Our Creator is crying out for a people to arm themselves for battle.

He is crying out for us to bring down the walls of darkness and to loosen the bands of wickedness.

We live in an incredible time because soon He is going to send His Son to harvest the 1st fruits of His family and to deliver a people into a new era of time to begin to mold and fashion the final harvest into His family.

But He is commanding for those who will be delivered to return to Him and to cry aloud and to spare not.

He has been proving that this is His work recently by what He is revealing in His word.

I have been amazed at all of the prophesies that there are in His word that point to His people shouting at this time.

And there are dual references like Gideon’s army and the walls of Jericho coming down that foreshadow the walls of darkness coming down and foreshadow His deliverance.

We are only 11 days away from the Memento of Acclamations that many call the feast of trumpets.

I spoke about this special day recently in the 7th month High Days part I if you want to find out more about it.

It was always to be a day of memorial of His deliverances but it was also to point us to this time.

This year this High Day will fall on September 30th for Israel and Europe and Canada but it will fall on the 29th in man’s calendar for most of the U.S., South America, Africa and Australia and other places.

I have spoken on this before, His people are scattered so until things are restored in Jerusalem, we must be obedient to His calendar from where we are located.

This is because He wants us following His instructions and learning them.

It is not about a universal day on Man’s calendar.

It does not matter what day a day falls on in man’s calendar in different places around the globe, what matters is that we obey His instructions.

But the dates of Yehshua’s return and other important dates are still being given Jerusalem time because this is where He will return to so this is where the countdown is figured from.

So what are we to arm ourselves with since He is commanding us to take up arms for the battle at this time?

Matt 10:34

34 Because do not think that I have come to send peace on earth: I did not come to send peace, BUT A SWORD.

This is a reality; He did not come the first time to bring peace.

Peace will only be accomplished after the 7 vials are poured out and evil is purged out.

He commanded us to take the truth to the world. The truth was to be a light to the world.

He knew that it would not be received, but it was to be a light to the world nevertheless.

He goes on in the next verses to say that He knew that the truth would split up families and such, but truth was to be lived anyway so that the light of the world would be made manifest so that it could be seen.

It was not, except by a very small flock.

It was overwhelmed by the forces of darkness and satan’s lies have flourished and the darkness has become the light for most.

Now our Creator is sending His wrath to purge out the darkness.

The problem for the religions of the world is, they think that they are in the light and they are not.

This is especially true of Christianity who has trampled His Son’s blood underfoot and they will receive a double portion of His wrath for their abominations.

The false apostle Saul of tarsus mixed in truth with lies and people bought into his lies and chose to believe him instead of their Creator and His Son and His other prophets.

This is how the enemy works and this is why satan was successful at deceiving the world.

If you think that his deceiving the whole world does not include you, well this is your choice.

Then you certainly know better than your Creator because He told John that the whole world would be deceived and the whole world would include each of you.

It certainly included me.

Satan was successful because the world rejected their Creator’s protective wings that would have protected them from him.

This was all prophesied to happen so you shouldn’t marvel at this.

He accomplished his deception by mixing in truth with lies.

Saul spoke that the sword is the word of Elohiym and it is, it is just that he himself perverted the word, thus he made a different sword, the sword of darkness.

Yehshua will return with the true double edged sword coming out of His mouth.

It is the name that He was given, the word of Elohiym.

I have been sent to bear witness to the word.

In preparation for His return, He and His Father are restoring His word to call a people who will return to it.

This was prophesied to happen as well.

A brand was going to be plucked out of the fire.

This brand was going to be given the name Zerubbabel which means one that has escaped or flowed out from the captivity.

This brand would be given a change of raiment and would begin to rebuild the places that were made waste by the abomination of desolation.
He would be the restorer of the paths to dwell.

There are so many prophesies about the one who would be made to be this man.

These prophesies are being fulfilled right before our eyes and your Creator is crying out for you to stand with him.

A couple of days ago I read;

Mal 3:1-3

3:1 BEHOLD, I WILL SEND MY MESSENGER TO PREPARE THE WAY BEFORE ME: and YEHWEH will seek you and will suddenly come to his temple. The messenger of the covenant whom I delight will come to you, says YEHWEH of hosts.

2 Who will receive (sustain) him the day of his coming? And who will stand when he appears? Because he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap:

3 And he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he will purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer to YEHWEH AN OFFERING OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

4 Then the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem will be pleasant to YEHWEH as in the days of old and as in former years.

The cry to arms that I am bringing forth is the offering of righteousness that our Creator is talking about in these verses.

He goes on a few verses later to say that “all” have stolen from Him referring to tithes and offerings.

This proves that this prophesy is not about Yehshua’s 1st coming or John the Baptist’s witness to His 1st coming because Yehshua testified that they were still tithing even in the smallest detail when He came the 1st time.

Today, I know some people who have given way more than 10% in the form of both tithes and offerings so how come does He say that “all” have stolen from Him?

There can only be one way and that is that all have tithed and offered to the wrong place. They have not tithed and offered to Him in truth.

This is because the true place that we are to tithe to, His set part people the Levites, went into extinction.

They were scattered and they lost their identity because of Israel’s rebellion and there has been no place to bring the tithes and offerings because of this rebellion.

Therefore, the byproduct of their rebellion has been that all of Israel has stolen from their Creator.

And now He is sending His messenger to restore His tithes and offerings.

Don’t worry, I spoke the other day that I am not asking you to send them to me.

But I am telling you that you had better start offering up to His work and His work is to shout aloud and spare not.

The date of His Son’s return has been declared.

It was prophesied to be declared.

And now the people need to be warned of His coming wrath.

I have spoken in other videos about how we are being commanded to break our pitchers just as Gideon’s troops were told to that night and to let our light shine to the world to begin to bring down the walls of darkness.

The problem is, we have to have the right oil lighting our torches.

All of this is explained in these videos.


To have His word is not enough if we are not yielding it expose the darkness.

His word is not the false gospels of Christianity.

They are blasphemous to the true word.

Yehshua is the truth and He is the light but He is also the word or the logos of His Father.

Truth=light=His word=the Messiah.

There is no way to get around this.

The false messiahs of Christianity are based on a different word, the word of Saul of Tarsus, the abomination that desolated the truth in the hearts of men and women.


I have been sent to be a swift witness against the darkness.

In the next video, I will speak of my credentials again that our Creator has given to prove that He has sent me and I have spoken about them in other videos as well.

But in this video it will be more from a viewpoint of what are the odds.

He has put His word in my mouth just as He prophesied that He would to the one who would be given the name Zerubbabel.

For those of you who think that I am another crackpot or false prophet, show me where I disagree with His word according to the prophets of old or the eye witnesses John and Matthew.

You will not be able to.

Sure you might throw some mistranslations of men at me but look up the words before you do and then try and hurl them at me.

They will splatter in your face.

You are being commanded to come out of the darkness.

He says come out of her my people.

You are being commanded to return to His ways.

If you don’t, you will be consumed by His wrath.

And His ways include joining in with Him in what He is restoring.

His ways include making an offering of righteousness to Him.

He says that the people’s blood will be on your hands if you don’t warn them.

How can you warn them if you are pointing them to lies for deliverance?

You cannot.

If you are not pointing them to the truth, then you are  pointing them to the lake of fire.

If you are pointing them to a counterfeit truth, then you are pointing them to the lake of fire.

If you are not pointing them anywhere, you are still pointing them to the lake of fire.

As I said, He has sent me to bear witness to His truth.

In the verse that I read earlier about bringing a sword that will divide light from the dark, Yehshua went on to say;

Matt 10:37-39

37 He that loves his father or mother more than me IS NOT WORTHY OR DESERVING OF ME: and he that loves his son or daughter more than me IS NOT WORTHY OR DESERVING OF ME.

38 And he that does not take up his stake and follow after me IS NOT WORTHY OR DESERVING OF ME.

39 He that finds his life will have to lose it: and he that loses his life on account of me will find it.

I can guarantee you that if you obey these instructions about losing your life on account of coming to the light, then the dark will hate you.

Many in your family will disown you and scorn and ridicule you.

I mentioned in the last video on tithes and offerings how one man has sent the exposure videos of some of the false prophets to their followers.

Do you think that he did not receive a backlash from them for doing this?

He could be risking His life for doing this because someone could kill him for it.

The man in Australia that I spoke of parked his billboard outside of a large church on Sunday.

Do you think that he was not scorned and ridiculed, if not just in their evil hearts?

Do you think that it is not possible that somebody could kill him for his efforts?

So what! It was written that those who bore His righteousness would be persecuted.

These men and their families are offering up an offering of righteousness to their Creator.

If you think that my bearing witness to the truth is just my opinion of what His truth is, this is because you do not believe my Father’s word.

The only thing that will be left standing after next July 19th when the 7 vials are poured out on what is left of the world will be the truth and those standing with and for the truth.

I am standing for the truth, I have been sent to do so.

I have been sent to stand for those who will become His children.

And you are being commanded to stand with me if you want to become His children.

But you will not be forced; it has to be your choice.

And you will have to be willing to leave all for His kingdom’s sake, just as the 1st fruits chose to do.

I can just assure you that if you are not standing with me, then you are standing against me.

There is no middle ground.

And Yehshua has entered into me just as He entered into the rest of those who have become the first fruits.

And He wants to enter into each of you as well.

If you say that He has already entered into you and His Father’s Torah has no place in you, He has already testified that you are deceived and He will tell you to depart from Him.

And John says that you are a liar and the truth is not in you if you don’t keep His commandments.

Yehshua went on to say in the next verse;

Matt 10:40-42

40 He that receives you (those in the truth) receives me, and he that receives me (and He is the truth) receives him that I have sent.

He is pretty straight forward in what He is saying.

41 He that receives a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet's reward; and he that receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man will receive a righteous man's reward.

What is He saying here? Who is a prophet? And who is a righteous man?

A prophet is declared by the name of a prophet and a righteous man is declared by the name of a righteous man.

All true prophets bear their Creator’s name and they bear His righteousness, not their own righteousness.

This is why I said to measure me against His word.

If you had measured Saul of Tarsus against His word, you would have known that he was false.

But instead you received him and he came bearing the name of his father the devil.

He came bearing his own righteousness with his more excellent way.

Yehshua goes on;

42 And he who will merely give a cup of cold water to drink TO ONE OF THE LEAST in the name of a disciple, I say to you, surely he will not lose his reward.

Is He saying that all that we have to do is give a cup of cold water to one of the least and we will receive our reward?

No, He spoke in parables.

Look at the context of His teaching in the preceding verses.

He was talking about sending His servants out like sheep in the midst of wolves.

Then He tells those who will be His disciples to speak in the light and to dust our feet if they will not hearken.

And what are we to speak of?

We are to speak the truth, which is the light.

We are to testify against the darkness.

We are to proclaim the truth that will set people free.

Then He tells those who will be His disciples not to fear men who can take our physical lives in our efforts.

He says but rather only fear our Creator who can take away our eternal lives.

Then He tells those who will be His disciples to confess him to men.

I have spoken on this word confess before.

It is translated from the Greek word homologeo which means to be in agreement with the same logos or the same word.

We must speak of Him in agreement with the same logos that He was, not the make believe versions of Him that Christianity embraces and confesses.

We must declare Him in truth.

Then He goes on to tell us that He did not come to send peace but a sword.

The sword is the same logos that we are to proclaim.

It will divide light from dark and it will knock down the walls of darkness.

It divides the light from the darkness.

Some of you might lose your lives in the process, so what? He will resurrect you.

You will have lost your lives making an offering of righteousness to Him and you will not lose your reward.

Do not fear man who can only take your physical life.

I know that I will die for what I am saying, it is written.

Who cares? I will live again.

Then Yehshua talks about loving our lives with our families more than Him and He says that if we do, then we do not deserve what He is offering.

He says that we have to lose our lives for His purpose.

Is this not what I am asking each of you to do as well?

Then He talks about receiving who He has sent.

And He makes it specific that we are to receive His Father’s prophet when He would be sent and this is right now.

And he tells us that his righteousness and the name that he bears will define Him because he will not come in his own name or in his own righteousness.

And I have not come in my own name, His word and His righteousness testifies that He has sent me.

And this is all ties in with those of you who will embrace His righteousness to attain it and serve Him as well.

Then He gets to this verse about giving the water to drink to the least.

If anyone will thirst, let him come to Him to drink.

This is what we have to bring to the world, the living water.

And the living water is the truth which is the light which is the gate to the kingdom.

Yehshua became this gate and He said to follow Him.

Folks, this is not rocket science.

It is the lies that you have embraced that make it hard to see what I speak.

You have embraced the lies and you have not embraced the truth that will deliver you.

The kingdom of Elohiym is at hand.

Repent, turn from the lies and join in with your Creator in shouting aloud.

His trumpets have begun to sound and our shouts are to accompany them.

Plus we are to light our torches with His oil and break the pictures so that the world can see the light.

If you refuse to hearken to what I am saying today, this will be a witness against you because I have not come in my own name.

I have been sent by YEHWEH Elohiym to cry out to you to make straight your paths and to cry aloud and to spare not.

Your rebellion to what He is saying is not going to get you delivered through His coming wrath, this I can assure you.

He has set before you life and death, choose life so that you and your seed may live.

There are many who believe that they are in good with their Creator because they pray and they fast and they do good works and they study the bible and such.

For those of you who feel this way, all faiths have these righteous types in their midst.

There are self-righteous Christians just as there are self-righteous Muslims and self-righteous Buddhists and there are self-righteous people in any other religion.

If you cannot believe that satan deceiving the whole world would include you, then this is just another of the many verses that you deny.

If you want to remain in the captivity and continue to not believe your Creator and keep serving your make believe images of Him, He is certainly allowing you to make this choice.

But as for me, I will serve YEHWEH Elohiym.

I am just crying out to you to return to Him and to serve Him with me.

When the dust settles, His will will be accomplished whether you join in with Him or not, it is just that you will not be there to see it if you don’t.

And oh how marvelous it will be to finally see His will done here on earth as it is in the heavens.