One thing that I have been running into a lot recently is people who cannot believe that they are wrong about a subject or different subjects.

They cannot believe that they are wrong because they believe that they have a relationship with their Creator and that He is the source for what they believe.

They believe that He is leading and guiding their thoughts present time because of events that have happened in their past and because of a spiritual feeling that they have.

They believe that because He rescued them form this or healed them from something that it proves that He is still working with them.

This is not necessarily true.

Just consider Yehshua’s statement;

Matt 22:14

14 Because many are called, but few are chosen.

He had just finished giving a parable using the marriage banquet and how some will show up for the banquet but they will not have the proper garments.

They will are not clothed in His Father’s righteousness, therefore they will be thrown out into the outer darkness.

They were called to the marriage, but they did not anoint their eyes and have their garments made white by His blood.

What happened to them?

Their Creator, the one that called them, allowed satan access to them and they we led astray by him.

He led them to his different rabbit trails that led them away from being made in their Creator’s image.

The rabbit trails come in a variety of packaging; satan has a path custom designed for everybody who is given over to him.

The question is; what causes our Creator to give us over to him?

It is our disbelief that leads to our disobedience and our rebellion.

I finished the last video with;

Rev 21:8

8 BUT THE FAITHLESS, AND DISBELIEVING, and the abominable, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

He is categorizing those who fear to believe Him or lack faith and those who do not believe Him in with the murderers and fornicators and such.

Many of you think that does not include you because you say to yourself, “I believe in Him”

Believing in Him is far from believing Him. Even the demons believe “in Him”

An example of believing Him is believing the 7th year Sabbath that He has placed before you, are you acting on it by believing in His provision and trusting Him?

Most of you dismiss this command because you dismiss me who it was sent through.

Even this is a choice not to believe Him because He made a couple of proclamations in His word that testify that I am His servant, but most of you have thus far chosen not to believe His word and His proclamation.

The mark of the beast is disobedience and rebellion.

Today I am going to talk about the rabbit trails that lead many of you away from staying on His narrow path, thus cause His 7 spirits to be removed from you if you had them in the first place.

Most of you have not even of had His 7 spirits to begin with; you were led on a rabbit trail by satan before you even got to repentance.

If so, the signs that you received that you believe were from your Creator, might have come from the deceiver.

Or maybe they were from Him but you did not come to His call.

Satan is certainly capable of manipulating our minds and even staging healings to some degree and other miracles and signs and wonders.

I will use an example that I have spoken of before to illustrate a possibility of this.

There is a man in the world today that is convinced that he is one of the two witnesses.

He bases his conviction on he had some spiritual feelings and his back was healed.

I have had some dialog with this man and he seems very genuine and sincere.

The problem is, his beliefs are way out in left field and his works do not testify to him, nor does my Father’s word.

From what I gather, he believes that there is some space ship hiding behind a holographic moon or something like that and the measuring reed spoken of by John is some drawing that includes ET in it that he received by “divine revelation.”

He has some very wacked out beliefs that do not explain the works of our Creator at all, nor are they true.

Yet he is sincere that he is the real deal because his back was healed.

I have had miraculous healings as well, but I don’t think that you have ever heard me discuss them as the proof that He is working with me.

I hear things from many others like; I know that He is my source because He took the desire that I had for drugs away from me or He healed me from my whoredom.

For some He delivered them from a sure death, or maybe He even delivered them from a sure death multiple times as He did with me.

But are these present day proofs that He is working with us now?

Actually, I can tell you from my own examples, He even delivered me from the clutches of death when I was far from Him so it was not because I was in agreement with Him yet.

I was deep in the pagan deceptions still and living a self-fulfilling life when He healed me on more than one occasion and rescued me.

He does these things to call us to Him, to call us out of the deceptions.

This does not mean that He is guiding our thoughts yet.

Without a doubt, He shows us things that are true to call us, but this is far from being in a covenant relationship with Him where each of our steps guided by Him.

Many are called but only a few have been chosen.

People start looking at the rabbit holes and trails and He turns us back over to satan to be sifted.

And many can have spiritual feelings and experience healings and such apart from be led by His seven spirits.

Just look at the world of religion for the proof of what I am saying.

If any of you are buried in the Pentecostal movement, you think that you are spirit filled.

You have your spiritual experiences and you speak in tongues and such and you have your healings, but Yehshua testifies that you do not have His Father’s spirit because He says that receiving it is conditional on keeping His Father’s instructions.

And I have yet to meet any of you that in the Pentecostal movement that are walking in His Torah.

So there is an obvious contradiction.

And many of you think that those who are not in your organizations and speaking in tongues like you are and such are not spirit filled and vice versa, they think the same about you.

I could spend some time on this, but obviously there are many out there who believe with all of their being that they have His spirit guiding them, yet His word testifies that they do not.

This could include any of us, including me.

Believing that we have His spirit obviously does not mean that we have it.

Satan has deceived the whole world.

We have to turn to our Creator’s measuring rod to know if we, or if others possess His seven spirits, at least that part of it that we can turn to without having His spirits.

It actually takes His 7 spirits to fully understand His measuring rod.

We cannot rely on our own understanding or a spiritual feeling or a past or present miracle as the barometer.

Yes, even present miracles can be deceiving because maybe He is just showing Himself strong to us so that we will come to Him and obey Him.

Or maybe satan sees us checking into the light but we are still in his domain so he stages an event to keep us in his nets.

It is key to understand why our Creator gives satan access to us.

It is our rebellion to Him and our rebellion to Him comes from chasing after rabbit trails instead of following Him or even looking at the rabbit trail as I will discuss in the story in the garden.

These rabbit trails can even come from our personal or group studies of His scriptures.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was in the garden.

When we rely on our own understanding or on the understanding of others and do not hearken to the counsel of our Creator, we are on a slippery slope.

The bottom line is it can all be traced back to disbelief.

We either believe Him or not. I’ll discuss in a bit how we can know that the instructions are from Him.

The detour comes when we try to figure out things on our own, following Him just does not work this way.

When we do, our Creator gives satan a measure of access to us.

This is what happened with Eve and Adam followed her lead down the rabbit trail.

Gen 3:1-3

3:1 The serpent was more deceptive than all life in the land which YEHWEH ELOHIYM had made. And he said to the woman, DID ELOHIYM SAY THAT YOU CANNOT EAT OF “EVERY” TREE OF THE GARDEN?

Why was satan even allowed in the garden?

Satan was allowed to enter into the serpent to test her because she looked upon the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil with favor.

My Father saw disbelief in her heart.

She was already beginning to question her Creator in her mind.

Otherwise, she would have continued in His protection.

The same is true with us; we must believe Him and not question Him.

In order to do this, we must know His voice.

Satan enters in with a part truth as he always does, even today and he starts to create doubt.

He knew that there was only one tree that they were not to eat of, yet he uses a play on words to establish a doubt and something to fuel Eve’s questioning of her Creator.

2 And the woman said to the serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

3 But the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, Elohiym has said that we cannot eat of it, neither can we touch it, lest we die.

Eve answers with truth, but satan had his direction set up already because he had access to Eve’s mind so he knew which buttons to push.

And Eve was continuing in her error because she was listening to the rabbit trail.

She should have stomped on his ugly head for misquoting her Creator but instead, she gave him her ear because she was already questioning.

Gen 3:4-6

4 And the serpent said to the woman, “you will not die”

The Hebrew text has just 3 words that are translated as you shall not die.

They are “die not die or not die, die”.

Satan was allowed to know that Elohiym was not going to kill them on the spot, but that they would begin a process of dying in the flesh.

And they would suffer a spiritual death because He would remove His sprit from them that would guide them into eternal life.

The tree of life represents His spirit and they were to be cut off from it if they chose right from wrong for themselves.

The same is true for each of us; we must hearken to Him or be cut off from His guiding spirits and be allowed to go our own way.

Nothing has changed.

5 Because Elohiym knows that in the day that you eat of it, that your eyes will be opened, and you will be like Elohiym, and know good and evil.

Awe, the tree of knowledge, choosing right from wrong for ourselves, how so many love the fruit thereof and how so few like to be told right from wrong.

Obviously Eve had the ability to choose before eating the fruit, so her choice was to rebel.

6 The woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, AND A TREE TO BE DELIGHTED IN TO MAKE ONE WISE, so she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also to her husband with her; and he did eat.

Satan’s rabbit trails are the same today; cloaked in part truths and always designed to make us wise in our own understanding.

We are sitting ducks without our Creator’s wings of protection and there is only one way to dwell under His wings and this is through walking with Him on His path.

We cannot decide right from wrong for ourselves and still have Him walk with us and guide us.

Last night I had a good question.

It was; “how can we know what His path is for sure?”

“Which books are real, and with all of the translation errors and such, how can we know without studying all things?”

This man posed a good question, only our Creator can give the answers.

Our job is to come to Him on His terms so that we can know that it is His voice.

To understand, we must begin with understanding that He created all things, and this includes evil.

So if He created evil, He created it to accomplish His purpose. There was a reason why He created it.

He created us to be made in His Image so that we could be given eternal life with Him in His family.

Therefore, He created evil to help make us in His image.

It starts by turning to His creation for the answers and the understanding.

If you believe in Him, you must believe that He sustains all things and that He created all things.

If you study His creation, and not through the teachings of man, you will see that there is good and evil and life and death in His creation.

Everything of His is a classroom, man cannot be our classroom.

He gave us a basic chip to want to live; even the animals have survival instincts to show us this.

Some suppress these instincts and roll over, but we have the basic desire to want to live.

We also have the basic understanding of beauty like appreciating the lilies of a field or a sunset.

If you have hardened your hearts to not appreciate the beauty of a baby or the lilies of the field, or even a kitten or any of the countless incredible examples of love that He has given us, this is because of choices that you have made.

If we really choose love, then we would choose to hate anything that opposes or destroys love.

People who say that they have love and are tolerant to that which destroys love have let satan’s lies program their hearts.

This is simple.

Things like homosexuality, adulatory, lying, cheating, stealing, whoredom, become things that we loathe when we begin to understand why we are here and what true love is.

As we learn what love is on His terms, we hate the evil so much that we want them to be abolished for eternity.

Once you have this understanding, then you can discern if any instructions come from Him or not.

We need to look for a set of instructions that commands us to abolish these things from our midst.

Also, because we then see the love of the Creator in the beauty that He has created, we want to give complete homage to Him.

This means that we will not want anything to oppose that which is all powerful and is of His perfect nature to exist.

This is what Yehshua told us to pray for; that His Father’s will would be done on earth as it is in the heavens.

His love becomes the criteria to know how things are measured and this includes the measurement of the texts that we consider to be His inspired word.

This will all point us to look for a set of instructions that demands that we would be in agreement with such an awesome Creator that would lead us to think like He thinks.

His true set of instructions would teach us that all deviations from His path will end up in getting purged out and will not being allowed into His utopia.

It is all about the pursuit of wanting a utopia with Him.

If you cannot understand the exceeding wickedness of adultery and the destruction of love that it causes, there is no place for you in His eternal family.

The same goes with the other abominations that He put in our midst to teach us to hunger for His righteousness.

Satan was put here for this reason as well; we were to overcome him and to learn to desire our Creator’s righteousness because it is pure love.

Some want to say that we do not have free will.

This is insanity, they obviously do not believe their Creator, nor His Son because His entire instruction manual is based on if we will hearken to Him and I we will choose Him and seek Him, etc.

We were given life to overcome and overcoming involves choices.

We must not choose to follow the rabbit trails of satan, not even look in their direction.

We do not need the books of men, except those which were written by His servants.

And His creation and desiring a utopia with Him, along with seeking His spirit will give you what you need to determine which writings are true.

And when you read something that is false, close the book, stomp on satan’s ugly head.

But most of you say, well, maybe this person knows something, or maybe they have this or that right, maybe I can learn something from them.

No, your eye must be single on His kingdom and on obtaining His righteousness.

Do you not believe me when I say that Adam’s and Eve’s sin was deciding right from wrong for themselves?

Gen 3:22

And YEHWEH Elohiym said, Behold, man is become like me, to know good and evil:

What do you think that this verse is saying if it is not saying this?

So since they decided to choose right from wrong for themselves and reject their Creator’s counsel, He shut them off from His 7 spirits and sent them out to live their lives on their own.

Yes, He still provided for them. He even made their clothing after they had transgressed against Him.

But they were shut off from His guiding steps unless they would return to Him.

If you do not know who He is, go to His classroom and let it prove His instruction manual and seek Him on His terms.

Let me ask you to consider something, is He going to want you in His family if you are letting men or seeking to have men who do not have a clue who He is tell you who He is?

No, He is looking for those who seek His kingdom and His righteousness and nothing else.

I recently had a conversation with someone who is struggling with His instructions for us to stone the abominable.

This is because this person cannot see the destruction of love that the abominations cause.

He told me that there has to be another way.

I asked Him how, how can all parties learn to hate evil in a better way than having those who refuse to hearken to that which makes us pure and leads to pure love purged out?

But he reasoned; surely there is another way?

I agree that I cannot imagine stoning another, it would be horrific.

So my passion for not having to go through this purging out of another fuels a hunger in me to teach my family the truth and to set the example for them.

It makes me want to cry out to all flesh to turn from their wickedness.

It makes me want to be my brother’s keeper.

It creates a burning desire in me for my Father’s will to be done here on earth so that there would be no such horrific punishment.

It makes me hate the evil that would cause a stoning that much more.

And it should create a fear in all to even entertain a thought that might lead to an abomination that would cause them to be stoned, less more to cause someone to have to witness such an event.

Obeying Him in this would cause us to be ever mindful of what these abominations lead to and the abominations would be purged out and not allowed to poison the happiness and love of others.

And we would learn to help our Creator build His utopia.

Our desire would be to purge out evil because we want true love for eternity with Him.

Having the threat of my children being stoned for being rebellious would teach me to teach them the way they should walk that would lead them to the Utopia.

Out of love for them, I would instruct them from the time that they got up until they went to bed so that there would be no chance of them ever getting stoned.

This is what love is.

It is not teaching them to tolerate that which destroys love in our midst.

But in man’s self-righteousness, they believe in tolerance, after all, none of us are perfect.

This is a serious subject and to understand it, you have to understand why we were created.

Yehshua taught that we must make sure that any judgment that we have is not from ourselves but from His Father.

Moses consulted Elohiym for the sentence of anyone; we would need to do the same.

Of course we must not seek exacting judgments on one another and we must forgive those who wrong us.

But this does not mean that we let evil prevail in our midst either.

It is all about seeking our Creator’s righteousness.

Man’s righteousness is upside down on all of this.

Murderers get out of prison and murder others, child molestation grows, killing babies goes unpunished and the cesspool of human behavior has flourished.

If you think that He is going to let the adulterers and homosexuals and such in His kingdom, you have chased rabbit trails to allow you to believe such a thing.

You have denied why we were created.

We were created to become holy or set apart from all that defiles us

Of course people can repent and be forgiven.

The woman that was brought before Yehshua was broken because she was inches away from being stoned and she repented.

He knew her heart.

Would she have had such a heart if she was not inches away from being stoned?

You tell me?

He told her not to do it again and I bet that she did not.

Some say that homosexuality is genetic.

I am convinced that much of it is upbringing but let’s just say that in some cases they were born with it.

Plus, if it is, our Creator would heal them anyway if they turned to Him.

Where do all diseases come from?

They all come from rebellion; they are a result of rebellion.

Aids is a result of rebellion, cancer is a result of rebellion.

Yes, it may be caused by the contaminates of the world, but they are a result from rebellion.

How do I know this? Because I believe my Father and he says so.

I know that if a son or a daughter asks me for a loaf of bread, I know that I am not going to give them a stone.

For the same reason, I know that if I ask my Creator for something and His answer is no, I know that there is a reason for it.

And the reason just might be that He does not consider me to be His son.

This is why we must fight to make sure that we are in agreement with His character or who He is.

We must bring every thought into subjection to His will.

We must guard against looking into rabbit holes that lead to rabbit trails.

Is this a burden? No, it is a delight to be taught by Him.

I often get asked to look at this article or to look at this video.

Why would I want to look at something else when I know what is true.

I know the voice that is guiding me.

To look elsewhere for my education is committing fornication with Him.

People ask me often how can I know that it is Him that I am listening to.

It all goes back to examining everything against His creation.

His creation testifies to the fact that He created good and evil and believing and trusting that He is almighty, I can know that He has a purpose and a design and a plan.

With that, I let His creation define His purpose; and I can know what it is.

And knowing what His purpose is proves the writings of the prophets and Matthew and John.

Yes, there are translation errors in them, so we have to have Him guiding us through them through His spirits.

And I know that the only way that I or any of you can continue to be guided by Him is if we continue walking with Him.

It all fits hand in glove with why we were created.

I had two different men tell me yesterday that they do not see the importance of obeying the physical commandments of the tassels and head coverings.

I love both of these men without even actually meeting them and I believe that my Father is or was calling them, but they both are resisting Him.

They had two different reasons.

One of them believes that he is already in tight with my Father because of some miracles and experiences in his life.

And the other one is not hearkening because he is not sure that these instructions are from his maker.

The evidence that I have seen from both of these men is they are letting rabbit trails distract them.

And the rabbit trails are cleverly cloaked.

Satan uses scripture as well, just look at his temptation of Yehshua.

He quoted the scriptures but with his bend.

Just like he told Eve the truth, he knew that she was not going to drop dead on the spot.

It all boils down to letting our Creator’s creation prove His word and then obeying Him from there.

I am not sure how you can make yourself believe that all of this is here and this life is given to us for any other reason than to make us in His image.

If you cannot see how His Torah was given to us in order to accomplish this, then you are far down one of the many rabbit trails indeed.

If you think that the writings or the teachings of men who do not keep His commandments can bring you closer to Him, you certainly do not understand how His seven spirits work or why they are given to us.

They are given to us to protect us from such writings and to teach us what is true.

They are given to us when He and His other servants are our only source for truth to define truth and expose that which is false.

His servants can be defined by the works that He has given them to do and these works can be defined by His creation itself and what He has purposed for putting us here.

His sheep hear His voice and they follow Him, they do not follow another.

Any other voice is a rabbit trail.

His glory and His creation testify to His Torah.

If your eye is single, your whole body will be full of light.

Our focus must be on His kingdom and His righteousness and nothing else.

If you do not know what His righteousness is, then let His creation define His Torah and His Torah define how we receive His seven spirits, then let His seven spirits will define His Logos.

His 7 spirits will teach you good versus evil and if your heart is for the good, you will seek the desire to purge out the evil.

And you will be made in His image.

The marvel of His creation should cause you to fear not being a part of what He is building.

But few have even considered what this phenomenon that we call life is all about from His terms and even fewer have yielded to His terms to purge out evil from our midst.

Here are some examples of the rabbit trails that I have come across in the last couple of days;

I ask for you to consider if it is really His 7 spirits that set us apart from everything that defiles us guiding you if you are being led to prove that the flood was just regional instead of global.

Especially considering that His servant Moses recorded that He destroyed everything that was not on the Ark.

I ask you to consider if it is His 7 spirits that are guiding you if you are trying to prove a doctrine that all will be saved that came from the writings of Saul.

Especially since the writings of Moses and the other prophets prove that Saul was false.

I ask you to consider if it is His spirits that are guiding you if you are trying to justify not purging out evil.

Actually, in doing so, you are judging your Creator by telling Him that He is evil.

That’s right, if you are calling His method of purging it out evil, then you are calling Him evil.

His spirit is telling me to spend my focus on looking for the evil in my own eye so that I do not need to be purged out.

Whenever I look at the teachings of men to see what they are saying, the spirit that is guiding me corrects me by asking me what are you doing this for.

His spirits remind me that they are my teacher.

So if the spirit that is guiding you tells you that you need to check out this article or that article, it is obviously a different spirit.

Maybe I am the one that is listening to the wrong spirit?

The spirits that I am listening to are telling me, no, don’t go down these rabbit trails; you need to remain focused on your Father’s righteousness and His Kingdom.

For some reason I like my chances.

Some ask, what do you do in your down time, don’t you get bored?

How can I be bored when there is so much to learn?

I do not want the bread of men. What can it possibly teach me?

As a matter of fact, He has issued forth the commandment through me for all of you to stop eating the bread of men.

Do you think that continuing to eat of it is going to please your Creator and cause Him to want you in His family?

The bread of men is really the bread of satan anyway, it all came from his deceptions.

And it is all rabbit trails and dead end rabbit holes.

I don’t care what kind of miraculous deliverance you have had from health problems or traffic accidents or any other supernatural intervention that you have had in your life, if you are on a different path than His path, you are not being led by His 7 spirits.

They might be calling you to come out of the rabbit trails by letting you see some truth, but they are not guiding you yet.

If I were you, I would fear being shut off from the call because only a few are chosen.

All other paths are simply satan’s schemes to keep your focus off of being made in your Creator’s image.

All other paths lead to the lake of fire.

May each of your eyes be single on His righteousness and on His kingdom going forward and may you stop following the rabbits, they are unclean anyway.

If you don’t believe your Creator, you are given over to the enemy and led down these trails.

The unbelieving will not be found in His kingdom.