Today my Father is issuing forth a command for all of the false pastors and false priests and false teachers to step down and stop spreading your watered down, empty false gospels.

He is commanding you to step aside from teaching your abominations and He is asking you to join in with Him in what He is restoring.

If you do not, He will soon remove you from your self-appointed offices.

He is also asking all of you who will listen to this to help send this message out by sending the link to this video to every religious leader that you know of or can find.

Before any of you dismiss this warning, I suggest that you look at some of the proofs that He has given us in His scriptures that prove that He has raised me up out of the captivity to become His witness against man-kind.

His Son is the first witness that you and your ancestors have rejected.

I am not going to go into these proofs today.

You can find them explained in the videos on this site along with the www.repairingthebreach.info site.

One of the primary proofs is He has authorized His two witnesses to turn the water into blood.

I suggest that you fear being wrong enough to take the time to examine the proofs that He has given.

Sadly most of you have no fear.

Jer 2

7 And I brought you into a plentiful country, to eat the fruit thereof and the goodness thereof; but when you entered, you defiled my land, and made my estate an abomination.

8 The priests do not say where is YEHWEH? THEY DO NOT SEIZE or LAY HOLD OF MY TORAH AND THEY DO NOT KNOW ME: the pastors or the shepherds have rebelled against me, and the prophets prophesy by Baal and walk after things that do not benefit them.

9 Wherefore I will yet have controversy with you, says YEHWEH, and will I have controversy with your children's children.

If you want to know who our Creator is saying is a false teacher and who He has a controversy with, here is a brief summary list of some of your major abominations;

1) Any of you who are upholding the traditions of men such as easter or christmas or Halloween and other such pagan festivals are false.

2) Any of you that are claiming that you worship Him on a fixed day on the pagan roman calendar like Saturday or Sunday then you are false.

3) Any of you who are upholding the false writings of Saul of Tarsus and his followers Luke and Mark, your beliefs are false.

My Father has sent forth the declaration that Saul of Tarsus is the abomination of Desolation that was spoken of by Daniel.

4) Any of you who uphold the false doctrine that we were created in His image already are false. He has made it clear that He created us to be made in His image through walking with Him in His Torah, guided by His 7 spirits.

5) Any of you who say that we do not have to walk in His Torah are false.

6) Any of you who speak against the fact that He has restored His 7th year Sabbath and if you speak against that we are in this part of His 7 year cycle now you are false.

He has restored the annual Sabbath to test the resolve of those who will come to Him to see if they really will hearken to what He is giving.

7) Any of you who refuse to acknowledge that the mark of the beast is disobedience and rebellion to His word and if teach or speak that something else is the mark such as a verichip, then your beliefs are false.

The number of the beast is the number of a man, the apostate man.

8) Any of you who will not acknowledge that the water that we are commanded to be baptized in is a symbol of Yehshua’s blood, you are false.

9) Any of you who will not accept His restored calendar that He has sent forth through His prophet through His Son who gave it are false.

10) Any of you will refuse the commandment that He has sent forth through His servant for you to cover your head as a sign of His covering and as a sign of being covered by His Son’s blood, then your rebellion proves that you will not hearken to His word and you are false.

11) Any of you that will continue to refuse His commanded appointed times or continue to pervert them by following false traditions that come out of Judaism are false.

12) Any of you who will continue to refuse to set apart His New Moon worship days as we are commanded to are false.

This is just a brief list. He is restoring much truth; you will need to embrace all of it.

The days of man telling Him how it is are coming to an end.

He has let you go your own way until now and let you teach and live your lies because He was building His temple from those who would come out of your abominations and come to Him in spirit and in truth.

Now His temple is built and He has proclaimed the day and the year of His Son’s return as was prophesied to happen.

You have rejected this prophesy as well and hide behind your false doctrine that no one will know the day of His return.

Sadly, this warning will fall on scoffing ears and most of you will not hearken and the day will come upon you as a thief in the night as was also prophesied.

This is because you have no shame of your nakedness.

You have had no fear of leading the sheep to the slaughter.

You have had no fear that your teachings are abominable to Him and that they have led the masses towards the lake of fire.

Your blatant rejection of His warnings and His prophesies condemns you because you loved the darkness rather than the light.

You have chosen to believe the lies of a filthy abomination named Saul of Tarsus instead of the truth that Yehshua our Messiah brought us.

You have trampled His shed blood underfoot and taught billions of others to do the same.

Others of you have taught the abominations of the perversions of His word that came out of Judaism.

Jer 23:1-2

23:1 Woe to the pastors that scatter the sheep of my flock and cause them to perish! says YEHWEH.

2 Therefore thus says YEHWEH, the Elohiym of Israel is against the pastors that shepherd my people; YOU HAVE SCATTERED MY SHEEP, AND DRIVEN THEM AWAY, AND HAVE NOT OVERSEEN THEM: behold, I have overseen the evil according to your doings, says YEHWEH.

As I said a couple of minutes ago;

Before any of you dismiss this warning, I suggest that you look at some of the proofs that He has given us in His scriptures that prove that He has raised me up out of the captivity to become His witness against man-kind.

Most of you will reject this, just as you have rejected the first witness and trample His shed blood underfoot.

I suggest that you harken to His command to anoint your eyes with His eye salve.

His eye salve is the fear of Him who can take your eternal life from you, this is something that you have omitted from your teachings as well.

His kingdom is at hand. I suggest that you repent and turn form your abominations.