuality that His word testifies against, and you are rejecting this, then you are rejecting your Creator’s word.

Even if you have not read in His word yet where homosexuality is to be purged out from us, His spirits are trying to write this in your heart because they are sent to write His Torah in our hearts.

And if you are rejecting this because of your own righteousness and what you think is true on the subject, then you are speaking against His spirit.

You are telling His spirit that your thoughts are superior to your Creator’s thoughts.

If you can understand this, then you can understand how being guided by His 7 spirits must be a hunger and a thirst on our part.

We must fear being in disagreement with our Creator’s thoughts.

And then you can understand why there have been so few who have been chosen.

The question is, do you want to be chosen by Him or to continue in your rebellion and be of the many who are called but not chosen?

If the spirit that is guiding you is in opposition to His word, or your actions are confessing a different logos than the logos that His Son became, I suggest that you get humble quickly.

I say this because now His 7 spirits are being sent out to all flesh who will receive them.

If you are holding onto your preconceived beliefs and denying His spirit of truth, then you are blaspheming it and you will not be forgiven if you do not repent.

There is only one sin that will not be forgiven.

The reason that Yehshua said that all other sins would be able to be forgiven is because He knew that if we are not speaking against His Father’s spirits or rebelling against them, that we are being guided by them.

And if we are being guided by them, then we are repenting from our transgressions.

He spoke in parables and this parable is being given to you this day, will you receive it or will you reject it.

If you are yielding to our Creator’s 7 spirits, then you are being molded in His image.

If you are not being molded in His image, then you do not have His 7 spirits guiding you.

And the only way that you can know if you are or not is by comparing your thoughts or the spirit that is guiding your thoughts and what you believe to be true to His measuring rod.

It really is quite simple.

I have spoken in the past that the depths and the understanding of His measuring rod increases in us as we grow in His spirits.

But there is plenty of truths that are readily available in His word that do not need any degree of His spirit to measure yourself with.

Many truths like when His weekly Sabbaths are to be are easily determined by His word if you believe His word.

Of course if you don’t believe His word, then you won’t believe the proof that He gave us in His word as to when they are to be anyway.

And why would He continue to call you if you will not even believe His word?

This is just one example, there are many.

It is easy to determine whether someone is yielding to His 7 spirits or not.

They are either yielding to and delighting in His word and growing in His righteousness.

Or they are rebelling against His word or yielding to it for the wrong motives.

This really is this simple.

These wrong motives include just to look righteous in their minds or to others or at this time there are people who are just turning to His commands to try and save their necks because they see His wrath coming.

The right motives are because we desire to obtain our Creator’s righteousness and we desire to be in agreement with His every thought.

I will repeat the question; do you want to be chosen by Him or do you want to continue in your rebellion to Him?

If you have been shut off from His spirits or you don’t feel that He has called you in the first place, then cry out to Him and turn to His ways to become as He is and He will hear you if you are sincere.

Seek Him and His righteousness while He may be found.

Turn from your rebellion and let Him heal you.