Most of man-kind has a perverted idea of what true love is.

They mix in their emotions and when their toe gets stepped on by another, they want to cry foul and say that’s just not love.

It is true that sometimes it is not, but man bases his understanding of love on his own righteousness and not on right or wrong according to our Creator’s righteousness.

Is it love to discipline a child for reaching to touch the hot stove or should you just tell them no with a nice voice and try and watch them every moment to keep it from happening?

Of course in the United Sates it is practically a crime to spank your child altogether or at least many consider that it is.

The book of Proverbs records;

Prov 23:13-14

13 Do not refrain from reproofing a child: because if you strike him with a rod, he will not die.

14 If you strike him with a rod, you can pluck his soul from the grave.

This verse is saying that reproofing another can actually pluck them from the lake of fire and the path that leads to eternal death.

We all know that Elohiym is love, but does He reproof His children out of love for them?

Scripture explains that He gives His called out ones reproof when they need it, just look at when He sent Israel back to the desert for 40 years for not trusting Him.

How does this fit with what Yehshua taught?

Yehshua said;

Rev 3:19

9 As many as I love, I ADMONISH AND DISCIPLINE: therefore desire to be in agreement with my Father and turn to His ways.

The King James translates this; therefore be zealous and repent but He is saying what I have written here.

He is saying that it is out of love for us that He admonishes us and disciplines us so that we will turn from our error and turn to that which will give us eternal life.

What about the coming wrath of our Creator?

Why is He sending it?

Is His coming wrath love?

Why would He want to destroy everything that opposes Him?

Well, why did He do it the first time?

Gen 6:5-8

5 Because YEHWEH SAW THE GREAT EVIL OF MAN IN THE EARTH, that every imagination of the thoughts of their hearts was only evil every day.

6 And YEHWEH was sorry that He made man on the earth, and it grieved Him in His heart.

7 And YEHWEH said, I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; BECAUSE IT SORROWS ME THAT I HAVE MADE THEM.

It is out of His perfect love that He wants us to purge out evil because that which is evil corrupts perfect love.

It’s all about love.

His torah is and instruction manual to teach us perfect love.

Have you ever wondered if the way that you live brings Him sorrow and grief or not?

This should be your every thought if you wanted to please Him but is it ever even on your thoughts?

Why not?

He created you to be made in His image and to have a relationship with Him to teach you His character.

So why don’t you care if you are pleasing Him or not?

Do you love Him if you are denying the reason why He gave you life?

He gave us His word to accomplish this in us.

This is why Yehshua said over and over again in so many different ways;

If you love me, keep my commandments.

So by not keeping them, are you grieving both of them just like His Father was grieved in the days before the flood?

Why should He allow you to continue to live if you do not want to learn to love in a supernatural way according to how He loves?

So you can continue to bring Him grief for eternity?

8 But Noah found favor in the eyes of YEHWEH.

Why do you think that Noah found favor in His eyes?

Do you think that Noah was telling Him how it is like most of you are?

Most of you are telling Him what you will do and how you will do it.

In doing so, are you bringing Him joy or are you bringing Him grief?

I can guarantee you that you had better be found in His favor in the coming weeks and months because out of love for those who will be found in

His favor, He is going to purge you out so that you will not be around to destroy what He is accomplishing in them.

He has let man continue in His folly since the flood while He called out and built His temple but now His temple is built.

We are in an intermission time where He is calling out to a people to be delivered by Him into a new era of time where He will continue to build His family for a latter harvest.

You are going to need to be found in His favor to be a part of the coming exodus.

Sadly, most of you give yourself His favor with your make believe salvation doctrines so that you do not have to be molded by Him.

You say that you are covered with His Son’s blood without meeting the conditions of having it applied on your behalf.

You do not love Him or His Son because you do not love who they are.

You simply made up a different image of them to love, one that is more palatable to you so that you do not have to turn to His path to be made in His image.

I will explain why it is out of love that He is going to blot you out if you do not turn to His path.

It is because He is going to continue to build His family from those who will choose to be made in His image.

For this reason, you will not be allowed to live into this new era of time because He is not going to allow your poison to be there to poison His plan like you have been.

This is also why satan and his cronies will be bound.

It is because He loves those who want to be made in His perfect image.

I have explained in other videos why satan was allowed access to man during this first phase as YEHWEH built His temple, but the 2nd phase will not have this obstacle until he is let loose after a 1,000 years.

My Father knows that anything apart from His righteousness eventually leads to hurt and to the destruction of true love.

So you see, it is out of love that He is going to destroy you.

You have not received the love of His admonishment and His correction by going you own way to avoid it, at least to avoid what you could avoid.

He has given us nearly 6,000 years of natural disasters and diseases and generations of living and dying to cry out to us to turn to Him but only a few have.

Most made Him to be in their image in their minds instead, and did the same thing with His Son.

He is sending a climatic end to man’s era of self-rule to call a people to Him.

Is this love?

You had better believe that it is.

He wants to give us eternity with Him, bathing in His love and He is going to use the coming time of affliction to drag a people to Him because with their stiff necked rebellious hearts they will not come to Him without it.

This is sad that it will take this just to get some of you to listen to Him.

And He is not going to let His eternal family be polluted with that which corrupts love.

This is part of what we are supposed learn here in the flesh.

Eternity carries a price.

It is being made in His image so that you will not hurt others in His family.

It is the purging out of everything that destroys true love.

The other day I admonished some people for rebelling against what our Creator is giving at this time.

Was this love?

Well, one of them wrote me and told me that they did not see the love in it or the compassion in it.

In this person’s response, he said that the videos that I am putting up lack any sense of love in a traditional sense.

Maybe he is right on this because I am not coming to man on his own terms.

My Father is telling man how it is through me.

Soon, He is going to plead with man on different terms indeed.

And He will do so out of love.

Love is purging out evil because evil corrupts love.

Admonishment to correct a person who is off of the path is love because you want them to live for eternity.

Rebellion to that which gives eternal life is not love.

The coming time of affliction is being sent to humble a people to get them to a point where they will actually turn to the path that leads to learning perfect love.

This is love as well.

We must admonish one another for rebellion in the hopes of turning them back to that which perfects us.

Rebellion is the same as witchcraft.

It is not going to be allowed in the millennium.

As I said, loving others is wanting them to have eternal life.

It is not love to pat one another on the back if the other is drifting from the path that leads to life.

We are to be our brother’s keeper.

And pointing another to a different path is not love either; it is hate because all other paths lead to the lake of fire.

Most of you do not acknowledge that I am His prophet; therefore you do not think that you are rebelling against my Father if you are rebelling against what He is saying through me.

By even thinking that I am not His prophet you are rebelling against His word because His word speaks the proof that He has made me so.

I will post another video right after this one called proofs and prophesies that outlines this but I have spoken about some of the proofs that were given to us in other videos.

The men that I admonished the other day are without excuse because I gave them the proof but they rejected it.

By doing so, they are rejecting my Father’s word, plain and simple.

They might think that they are rejecting me, but they are without a doubt rejecting His word that testifies to me, just as others did with Yehshua when He came the first time.

One person told me that He knows Yehshua, but that he does not know me.

Yet I speak the same words that Yehshua spoke so how could this be.

I speak of the same logos that He spoke.

Of course I am not perfect as He was and is, yet I speak of the same love that He died so that we can all obtain.

Letting another drive their car drunk off of the intoxications of this world towards the lake of fire is not love.

If someone is straying from the narrow path, we have a responsibility to try and bring them back.

Even if they just have their blinker on.

Actually, that’s the best time to try and stop them before they make the turn and hit the gas petal and you have to chase after them to turn them.

For that matter, you had better be careful chasing after them because if you hear them, they might turn you to the wide and smooth highway that leads to the lake.

Yes, we should try and do so in a kind and a loving way and if they will still not listen, we should bring a couple of others who are walking in the truth to talk to them.

And if they still will not listen, we should bring the matter in front of all of the called out ones in our area and if they still will not listen, we are to cast them out from us.

This is love.

It is love so that their poison will not infect others and lead them astray.

In my example with these men, going through this protocol was not an option, nor was it in the job description that has been given to me as His prophet.

Yet the admonishment that I gave was because of love.

I was dealing with a rebellious spirit and rebellion leads to the lake.

We have a responsibility to try and turn them, but if they will not hear, we must cast them out from us.

This is love.

That which corrupts the truth that leads to teaching us perfect love is evil, plain and simple.

As I said, the person who teaches lies or points others to what they think is true is evil if what they are teaching or pointing others to is a different path than the one that ends in eternal life.

It all goes back to being a part of what He is building and if you think that it is love to bring a disease into a household, you have a different type of love than I do.

This is why the leopard was to be removed from us until he or she was pronounced clean.

This was instructed to teach us this physical example for a greater spiritual understanding.

Yes, we should hope that they would go to their Creator to be healed, but if they continue in their infection, I don’t want them in with the ones who want to do it my Father’s way.

There rebellion might teach another to rebel.

Infections spread; this is why we must dust our feet if they will not listen.

Let me magnify it a different way.

Let’s say that you and your family are walking in the truth and you take your children to the park to play and Jim Bob’s children are there.

You think that Jim Bob is teaching his children the same because he worships with you every Sabbath and every New Moon day and he appears to be walking in the truth.

Yet deep down inside Jim Bob has a rebellious spirit and it is rubbing off on his children, and they are picking it up as he murmurs about one or some of His Creator’s instructions.

Now his children are off playing with your children and they start sharing their blasphemous thoughts with your children.

Your children might be thinking, I see your point, this instruction does not make sense, we should be able to do this or that the way we want and such.

And the seeds of rebellion are planted in the recesses of your children’s minds to infect their thinking.

Is this love?

Their infected thinking will lead them to the lake of fire if it is allowed to fester.

For some reason I just don’t think that it is love not to do everything that is in my power to help my children have eternal life so I am going to be mindful of Jim Bob’s thoughts if my children are going to be allowed to play with his children.

You might be thinking, but in this example the evil snuck in and it was not in plain view.

You are correct, this is why we must be diligent and learn to look for it and we must be listening to our Creator who sees all things so that He can tell us about it to warn us.

If we are close to Him, He gives us the eyes to see these things.

We recognize rebellion and we step on its ugly neck when it shows its ugly head.

He exposes evil for us if we are close to Him and listening to Him.

But what we do about it when He does is up to us and He wants us purging it out so that they will not infect those who are coming to Him.

He wants us to be set apart from all that defiles us, this is love.

It is love because that which defiles His family or us as individuals corrupts perfect love; it corrupts the blueprint that was given to teach us how to love in perfection.

This is where the love is!