In many of these videos I speak of how the religion that is called Christianity tramples underfoot the blood of our Messiah.

I have explained that they do so because they reject why He shed His blood on their behalf.

I am going to expand on this today by discussing why our Creator uses blood as His choice of vehicles to cleanse our transgressions.

In the next several days I am going to be exposing all of the false messiahs and the false prophets of the world individually.

At least I will expose the ones that I know of.

I am going to expose them by measuring them against the measuring rod that our Creator gave us to measure all with, including ourselves.

One thing that is common with each of these pretenders is they really do not understand why we were created; therefore they do not understand why He gave us His Torah to fulfill His purpose for creating us.

If you can understand that He created us to be molded by Him to be made in His image, then the reason that He uses the blood as a symbol can make sense.

The sacrifices were given to Israel to teach them the exceeding wickedness of transgressing our Creator’s instructions by design.

He gave us a pathway to walk on that teaches us His righteous character.

He teaches us how to love as we walk with Him.

We must seek to obtain this character in order to enter into His family because that which opposes His character is not going to be given eternal life and for a reason.

The life that we have here in the flesh is a programming process.

He could not create His character in us instantly if it was to become real and last for eternity in our hearts.

His character is created in us through a process of desiring to be taught by Him and learning to love as He loves.

Desiring true love must become our passion if we are to enter into eternal life with Him in His family.

He is building a utopia without that which dismantles love.

In this programming process, we must learn to hate that which destroys love; this is all part of the process.

This is why He created evil, true love could not be created in us unless we learned to also oppose that which destroys it.

One could not be achieved without the other, yet evil will be purged out once it has accomplished its purpose.

In order to truly experience true love, we have to possess an understanding of its price and its price includes desiring for all to live in love as well as sacrificing self.

When we learn this, our joy comes from the delight and the pleasure of others, but not at the expense of compromising with that which destroys love.

This is why that within the passion that we must learn to have to love in an outgoing way, we must also have a passion to hate that which destroys that which is what we have the passion for in the first place.

Thus enters into the scene the Torah and the sacrificial system.

His Torah teaches us to love in an outgoing way.

There have been many who understand that true love is outgoing and self-less, but what few have understood is the need to purge out that which opposes it.

It must be purged out because it keeps true love from becoming a way of life for all to have and to experience.

This is why we are to pray for our Creator’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

His will is His desire that we would learn to get rid of all that produces hurt and suffering.

Our desire must be for all to be purged out that destroys true love.

Most think that the Torah was given through Moses.

This is not true, Moses recorded that the blessings that were promised through Abraham’s seed were because he kept the charge of the Torah with the commandments and the statutes that Elohiym gave him.

I have spoken in some of these videos that Yehshua replaced the sacrificial system for those whom His blood covers.

But I have also spoken that His atoning sacrifice also comes with a price tag and the price tag is genuine repentance.

Genuine repentance is turning from our ways and agreeing to be made in our Creator’s image.

His image is love.

We cannot hold onto that which destroys true love such as pride and self-importance and such and truly be agreeing to be made in His image.

It just does not work this way. To do so is like entering into a contract with your fingers crossed.

Repentance is an emptying of self all together in humility and agreeing to be His soft and moldable clay.

I have witnessed some who have agreed to walk in His Torah on a physical plain but still held onto their self-importance only to remain in the captivity of satan’s influence.

I am sure that there are many who are in this boat from what I have witnessed so far.

Our Creator will not live with pride, neither will His Son.

What accompanies pride is always a better way of doing things than His way.

Their reasoning usually goes something like this; it’s okay that I still hold onto this or hold onto that, or what’s the harm in hearing what this person has to say or continuing in this?

After all, we have to have a life too, don’t we?

Really? Is that what we were given life for, so that we could have a life of our own?

Or were we given life to lose it for His kingdom’s sake and for His righteousness’s sake?

The abundant life is learning to love in a way that exceeds our human nature and it is receiving His nature.

I don’t know about you but I think that living for eternity in utopia will be a little better than 3 score and 10 here in the flesh even in a beach front mansion.

The sacrifices were to teach us His righteousness by teaching us to hate that which takes us away from His righteousness.

The reason is, His righteousness teaches us pure love.

They were to accomplish this by pointing us to death so that we would learn to desire life.

This is why we get old and die as well; everything is to point us to desiring that which will give us eternal life.

But most have rejected His plan to be molded by Him and have chosen to live to die instead.

They give themselves eternal life in His family with no regard to His instructions.

The sacrifices were commanded because when we transgress that which He gave us to mold us in His image, we are separated from Him and we are no longer on His path that leads to life.

And all other paths lead to eternal death.

So He instructed us to offer up innocent animals for our transgressions to teach us the seriousness of our transgressions.

The price is high because the one who transgresses being made in His image will die and we need to learn this.

Instead of learning from this system, most have scoffed at it and consider it barbaric, yet it was given to teach us to love righteousness and to hate that which destroys it.

His righteousness equates to love and that which destroys it equates to evil.

Our Creator told us that He would make a new covenant with us where He would write His Torah in our hearts and in our inward parts.

This covenant included Him bringing forth a Son and letting Him be sacrificed on our behalf.

It was not just a substitution; it was a magnification of the sacrificial system.

Yehshua did not do away with the need to be made in our Creator’s image, He magnified it.

If you say that you are cleansed by YEHWEH’s Son’s blood but you have not entered into the contract with Him to have His Torah written in your inward parts, where do you think that this leaves you?

I will tell you, it leaves you up the creek without a paddle and heading towards the waterfall.

And the current is picking up speed because His wrath for your rebellion is fast approaching.

Folks, this is all about understanding the death penalty for transgressing His path.

That which refuses to be made in His image will die because it is not going to be allowed into eternity with Him and His family to continue to cause hurt and suffering.

That which opposes true love will be destroyed for eternity.

This includes all things such as pride or self-will or selfishness and all things that hurt relationships.

The death penalty is a foreshadow of the eternal death that we will experience if we do not allow Him to mold us in the image of love.

This is what the blood is about; it is a symbol of life and death.

This is what Yehshua meant when He said that we must lose our life in order to gain eternal life.

You cannot continue to feed off of the bread of men and still be sold out to be made in His image.

It just does not work this way.

The reason is, the bread of men will always distract you form the bread of life.

If you do not hate evil for what it does, you have a dying problem.

If you do not see pride as evil, you have a dying problem.

If you do not see selfishness as evil, you have a dying problem.

Yehshua shed His blood so that you can enter into a contract with His Father to be made in His image and His image is to hate evil.

The reason that you must hate it is because of what it does; it breaks down and dismantles pure love.

It was brought to my attention yesterday that there is yet another man who is proclaiming that he is the messiah who has entered onto the scene.

In just a brief overview of what he represents is a tolerance for the evil that is done in our midst.

He most certainly is not of Elohiym because my Father hates evil because evil hurts people.

Homosexuality destroys, adultery destroys, lying destroys, having unbalanced weights destroys, deceit destroys, and not doing things our Creator’s way destroys.

Most of you cannot even see how not teaching your children to follow His instructions is evil.

It is evil because it can rob them of the opportunity to have eternal life.

It is the spirit of murder, no different than selfishness is the spirit of murder.

Do any of you really think that you know better than the self-existing Creator of all things?

Obviously most of you have lived like you do.

You have trampled His Son’s blood underfoot.

He used blood as a symbol of life and death because in it is the life.

It carries the nutrients and the things that we need to sustain life.

This symbol was given to us to teach us to fear death and to learn to desire life by learning that the soul that chooses a different path than His perfecting path shall die.

He is crying out to you to repent and to choose to be made in the image of love.

Choose His unleavened bread of life and spit out the bread of men that is choking out your being made in His image.

His temple is built and He has sent forth the command to each of you to stop eating the bread of men, I suggest that you hearken to His commandment.