As we march forward towards Yehshua’s return it becomes more obvious why nearly the entire planet will be removed by the time that the 7 vials are finished being poured out.

Being given the truth has been an incredible experience but there has also been an overwhelming sorrow in me.

It has been gut wrenching to witness the pride-filled nature of man keeping them from selling out for their Creator’s kingdom.

It has also dumbfounded me because what He is giving is all so clear but so few want to see it.

Rev 10:10

10 And I took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in MY MOUTH SWEET AS HONEY: and as soon as I had eaten it, MY BELLY WAS BITTER.

This is what I feel.

Even most of those who are making some changes are still holding fast to their pre-conceived ideas because they just don’t want to be told how it is.

But there are also an increasing number who are coming to the truth and are making changes in their lives with joy to be in agreement with their Creator.

This is exciting and it will just continue to multiply as the truth goes out because the truth is exciting.

It is exciting to know that He is building a family and to know that He wants to make us in His image to be a part of His family.

Sadly though, even in the group of people that are making some changes like switching to His calendar or agreeing that Saul is false or even covering their heads, there are those who are still holding back.

They want more proof than that which He has given to show that He has raised up a prophet to declare the day and the year of His Son’s return.

They want more proof in spite of the fact that they know that a prophet would be sent forth and they see the signs of the times and they know that we are at the end.

So where is this prophet if it is not me?

For whatever the different reasons are, they just do not want to believe that I am this man, they want more proof.

I marvel at this because He has given us so many prophesies that are being fulfilled right now through me but this is not enough.

I have often thought that if Yehshua was to show up today for His first coming, nearly the whole world would reject Him just as they did back then.

It will be no different for His second coming, His return will overtake them as a thief in the night even though one has stepped forward proclaiming the day and the year as was prophesied to happen.

He is sending forth a message through His Father’s prophet and almost no one hears His voice.

It is the same voice as His because it is the same logos that is being spoken, but you do not hear, just as they did not hear back then.

If you did, you would drop what you are doing and follow His lead.

Everyone wants to remain in their comfort zone and so many even want to remain teachers that teach others what they believe.

It is time to sound the trumpets and cry out the battle cry but people want to continue with what they are doing and go about their business.

This is why Yehshua said; so will it be as was in the days of Noah.

The good thing for me is I do not have to wait 66 years like Noah did but it is sad nevertheless.

People keep asking me for some other sign.

All of the prophesies that are being fulfilled are not enough, but the truth of the matter is, any one of them should be enough.

The bottom line is they do not believe His word because His word testifies to what I have spoken.

They say they do, but when push comes to shove, their actions show that they don’t, they want a different proof.

Matt 16:2-4

2 Yehshua answered and said to them, when it is evening you say that it will be fair weather because the sky is red.

3 And in the morning, you say that it will be foul weather today because the sky is red and gloomy. You hypocrites, you can discern the face of the sky; but you cannot discern the signs of the times?

4 A WICKED AND ADULTEROUS GENERATION SEEKS AFTER A SIGN; and there shall be no sign given to it, except the sign of the prophet Jonas. And He left them and departed.

Now after experiencing that almost no one will listen, I understand why He had said this.

He reasoned with them at different times why they did not believe that He was sent from His Father.

The example that He gave was that the same word that they supposedly upheld was the same word that proved that He was the Messiah.

This is happening again in like manner as we speak.

The same word that you listening to this tote around in your bibles is the same word that testifies that I am His prophet and you still will not listen.

This is astounding to witness it happen all over again.

The good news is at least you cannot kill Him again as your ancestors did, but you will still kill me and I speak His words, just as He spoke His Father’s words.

It is the logos of Elohiym that you are killing either way.

You hate His word.

Not all of you, some of you are turning to His word but some of you are only turning to it to try and save your necks because you see what is coming.

You see what is coming, yet you do not discern who His prophet is, how can this be?

I will tell you, you have your pride getting in the way.

You want to look for faults in me instead of measuring what I say against the measuring rod that has been given.

You have to examine your hearts to make sure that you are really wanting His character or not.

An interesting point came up in a conversation that I was having yesterday.

I brought up what I have been speaking in almost every one of these videos.

This is that we were created to be made in His image.

It dawned on me that I have never even heard this spoken by one other in my 49 years of life yet it is so basic.

All that I have ever heard is that we “were” made in His image or that we “were” created in His image.

To believe this is really insane, yet it is what is taught by every religious guru that I have ever heard of.

Surely these brilliant minds can see that we are a long ways from the image of our Creator.

But obviously they must not be able to.

Even this fact should be an indicator that just maybe I am speaking on His authority because it is so foundational to why we are here in the first place.

It is amazing how far people will go just so they can hold onto their false beliefs.

They will choose to deny the obvious that is smack dab in front of them.

The same is true when Yehshua came the first time and the same is happening all over again.

I am witnessing this, as well as witnessing how men love the darkness rather than the light.

I asked the question in a video the other day, WHY NOT BELIEVE HIM BECAUSE HIS WORD SAYS IT, IS NOT THIS ENOUGH?

Sadly, the answer is no for most of you, it is not enough.

Some have been offended that I said the other day in a video that they should take down all of their teaching videos and upload what Yehshua is giving through His prophet.

I said this because I know the source of what He is giving because His word proves the source.

Why would anyone want to post something that is different than what He is giving at this time?

How do I know that it is from Him?

He gave us the measuring rod that all things must be measured by.

But sadly, this measuring rod is not good enough for most of you either, you want signs.

It just so happens that His measuring rod is His word and what it outlines. It is the logos that I speak, the same logos that Yehshua spoke.

I could go through your teaching videos or the videos that most of you have favored out there and point out the error using the measuring rod but most of you will still leave them up because of your pride.

You don’t want to be told how it is.

I said yesterday to someone that this rebellion to what I am speaking reminds me of Korah’s rebellion.

Korah had this attitude that He wanted to put in his two cents.

He and 250 of the famous and most renowned princes of the people rose up before Moses and Aaron and said;

Num 16:3

You take too much upon yourselves, seeing that all of the congregation are the saints, every one of them, and YEHWEH is among us all: wherefore then do you lift yourselves up above the congregation of YEHWEH?

Moses recorded that He then fell on His face.

I can relate to this with some of the recent experiences that I have had with people telling me how it is, rejecting the truth.

I know that our Messiah is giving a message through me and when people will not hearken and they stand up and they tell me how it is, it is just gut wrenching.

You can know that it is from Him the same way, it agrees with the other prophets and it agrees with what Yehshua spoke.

He gave us the measuring rod; compare what I speak to the other prophets and to Yehshua’s words.

This is simple, it is not rocket science.

I keep challenging people that they had better make sure that I am not His prophet and what do they do instead?

They keep posting videos and surfing through the garbage and the swill and favoriting all sorts of things that help distract people from what is going out from His prophet.

The trumpets are sounding but people would rather look at conspiracy theories or talk about what they believe to be true instead of jumping from their sinking ships.

And, the majority are doing nothing but setting idly by on the fence, doing nothing.

One person said to me yesterday, but what if you are wrong, if we listen to you and Yehshua does not return when you say, then we suffer the embarrassment.

Can’t you discern the times? The person that says this knows that we are at the end and he is worried about what others think?

Is that crazy?

What will our Creator think about each of you for sitting on the fence just because you would not believe the proof of His word that He gave anyway?

Do you think that not believing Him pleases Him?

I posted a video the other day that says that their blood will be required of you if you see the sword coming and you do nothing to warn them.

Measure what I have spoken against the measuring rod.

For that matter, ask yourself why no one else is speaking about the measuring rod?

This is another proof that I am His prophet.

But that’s not enough.

Turning the water into blood is not enough, you want to scoff at this and say show me physically and I will believe you.

Really? Did Pharaoh believe with His stiff neck when Moses turned the water into blood?

Bringing forth the commandment to cover your heads in not enough either, even though YEHWEH said that when one brings forth this commandment that you can know that it is Him sending it forth.

How straight forward it this? This means that no one could even bring forth this commandment ahead of time unless He allowed it.

At least it says this if you believe Him.

One person said that this was for an earlier time.

Really, then how is He letting me bring it forth now?

He said that when one brings forth this sign, you can KNOW that it is from Him.

Surely He could have kept me from bringing it forth if it had already happened or if it was to happen by another don’t you think?

Don’t you think that He has the power to shut my mouth?

And in lieu of this, show me in history where another has issued forth this commandment.

He said it was going to happen one time based on taking Him at His word and that when it happens, we can KNOW it is from Him.

There is so much like this that was given ahead of time that is happening, just as there was so much that was being lived out through Yehshua when

He came the first time.

But it is not enough, just as it was not enough back then.

You are a wicked and an adulterous generation.

It is adultery with your Creator that you keep watching the whoredom of religious confusion that is out there and promoting the lies, whether you are the one teaching them or if they come from others and you are just promoting them.

Like I said in earlier videos, you had better hope that I am not the real deal.

Of course most of you will not let scripture prove to you that I am anyway. You ignore the proof so that you can continue on with your own agenda.

You’ll keep saying things like, well, that is your interpretation of that verse.

Well, let me ask you how you interpret the verse about the commandment going forth to cover our heads with all of your brilliant wisdom;

EZEKIEL 24:24 As with Ezekiel, THIS IS A SIGN TO YOU: according to all that he has done you shall do: AND WHEN THIS SIGN COMES, know that I am Adonai YEHWEH.

He is talking about someone coming with the commandment to cover our heads and with the other instructions that accompany it like getting ready and no longer eating the bread of men.

Do you think that another would really be allowed to bring forth this sign if YEHWEH’s word says that when this sign comes, you can know that it is from Him?

Come on people, surely you cannot be that stiff-necked?

Speaking of the commandment to no longer eat of the bread of men, do you think that this would include not listening to religious videos from men and women that have error in them and who do not have the commandments of Elohiym?

Do you think that it might also include not feeding others your bread by producing your videos that have nothing to do with the message that He is sending out through His prophet at this time?

Oh, that’s right, you don’t know that I am His prophet yet, you need signs, and His word is not good enough for you.

I am finished getting frustrated with all of you, repent and jump from your sinking ship.

My Father is about ready to plead with you on different terms than His cry through me.

He has given enough proof for anyone who even has a small amount of fear of going against Him if they will believe His word.

Of course those who do not believe His word do not fear Him anyway, even they might say that they do

For all of you who think that you do not need to be in agreement with His prophet, remember Korah and those 250 noble men.

I am not threatening any of you; I am merely speaking a fact.

He has prophets and He sends forth His warnings through them.

Your Creator is speaking and He is telling you what to do, no different than He was speaking through Moses or His other servants.

I just heard last night; “well Zerubbabel, you are not perfect either and you can make mistakes too.”

Of course I am not perfect, but this is not about me.

Moses wasn’t perfect; David wasn’t perfect, even Abraham wasn’t perfect.

It is not about being perfect.

It is about what He is telling you to do through me.

It seems like I remember Aaron and Miriam speaking against Moses for marrying an Ethiopian woman and that did not work out well for them.

Miriam was struck with leprosy.

Aaron was scared as well because he knew that the other shoe might fall on him so he cried out for Moses to intercede for them.

You want to tell His servant how it is, well, this certainly is your choice.

As I said, this is not about me, but He is telling you how it is through me.

If you do not believe that His word proves this, well this is your choice as well.

If His word is not enough and you want another sign, you will soon find out that your choice to want this is wicked and adulterous and you will be recompensed for this choice.

I suggest that you jump from your agenda and climb aboard with His agenda.

The ship will set sail with or without you anyway.

It does not matter what you believe is true. What matters is what is true.